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Tax Evasion and Fraud

Mitt Romney's refusal to release tax returns in the critical years of his income accumulation has done little to dispel the legitimate concern that arises from hints buried in his scant disclosure to date: Did he augment his wealth through highly aggressive tax stratagems of questionable validity?

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Illicit funds from Mexico find safe haven in U.S.updated: Tue Jun 12 2012 21:44:00

The United States has a strong national interest in economic, political and civil stability in Mexico. Its war against transnational drug cartels has dramatically highlighted Mexico's problems, but the truth is that the nation has had deep, unsolved, structural problems in its economy and an opaque international financial system for decades.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei places himself under home surveillanceupdated: Wed Apr 04 2012 20:44:00

Chinese dissident and artist Ai Weiwei has turned the cameras on himself.

CNNMoney: Audit rates of millionaires nearly doubleupdated: Fri Mar 23 2012 08:32:00

The more money you have, the more the IRS wants you.

CNNMoney: IRS: Beware of 'dirty dozen' tax scamsupdated: Thu Feb 16 2012 14:55:00

As the tax season kicks off this year, the IRS is keeping an eye out for scam artists who steal identities, lie about charitable donations and hide income in offshore accounts, among other abuses.

CNNMoney: U.S. charges oldest Swiss bank in tax fraud caseupdated: Thu Feb 02 2012 18:35:00

The Justice Department charged Switzerland's oldest bank Thursday with helping American taxpayers hide more than $1.2 billion from the Internal Revenue Service. The case marks the first time an overseas bank has been charged in the U.S. for aiding tax evasion.

CNNMoney: IRS gives offshore tax cheats another chance to come cleanupdated: Mon Jan 09 2012 17:48:00

The IRS has collected $4.4 billion from two programs that allowed tax evaders hiding money in offshore accounts to come clean and said it will launch a similar initiative this year.

CNNMoney: Swiss bankers charged in $1.2 billion tax fraudupdated: Wed Jan 04 2012 12:16:00

Three Swiss bankers have been charged with helping American taxpayers hide more than $1.2 billion from the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan announced Tuesday.

Ai Weiwei: Wife held by Chinese policeupdated: Tue Nov 29 2011 23:15:00

The wife of Ai Weiwei was taken from the Chinese artist's studio by police Tuesday and was questioned for three hours, the high-profile dissident said.

Human rights activist convicted of tax evasion in Belarusupdated: Fri Nov 25 2011 06:52:00

Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski was convicted in Minsk of tax evasion Thursday and sentenced to 4½ years in prison, with all his assets confiscated, Human Rights Watch said.

Chinese donate money to Ai Weiweiupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 11:13:00

Chinese citizens donate money to dissident Ai Weiwei in the latest standoff between China's government and its people.

Only moral victory possible against China, dissident saysupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 11:13:00

Outspoken dissident artist Ai Weiwei said he believes only a moral victory is possible against the Chinese government in his tax evasion case.

China's Ai Weiwei pays $1.3 million tax bondupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 02:47:00

Outspoken Chinese artist Ai Weiwei paid 8.45 million yuan ($1.3 million) for a charge against his wife's company to prevent her from going to jail, he told CNN Tuesday.

China's Ai Weiwei receives support from fellow activist over tax billupdated: Fri Nov 04 2011 01:40:00

Outspoken Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has received support and financial aid from a fellow activist after Beijing this week ordered him to pay 15 million yuan ($2.3 million) in back taxes.

Tax evasion is a national pastime afflicting southern Europeupdated: Thu Nov 03 2011 11:20:00

"Wherever the olive tree grows, you won't find much tax being collected," the mayor of a small town in southern Spain told me a few years ago. He shrugged; such was life.

History of the euroupdated: Thu Nov 03 2011 11:20:00

CNN's Max Foster takes a look at the history of the euro and the controversy surrounding it.

China orders controversial artist to pay back taxesupdated: Tue Nov 01 2011 22:14:00

The Chinese government is ordering outspoken artist Ai Weiwei to pay 15 million yuan ($2.3 million) in back taxes, a move Ai calls "retaliation against a dissident."

