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CNN's Al Goodman looks at the economic and weather woes that have beset Spain's olive oil industry.

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Judge in Spain takes statements from terror suspectsupdated: Sat Aug 04 2012 10:30:00

A judge at the Spanish National Court took statements Friday from three men who may have been plotting terrorist attacks on British and U.S. targets, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman said.

Possible plot to attack US base in Spainupdated: Thu Aug 02 2012 21:44:00

CNN's Nic Robertson reports on the terror arrests that took place in Spain and how close the men were to an attack.

Three terror suspects held in Spain, authorities sayupdated: Thu Aug 02 2012 21:44:00

In what the interior minister calls one of Spain's largest operations against al Qaeda, security services said Thursday they arrested three suspected terrorists who might have been plotting attacks on U.S. or British targets.

CNNMoney: Spain on the brinkupdated: Wed Jul 25 2012 15:26:00

Spain has come under heavy pressure in the bond market this week as investors grow increasingly convinced that the government will need a bailout.

CNNMoney: Spain struggles to fund itselfupdated: Tue Jul 24 2012 06:45:00

Spain appears to have crossed a red line in the bond market, where investors are increasingly convinced that the government will need to be bailed out.

CNNMoney: Treasuries: 10-year yield slides to record lowupdated: Mon Jul 23 2012 12:18:00

Escalating fears about Spain's debt problems sent investors rushing to safe haven investments Monday, including governments bonds in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

CNNMoney: Spanish bailout fears to spark stock sell-offupdated: Mon Jul 23 2012 09:18:00

Investors are bracing for an ugly start on Wall Street Monday, tracking a global-sell-off amid heightened fears that Spain will need a full-blown bailout.

WWF ousts Spanish king as honorary president over Botswana hunting trip updated: Sun Jul 22 2012 03:27:00

The conservation group World Wildlife Fund ousted Spain's King Juan Carlos as its honorary president after his Botswana hunting trip sparked an outcry for its extravagance during an economic crisis.

Spanish king blasted for costly safariupdated: Sun Jul 22 2012 03:27:00

Spain's King Juan Carlos is being criticized for an exorbitantly expensive hunting safari to Africa where he broke his hip.

CNNMoney: Spanish bank bailout moves forwardupdated: Fri Jul 20 2012 15:09:00

Eurozone finance ministers on Friday approved the terms of a bailout for Spanish banks and agreed to set aside €30 billion in emergency funds.

Spain's empty housesupdated: Thu Jul 19 2012 14:05:00

CNN's Richard Quest looks at why 20% of homes are still empty 5 years after the property bubble burst.

Missiles fly as miners march in Spainupdated: Thu Jul 12 2012 08:47:00

Clashes at a miners' protest in Madrid leave scores of people injured. CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Dozens hurt as police, anti-austerity protesters clash in Spainupdated: Thu Jul 12 2012 08:47:00

More than 70 people were injured in clashes in Madrid on Wednesday as Spanish police used rubber bullets and batons to disperse anti-austerity protesters, witnesses and emergency workers said.

Spain looks for EU aidupdated: Tue Jul 10 2012 03:56:00

Spain's economy minister will formally request EU funding to help bail out Spanish banks. CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Spain may get extra year to meet targetsupdated: Mon Jul 09 2012 10:18:00

Eurozone finance ministers meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on Monday will discuss giving Spain an extra year to meet its deficit targets.

Spain looks for a bank lifelineupdated: Mon Jul 09 2012 06:23:00

Spain requests aid for its troubled banking sector, as CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Spain bows to 'bad bank' ideaupdated: Mon Jul 09 2012 06:23:00

Spain is ready to create a single "bad bank" to house the distressed assets of its teetering financial sector, as it prepares to finalise terms of an EU bailout that is dividing the eurozone and spooking markets.

Spain crowned Euro 2012 championsupdated: Thu Jul 05 2012 06:04:00

CNN's Pedro Pinto and Al Goodman report on Spain's momentous win over Italy in Euro 2012 final in Kiev.

Suspect in plot against Spanish leader arrestedupdated: Wed Jul 04 2012 11:05:00

French police have arrested a member of the Basque separatist movement ETA in southwestern France, the Spanish government said Wednesday. Grant Wahl: Spain has chance to make history in Euro 2012 title matchupdated: Sat Jun 30 2012 12:45:00

KIEV, Ukraine -- What's at stake when Spain meets Italy in the Euro 2012 final here on Sunday? For the Spanish, the final (ESPN/3/Deportes, 2:45 p.m. ET) provides the chance to take their place in soccer lore as one of the greatest national teams in the history of the sport. No country has ever held two European Championships and the World Cup trophy at the same time. And for all the talk of Spain winning without playing at its best, you just can't argue with three major titles in a row.

