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The FBI announced that it has concluded its investigation into the 2001 anthrax mailings, saying Friday that a biodefense researcher carried out the attacks alone.

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'Suspect' vs. 'person of interest'updated: Thu Sep 17 2009 13:27:00's blogger bunch discusses the difference between a suspect and a person of interest.

What does 'person of interest' mean? Nothingupdated: Thu Sep 17 2009 13:27:00

It's a familiar scenario: A major crime is committed. Police investigate possible leads while the media asks for information. Soon, authorities say they have a "person of interest."

'Let me sleep,' anthrax suspect wrote before suicideupdated: Tue Jan 06 2009 22:37:00

Dr. Bruce Ivins, the former government scientist blamed for a string of deadly 2001 anthrax attacks, behaved oddly and was "sarcastic and nasty" to his wife in the final weeks of his life, police documents said.

High court tosses scientist's libel suit against New York Timesupdated: Mon Dec 15 2008 14:10:00

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a former Army scientist's lawsuit against The New York Times. Steven Hatfill sued the newspaper, accusing it of libel over reports he said falsely linked him to the 2001 deadly anthrax attacks. Leahy: Anthrax Suspect Ivins Had Helpupdated: Wed Sep 17 2008 20:00:00

The chairman of the of Senate Judiciary Committee said Wednesday he does not believe that Dr. Bruce Ivins acted alone in the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks Nagging Questions in Anthrax Case updated: Wed Aug 13 2008 18:00:00

If Bruce Ivins carried out the anthrax attacks in 2001, the scientific and forensic evidence should prove it. Scientists are asking why the FBI hasn't released that information

Intended anthrax target has doubts about probeupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 20:37:00

An intended recipient of one of the anthrax-laced letters sent in 2001's anthrax scare said Monday he was "very skeptical" of the government's investigation.

Anthrax 'bumbling' criticizedupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 20:37:00

Former Sen. Tom Daschle criticizes the anthrax investigation and defends Barack Obama's energy plan. The Anthrax Mystery Deepensupdated: Sat Aug 02 2008 15:00:00

Many perplexing questions swirl around Bruce E. Ivins and his sudden death. For one: what info did the FBI actually have connecting him to the anthrax attacks? Anthrax Suspect Commits Suicideupdated: Fri Aug 01 2008 10:00:00

A top U.S. biodefense researcher apparently committed suicide just as the Justice Department was about to file criminal charges against him in the deadly 2001 anthrax mailings

Settlement in anthrax caseupdated: Sat Jun 28 2008 01:05:00

A settlement has been reached with a person once named a "person of interest" in deadly anthrax attacks.

Scientist's anthrax lawsuit settled for $2.8 millionupdated: Sat Jun 28 2008 01:05:00

A former Army scientist who was named a "person of interest" in the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the Justice Department. Anthrax Lawsuit to Settleupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 17:00:00

WASHINGTON The Justice Department has agreed to pay $5.8 million to settle a lawsuit with former Army scientist Steven Hatfill, who was named as a person of interest in the 2001 anthrax attacks USA Today Reporter Fights Finesupdated: Mon Mar 10 2008 22:00:00

A former USA Today reporter sought Monday to block fines of up to $5,000 a day imposed by a judge who wants her to disclose confidential sources for stories on a scientist under scrutiny in the 2001 anthrax attacks Reporter May Be Held in Contemptupdated: Tue Feb 19 2008 12:00:00

A federal judge may hold a former USA Today reporter in contempt if she will not identify sources in stories about an ex-Army scientist under scrutiny in the 2001 anthrax attacks

FBI searches car at airport in anthrax caseupdated: Sat Aug 07 2004 19:15:00

FBI agents searched a car in an airport parking lot outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Saturday in connection with the 2001 anthrax attacks.

Feds granted more time in Hatfill suitupdated: Mon Mar 29 2004 17:41:00

A federal judge gave the government another six months before it must prepare for trial in bioweapons scientist Steven Hatfill's defamation lawsuit over its investigation of him in the 2001 anthrax attacks.

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