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It wasn't enough for Nathan Myhrvold to work with Stephen Hawking on research in physics, or to develop many of Microsoft's key products, or publish books of his nature photography. He had to take his career in yet another direction -- by getting his hands dirty in the kitchen.

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Theology unnecessary, Stephen Hawking tells CNNupdated: Sat Sep 11 2010 07:06:00

Theology is unnecessary. So says Stephen Hawking, the world-famous physicist who controversially argues in a new book that God did not create the universe.

Hawking: Science can explain the universeupdated: Sat Sep 11 2010 07:06:00

Larry King talks with Stephen Hawking about his new book, science and his views on God. Watch 9 p.m. ET Friday on CNN.

Religious leaders hit back at Hawkingupdated: Fri Sep 03 2010 16:40:00

Religious leaders in Britain on Friday hit back at claims by leading physicist Stephen Hawking that God had no role in the creation of the universe.

Stephen Hawking: God didn't create universeupdated: Thu Sep 02 2010 15:41:00

God did not create the universe, world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking argues in a new book that aims to banish a divine creator from physics.

Man with Lou Gehrig's makes extraordinary offer of his organsupdated: Mon Aug 02 2010 05:21:00

A Georgia man suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease says he wants to die by having his organs harvested rather than wait for his degenerative nerve ailment to kill him.

ALS patient: 'Wish to do good thing'updated: Mon Aug 02 2010 05:21:00

CNN's Don Lemon talks with a terminally-ill patient who wants to donate his organs while they are still healthy.

Fortune: High frequency traders' next target: the speed of lightupdated: Wed May 19 2010 13:56:00

Observations, questions, and commentary on today's business news headlines:

NASA searches for micro signs of lifeupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 15:10:00

If you're looking for alien life in the solar system, it might be best to start small.

Should we fear space aliens?updated: Tue Apr 27 2010 09:27:00

Stephen Hawking's new documentary premiered Sunday night on the Discovery Channel. In it, he claimed that intelligent alien life almost certainly exists and that the search for it is valuable. He also suggested that the potential threats posed by contact with alien intelligence should discourage us from actively sending out messages to the cosmos.

Britons pour love on 'evil' healthcare systemupdated: Fri Aug 14 2009 15:34:00

Britons including Prime Minister Gordon Brown have leapt to the defense of their creaking healthcare service after President Barack Obama's plans for a similar system in the United States were branded "evil" by Republicans.

Stephen Hawking serves as role model for ALS patientsupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 10:54:00

Besides charting the nature of space and time and penning the bestseller "A Brief History of Time," Stephen Hawking has another distinction: He beat the life-expectancy odds for people with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Stephen Hawking talks to CNNupdated: Tue Apr 21 2009 11:47:00

In a recent interview, CNN's Becky Anderson spoke with scientist Stephen Hawking about his views of the world.

Scientist Hawking 'very ill'updated: Tue Apr 21 2009 11:47:00

Scientist and author Stephen Hawking is "very ill" and has been hospitalized, according to Cambridge University, where he is a professor.

Scientist Hawking 'comfortable' in hospitalupdated: Tue Apr 21 2009 07:47:00

Distinguished scientist Stephen Hawking was said to be in a "comfortable" condition Tuesday after spending the night in hospital, Cambridge University said in a statement.

Climate change: Time is running outupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 09:44:00

It appears that the scale and seriousness of climate change is at last being grasped. In 2008, we stand on the brink of a historic consensus, not only between scientists, but in the corridors of political power and in boardrooms across the globe.

The spirit of leadershipupdated: Mon Dec 08 2008 06:13:00

"The Spirit of..." team has been running an online poll asking viewers to choose who they think has been the most influential leader to have featured on the show over the course of the past twelve months. Stephen Hawking to Leave Prestigious Postupdated: Fri Oct 24 2008 13:00:00

Cosmologist Stephen Hawking will retire from his prestigious post at Cambridge University next year, but intends to continue his exploration of time and space

Meet Stephen Hawkingupdated: Fri Oct 24 2008 09:05:00

CNN's Becky Anderson holds an exclusive interview with scientist Stephen Hawking on his views of the world.