Spain reach Euro 2012 final after shootoutupdated: Wed Jun 27 2012 18:32:00

Spain became only the second team to reach three successive major tournament finals as they won a nail-biting penalty shootout against Portugal after a tense goalless draw in Donetsk.

Alonso doubles up in Spain to reclaim world championship leadupdated: Mon Jun 25 2012 09:51:00

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso became the first two-time winner of the unpredictable 2012 Formula One season as he triumphed in front of his home fans in Valencia to claim the European Grand Prix Sunday.

Alonso nets brace as Spain coast past France updated: Sat Jun 23 2012 17:39:00

Spain remain on course to retain their European Championship crown after seeing off a lackluster France 2-0 in the Euro 2012 quarterfinal at the Donbass Arena, Donetsk on Saturday.

Spain's borrowing costs soar at auctionupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 06:19:00

Spain succeeded in selling more than ?3bn of treasury bills on Tuesday, but paid a high price to maintain access to financial markets amid economists' predictions that it would need a full international bailout for its struggling economy.

More trouble for Spain's economy?updated: Tue Jun 19 2012 06:19:00

CNN's Al Goodman explains what Spain's credit rating downgrade means for the country's economic future. Georgina Turner: Referees miss more penalties than players; Spain, Italy progressupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 20:56:00

Once this tournament is set down in the history books, one of the statistics that will not so much leap off the page as run screaming out, waving its flame-licked limbs about all over the place is that by Day 11 just one penalty had been awarded. And even that was saved, Poland substitute goalkeeper Przemyslaw Tyton stopping Giorgos Karagounis' effort on Day 1.

Spain's housing boom and bustupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 08:40:00

Marketplace Europe looks at Spain's housing market and the pressure of foreclosures are placing on the economy.

Spain: iPad with your mortgage?updated: Fri Jun 15 2012 08:40:00

Flogging property in an economic downturn is no easy task. But while property prices in Spain have plummeted over the last decade, it seems buyers still need a little more encouragement. Georgina Turner: Euro 2012 Day 7: Spain's win sets the stage for thrilling Group C finishupdated: Thu Jun 14 2012 18:45:00

The most celebrated aspect of this tournament has been -- no, not Mario Gomez's hair -- the fact that matches are so fiercely competitive. Even on a day when Republic of Ireland was beaten 4-0 by Spain (so soundly that it could have lost 10-0 and still been happy with a few saves from Shay Given) and was robbed of any remaining delusions about qualifying for the knockout stages, Group C has kept to the script. It set up a final day in which any combination of Spain, Croatia and Italy can progress.

Torres inspires Spain to Ireland routupdated: Thu Jun 14 2012 17:08:00

Fernando Torres rediscovered his scoring touch as Spain soared to the top of Euro 2012 Group C and knocked the Republic of Ireland out of the tournament. Grant Wahl:updated: Thu Jun 14 2012 17:07:00

GDANSK, Poland -- Three thoughts on Spain's 4-0 victory against Ireland, which left Croatia atop the Group C standings (4 points), followed by Spain (4, second via tie-breaker), Italy (2) and eliminated Ireland (0).

Asian market drop on Spain ratings cutupdated: Thu Jun 14 2012 00:14:00

Asian markets opened lower on the news that credit ratings agency Moody's has cut the rating of Spain to the edge of "junk" status.

Spain's borrowing cost reaches highupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 21:47:00

CNN's Jim Boulden explains why Spain's borrowing costs are up.

Spain faces more bank downgradesupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 15:07:00

CNN's Al Goodman discusses more downgrades for Spain's banking sector as bond yields continue to climb.

Fan reaction to Spain, Italy drawupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 09:58:00

CNN's Pedro Pinto reports from host city Gdansk where defending champions, Spain were held to a draw by Italy.

How the indignados motivated Spain updated: Tue Jun 12 2012 11:46:00

Spain has finally asked for a bank bailout from its eurozone peers, to weather the financial crisis that hampered its finances during recent months.

Spain's crisis has real estate rootsupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 11:46:00

Spain's financial crisis stems from the real estate boom that went bust. Al Goodman explains.

