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Supreme Court of India

U.S. puts $10 million bounty on the alleged mastermind of the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai, Jill Dougherty reports.

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Indian Supreme Court places temporary ban on tiger tourismupdated: Wed Jul 25 2012 04:05:00

Tourism destinations deep inside of India's tiger parks will be closed indefinitely after the Supreme Court of India ruled Tuesday to impose an interim ban on all tourism activities in core areas of tiger forests.

Indian court allows auditors to digitize temple wealthupdated: Thu Sep 22 2011 11:07:00

Explorers will be allowed to carry out digital archiving of hoarded treasure stashed in underground chambers of a centuries-old Hindu temple, India's Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Convicted Mumbai gunman appeals his death sentenceupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 05:48:00

India's Supreme Court received an appeal challenging the death sentence of the only surviving gunman from the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, authorities said Friday.

Hoard of treasure uncovered in Indian templeupdated: Tue Jul 05 2011 10:38:00

Jet-setting spiritual gurus. Gilded temples. Sprawling ashrams. Tons of offerings.

Court grants bail for Indian doctor convicted of seditionupdated: Fri Apr 15 2011 17:04:00

India's Supreme Court granted bail Friday to a prominent village doctor sentenced to life for sedition for his ties to Maoist guerrillas.

Mumbai gunman to appeal conviction in Supreme Courtupdated: Wed Feb 23 2011 06:15:00

The only surviving gunman from the 2008 three-day terror attack on Mumbai will challenge his conviction in India's Supreme Court, his attorney said.

India's top court clears way for verdict on holy siteupdated: Tue Sep 28 2010 06:48:00

India's Supreme Court on Tuesday gave the go-ahead for a verdict on a holy site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims -- and one is expected within 48 hours.

India's top court delays decision on holy siteupdated: Fri Sep 24 2010 03:43:00

A verdict on a holy site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims will not be delivered Friday, as was previously expected. Richard Gere: Kiss Controversy a Badge of Courageupdated: Wed Apr 09 2008 10:26:00

A year after apologizing for a cultural gaffe in India, the actor is now proud of the smooch Is Hazing Worse in India?updated: Fri Nov 23 2007 15:00:00

The harassment of new students, or "ragging," remains a stubborn problem on India's college campuses

Court bans nude actress photosupdated: Thu Aug 23 2007 22:01:00

India's Supreme Court barred the media on Friday from showing nude photographs of a former Bollywood actress, said to have been taken by a camera hidden in the bathroom of the jail where she was imprisoned over a forgery case.

Bollywood star released from jailupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 21:12:00

Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt walked out of jail early Thursday, shaking hands with police and waving to photographers as he was released on bail after 22 days in prison, a jail official said.

Bollywood star receives bailupdated: Mon Aug 20 2007 00:16:00

India's Supreme Court granted bail Monday to Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, jailed for six years for receiving guns from gangsters involved in the country's worst bombings.

An insider's guide to Diwaliupdated: Fri Oct 20 2006 04:21:00

Diwali -- or the "festival of lights" -- is a major Hindu festival starting this weekend. The name of the festival comes from the Sanskrit word deepavali, which means a row of lights. It is celebrated for five consecutive days in the Hindu month of Ashwayuja, and is eagerly anticipated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs around the world.

Court orders Bhopal victim payoutsupdated: Mon Jul 19 2004 20:40:00

India's Supreme Court has ordered the government to distribute millions of dollars in compensation still due to victims of a 1984 toxic gas leak.

Fortune: WHERE BHOPAL'S MONEY WENTupdated: Mon Jun 03 1991 00:01:00

Two years have passed since Union Carbide handed the Indian government $470 ^ million for the survivors of 1984's Bhopal disaster and for the families of the 3,700 who died. But so far less than $5...

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