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Daraya, Syria, was beginning to clean up and rebuild just as Syrian government forces started shelling and bombing again.

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Video of slain journalist's final hoursupdated: Fri Aug 31 2012 04:13:00

Footage shot the day Japanese journalist Mika Yamamoto died while covering clashes in Aleppo, Syria.

Army push leaves Damascus suburb a 'ghost town,' opposition saysupdated: Sun Aug 26 2012 19:37:00

Syrian government troops have left the Damascus suburb of Daraya a "ghost town," an opposition activist said Sunday as scores of bodies were placed in mass graves.

Syria: Violence rages around Damascusupdated: Fri Aug 24 2012 05:53:00

CNN's Jim Clancy reports on one of the deadliest days around the Syrian capital in the past week.

What you need to know about Syria today updated: Fri Aug 24 2012 05:53:00

The whereabouts of an American freelance journalist who has been working in Syria since May are unknown, a news agency reported.

Holes smashed in walls for safe passageupdated: Thu Aug 23 2012 10:13:00

Sunnis and Alawites clash in Tripoli as tensions are aggravated by the Syrian uprising. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

Syria's neighbors: What's at stake?updated: Wed Aug 22 2012 09:43:00

What's next in Syria's civil war? The answer will have major implications on Syria's neighbors and the Middle East.

Can Syria cause Mideast to destabilize?updated: Wed Aug 22 2012 09:43:00

Ali Soufan, a former FBI counter-terrorist agent, talks about concerns that Syria's civil war will spread in the region.

Is Syria's regime losing Damascus?updated: Thu Aug 16 2012 14:19:00

Fierce & widespread clashes break out in Damascus, causing speculation Assad's grip may be slipping. Arwa Damon reports.

Syria violence fuels kidnapping threats in Lebanonupdated: Wed Aug 15 2012 22:31:00

Several Persian Gulf states called on their citizens to leave Lebanon on Wednesday after the civil war in neighboring Syria fueled protests and kidnapping threats there.

Kurds' ambitions add explosive element to Syria equationupdated: Tue Aug 14 2012 13:03:00

In the city of Qamishli, on Syria's border with Turkey, neither the forces of the Syrian regime nor the rebels of the Free Syrian Army are to be seen. But visitors say the Kurdish flag is very evident, and Kurdish fighters man checkpoints around the city.

Syria expected to dominate Islamic summitupdated: Tue Aug 14 2012 08:12:00

A Tuesday summit in the Islamic holy city of Mecca will bring together the biggest ally of the Syrian government and its top regional antagonists, with the country's increasingly bloody civil war topping the agenda.

Can summit resolve Syria crisis?updated: Tue Aug 14 2012 08:12:00

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is meeting in Mecca to discuss Syria's civil war. CNN's Reza Sayah reports.

Shelling haunts Syrian familyupdated: Mon Aug 13 2012 20:24:00

A Syrian family of six struggles to survive after a shell slams into their home. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh reports.

What does Iran get for supporting al-Assad?updated: Mon Aug 13 2012 20:24:00

In public at least, the message was defiant. Beleaguered Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, sitting alongside Iran's intelligence chief, proclaimed Tuesday "the determination of the people and government of Syria to cleanse the country of terrorists."

UK to send 5 million pounds in aid to Syrian rebelsupdated: Fri Aug 10 2012 08:50:00

Great Britain said Friday it plans to send an extra 5 million pounds in aid to the Syrian rebels.

Syria rebel fighters vow to shun torture, abuseupdated: Wed Aug 08 2012 10:55:00

The rebel battalions and commanders battling Syria's Bashar al-Assad regime are signing a "code of conduct" pledging to refrain from torture and other human rights abuses, an opposition group said on Wednesday.

Syrian blogger: 'I live or die here'updated: Tue Aug 07 2012 10:11:00

In a concrete block apartment building in a working-class Syrian suburb, a young man who calls himself "Big Al" spends his days listening to Nine Inch Nails on his smartphone. He watches back-to-back episodes of "The Simpsons" on his laptop while he shovels a pan of brownies into his mouth.

Syria's prime minister leaves regimeupdated: Tue Aug 07 2012 08:38:00

CNN's Max Foster talks to Barbara Starr and Fawaz Gerges about the ramifications for this latest defect from Syria.