First relief in Spain...then reflectionupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 06:17:00

The euphoria surrounding Spain's request for aid fizzled quickly amid a myriad of unknowns.

Spain struggling to stay afloatupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 06:17:00

CNN's Nina Dos Santos report on the bailout for Spain and the many questions it leaves unanswered.

Where in the world ... ?updated: Mon Jun 11 2012 16:00:00

[Updated 4 p.m. Monday, June 11] If you visit the Spanish capital of Madrid, you can see the Puerta de Europa ("Gate of Europe") towers in Plaza de Castilla.

Spanish PM: Don't call it a bailoutupdated: Mon Jun 11 2012 09:36:00

Nina dos Santos reports from Madrid on efforts to prop up Spain's ailing banks.

Spain's borrowing costs rise despite bank bailoutupdated: Mon Jun 11 2012 09:36:00

Investors are again pushing up Spain's borrowing costs despite its move over the weekend to seek a ?100 billion ($125 billion) credit line to shore up its troubled banks.

Stock markets and euro cheer Spanish bank bailoutupdated: Mon Jun 11 2012 02:10:00

Asian stock markets forged higher Monday following Spain's move to seek a ?100 billion euro ($125 billion) credit line to strengthen its troubled banking system. Georgia Turner: Euro 2012 Day 3: The blame gameupdated: Sun Jun 10 2012 19:26:00

You will be hard pressed to find too many similarities between the two matches played in Group C today; the first a slow-burning tactical fight that finished in a draw, the second a fast and furious combination of thunder and blunder. In the aftermath, however, they both posed the same question: whose fault was it?

Spain is bailed -- but questions remainupdated: Sun Jun 10 2012 12:49:00

A day after Spain became the fourth eurozone country to request financial aid, the man on the street in Madrid would rather talk about the country's chances on the football pitch than on the financial markets.

Rescue plan for Spain?updated: Sat Jun 09 2012 10:42:00

CNN's Al Goodman takes a look at whether Spain will ask for help in their financial crisis.

Spanish banks 'need ?40 billion' as eurozone ministers prepare for talksupdated: Sat Jun 09 2012 10:42:00

Eurozone finance ministers will hold a conference call Saturday as concerns grow over the state of Spain's ailing banking sector.

Spain reveals ?100bn capital flightupdated: Fri Jun 01 2012 05:26:00

Madrid was dealt a double blow on Thursday after it emerged that almost ?100bn in capital had left the country in the first three months of the year and the head of the European Central Bank lambasted its handling of Bankia, the troubled Spanish lender.

The pain in Spain that threatens the eurozone updated: Thu May 31 2012 22:08:00

If Greece was the focus of markets' angst last week, attention this week has shifted to the other end of the Mediterranean.

Spain: Too big to fail, too big to bailupdated: Thu May 31 2012 22:08:00

The EU and IMF have no plans to support Spain and say they have to fix their own problems. Paula Newton has the details.

CNNMoney: Spain is the new epicenter of Europe's woesupdated: Thu May 31 2012 14:33:00

Spain is fast becoming the biggest threat to Europe's shared currency as the cash-strapped government struggles to contain a growing banking crisis.

Rush for havens as euro fears riseupdated: Wed May 30 2012 20:44:00

US benchmark borrowing costs plunged to levels last seen in 1946 and those for Germany and the UK hit all-time lows as investors took fright at what they see as a disjointed policy response to the debt crisis in Spain and Italy.

Failing banks in Spain drag down economyupdated: Tue May 29 2012 20:03:00

CNN's Nina Dos Santos talks to independent market strategist Stephen Pope about failing banks in Spain and the economy.

Spain says help not needed to save banksupdated: Tue May 29 2012 01:55:00

Spain's prime minister has insisted his country will not need an international rescue for its banks as investors recoiled at a ?19bn rescue of Bankia, sending the country's borrowing costs over Germany's to the highest level since the start of the euro.

Spain's borrowing costs near crisis levelupdated: Mon May 28 2012 07:29:00

Spain's borrowing costs have jumped as lingering worries over the state of the country's banking system and the cost to the state of nationalising Bankia continued to pound sentiment.

Europe's (olive) oil crisisupdated: Sun May 27 2012 21:38:00

Spain, Italy and Greece, already fighting a financial and economic crisis, are now facing an oil crisis. Olive oil, that is.

