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Officials in Michigan and Canada announced Friday that they have agreed to build a new bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

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Dismemberment suspect accused of murder, threatening Canadian leaderupdated: Sat Jun 02 2012 18:00:00

Montreal authorities on Saturday detailed the charges pending against a self-proclaimed porn star, accusing him of first-degree murder in the grisly killing and dismembering of a university student and threatening, among others, Canada's prime minister.

Ontario legalizes brothelsupdated: Mon Mar 26 2012 21:42:00

A landmark victory allows sex workers the opportunity to hire bodyguards and support staff in organized brothels.

White House defends Keystone vetoupdated: Thu Jan 19 2012 05:44:00

Jay Carney cites environmental concerns and a GOP tax cut included in the bill as reasons to veto the Keystone project.

Canada will look to China to sell its oilupdated: Thu Jan 19 2012 05:44:00

In a phone conversation that came as little surprise, President Barack Obama called Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Wednesday afternoon to explain why he had rejected the Keystone oil sands pipeline project.

Obama, Harper agree to speed trade, traffic across borderupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 18:20:00

U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced agreements Wednesday intended to speed up cross-border trade and traffic in the wake of enhanced security after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Canada ending battle mission in Afghanistanupdated: Thu Jul 07 2011 15:08:00

Canada is formally completing its fighting mission in Afghanistan this week, a move that marks the end of a robust combat presence centered in the dangerous and violent southern province of Kandahar. Prince William and Kate's Canadian Itineraryupdated: Tue Jun 14 2011 21:29:00

They'll be serenaded, escorted by Mounties and treated to speeches

Conservatives appear to be winning Canada's electionupdated: Tue May 03 2011 07:33:00

Canada's Conservative Party was riding to a definitive victory as results from national elections came in early Tuesday.

Canadian lawmakers vote to dissolve government, call electionsupdated: Sat Mar 26 2011 11:27:00

Canada's House of Commons voted 156-145 on Friday on a no-confidence resolution aimed at the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, triggering the dissolution of Parliament and elections in the next few weeks.

Egyptian protests heighten fears of Iran detainee's wifeupdated: Fri Feb 11 2011 07:39:00

The wife of an Iranian man sentenced to death for allegedly operating adult internet sites said she fears the situation in Egypt may mean her husband will be executed at any moment.

Canadian prime minister to meet Obama on Fridayupdated: Tue Feb 01 2011 16:23:00

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will meet Friday with President Barack Obama at the White House.

'Life of Pi' author Yann Martel: Why I've sent 91 books to Canada's PMupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 11:04:00

The Booker Prize-winning author of "Life of Pi," Yann Martel is one of Canada's most recognized and outspoken writers.

Power returns to Toronto after outage affects 200,000updated: Tue Jul 06 2010 00:22:00

Power returned to downtown Toronto on Monday night after a fire in a transformer knocked out service to more than 200,000 customers and brought much of the city to a standstill for about four hours, officials said.

Canada forgives its share of Haiti's international debtupdated: Fri Jun 25 2010 20:14:00

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Friday that Canada has paid off its share of Haiti's debt to all international financial institutions to help the impoverished island nation recover from January's 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Michael Farber: Armageddon comes early to Canada, Russiaupdated: Wed Feb 24 2010 12:43:00

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- With three minutes left in Canada's 8-2 controlled scrimmage over Germany, the raucous, red-wearing crowd at Canada Hockey Place began the chant: "We want Russia. We want Russia." Michael Farber: Canadian Prime Minister Harper on national gameupdated: Thu Feb 04 2010 13:17:00

Michael Farber spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as part of his Olympic hockey preview for Sports Illustrated. The following is an exclusive excerpt of their conversation that didn't run in the magazine.

Obama meets with Harperupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 15:34:00

President Obama meets with the Canadian Prime Minister to discuss trade and Afghanistan.

Obama: No plans for additional troop increase in Afghanistanupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 15:34:00

There are no immediate plans to commit more U.S. troops to the ongoing war in Afghanistan, President Obama said Wednesday. Ex-coach Demers appointed to Canadian Senateupdated: Thu Aug 27 2009 17:41:00

MONTREAL (AP) -- Jacques Demers, the Stanley Cup-winning coach who has spoken frankly about his lifelong battle with illiteracy, was appointed Thursday to the Canadian Senate.

Drug cartel allegedly plotted to kill Mexican leaderupdated: Tue Aug 11 2009 15:39:00

A suspected drug cartel lieutenant was in charge of a plot to kill Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Mexican government officials said.

