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The first major official candidate for president in 2012 is ... Barack Obama?

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GOP candidates lay lowupdated: Mon Apr 04 2011 12:18:00

CNN's Jim Acosta looks at the challenges of personal baggage facing possible presidential candidates.

Bill Clinton, fresh out of hospital, eager to go back to workupdated: Fri Feb 12 2010 20:34:00

On the same day he was released from a hospital after undergoing a heart procedure, former President Clinton told reporters he has no plans to slow down.

Clinton: 'I feel great'updated: Fri Feb 12 2010 20:34:00

Former president Bill Clinton discusses his recent procedure that placed two stents into one of his coronary arteries.

Clinton leaves hospital after heart procedureupdated: Fri Feb 12 2010 18:48:00

Former President Bill Clinton left the hospital Friday morning after doctors performed a procedure to restore blood flow in one of his coronary arteries, longtime friend Terry McAuliffe told CNN.

Clinton hits milestone in trying to clear campaign debtupdated: Thu Apr 16 2009 03:50:00

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reached an important milestone Wednesday in her quest to pay the debt from her failed 2008 presidential bid: For the first time in eight months, her campaign committee reported having more money in the bank than it owes. The Bonus: When sports and politics collide updated: Fri Sep 05 2008 15:55:00

Those of us who toil in journalism's toy department do so under orders never to breach The Firewall. As a sportswriter, we are told, you must never allow your politics to seep into your prose. Readers come to us seeking respite and escape; surcease from the cares of the world. So it simply won't do to cause them discomfort by bringing up the policies and peccadilloes, the wide stances and extramarital romances of our elected officials. Passages on politics, favoring either red or blue, will be deleted by pencils red and blue. Lions and Bears, yes. Donkeys and elephants, no.

Bill Clinton, Obama have 'terrific conversation'updated: Tue Jul 01 2008 20:35:00

Former President Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama talked by phone Monday morning, representatives of both said, as the Democrats sought to quash rumors that Clinton holds a grudge against the man who knocked his wife out of contention for the party's presidential nomination.

LKL: Obama and Clintonupdated: Tue Jul 01 2008 20:35:00

Obama and Clinton campaign in the New Hampshire town of Unity. Larry King talks with a panel about the event.

Obama: Campaign proved 'the progress we have made'updated: Fri Jun 27 2008 22:49:00

They beamed, hugged and praised one another. Their outfits even matched.

'Vote Obama,' Clinton saysupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 22:49:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton urges her supporters to vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

Analysis: Obama makes history, pivots to general electionupdated: Wed Jun 04 2008 07:52:00

Barack Obama made history Tuesday night when he became the first African-American in U.S. history to clinch a major party's presidential nomination. But the Illinois senator faces several challenges as the campaign now turns to the general election -- notwithstanding a first order of business of helping to heal the wounds of a deeply divided Democratic Party.

'No decisions tonight'updated: Wed Jun 04 2008 03:54:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton tells supporters she will not be making a decision tonight about the future of her campaign.

Clinton: No immediate decision on next stepsupdated: Wed Jun 04 2008 03:54:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton said Tuesday night she would make no immediate decision on her next steps after winning the South Dakota primary but watching rival Sen. Barack Obama pick up enough delegates to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Apology good enough?updated: Sun May 25 2008 14:27:00

A fight may be brewing over Sen. Hillary Clinton's verbal gaffe about the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Clinton: RFK assassination reference unrelated to Obamaupdated: Sun May 25 2008 14:27:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton said Sunday some people are using her controversial reference to Robert F. Kennedy's assassination to suggest that she meant something "completely unthinkable."

Obama camp: Clinton not looking for a deal updated: Sun May 11 2008 16:36:00

Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign rejected suggestions Sunday that Sen. Hillary Clinton is staying in the race in hopes of brokering some kind of agreement with the likely Democratic nominee.

Clinton loses a supporterupdated: Fri May 02 2008 18:44:00

CNN Political Editor Mark Preston covers the political hot topics, including a Democrat changing his vote.