Now is the time for U.S. to act on Syriaupdated: Tue Aug 07 2012 08:38:00

The Syrian Army assaulted the city of Houla on May 25, murdering 90 people, 30 of them children younger than 10. Amateur video reveals rows of bodies, adults and children, riddled with bullet holes and filling makeshift morgues. Earlier, reports from Homs described people tortured, doused in gasoline and set on fire, with the death toll including men, women and children.

Is U.N. fiddling while Syria burns?updated: Sat Aug 04 2012 05:00:00

Kofi Annan and U.N. diplomats point fingers at one another as the Syrian crisis deepens. CNN's Richard Roth reports.

Ban: Annan resigning as envoy for Syriaupdated: Thu Aug 02 2012 12:17:00

U.N. and Arab League joint special envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has resigned and will be replaced.

Rebels claim big victories in Syriaupdated: Wed Aug 01 2012 10:03:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the fight over Aleppo, and how rebel fighters took control of a military base near the city.

After the fall of the House of Assad, could Syria be worse?updated: Fri Jul 27 2012 07:51:00

Recent events have left Syria watchers near breathless: government loss of control of border crossings into Iraq and Turkey, rebels temporarily holding portions of Damascus, the unexplained movement of some of Syria's extensive arsenal of chemical weapons, and fighting spreading to the streets of the traditional Alawite stronghold of Aleppo.

Syria's chemical weapons threat demands a responseupdated: Wed Jul 25 2012 08:03:00

The tragic news from Syria managed to become even more shocking Monday when the regime issued an unprecedented threat to use chemical and biological weapons. The warning, which came couched in deceptively reassuring language, makes it clearer than ever that the world cannot afford to act merely as an interested spectator as Syria unravels in a tangle of shrapnel and blood.

Is there any plan for post-Assad Syria?updated: Wed Jul 25 2012 06:08:00

General Jim Jones tells Christiane Amanpour the U.S. should put in place a plan for a post-Assad Syria.

Damascus hospital under fireupdated: Mon Jul 23 2012 08:58:00

A military hospital in the line of fire in Damascus as fighting spread. ITN's Alex Thomson reports.

Solidarity in Syria against presidentupdated: Sat Jul 21 2012 18:49:00

A town in Syria hopes to be a model for multi-ethnic opposition to Syria's president. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

Before taking on Syria, U.S. should heed lesson of the pastupdated: Thu Jul 19 2012 20:57:00

Syria becomes a greater emergency with each passing day. This week Defense Minister Daoud Rajiha and other members of President Bashar al-Assad's inner circle were murdered; opposition groups claimed responsibility.

Getting to know Syria's first familyupdated: Wed Jul 18 2012 09:19:00

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is the face of his country's regime, but his family members are also believed to wield a powerful influence on issues facing the country.

Dark images of horror and despair smuggled out of Syriaupdated: Tue Jul 17 2012 11:57:00

The corpses lay strewn in the restive Damascus suburb of Douma, all slain in what residents there call a government-backed "massacre."

'Massacre' in a Damascus suburbupdated: Tue Jul 17 2012 11:57:00

Activists are trapped for days after sneaking into a Damascus suburb to film evidence of a massacre. (Graphic content)

Can the Geneva Conventions stop the carnage in Syria?updated: Tue Jul 17 2012 09:28:00

The Red Cross's declaration Sunday that Syria is engaged in a civil war -- or in the organization's legalistic phrasing, a "non-international armed conflict" -- may have struck some observers as a case of stating the obvious.

Defector: 'The battle for Damascus is coming'updated: Mon Jul 16 2012 15:06:00

Increasing violence in the Syrian capital is pointing toward a major fight ahead, a rebel spokesman told CNN Monday.

Ex-Syrian ambassador calls for foreign military interventionupdated: Sun Jul 15 2012 19:13:00

The most senior Syrian diplomat to defect and publicly embrace his country's uprising is calling for a foreign military intervention to topple President Bashar al-Assad. He also accused the Damascus regime of collaborating with al Qaeda militants against opponents both in Syria and in neighboring Iraq.

U.N. to revisit Syria 'massacre' siteupdated: Sun Jul 15 2012 18:30:00

CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom says the U.N. is stepping up its investigation of the alleged massacre site in Syria.

Iran offers to host Syria talksupdated: Sun Jul 15 2012 18:30:00

Iran has offered to host talks between Syria's government and opposition in Tehran, its foreign minister said Sunday.