Greece faces stormy waters in its bid to cut tax evasionupdated: Thu Oct 27 2011 09:14:00

The Greek government says it seized 555 yachts last year in a clamp-down on tax evasion.

Greece reacts to eurozone debt agreementupdated: Thu Oct 27 2011 09:14:00

Journalist Elinda Labropoulou discusses Greece's reaction to the eurozone debt agreement.

Italian PM cleared in tax fraud caseupdated: Tue Oct 18 2011 08:35:00

A Milan judge on Tuesday cleared Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of charges of tax fraud and misappropriation of funds related to his commercial broadcast company, Mediaset, a prosecutor said.

Greece tax burden reaches new settlersupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 12:25:00

A petty crime sealed a final decision to retire to the Greek island of Crete -- but it could be legitimate government action to rescue Greece from economic melt-down that eventually forces Bob and Anna Scott back to the UK.

CNNMoney: IRS crackdown: Tax cheat caught claiming 20 bogus kidsupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 14:48:00

Tax fraudsters are getting more creative -- and, in some cases, more daring. But the IRS is making it harder for them to get away with their tricks.

Accused NASA spy pleads guilty to attempted espionageupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 12:01:00

A former NASA scientist accused of trying to sell classified information to Israel about American military satellites pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony count of attempted espionage.

Dissident Chinese artist defiant in first interview since his releaseupdated: Wed Aug 10 2011 04:31:00

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei pledged to continue fighting injustice in his first interview since his release from detention.

Ai Weiwei faces restrictionsupdated: Wed Aug 10 2011 04:31:00

Jerome Cohen, professor at NYU School of Law, talks about the restrictions freed Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei faces.

Chinese dissident's firm challenges tax evasion allegationsupdated: Sun Jul 17 2011 23:36:00

A company that Chinese authorities say is controlled by dissident artist Ai Weiwei challenged tax evasion allegations Thursday.

Who's afraid of Ai Weiwei?updated: Sun Jul 17 2011 23:36:00

Supporters of detained Chinese artist Ai Weiwei show their support in Hong Kong. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports.

Chinese dissident's company challenges tax evasion allegationsupdated: Thu Jul 14 2011 06:54:00

A company that Chinese authorities say is controlled by dissident artist Ai Weiwei challenged tax evasion allegations Thursday.

Chinese authorities say artist owes back taxesupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 11:44:00

Although prominent Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has been charged with tax evasion, his lawyer Pu Zhiqiang says that the tax authorities have yet to provide evidence for the charge.

High court dismisses actor's appeal on tax evasion convictionupdated: Mon Jun 06 2011 10:43:00

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal of actor Wesley Snipes over his federal conviction on tax evasion charges.

CNNMoney: Stimulus contractors owe millions in back taxesupdated: Tue May 24 2011 08:08:00

Thousands of contractors who got stimulus money to do such things as build roads and provide social services owe more than $750 million in back taxes, a federal investigation has found.

Detained Chinese artist evaded taxes, police sayupdated: Fri May 20 2011 14:39:00

Detained Chinese artist Ai Weiwei evaded a "huge amount" of taxes, state-run media said Friday, quoting Beijing police.

CNNMoney: 12 most common tax scamsupdated: Fri Apr 08 2011 05:19:00

With less than two weeks to go before Tax Day, scammers are hard at work coming up with ways to score every last penny. That means stealing identities, filing fake tax forms, hiding income offshore and exaggerating charitable donations.

Q&A: Silvio Berlusconi's legal woesupdated: Wed Apr 06 2011 08:22:00

The trial of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on charges of sex with an underage nightclub dancer and abuse of power opened Wednesday in Milan.

CNNMoney: Tax cheats: Single, young and maleupdated: Mon Mar 28 2011 10:41:00

The typical American tax cheat is male, single and under the age of 45.

CNNMoney: Tax cheats: Fess up without going to jailupdated: Wed Feb 09 2011 10:43:00

Tax cheats hiding money offshore have until the end of August to fess up if they want Uncle Sam to take it easy on them.

