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St. Bernard Parish

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac are moving north but only after drenching some areas of the Gulf Coast with more than 20 inches of rain and displacing thousands of residents.

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Today's New Orleans a tale of two citiesupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 17:12:00

Five years ago this month, Katrina hit New Orleans. What it created is a tale of two cities, the haves vs. the have-nots. Enormous progress in the city's Business District overshadows the lingering blight in the 9th Ward and St. Bernard Parish, where folks are still struggling to rebuild and many lots remain empty.

Honore takes charge after Katrina hitsupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 17:12:00

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore helped lead recovery efforts in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Large fish kill found at mouth of Mississippi River Gulf outletupdated: Mon Aug 23 2010 17:43:00

Thousands of dead fish and other marine life have been found at the mouth of the Mississippi River outlet into the Gulf of Mexico, according to the president of St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana.

Louisiana reopens some areas to commercial crabbingupdated: Fri Aug 20 2010 21:44:00

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries ordered some areas near the Mississippi River that had been closed because of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill to reopen to commercial crabbing on Friday.

'Finish strong' to rebuild New Orleansupdated: Sat Aug 14 2010 09:12:00

When we started thinking about the contents of this piece, our first thought was to highlight all of the progress, accomplishments and successes that the St. Bernard Project has achieved since Katrina.

'Evacuteers' ready to come to the rescueupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 05:30:00

Tom Foreman reports on group determined to build up a program to help those who need it during emergency evacuations.

Gulf storm system becomes tropical depressionupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 05:30:00

The National Hurricane Center issued a tropical storm warning for the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico as the fifth tropical depression of the Atlantic hurricane season formed in the southeastern Gulf.

Louisiana demands federal action on dredge planupdated: Sun May 23 2010 19:27:00

Frustrated Louisiana officials Sunday demanded the federal government approve their plans to dredge up walls of sand to protect delicate inland estuaries from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Oil containment fightupdated: Sun May 23 2010 19:27:00

President Obama announces a bipartisan commission on the oil spill, and BP says next week for "top kill."

New Orleans mayor hails Katrina rulingupdated: Thu Nov 19 2009 18:01:00

Calling the ruling "huge," New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Thursday reacted to a federal judge finding the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' failure to maintain a shipping channel led to catastrophic flooding during Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina ruling surprises Naginupdated: Thu Nov 19 2009 18:01:00

A ruling against the Army Corps of Engineers could open the door to thousands of Hurricane Katrina-related lawsuits. Gustav Evacuees Head Homeupdated: Wed Sep 03 2008 13:00:00

The 2 million evacuees chased away by the threat of Hurricane Gustav tried to make their way home

Concerns about New Orleans-area levee easeupdated: Mon Sep 01 2008 23:42:00

Efforts to bolster a private New Orleans-area levee that had been in danger of failing because of Hurricane Gustav appeared to be working Monday night, the president of a parish said.

Concerns linger from Gustavupdated: Mon Sep 01 2008 23:42:00

CNN's Campbell Brown talks to Lt. Gen. Russel Honore about concerns relating to Gustav's impact.

CNNMoney: A snapshot of American diversityupdated: Thu Aug 07 2008 10:54:00

Maricopa County in Arizona added more people than any other in the nation last year, according to a U.S. Census Bureau survey released Thursday.

'Learned from the past'updated: Thu Apr 03 2008 20:06:00

FEMA Administrator David Paulison says that his agency has learned from the past and improving its capabilities.

Paulison: We're not the FEMA of 2005updated: Thu Apr 03 2008 20:06:00

Some skeptical senators questioned Thursday whether the agency much maligned for its response to Hurricane Katrina is better prepared today to respond to another major hurricane season. N. Orleans Pop. Short, Census Saysupdated: Thu Mar 20 2008 11:00:00

New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish is estimated to be more than 30,000 short of Census Bureau expectation, despite it being on the agency's list of fast-growing counties Katrina Levee Lawsuit Dismissedupdated: Thu Jan 31 2008 10:00:00

A federal judge dismissed a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over levee breaches after Hurricane Katrina

Katrina 'children' share emotional stories of New Orleansupdated: Wed Aug 29 2007 23:04:00

Eighteen-year-old Amanda Hill sits on a plastic lawn chair in a gutted home, talking straight into a camera. Who's to Blame for a Katrina Tragedy?updated: Wed Aug 15 2007 16:45:00

The owners of a New Orleans nursing home go on trial for the deaths of 35 nursing home patients who weren't evacuated

CNNMoney: Chattahoochee, Ga. tops fastest growing listupdated: Wed Mar 21 2007 13:22:00

After a 5-year run, Flagler County, Florida ceded its position as the nation's fastest growing county to Chattahoochee County in Georgia, the Census Bureau said Thursday.

FEMA workers arrested on fraud, bribery chargesupdated: Fri Jan 27 2006 17:32:00

Two temporary employees of the Federal Emergency Management Agency were arrested after soliciting bribes from a contractor supplying food for residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina, the FBI announced Friday.

Katrina victims: 'Living in barns'updated: Tue Dec 13 2005 09:04:00

More than three months after thousands of people lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina, local and federal officials are trading blame over the slow delivery of trailer housing.

Old haunts in New Orleansupdated: Thu Oct 06 2005 09:52:00

Posted: 6:15 p.m. ET From Andreas Preuss, CNN Gulf Coast Bureau

Ugly homecoming in St. Bernardupdated: Wed Sep 28 2005 07:57:00

Residents returning to St. Bernard Parish, just east of New Orleans on the Gulf of Mexico, are finding near total destruction.

Cleaning up the cityupdated: Wed Sep 14 2005 15:02:00

CNN's Jim Roope in New Orleans, Louisiana Posted: 6:29 p.m. ET

Nursing home owners charged updated: Tue Sep 13 2005 20:35:00

The attorney for a couple charged with 34 counts of negligent homicide said Tuesday his clients never abandoned the nursing home where people tried to ride out Hurricane Katrina.

Nursing home owners face chargesupdated: Tue Sep 13 2005 02:00:00

The owners of St. Rita's Nursing Home in St. Bernard Parish, where 34 people died as Hurricane Katrina hit, have been charged with negligent homicide, Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. said Tuesday.

Congress OKs massive hurricane recovery billupdated: Thu Sep 08 2005 01:30:00

Congress late Thursday approved $51.8 billion in emergency spending to pay for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts -- an amount that sets aside roughly $1.4 billion a day for five weeks.

Draining floodwaters from New Orleans parishes updated: Wed Sep 07 2005 16:06:00

Contaminated, muddy water fills the streets nine days after Hurricane Katrina flooded most of St. Bernard Parish, which hugs the Mississippi River and Lake Borgne east of New Orleans.

At least 30 found dead in nursing homeupdated: Wed Sep 07 2005 02:28:00

Authorities in a suburban parish began retrieving the bodies of more than 30 people from a nursing home Wednesday, while New Orleans police prepared to start forcing the evacuation of up to 15,000 remaining residents.

Pumps begin to drain New Orleansupdated: Mon Sep 05 2005 17:03:00

Repair crews have patched the ruptured levee along the 17th Street Canal and have begun pumping water from New Orleans, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Monday.

Time running out for survivorsupdated: Sun Sep 04 2005 14:57:00

Time is running out for thousands of people awaiting rescue six days after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, rescuers say.

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