Obama talks drugs, trade, immigration on Mexico visitupdated: Mon Aug 10 2009 14:43:00

President Obama said Monday the United States remains Mexico's partner in the fight against drug cartels, despite some calls in the United States to delay counter-narcotics aid because of alleged human rights violations by Mexican soldiers.

Obama in Mexico for North American summitupdated: Sun Aug 09 2009 19:00:00

President Obama arrived Sunday evening in Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city, for a day and a half of talks with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

D-day anniversaryupdated: Sun Jun 07 2009 22:45:00

CNN's Rick Vincent reports on the somber ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Obama joins WWII vets for D-Day tributesupdated: Sun Jun 07 2009 22:45:00

World leaders gave thanks Saturday to military veterans for their efforts in the D-Day landings of 65 years ago at a ceremony in northwest France, warning that their legacy must not be forgotten as the world faces renewed threats of tyranny.

Troops end Jamaica airliner hostage siegeupdated: Tue Apr 21 2009 17:01:00

Troops in Jamaica captured an armed man Monday who had barged onto a Canadian airliner, robbed passengers and held six crew members hostage, Jamaica Information Minister Daryl Vaz said.

Canada's Harper doubts Afghan insurgency can be defeatedupdated: Mon Mar 02 2009 08:11:00

U.S. and NATO forces are engaged in a futile war against the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, Canada's prime minister said.

'Commitment to recovery'updated: Thu Feb 19 2009 17:40:00

President Obama says he hope to work with the Canadians to stimulate economies on both sides of the border.

Obama tackles thorny economic, military issues in Canada tripupdated: Thu Feb 19 2009 17:40:00

President Obama visited Canada on Thursday in his first foreign trip as head of state, meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss a range of complicated economic and military issues.

Auto rescue planupdated: Sat Dec 20 2008 14:25:00

CNN's Christine Romans explains who gets what in the auto rescue plan.

Canadian auto industry gets bailout tooupdated: Sat Dec 20 2008 14:25:00

Canada will provide roughly $3.3 billion in aid to its automotive sector, officials announced Saturday, honoring a previous pledge to provide 20 percent of what the U.S. government offered automakers.

CNNMoney: Canada providing $4B in aid to automakersupdated: Sat Dec 20 2008 14:03:00

Canada will provide roughly $4 billion in aid to its automotive sector, officials announced Saturday, honoring a previous pledge to provide 20 percent of whatever was offered to automakers by the U.S. government.

Canadian leader suspends Parliament to stay in powerupdated: Thu Dec 04 2008 18:17:00

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday that Canada's governor general has allowed him to suspend Parliament, postponing a no-confidence vote from his opponents that he was likely to lose.

Canadian leader vows to fight planned ousterupdated: Wed Dec 03 2008 20:58:00

Prime Minister Stephen Harper appealed directly to Canadians for support Wednesday, vowing in a nationally televised address on the economy that he will do all he can to halt his opponents from carrying out a no-confidence vote in Parliament -- as planned for Monday -- and forming a coalition government that would replace his own.

Canadian journalist freed in Afghanistanupdated: Sat Nov 08 2008 21:01:00

A Canadian Broadcasting Corp. correspondent who had been held in Afghanistan for four weeks has been released, the CBC said Saturday. Canada Election: Harper Pledges Cooperationupdated: Wed Oct 15 2008 06:20:00

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will reach out to all parties during the global financial meltdown after his Conservative Party won in national elections but fell short of a parliamentary majority Canada's Parliament is Dissolvedupdated: Sun Sep 07 2008 14:00:00

Canada's prime minister dissolved Parliament on Sunday and called an early election next month Canadian PM Calls Early Electionupdated: Fri Sep 05 2008 17:00:00

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to dissolve Parliament on Sunday and call early elections in hopes of strengthening his minority government's hold on power 19-Sq-Mile Ice Sheet Breaks Looseupdated: Wed Sep 03 2008 13:00:00

A 19-square-mile ice shelf in Canada's northern Arctic has broken away from Ellesmere Island, surprising scientists who say the floating ice shelf is another dramatic indication of how warmer temperatures are changing the polar frontier 12 Deaths Linked to Tainted Meat in Canadaupdated: Tue Aug 26 2008 16:00:00

Meat tainted with a deadly bacteria in a Toronto processing plant is likely to sicken more people in the coming months, a Canadian health expert said Tuesday, a day after the government announced the death toll from the outbreak had risen to 12

Canadian leader: Assimilation policy 'has no place'updated: Wed Jun 11 2008 19:19:00

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized for a defunct policy that attempted "to kill the Indian in the child" by taking native children from their families and placing them in schools to assimilate them. Canada's PM Apologizes to Nativesupdated: Wed Jun 11 2008 18:00:00