Rudolf Elmer: Whistleblower and wanted manupdated: Mon Jan 17 2011 15:42:00

Rudolf Elmer describes himself as "a culprit, a witness, a whistleblower, an activist and a reformer."

New WikiLeaks whistleblowerupdated: Mon Jan 17 2011 15:42:00

CNN's Atika Shubert talks with the Swiss whistleblower who handed over documents to WikiLeaks.

Berlusconi rejects teen sex accusation as 'mud'updated: Sun Jan 16 2011 09:33:00

Allegations that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had sex with a teenage prostitute are "mud" thrown on him by political opponents who want to get rid of him, the scandal-prone politician said.

Berlusconi probed in prostitution caseupdated: Fri Jan 14 2011 11:14:00

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is under investigation for allegedly having sex with a teen-ager, say prosecutors in Milan, who are linking the case to prostitution activity.

Court strikes down key parts of Berlusconi lawupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 11:57:00

Italy's Constitutional Court Thursday struck down key parts of a law that would protect Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from prosecution.

Italy PM Berlusconi's immunity law faces court challengeupdated: Tue Jan 11 2011 07:26:00

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will learn the fate of a controversial law that would shield him from prosecution on Thursday, the country's Constitutional Court said Tuesday.

Austerity measures frustrate Greeksupdated: Fri Dec 31 2010 13:30:00

In April, CNN's Diana Magnay talked to Greek workers about whether they can stomach austerity measures.

6 in 10 Greeks don't pay income taxesupdated: Fri Dec 31 2010 13:30:00

More than 5 million Greeks did not pay income taxes for 2008, according to public documents released by the struggling nation's finance ministry.

Russia defends verdict against oil tycoonupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 10:42:00

Russia on Tuesday responded to international criticism over the conviction of a former Russian oil tycoon and his business partner on corruption charges.

U.S. condemns Russian convictionupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 10:42:00

CNN's Jill Dougherty looks at U.S. reaction to Mikhail Khodorkovsky's conviction.

CNNMoney: Deutsche Bank to pay $550 million in tax fraud probeupdated: Tue Dec 21 2010 16:51:00

Deutsche Bank AG agreed Tuesday to pay more than $550 million for taking part in fraudulent federal tax shelters, according to U.S. regulators.

Wesley Snipes last stand!updated: Thu Dec 09 2010 13:28:00

The Buzz Today: Wesley Snipes hoping to avoid jail, Portia De Rossi passes on dancing and Kim Kardashian's model split.

Snipes questions whether trial was fairupdated: Wed Dec 08 2010 08:00:00

Wesley Snipes talks to Larry King about his conviction on felony tax fraud charges.

Facing prison, Snipes pins hope on 'prayers,' Supreme Courtupdated: Wed Dec 08 2010 08:00:00

Actor Wesley Snipes said he was nervous about going to jail on Thursday, but was hopeful that his prayers would be answered.

Chicago lawyer admits to tax fraud that cost the government billionsupdated: Thu Oct 21 2010 07:37:00

A former Chicago, Illinois, attorney has admitted that he helped create, push and hide fraudulent tax shelters that ended up costing the federal government billions of dollars in tax revenue, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York said.

Italy widens tax fraud probe linked to Berlusconi's companyupdated: Fri Oct 15 2010 10:14:00

Italian prosecutors Friday broadened an investigation into alleged tax fraud involving Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset company, the largest commercial broadcaster in that country.

CNNMoney: Rat out a tax cheat, collect a rewardupdated: Wed Mar 03 2010 15:57:00

If you knew coworkers, former bosses or exes who cheated on their taxes, would you turn them in? The Internal Revenue Service can make it worth your while.

CNNMoney: Are you a tax cheat?updated: Fri Feb 19 2010 16:39:00

Do you cheat on your taxes? If so, you're not alone. More Americans are fudging their taxes and an increasing number of people are scared of being audited, a survey from the IRS Oversight Board shows.

Iran denies confiscating activist's Nobel Peace Prizeupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 10:02:00

Iran is denying Norway's claim that the Islamic republic confiscated the Nobel Peace Prize of human rights activist Shirin Ebadi, and indicated the issue involved tax evasion.