As outrage grows in Syria, report of a 'breakthrough' for humanitarian aidupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 15:39:00

A glimmer of hope emerged Friday about providing emergency aid to areas of Syria torn apart by months of fighting.

U.S. elections impeding Syrian peace?updated: Fri Jul 13 2012 15:39:00

Christiane Amanpour explores whether a risk-adverse US political season is affecting Syria.

A Russian perspective on Syriaupdated: Wed Jul 11 2012 05:49:00

Dmitri Simes, a think tank president, gives Putin's perspective on the conflict in Syria

Assad: U.S. trying to destabilize Syriaupdated: Sun Jul 08 2012 20:08:00

Syria's president on Sunday accused the United States of trying to destabilize Syria by providing political support to rebels fighting the regime.

U.N. head outlines options for Syria missionupdated: Sat Jul 07 2012 13:03:00

Despite the escalating violence in Syria that led to the suspension of monitoring activities there, the United Nations' can continue to play a crucial role in the embattled country, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in a report to be presented to the Security Council.

Rights group: Thousands killed in Syriaupdated: Fri Jul 06 2012 21:43:00

A human rights group claims thousands have been killed since the start of the unrest in Syria. Ivan Watson reports.

Tracking down torture in Syriaupdated: Tue Jul 03 2012 12:53:00

The new Human Rights Watch report "Torture Archipelago" documents in excruciating detail the use of torture in government detention facilities in Syria, including how, where, when and under whose command this torture was carried out. Documenting human rights violations in Syria is anything but easy, so how did we do it?

Torture allegedly widespread in Syriaupdated: Tue Jul 03 2012 11:13:00

Human Rights Watch has documented alleged human rights abuses in Syria. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

Report describes brutal torture in Syriaupdated: Tue Jul 03 2012 11:13:00

"Basat al reeh." "Dulab." "Falaqa." They are Arabic names for torture techniques that send chills through the hearts of Syrians, particularly the untold thousands who are believed to have been detained during the uprising of the last 15 months.

New attempt to end Syrian bloodshed brings optimism, doubtupdated: Mon Jul 02 2012 08:18:00

After world leaders heralded a new plan over the weekend to end the crisis in Syria, the agreement between typically sparring countries netted both optimism and doubt.

Turkey scrambles jets to Syria borderupdated: Mon Jul 02 2012 05:29:00

Turkey scrambles jets as Syrian choppers neared the border. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

World powers agree on steps for Syria; blast shatters funeralupdated: Sun Jul 01 2012 06:32:00

As a dozen delegations sat inside the U.N. headquarters in Geneva on Saturday, drafting a plan to end the bloody Syrian crisis, a large funeral procession made its way through a Damascus suburb, clapping and chanting loud slogans against the government.

Syrians defiant as world powers plan talksupdated: Fri Jun 29 2012 18:57:00

International envoy Kofi Annan expressed optimism Friday that the latest talks on the crisis in Syria will yield "an appropriate outcome," despite a failed peace plan and relentless violence in the Middle East nation.

NATO, Turkey slam Syria over downed jetupdated: Thu Jun 28 2012 10:51:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on NATO and Turkey condemning Syria's actions after shooting down a Turkish military jet.

TV station in Syria bombed; report finds growing 'contours of an insurrection'updated: Wed Jun 27 2012 19:40:00

Bombers killed at least seven people at a pro-regime Syrian satellite channel Wednesday, the government said, as world diplomats were making another try at ending the violence raging across the country.

Official: Syria might have thought downed jet was Israeliupdated: Wed Jun 27 2012 16:09:00

A Syrian official said his country's forces might have thought the Turkish jet it downed last week was from Israel.

Al-Assad: 'We're in a state of war'updated: Tue Jun 26 2012 21:18:00

Here is a look at key events Tuesday in the ongoing crisis in Syria:

Turkey hardens military position after Syria downs jetupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 16:30:00

Turkey is changing its military rules of engagement and will now treat a military approach toward its borders by Syria as a potential threat that "will be dealt with accordingly," Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday.

NATO, Turkey meet over Syria jet downingupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 16:30:00

Turkey meets its NATO partners after Syria shoots down a Turkish military jet. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

Syria's attack on Turkish plane could ignite conflictupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 13:40:00

Turkey and Syria are locked in a fierce struggle that has escalated greatly following Friday's downing of a Turkish Phantom F-4 jet by the Syrian authorities. The two heavily armed neighbors are inching gradually into a military confrontation, one that is unlikely to be isolated and that has the potential to turn into a region-wide conflict.