Prime Minister Stephen Harper publicly apologized to native Canadians on Wednesday for the longtime government policy of taking aboriginal children away from their families and cultures Bush Gets Trade Backing at Summitupdated: Tue Apr 22 2008 07:00:00

President Bush, stymied by Congress in his final push to broaden U.S. trade, is finding a bigger blast of support from north and south of the border

Bush makes case for free trade deal at summitupdated: Mon Apr 21 2008 23:19:00

President Bush used a meeting with Mexican and Canadian leaders Monday to hammer Democrats who oppose a free trade deal between the U.S. and Colombia, saying that blocking the deal is "bad for American workers and bad for our security."

Bush: Expand trade in Americasupdated: Mon Apr 21 2008 23:19:00

In his weekly radio address, President Bush talks about the upcoming North American Leaders' Summit.

Canada's House of Commons extends Afghan missionupdated: Thu Mar 13 2008 19:30:00

Canada's House of Commons voted Thursday to extend the country's military mission in Afghanistan until 2011, with the stipulation that NATO send reinforcements to the volatile Kandahar province.

NATO's Afghan mission 'in jeopardy'updated: Tue Jan 29 2008 05:34:00

Canadian forces will remain in Afghanistan beyond February 2009 only if another NATO nation sends an additional 1,000 combat troops to Kandahar province -- where the troops are based, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Monday.

Security, trade dominate North American summitupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 02:32:00

President Bush, at a North American summit on Tuesday, offered U.S. assistance and expressed his concern for the citizens of Mexico and elsewhere whose lives were effected by Hurricane Dean.

Canada won't reopen same-sex marriage debateupdated: Thu Dec 07 2006 22:13:00

Canada's House of Commons Thursday soundly rejected a motion from Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reconsider the country's 2005 law allowing gay men and lesbians to marry.

U.S., Canada reach tentative deal in lumber disputeupdated: Thu Apr 27 2006 10:08:00

The United States announced Thursday that it had reached a tentative agreement with Canada to settle a bitter trade battle between the two nations involving softwood lumber.

Fallen troops coverage ban stirs Canada debateupdated: Wed Apr 26 2006 13:03:00

The public's right to know versus concern for family privacy has taken center stage in Canada following the government's ban on media coverage on the return of fallen troops from Afghanistan.

Business 2.0: Windows phones get called up for dutyupdated: Wed Apr 05 2006 14:38:00

Never count Microsoft out: The software giant has a knack for getting software right after first rolling out a couple of lousy versions. Indeed, Microsoft's Windows Mobile appears to be hitting its stride, with news today that the Census Bureau has ordered up 500,000 devices running the company's cell-phone operating system. The government agency will supply them to workers gathering information for the 2010 Census. With more government sales likely to follow, Microsoft executive Peter Knook told Bloomberg News that he expects the Microsoft division's sales to double next year to 20 million phones and other handheld devices.

Bush pushes guest-worker programupdated: Fri Mar 31 2006 07:28:00

U.S. President Bush is pushing a program to allow more immigrants to work in the United States as he and the leaders of Mexico and Canada wrap up a two-day summit in Cancun, Mexico, on Friday.

Immigration in focus at Cancun summitupdated: Thu Mar 30 2006 07:21:00

Immigration, border security and trade issues topped the agenda Thursday as President Bush began a two-day summit with the leaders of Mexico and Canada in the Mexican resort town of Cancun.

Canadian soldier kills passenger in Afghanistanupdated: Wed Mar 15 2006 11:21:00

A Canadian soldier shot and killed a passenger in a vehicle after the driver failed to respond to signals to stay away from a military patrol near Kandahar, Afghanistan, Canadian forces said Wednesday.

Canadians choose conservativeupdated: Tue Jan 24 2006 00:22:00

Canadians elected Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper as their next prime minister Monday, but denied him the outright majority he would need to take any strong change in direction.

Conservative leads in Canada voteupdated: Mon Jan 23 2006 19:17:00

Buoyed by a political resurrection in French-speaking Quebec, Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper appeared poised to become Canada's next prime minister.

Vote topples Canadian governmentupdated: Mon Nov 28 2005 16:37:00

After months of political instability, the government of Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin fell Monday evening when three opposition parties united to topple him with a no-confidence vote in the House of Commons.

Canadian PM wins election but with minority governmentupdated: Tue Jun 29 2004 00:42:00

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and his scandal-battered Liberal Party apparently bested their reunited Conservative opposition in Monday's federal election, but a strong showing by separatists in Quebec helped rob Martin of an outright majority.

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