Berlusconi fraud case delayedupdated: Tue Nov 17 2009 08:10:00

CNN's Paula Newton reports from Rome where a tax fraud case was to get under way against Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi.

Analysis: Berlusconi trial exposes legal flawsupdated: Tue Nov 17 2009 08:10:00

With his signature showmanship and swagger, Silvio Berlusconi opened a U.N. Food summit in Rome just as judges were reopening a tax fraud trial against him in Milan.

CNNMoney: IRS to rich tax cheats: Be afraid. Be very afraid.updated: Tue Oct 27 2009 13:28:00

The Internal Revenue Service detailed plans on Monday to weed out wealthy, international tax cheats with renewed urgency.

Court overturns Berlusconi's immunity lawupdated: Wed Oct 07 2009 15:29:00

Italy's top court has overturned a law that shielded Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from possible prosecution.

Italy court drops shield lawupdated: Wed Oct 07 2009 15:29:00

Italy's top court annuls law shielding Prime Minister Berlusconi from possible prosecution. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

CNNMoney: IRS gets a key to Swiss bank accountsupdated: Wed Aug 19 2009 13:14:00

The Internal Revenue Service announced Wednesday that it has reached a deal with the Swiss government, gaining access to thousands of UBS AG accounts that Americans might have used to avoid paying taxes.

Fortune: Business gets taxed, workers get hurtupdated: Wed Jul 01 2009 07:57:00

Sometimes what's politically irresistible is economically nonsensical, as we may soon be reminded. The Obama administration, desperate for revenue and spotting an easy target, is proposing three hefty tax increases on business. If the administration gets its way, the result will be bad news for all Americans. Bruce Martin: Blogging the 93rd Indianapolis 500updated: Sun May 24 2009 16:43:00

INDIANAPOLIS -- Helio Castroneves' comeback from adversity is complete as the driver from Brazil who five weeks ago could have gone to prison for tax evasion won his third Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. experts pick Castroneves to win third Indy 500updated: Fri May 22 2009 13:06:00

The 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500 is Sunday, and this year's race boasts one of the deepest fields in the event's history. With the return of Helio Castroneves and Dario Franchitti, and a grid that boasts a number of past champions, the Borg-Warner Trophy is up for grabs. Lars Anderson: Nearly counted out, Castroneves now favored at Indyupdated: Fri May 22 2009 11:41:00

He is back at his favorite track in the world, driving a tan minivan through the twilight in the infield at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Helio Castroneves Acquitted in Tax Fraud Caseupdated: Fri Apr 17 2009 19:07:00

The Dancing with the Stars champ is cleared of six counts of tax evasion

CNNMoney: Tax scams: Beware the 'dirty dozen'updated: Mon Apr 13 2009 15:59:00

As taxpayers scrounge up deductions to pump up their refund in the final days before April 15, the IRS issued a warning about 12 tax scams that will land you in hot water.

UBS bans travel amid tax evasion probeupdated: Tue Apr 07 2009 08:32:00

Swiss bank UBS said Tuesday it is banning its private bankers from traveling overseas amid a tax evasion probe by the U.S. government.

Fortune: Trouble in tax paradiseupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 15:43:00

Finding a tax haven is easy. Just flip to the back of the Economist. "New Accounts in 8 Minutes" brags one ad. Another promises that no one is "better positioned to deliver solutions that work" on offshore companies. And yet another offers more than 20 years of experience and the "best prices guaranteed." Michael McCann: The nuts and bolts of Helio's complicated tax caseupdated: Wed Mar 11 2009 14:45:00

There is no question that Penske Racing's Helio Castroneves knows how to beat the competition. The 33-year-old Brazilian has twice won the Indianapolis 500, defeating Gil de Ferran in 2001 and Paul Tracy in 2002. Perhaps as impressive, if not more noteworthy, Castroneves teamed up with dancer Julianne Hough to win "Dancing with the Stars" in Season 5 (2007). Tens of millions of Americans watched them triumph over Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, singer Melanie Brown and actress Marie Osmond, among other celebrity contestants.

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