Turkey seeks help from NATO on Syriaupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 13:40:00

John King and Soner Cagaptay discuss Syria-Turkey relations and how NATO may play into the situation.

Syria rejects Turkey claims on downed jetupdated: Mon Jun 25 2012 14:28:00

Syria raised the stakes Monday in a war of words with Turkey over the shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet by Syria, an incident that threatens to draw in NATO.

Syria shoots down Turkish jetupdated: Mon Jun 25 2012 01:34:00

Syria has shot down a Turkish military jet in Syrian airspace; now both countries are looking for the missing pilots.

Former U.S. soldier aids Syria's woundedupdated: Sun Jun 24 2012 22:24:00

A soul-searching former U.S. soldier volunteers to help wounded Syrians in Lebanon. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

More than 130 killed in Syria as regime forms new governmentupdated: Sun Jun 24 2012 22:24:00

Another wave of deaths engulfed Syria on Saturday, and top security officials kept their jobs after the regime formed a new government.

Syrian unrest unchanged by regime movesupdated: Sun Jun 24 2012 21:16:00

Rebel fighters killed 16 Syrian soldiers in a battle in the northern Syria town of Daret Azza on Sunday, the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Fighting rages in Syria; 52 more said killedupdated: Wed Jun 20 2012 20:26:00

At least 52 more civilians were killed across Syria in the latest fighting of the 15-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's government, opposition activists said Wednesday.

Syria-bound Russian cargo ship turning back, British diplomat saysupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 20:45:00

A Russian cargo ship reported to be carrying arms to Syria is turning back, Britain's top diplomat said Tuesday.

Is Russian ship carrying arms to Syria?updated: Tue Jun 19 2012 20:45:00

A ship with a mystery cargo travels from Russia to Syria, as CNN's Jill Dougherty reports.

Monitors to stay in Syria, U.N. saysupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 18:51:00

The U.N. monitoring mission in Syria will remain in place for now despite its activities being halted due to rising violence, its leaders said Tuesday.

Syria exposes cool spots in U.S.-Russia tiesupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 09:48:00

U.S.-Russian sniping over Syria's growing conflict isn't the early frost of a new Cold War, but it highlights the chilly spots that remain between the onetime foes, longtime observers say.

Syria-bound Russian cargo ship loses insurance updated: Tue Jun 19 2012 09:44:00

The U.K. marine insurer the Standard Club has stopped coverage for Russian operator Femco's cargo ship, MV Alaed, amid allegations it is carrying weapons to Syria.

U.N. suspends peace mission in Syria due to uptick in violenceupdated: Sat Jun 16 2012 14:23:00

The United Nations said Saturday it has suspended its monitoring mission in Syria due to intensifying violence, sending a strong indication that prospects for peace are failing.

U.N. suspends observer mission in Syriaupdated: Sat Jun 16 2012 08:22:00

The United Nations suspended all activities in Syria on Saturday due to the escalating levels of violence, the head of the global body's mission said.

Photographer captures Syrian carnageupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 14:48:00

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout speaks to photojournalist Robert King, who has risked his life capturing the horror of Syria.

In Syria, shelling part of everyday lifeupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 10:53:00

CNN's exclusive footage from journalist James Foley, shot in Maaret al Nouman in Syria shows the struggle to survive.

Is Syria in a civil war?updated: Wed Jun 13 2012 17:22:00

The U.N. peacekeeping chief says Syria is now in a civil war.

U.S. says Russian attack helicopters on way to Syriaupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 13:00:00

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Russia of sending attack helicopters to Syria.

Syria: Battle for the citiesupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 07:22:00

The Syrian government blamed last Friday's rebel attack on an electric power station in downtown Damascus on "armed terrorist gangs" -- the same epithet it has used to describe the protest movement that erupted in the southern border city of Daraa more than a year ago.

Russia: We won't back foreign force in Syriaupdated: Sat Jun 09 2012 15:50:00

After days of international shuttling on what to do with the troubling situation in Syria, Russia's foreign minister said Saturday his country will never agree to foreign intervention.

