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15 dead in Iraq bomb attacksupdated: Wed Mar 07 2012 09:31:00

At least 14 people were killed Wednesday when a car bomb was followed by a suicide bomb in the Iraqi town of Tal Afar, according to the provincial health director.

Car bombs kill 4 in Iraq townupdated: Wed Dec 14 2011 13:11:00

Two car bombs exploded Wednesday in an outdoor market in northern Iraq, killing four people and wounding 27, a local official told CNN.

Bomb kills 3 in northern Iraqupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 14:42:00

At least three people were killed and 15 others wounded Thursday evening when a bomb detonated in northern Iraq, an Interior Ministry official said.

9 Iraqi soldiers killed in bombingupdated: Wed Sep 15 2010 06:34:00

Nine Iraqi soldiers were killed and six others were critically wounded Wednesday when a roadside bomb struck a minibus near Tal Afar in northern Iraq, police said.

9 killed, 30 wounded Iraq mosque attackupdated: Fri Oct 16 2009 08:32:00

At least nine people were killed and at least 30 were wounded Friday in a suicide attack targeting Sunni Muslim worshipers at a mosque in northern Iraq, an Interior Ministry official said.

Drive-by shooting marks third day of Iraq attacksupdated: Fri Jul 10 2009 08:12:00

A drive-by shooting Friday in Baghdad marked the third day of attacks across the country that have killed 75 people, officials said.

Bomb blasts kill 64 as violence surges in Iraqupdated: Thu Jul 09 2009 13:19:00

A roadside bomb targeted a police patrol in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing a civilian bystander Thursday, a police official told CNN.

Bomb kills senior Iraqi lawmakerupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 10:53:00

A roadside bomb explosion in the Iraqi capital has killed a senior member of the Sadr Movement's influential parliamentary bloc, a party official told CNN Thursday.

Weekend attacks wound dozens, kill 10updated: Sun Sep 21 2008 19:51:00

Nine bombings in Iraq on Sunday wounded dozens of people and killed seven, including an official in the Interior Ministry's criminal investigation department, a ministry official said.

Bomber strikes in Iraq after drawing crowd to car crashupdated: Sun Sep 07 2008 10:32:00

At least six people were killed and 50 wounded when a suicide car bomber apparently staged a traffic accident to draw more victims to the explosion.

Deadly Iraq bombings target market, politicianupdated: Sat Sep 06 2008 22:58:00

At least six people were killed and 50 wounded in a suicide car bombing Saturday at an outdoor market in northern Iraq, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official said.

Contractor accused of sexual assault at Iraq baseupdated: Mon Aug 25 2008 20:24:00

A U.S. defense contractor has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman at an American base in Iraq, the FBI said Monday.

Iraq bombing kills 21updated: Fri Aug 08 2008 15:10:00

A bombing at a crowded outdoor market in northern Iraq on Friday killed 21 people and wounded 50 others, according to police.

15 killed, 90 wounded in car bombing in northern Iraqupdated: Wed Jul 16 2008 18:05:00

At least 15 people were killed and 90 wounded Wednesday when a car bomb exploded in a popular outdoor market in northern Iraq, a police official said.

Iraq-Iran talksupdated: Tue Jun 10 2008 11:31:00

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is in Tehran, Iran, meeting with the Iranian president. CNN's Morgan Neill reports

Heads of 3 Iraqi tribes killedupdated: Tue Jun 10 2008 11:31:00

Three prominent tribal leaders, including the head of Saddam Hussein's Sunni tribe and two others who had been working for national reconciliation, were killed over the past 24 hours in northern Iraq. The Surge's Short Shelf Lifeupdated: Wed Aug 15 2007 11:00:00

What appears to be the worst death toll from suicide bombings may be a side effect of "success" in the Iraqi capital

Suicide truck blast kills 28, mostly children, in northern Iraqupdated: Mon Aug 06 2007 22:08:00

A suicide bomber drove an explosives-laden truck into a village near the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar on Monday, killing at least 28 people and wounding 50 others, an Iraqi army official said.

Source: Saudi king refuses al-Malikiupdated: Fri Apr 27 2007 06:46:00

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has denied Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki entrance into Saudi Arabia, according to a senior Saudi intelligence source.

Baghdad: Shiite convoy ambushedupdated: Fri Apr 20 2007 07:56:00

Six security guards were wounded Thursday night when gunmen ambushed the convoy of a top Shiite leader's son, said Haytham al-Hussaini, a spokesman for the head of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim.

Iraqi militants say 20 security force members 'detained'updated: Sat Apr 14 2007 15:07:00

Iraqi militants claim to have "detained" 20 Iraqi security force members in response to an alleged rape that has heightened Sunni-Shiite tensions.

Six U.S., 4 British troops killed in Iraqupdated: Thu Apr 05 2007 07:38:00

Ten coalition troops were killed in Iraq over the last two days, four of them in the deadliest attack on British troops since November, the U.S. and British militaries said Thursday.