Spain to inject ?19b into Bankiaupdated: Sat May 26 2012 10:20:00

Spain will make an emergency ?19bn investment in Bankia, the stricken savings bank, in a bold bid to restore confidence in the stability of the country's financial sector.

Bankia troubles put Spain on edgeupdated: Sat May 26 2012 10:20:00

Concerns are growing over the health of Spain's banks, as CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Villa to miss Spain's Euro defenseupdated: Wed May 23 2012 12:37:00

David Villa was top goalscorer at Euro 2008 as Spain secured a first major championship in 44 years, but the world champions' all-time leading marksman will not be part of next month's title defense in Poland and Ukraine.

Spain faces bank concerns after downgradeupdated: Fri May 18 2012 08:41:00

Spain's government called for calm Friday, a day after rating agency Moody's downgraded 16 Spanish banks in the latest sign of distress in Europe.

Thousands in Spain revive May 15 protests to rail against cuts, governmentupdated: Sun May 13 2012 05:32:00

Chanting "they don't represent us," tens of thousands in Madrid railed early Sunday against Spain's government and austerity cuts -- venting their anger on the first anniversary of the so-called May 15 protest movement.

May 15th movement back in Spainupdated: Sun May 13 2012 05:32:00

Thousands protest in Madrid to mark the first anniversary of the so-called May 15th movement. CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Madrid's new blue clay courtupdated: Thu May 10 2012 14:46:00

The architect behind the Madrid Open's new clay court, Ion Tiriac, explains why blue is the new red.

Nadal not feeling Madrid bluesupdated: Thu May 10 2012 06:02:00

Rafael Nadal easily progressed to the third round of the Madrid Open after beating Russia's Nikolay Davydenko in straight sets 6-2 6-2 on Wednesday.

Spain takes 45% stake in Bankiaupdated: Wed May 09 2012 21:24:00

Spain has taken a 45 per cent stake in Bankia, the country's third-largest bank by assets, as worries over the financial system sent equity and bond markets falling on Wednesday.

Spanish banks continue to struggleupdated: Wed May 09 2012 21:24:00

Harvard professor Martin Feldstein gives his theory on how Spaniards can better their situations via government bonds.

CNNMoney: Dow posts 6-day losing streakupdated: Wed May 09 2012 16:56:00

U.S. stocks bounced back somewhat from a sharp sell-off Wednesday, but all three major indexes closed in the red as investors continue to fret about Greece and Spain.

Unhappy Djokovic not a fan of Madrid's blue clay revolutionupdated: Tue May 08 2012 16:46:00

Novak Djokovic has had plenty to say about the blue clay at the Madrid Masters and he was in no mood to change his mind after a minor scare on his first competitive outing on the new surface.

Spain to spend billions on bank rescueupdated: Mon May 07 2012 20:24:00

Spain is planning a state bail-out of Bankia, the country's third biggest bank by assets, in a move likely to involve the injection of billions of euros of public money into the troubled lender.

Greece, France prep for crucial votesupdated: Mon May 07 2012 20:24:00

Voters in France and Greece head to the polls Sunday for crucial elections.

Murray misses Madrid after being sidelined by a back injuryupdated: Fri May 04 2012 17:44:00

Britain's Andy Murray has suffered a blow in his preparations for the French Open as he was forced to pull out of next week's Madrid Open Friday.

Euro 2012 finals nation mapupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 11:34:00

Poland and Ukraine will host the European Championships for the first time in 2012, welcoming 14 other teams and football fans from across the continent.

Part 1: Austerity v. Stimulusupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 00:46:00

Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis looks at austerity versus stimulus in Europe.

Spain in talks over 'bad bank' schemeupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 00:46:00

Spain's government and its banks are discussing a new scheme to segregate problematic property loans into one or more asset management companies to relieve the burden on struggling lenders, according to officials and bankers.

Spain's King Juan Carlos back in hospital for hip surgeryupdated: Fri Apr 27 2012 05:22:00

Spain's King Juan Carlos was recovering Friday after being readmitted to a Madrid hospital for surgery on his right hip, the Royal Palace said.

Behind Spain's adoption scandalupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 07:55:00

CNN's Atika Shubert and Laura Perez Maestro explain their experiences covering the Spanish baby adoption scandal.

Ronaldo goes from hero to zero as Bayern beat Madridupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 05:03:00

Bayern Munich will enjoy home advantage when they play Chelsea in the European Champions League final after defeating Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu following Wednesday's dramatic penalty shootout.