At least 20 reported dead in Daraaupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 21:17:00

At least 20 people were killed and dozens wounded early Saturday from sporadic shelling in the southern Syrian city of Daraa, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Activists claim new Syrian massacreupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 21:17:00

Syrian activists accuse Syrian forces and militias loyal to the regime of executing residents in the village of Qubeir

Syria: Torture of worst kindupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 11:59:00

A U.N. Assistant Secretary-General says in Syria there are now war crimes and torture of the worst kind.

Regime-backed militia does Syria's 'dirty work,' analysts sayupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 09:49:00

The Shabiha militia fighters working hand in hand with Syria's military to repress the 15-month-long uprising are President Bashar al-Assad's "shock troops," observers say.

Who are Syria's Shabiha?updated: Fri Jun 08 2012 09:49:00

CNN's John Vause interviews an official with the Syrian Network for Human Rights on Syria's Shabiha.

Gruesome video shows horrors in Syriaupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 09:01:00

CNN's Arwa Damon talks about the violence in Syria and shows a gruesome video of one massacre's aftermath.

In Syria, a massacre feels eerily familiarupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 09:01:00

Among the dead were 40 women and children. Again, as in Houla, the images are chilling.

Syria struggles to find peaceupdated: Thu Jun 07 2012 06:50:00

As the Syrian death toll grows, world powers suggest new plans to stop the violence. CNN's Jill Dougherty reports

Syria violence turning into civil war?updated: Wed Jun 06 2012 14:06:00

Many people fear the violence in Syria will turn into civil war, while others say it won't. CNN's Jim Clancy reports.

Russia, China renew opposition to foreign intervention in Syriaupdated: Wed Jun 06 2012 14:06:00

Russia and China voiced their strong opposition to international intervention or efforts to change the regime in Syria on Wednesday, as Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Beijing.

Syria expels diplomats as Houla residents plead for helpupdated: Tue Jun 05 2012 16:07:00

Syria is expelling diplomats from 11 countries, the government announced Tuesday in a tit-for-tat move that comes a week after those nations expelled Syrian officials in response to a massacre.

Gruesome video details Syria horrorupdated: Sun Jun 03 2012 09:18:00

CNN's Ivan Watson has the latest updates and gruesome video of the violence in strife-torn Syria.

12 dead in Lebanon in violence spurred by Syria unrestupdated: Sat Jun 02 2012 20:40:00

Bloody clashes erupted Saturday between pro- and anti-Syrian regime fighters in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, the deadliest outburst of violence in recent weeks and further indication that Syria's turmoil is spilling across borders.

Russia strikes back amid accusations it's not doing enough about Syria violenceupdated: Fri Jun 01 2012 19:46:00

Accused by the top U.S. diplomat of "propping up the regime" of Syria's embattled president, Russian officials struck back Friday by denying arms sales to Damascus and claiming international efforts may have fostered instability and violence.

Syria: Military not behind Houla attackupdated: Fri Jun 01 2012 19:46:00

Ivan Watson has the details of a news conference by the Syrian foreign ministry about the massacre at Houla.

U.S. upping pressure on Russia over Syriaupdated: Fri Jun 01 2012 13:55:00

The Obama administration is unleashing a diplomatic barrage at Russia to change their view on Syria.

Is Syria unsolvable?updated: Fri Jun 01 2012 13:55:00

Is Syria Barack Obama's Rwanda? The Stanford University scholar, Fouad Ajami, usually an astute and wise observer on matters Middle Eastern, raised this question (and false analogy) with CNN's Anderson Cooper several weeks ago.

Syria says regime not to blame for massacre; Rice says 'another blatant lie'updated: Thu May 31 2012 15:06:00

A U.S. official ridiculed as "another blatant lie" a Syrian government report Thursday claiming that terrorists -- not security forces -- massacred civilians in Houla.

Is Syria becoming the new Iraq?updated: Thu May 31 2012 12:20:00

For four decades, consecutive generations of the Assad family -- Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father as Syrian president in 2000 -- have interfered in Lebanon to the west, and Iraq to the east. Syrian agents assassinated rivals and pumped in fighters.

Military options for Syria considered if crisis worsensupdated: Thu May 31 2012 09:21:00

Diplomacy remains the favored option as the U.S. grapples with how best to deal with Syria, but the U.S. military has drawn up plans to use if diplomacy fails.

Syria to place blame for Houla massacreupdated: Wed May 30 2012 22:57:00

Syria will soon complete its official investigation into last week's massacre in Houla, the country's U.N. ambassador said Wednesday.

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