Tal Afar toll tops record for Iraq war's deadliest attackupdated: Mon Apr 02 2007 08:47:00

A suicide truck bombing in the northern city of Tal Afar last week is the deadliest single attack since the Iraq war began in 2003, a high-ranking Iraqi Interior Ministry official said Monday as a new death toll for the blast surfaced.

Police accused in sectarian revenge killingsupdated: Wed Mar 28 2007 04:13:00

Shiite policemen are being blamed for a wave of shooting deaths Wednesday in Tal Afar that authorities are characterizing as revenge for two truck bombs that left dozens dead a day earlier.

Truck bombs kill 50 in Iraqi city of Tal Afarupdated: Tue Mar 27 2007 08:07:00

Two truck bombs Tuesday killed at least 50 people in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar.

Group tied to al Qaeda claims attack on Iraqi deputy PMupdated: Sat Mar 24 2007 06:45:00

A terrorist group linked to al Qaeda claimed responsibility for Friday's assassination attempt on Iraq's deputy prime minister and warned of future attacks on other "traitors."

U.S.: Iraq bomb factory raid nets deadly chlorine supplyupdated: Thu Feb 22 2007 04:25:00

A U.S. military commander Thursday said a raid outside Falluja two days ago discovered a home-grown factory for car bombs that included a metal shop, explosives and cylinders of toxic chlorine gas and other chemicals.

Coalition: 20 insurgents killed in battle, airstrikeupdated: Fri Dec 08 2006 05:09:00

Coalition forces killed 20 people they identified as insurgents, destroyed weapons caches and arrested seven suspected terrorists in two security sweeps in Iraq on Friday, the U.S. military said.

Bomb rips Tal Afar; more bodies found in Baghdadupdated: Sat Oct 07 2006 04:31:00

A suicide truck bomber hit an Iraqi army checkpoint, killing at least 14 people and wounding 13 in the northern city of Tal Afar on Saturday morning, police and hospital officials said.

U.N. chief: Iraq in 'grave danger' of civil warupdated: Mon Sep 18 2006 13:12:00

Just hours after a suicide bomber killed 20 people in northern Iraq, U.N. chief Kofi Annan said Monday that the nation is in "grave danger" of falling into civil war.

Morgue's toll for April in Baghdad: 1,091 victimsupdated: Wed May 10 2006 04:56:00

Baghdad's morgue reported that 1,091 people were killed in the city's daily violence in April, the Iraqi president's office said in a statement Wednesday.

Suicide bombing kills at least 17 in Tal Afarupdated: Tue May 09 2006 07:54:00

A suicide car bomb killed at least 17 people and wounded 35 others Tuesday in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar, Iraqi police officials said.

Transcript of Bush news conferenceupdated: Tue Mar 21 2006 09:39:00

President Bush held a news conference Tuesday at the White House, focusing primarily on the war in Iraq.

Bush: More to Iraq story than violenceupdated: Mon Mar 20 2006 09:22:00

In the face of flagging support for the war, President Bush said Monday that though Americans might be dismayed by events in Iraq, he sees signs of progress.

Suicide bombers kill at least 23 Iraqi policeupdated: Mon Jan 09 2006 16:39:00

Two suicide bombers disguised as senior police officers killed at least 23 Iraqi police and wounded 21 others outside the main entrance of the Interior Ministry, Baghdad emergency police said.

Suicide bomber kills 30 in Iraqupdated: Wed Oct 12 2005 09:50:00

A suicide bomber killed 30 people and wounded 40 more at an Iraqi army and police recruitment center near the Iraqi city of Tal Afar on Wednesday, the director of the city's hospital told CNN.

Car bombs kill 50 in Iraqupdated: Tue Oct 11 2005 06:01:00

Two car bombs killed dozens of Iraqis on Tuesday, four days before a referendum on the country's constitution.

Bush: U.S. ready for new attacks in Iraqupdated: Wed Sep 28 2005 03:52:00

President Bush predicted Wednesday that insurgents would launch a new wave of attacks aimed at disrupting upcoming Iraqi elections, but he said that "our troops are ready for it."

Ten militiamen killed in Baghdadupdated: Fri Sep 23 2005 06:39:00

Ten Iraqi militiamen were killed early Sunday in clashes with U.S. forces in the Sadr City section of Baghdad, Iraqi police sources told CNN.

6 insurgents killed in northern Iraqupdated: Sun Sep 18 2005 03:01:00

Coalition forces killed six insurgents in northern Iraq on Sunday during raids on al Qaeda in Iraq safe houses, the U.S. military said.

Car bomb kills 30 in Iraqupdated: Sat Sep 17 2005 08:42:00

A car bombing in a town on the eastern outskirts of Baghdad killed 30 people and wounded 38 others on Saturday evening, emergency police said.

