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The former JetBlue flight attendant who soared to instant celebrity after deploying an emergency evacuation slide to dramatically exit an airplane in 2010 has been sentenced to a year of probation after completing a mental health treatment program.

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Steven Slater raps as part of new gigupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 15:44:00

The former JetBlue Airways flight attendant who became an instant celebrity after he dramatically quit his job in August has a new gig and a new look.

Ex-flight attendant blames 'perfect storm of bad manners' for outburstupdated: Wed Oct 27 2010 10:25:00

Months after he told off a passenger over a plane's public address system, a former JetBlue flight attendant told CNN's Larry King on Tuesday that "a perfect storm of bad manners" triggered his much ballyhooed outburst.

Slater describes the 'perfect storm'updated: Wed Oct 27 2010 10:25:00

Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater explains the "perfect storm of bad manners" that preceded his plane exit.

Ex-flight attendant's apartment burglarized while he is in courtupdated: Wed Oct 20 2010 19:32:00

While former flight attendant Steven Slater was in court Tuesday on charges stemming from the deployment of an airplane's emergency chute, his apartment was burglarized, according to a news release from the Queens County district attorney.

Ex-JetBlue flight attendant pleads guilty under plea dealupdated: Tue Oct 19 2010 15:20:00

A former JetBlue flight attendant -- who reportedly cursed a passenger over a plane's public address system, deployed the plane's emergency evacuation slide, and used it to dramatically exit a flight at JFK airport in August -- pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted criminal mischief as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Ex-JetBlue Flight Attendant to Avoid Jail in Plea Deal: Reportupdated: Tue Oct 19 2010 11:32:00

Steven Slater is expected to plead guilty Tuesday to one felony charge and receive mental-health counseling

Plea deal expected for ex-JetBlue flight attendantupdated: Tue Oct 19 2010 10:37:00

A former JetBlue flight attendant -- who reportedly cursed a passenger over a plane's public address system, deployed the emergency evacuation slide, and then used it to dramatically exit a flight at JFK airport in August -- may plead guilty to a misdemeanor Tuesday as part of a plea bargain with the Queens district attorney. JetBlue's Steven Slater Working on Plea Deal to Avoid Jailupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 16:08:00

The flight attendant who deplaned dramatically last month could undergo counseling as part of his agreement

Video catches flight attendant's slideupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 13:50:00

Surveillance video of flight attendant Steven Slater's "infamous" slide from a JetBlue aircraft was released in August.

Possible plea deal in works for JetBlue flight attendantupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 13:50:00

An attorney for Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who made headlines in August when he deployed a plane's emergency chute and walked off the job, indicated in court Tuesday that discussions about a possible plea agreement with prosecutors were under way.

Flight attendant who deployed emergency chute quits jobupdated: Mon Sep 06 2010 09:07:00

You might have thought that he had already made it abundantly clear that he wasn't coming back, but the JetBlue flight attendant who famously departed a plane via the emergency chute last month has formally quit his job, his attorney said Monday.

Flight attendant, JetBlue part ways after dramatic exit from planeupdated: Sun Sep 05 2010 07:34:00

A JetBlue flight attendant whose fame took off after his dramatic exit down an emergency chute is is no longer employed by the airline. VIDEO: Steven Slater's JetBlue Plane Escapeupdated: Sun Aug 15 2010 06:27:00

See the flight attendant launch the plane's emergency slide and jump out onto it

Steven Slater, the internet loves youupdated: Fri Aug 13 2010 18:10:00

You haven't really made it until someone makes a YouTube video about you.

Steven Slater a YouTube hitupdated: Fri Aug 13 2010 18:10:00

Since Steve Slater's theatrical exit from his job, many YouTube videos have been dedicated to the former flight attendant. JetBlue's Steven Slater Wants His Job Back, But …updated: Fri Aug 13 2010 12:08:00

The airline's chief operating officer calls Slater's actions "unacceptable"

JetBlue flight attendant wants his old job backupdated: Fri Aug 13 2010 11:13:00

The flight attendant whose dramatic departure from a JetBlue plane at a New York City airport has transformed him into a folk hero to some wants his job back, his lawyer told reporters Thursday. New Twists Arise in Story of JetBlue Flight Attendantupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 13:07:00

Steven Slater's ex-wife defends him against claims he was the one being rude on the fateful flight

Flight attendant tirade 'refreshing'?updated: Thu Aug 12 2010 11:38:00

A witness to a JetBlue flight attendant's now-famous outburst recounts the details to CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Why flight attendants want to pull the chuteupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 11:38:00

In a few short days, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater has achieved folk-hero status.

Flight attendant flees pressupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 09:08:00

Hounding a hero. World's most famous flight attendant is in flight - from the press. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. Who Could Play JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater in a Movie?updated: Thu Aug 12 2010 07:27:00

With casting options from Neil Patrick Harris to Philip Seymour Hoffman, PEOPLE asks you to decide

Fortune: JetBlue, the comeback kid of the skiesupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 05:21:00

As rogue JetBlue airline attendant Steven Slater hits the talk shows this week to discuss his freakout on Monday, it's quite clear that he has the sympathy of the man on the street. All of us have wanted to quit a job with a flourish -- grabbing two beers and hopping on an inflatable slide will be hard to beat -- and all the ninnies talking about his putting potential ground crews in danger by inflating the slide will soon find something else to get all puritanical about.

Flight attendant rage resonatesupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 20:47:00

CNN's Allan Chernoff explains why flight attendant Steven Slater has become somewhat of a folk hero.

Flight attendants vent about passengersupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 20:47:00

It's safe to say air travelers are paying more attention -- and maybe giving a little more respect -- to flight attendants after the incident on a JetBlue flight that has mesmerized the country and put a new spotlight on the once-glamorous profession.

Disgruntled workers tell how they quit jobsupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 18:28:00

On a bad day at work, during an I-can't-take-it-any-more moment, we've probably fantasized about outlandish ways to quit our jobs. This week, Steven Slater, a flight attendant for JetBlue Airways, made a dramatic job exit: cursing and sliding down the plane's emergency chute with beer in his hand. Slater's job-quitting performance has been hailed as heroic by some people. CNN asked readers and iReporters to share their stories about quitting in a dramatic, and oftentimes unprofessional, way.

How not to enrage your flight attendantupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 16:04:00

We all fantasize of one day quitting our jobs in a storm of profanities, middle fingers and toppled computers. 'I Would Have Snapped, Too,' Says JetBlue Flight Attendant's Momupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 15:13:00

Steven Slater's mother Diane, who's been fighting cancer, comes to her son's defense In His Own Words: JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater's 20 Year-Careerupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 10:31:00

On his Facebook and MySpace pages, he boasted about flying high and taking a five year break from the skies

Cursing, beer-grabbing flight attendant grabs spotlightupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 01:58:00

A flight attendant whose profanity-laced tirade has turned him into a folk hero of sorts was released on bail Tuesday night from a Bronx detention center.

Flight attendant accused of flipping outupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 01:58:00

A JetBlue passenger describes witnessing a flight attendent cursing out passengers, then quitting on the job. Is JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater a Hero or Felon?updated: Tue Aug 10 2010 18:54:00

Slater earns rousing support online for standing up against "flight attendant abuse" after a spat with a passenger

Cursing, beer and a popped chute as flight attendant quitsupdated: Tue Aug 10 2010 11:14:00

Call them the not-so-friendly skies.

Fed-up flight attendant chargedupdated: Tue Aug 10 2010 11:14:00

A JetBlue flight attendant faces criminal charges for some alleged unruly behavior. CNN's Allan Chernoff explains.

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