Hawking: If we survive the next 200 years, we should be OKupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 12:32:00

Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the world's great scientists, is looking to the stars to save the human race -- but pessimism is overriding his natural optimism.

Who was the most inspirational leader featured in 2008?updated: Thu Oct 09 2008 10:12:00

Who do you feel has been the most inspirational leader featured on The Spirit Of in 2008?

'The Spirit of Space' in Octoberupdated: Tue Sep 23 2008 10:28:00

"The moon's been there for about four billion years and it's moving further and further away from the earth. And it's been a destination or quizzical thing for humans for thousands of years, centuries; it's been something that you dream about." -- Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on "The Spirit of Space."

Ask Stephen Hawking a space questionupdated: Sun Sep 14 2008 09:02:00

Cosmologist, theoretical physicist and author, Stephen Hawking is possibly the world's greatest living scientist. Big Bang Collider Test Successfulupdated: Wed Sep 10 2008 05:00:00

The world's biggest physics experiment has succeeded in its first major test as a beam of protons was successfully fired all the way around a 17-mile tunnel beneath the Swiss-French border. Collider Triggers End-of-World Fearsupdated: Thu Sep 04 2008 22:35:00

Scientists are dismissing critics who warn that the Large Hadron Collider could create Earth-swallowing black holes Hawking: Life Likely on Other Planetsupdated: Tue Apr 22 2008 09:05:00

Famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has been thinking a lot about the cosmic question, "Are we alone?" The answer is probably not

Fortune: How to retire while still workingupdated: Thu Jun 21 2007 05:39:00

Ah me, what to do. On the one hand, I'm getting too old for this stuff. The daily battle entices me less and less. I dream of beaches, palm trees waving in the wind. I gravitate to books about space travel and biographies of people who gave it all up for an existence in the South of France, say, or the South Sea Islands. In meetings, I find I can't listen to meaningless drivel anymore without wanting to get up and leave. That's a significant liability. PowerPoint presentations in particular put me into a sleep so deep it involves drooling. The smallest things irritate me way too much, also. I'm up every night at 3 A.M. wondering why I'm up every night at 3 A.M. No matter how small the potential snafu or fubar situation, it rears up and seizes my imagination like a golem. I need some relief. I've been at this 25 years. I may need to retire.

CNNMoney: Stephen Hawking to ride the 'vomit comet'updated: Tue Apr 03 2007 11:57:00

If a world-renowned physicist and a legendary video game developer make an odd Mutt-and-Jeff pairing on earth, what sort of odd couple will they make on the verge of outer space?

The Insider's Guide to colonizing another plant. updated: Fri Dec 01 2006 10:23:00

Colonize another planet? I'm perfectly happy here, thank you very much.

Stephen Hawking Talkasia Transcriptupdated: Tue Jul 04 2006 06:01:00

HR: Hugh Riminton SH: Stephen Hawking

EW review: Krauss' ingenious 'Love'updated: Wed Apr 27 2005 12:29:00

It's probably silly to worry about destabilizing the marriage of novelists Nicole Krauss and Jonathan Safran Foer by comparing their books, because the couple is so clearly asking for it.

Scott Livengood, CEO, Krispy Kremeupdated: Tue Apr 13 2004 06:54:00

What are you reading?

Fortune: Tapping The Trust Fundupdated: Mon Apr 29 2002 00:01:00

"Who Can You Trust?" asks a special report on CNBC, and most other business media have raised the same question. Trust is the topic of the moment, thanks to Enron, Andersen, Global Crossing, Tyco, ...

Fortune: On Beyond Newton An apple fell on my head. I'm a lot better now, really, and I've got these equations that explain everything. Lupdated: Mon Oct 11 1999 00:01:00

Readers of this column will recognize my ongoing effort to cultivate empirical standards for understanding the business world, which, although wrapped in duty, costume, and numbers, is in its natur...


A few weeks ago I was watching television, attempting to fill the aching spiritual void between dinner and the end of the millennium. I was watching the news, because nothing fills an aching void a...

Money Magazine: WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE STAMPEDE FOR THESE SUPERCHEAP PCSupdated: Sun Jun 01 1997 00:01:00

Buying a PC that costs much less than average (currently $2,000 or so) used to be a risky proposition. Computermakers riveted together yesterday's technology and knocked a couple hundred dollars of...

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