Iraq suffers second day of deadly attacksupdated: Thu Sep 15 2005 02:25:00

Three suicide car bombs erupted Thursday in a south Baghdad neighborhood, part of a series of attacks that killed at least 30 people -- many of them police officers.

Al Qaeda claims Iraq violenceupdated: Wed Sep 14 2005 00:41:00

Insurgents on Wednesday unleashed a spate of suicide car bombings and other attacks in Baghdad and other towns, killing at least 151 people and wounded more than 300 in one of the war's most violent days.

Bush: 'America will stand with the Iraqi people'updated: Tue Sep 13 2005 11:57:00

Meeting Tuesday with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, President Bush renewed his pledge to assist Baghdad in building a democracy and to help the fledgling government defeat insurgents.

Families flee Tal Afar fightingupdated: Sun Sep 11 2005 02:27:00

An estimated 6,600 families have fled the northern Iraq city of Tal Afar in recent months amid a rise in the insurgency there, a senior official with Iraq's Ministry of Displacement and Migration told CNN Monday.

Tal Afar drive targets insurgentsupdated: Sat Sep 10 2005 00:49:00

U.S. and Iraqi soldiers have been going from house to house in the restive northern city of Tal Afar to ferret out militants in an operation that will continue until it is "freed from insurgents," military officials said.

Violence rages in Iraq hotspotsupdated: Mon Sep 05 2005 20:26:00

Violence in several Iraqi hotspots Monday claimed more coalition and insurgent deaths in pitched battles and ambushes up and down the war-torn country.

Iraqi insurgent writes of flawed leadershipupdated: Sat Aug 06 2005 15:04:00

A letter apparently written by a rebel leader to terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi decries the insurgency's leadership in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a hotspot in the war.

Residents fleeing Tal Afarupdated: Thu Jul 21 2005 04:09:00

As U.S. soldiers construct a wall around the troubled city of Tal Afar to keep out fighters and weapons, residents are fleeing in fear of an imminent military attack by American and Iraqi forces against insurgents still in the city, according to a senior military commander.

Hospital in embattled Iraqi city loses patients to fearupdated: Fri Jun 10 2005 18:19:00

Khadija's father bribed and begged to get past a police checkpoint to bring his infant daughter to a hospital most people are afraid to enter.

U.S., Iraqi troops launch Tal Afar offensiveupdated: Tue Jun 07 2005 00:09:00

U.S. and Iraqi troops on Tuesday launched an offensive against insurgents in the northwestern city of Tal Afar -- not far from the Syrian border.

Tal Afar: Ghost town under siegeupdated: Mon Jun 06 2005 21:38:00

"Wakhrou min houn" is a semi-rude way to tell someone to get lost in Arabic, but it's what Miriam Elias, a Turkmen Shiite married to a Sunni, said to four insurgents trying to launch an attack on an Iraqi army post from near her home in northeastern Tal Afar.

U.S. military beefs up near Syriaupdated: Fri Jun 03 2005 07:22:00

The U.S. military has bulked up its presence in northwestern Iraq near Syria, signaling another clampdown on insurgents who have crossed over the long, porous Iraq-Syria border.

Islamist Web site: Zarqawi 'well'updated: Fri May 27 2005 07:11:00

Wanted militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi -- the man thought to be behind many of the insurgent attacks in Baghdad and across Iraq -- is "well and leading jihadi operations," an Islamist Web site posting claimed Friday.

Insurgent attacks kill at least 43 in Iraqupdated: Mon May 23 2005 01:59:00

A series of car bombings and other attacks in Iraq on Monday killed at least 43 people and wounded dozens, Iraqi officials said.

Car bomb kills 22 in Baghdadupdated: Sat May 07 2005 04:05:00

A suicide car bomb targeting an SUV convoy exploded at a busy intersection in central Baghdad and killed at least 22 people, according to the chief spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Bombs kill 13, wound 50 in Iraqi citiesupdated: Mon May 02 2005 03:48:00

Hours after six car bombs rocked separate locations in Baghdad and Mosul, two more exploded late Monday, including one targeting a U.S. military convoy near the Abu Ghraib prison, Iraqi police said.

Suicide attack at Kurdish funeral kills 25updated: Sun May 01 2005 02:43:00

A suicide attack Sunday in Iraq during the funeral of a Kurdish party member killed about 25 people, according to the deputy governor of Nineveh province.

Acrimony dominates Iraqi assembly sessionupdated: Tue Mar 29 2005 02:43:00

The Iraqi National Assembly failed to choose a speaker Tuesday after arguments broke out among lawmakers and reporters were ordered to leave the session.

At least 40 die in Iraq violence updated: Sat Sep 04 2004 08:50:00

Fighting and a suicide bombing killed at least 40 people across Iraq in weekend violence.

U.S. forces clash with insurgents near Mosulupdated: Sun Aug 29 2004 07:03:00

Clashes between U.S. forces and armed insurgents early Sunday near Mosul, northern Iraq, wounded 34 people, two of them seriously.

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