Spain's king apologizes for African hunting tripupdated: Wed Apr 18 2012 08:32:00

Spain's King Juan Carlos made a rare public apology Wednesday for his recent hunting trip to Africa that has caused an outcry in Spain and abroad for its expense during the nation's economic crisis and for hunting elephants.

After fall, a prosthetic hip for Spanish kingupdated: Sat Apr 14 2012 08:18:00

Spanish King Juan Carlos underwent hip replacement surgery in Madrid Saturday morning following an accidental fall abroad, according to the Royal Household.

Arrests, injuries at strike in Spainupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 04:00:00

CNN's Al Goodman reports from Spain amid its first general strike in more than a year.

Spain and EU reject talk of bailoutupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 04:00:00

Spanish ministers and European Union officials took turns on Tuesday to deny that the country needed an international bailout, in an effort to soothe the bond market.

CNNMoney: Stocks: Worst day since November 2011updated: Tue Apr 10 2012 17:43:00

The fear trade picked up steam Tuesday, as investors grew increasingly worried about Europe's fiscal health. All three indexes closed down more than 1.5%, marking the fifth straight losing day for stocks.

Spain announces 27 billion euros in budget cutsupdated: Fri Mar 30 2012 10:37:00

Spain's new conservative government announced 27 billion euros ($35 billion) in cuts from the budget this year to reduce the deficit in the midst of the nation's prolonged economic crisis.

Strike to target Madrid fish marketupdated: Thu Mar 29 2012 09:18:00

Madrid's Huge Wholesale Fish market is a target for unions in the nationwide general strike. Al Goodman explains why.

Unions prepare for general strike in Spainupdated: Wed Mar 28 2012 12:20:00

Spanish unions were making final preparations for a general strike Thursday to protest the new conservative government's labor reforms and austerity cuts.

Pimps in Spain bar code prostitutesupdated: Mon Mar 26 2012 18:11:00

A Spanish pimp ring is busted. CNN's Ralitsa Vassileva reports women forced into prostitution were marked with a bar code.

Prostitution ring in Madrid tattooed 19-year-old woman with bar codeupdated: Mon Mar 26 2012 18:11:00

A Spanish National Police investigation into two Madrid prostitution rings led to the rescue of a captive 19-year-old woman who was tattooed with a barcode on her wrist after she tried to escape the ring, authorities said Saturday.

Spain's borrowing costs climbupdated: Fri Mar 23 2012 01:40:00

Spain's borrowing costs rose above 5.5 per cent for the first time since January as investors fretted about another escalation of the eurozone crisis amid signs of further economic weakening even in Germany.

Trial opens for 9 suspected militants in Spainupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 10:16:00

Nine suspected Islamist militants went on trial in Madrid Tuesday, charged with plotting terrorist attacks in two Spanish enclaves on Morocco's north coast just across the Mediterranean Sea from the Spanish mainland.

Small Spanish villages face big budget woesupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 09:28:00

In a verdant mountainous area in western Spain, the tiny village of Higuera de la Serena has a big problem.

Spanish village turns to volunteersupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 09:28:00

Residents work for free with local authorities unable to pay a wage. CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Spain home evictions draw protestsupdated: Thu Mar 15 2012 08:06:00

Protests in Spain support those who can't make mortgage payments. CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Madrid austerity protestsupdated: Sun Mar 11 2012 12:22:00

Unions in Madrid hold protests against austerity measures on the eighth anniversary of the Madrid train bombings.

Unions protest as Spain marks eighth anniversary of Madrid train bombingsupdated: Sun Mar 11 2012 12:22:00

Union protesters marched across Spain Sunday as mourners marked the eighth anniversary of the Madrid train bombings.

Spain to mark eighth anniversary of Madrid train bombingsupdated: Sun Mar 11 2012 00:11:00

Spain on Sunday marks the eighth anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, this year embroiled in controversy over a decision by unions to hold nationwide protests over the economic crisis.

Spain's 2 big unions call for general strike March 29updated: Fri Mar 09 2012 07:46:00

Spain's two main unions on Friday called a general strike for March 29 to protest the new conservative government's labor reforms and austerity cuts.

King's son-in-law testifies in fraud scandalupdated: Sat Feb 25 2012 04:53:00

The son-in-law of Spain's King Juan Carlos arrived in court to testify before a magistrate Saturday as a suspect in a fraud scandal that has created unprecedented problems for the popular royal family.

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