Clinton backer's defection tightens superdelegate raceupdated: Fri May 02 2008 18:44:00

A Hillary Clinton backer's defection to the Barack Obama camp tightens the race for superdelegates, who could determine which candidate will become the Democratic presidential nominee.

Democrats in crunch timeupdated: Fri Apr 25 2008 15:06:00

CNN's Candy Crowley explains what is at stake for the Democrats with nine primaries remaining.

Clinton's money: Can she compete?updated: Thu Apr 24 2008 12:45:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania victory seems to be helping her regain ground financially against rival Barack Obama, who has outraised her by tens of millions of dollars.

Is the Clinton campaign broke?updated: Thu Apr 24 2008 12:45:00

CNN's Randi Kaye takes a look at Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign finances. Fighting for Every Texas Delegateupdated: Mon Mar 31 2008 18:00:00

In round two of the state's complicated caucus system, Clinton and Obama forces maneuver for a crucial edge

Fortune: Battle of the Washington insidersupdated: Thu Oct 19 2006 06:37:00

Don't ask Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe to stand close together for a photograph. The two political moneymen can't do it. It's not that Gillespie, the former Republican National Committee chairm...

Dean: Democratic Party must rebuildupdated: Wed Dec 08 2004 17:10:00

Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said Wednesday that his party needs to be rebuilt, "not from the consultants down, but from the ground up."

Kerry blasts Bush on Iraq, health care updated: Mon Oct 18 2004 08:41:00

John Kerry travels to the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio on Tuesday, a day after urging voters in another key state -- Florida -- to cast their ballots early.

Programming protest updated: Tue Oct 12 2004 17:42:00

The Democratic National Committee has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission over Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to air a program in prime time accusing John Kerry of betraying American POWs during the Vietnam War.

CNNMoney: Sinclair under fire for Kerry filmupdated: Tue Oct 12 2004 10:21:00

Democratic senators are seeking a federal probe of Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to air an anti-Kerry film next week, just two weeks before the election.

Democratic distractionsupdated: Fri Sep 24 2004 19:10:00

High-level Democrats, including some inside the Kerry campaign, were appalled by this week's political sideshow.

GOP, Dems swap charges over CBS documents updated: Tue Sep 21 2004 23:53:00

Republicans demanded answers from the Kerry campaign Tuesday after revelations that a senior Kerry adviser and one of his most prominent supporters both had contact with the man who supplied now-discredited documents before CBS News used them in a story about President Bush's National Guard service.

Reports: Bush, Kerry camps finalizing debatesupdated: Mon Sep 20 2004 03:17:00

The Bush and Kerry campaigns have reached a tentative agreement on a debate schedule, with the opponents apparently going head-to-head on three separate occasions, a Democratic source said Monday.

Hastert's al Qaeda comment draws fireupdated: Sun Sep 19 2004 19:11:00

Top Democrats slapped back Sunday at a remark by House Speaker Dennis Hastert that al Qaeda leaders want Sen. John Kerry to beat President Bush in November.

Top Democrat: Kerry to hit Bush on Iraqupdated: Sun Sep 19 2004 18:03:00

Mothers of U.S. troops serving in Iraq will help Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry make the case Monday that President Bush's optimistic view of the war does not reflect reality, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said Sunday.

Court OKs Nader on Florida ballotupdated: Sat Sep 18 2004 01:15:00

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader will be included on the Nov. 2 ballot in Florida on the Reform Party line, after the state's highest court turned back a Democratic effort to get him tossed from the ballot.

Miller: Democrats' thinking is 'warped'updated: Wed Sep 01 2004 21:54:00

Democratic Sen. Zell Miller, saying that "family is more important than my party," told delegates to the Republican National Convention that he is proud to stand up for President Bush.

When the party's overupdated: Fri Jul 30 2004 03:06:00

There is so much red, white and blue confetti on the ground you can't see the floor beneath your feet.

Upbeat mood spreads in Boston updated: Mon Jul 26 2004 08:54:00

Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

Democratic chief urges Nader to back Kerryupdated: Wed Jul 14 2004 07:03:00

Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe has called on Ralph Nader to give up his independent bid for president and support Sen. John Kerry -- a move quickly rejected by the Nader campaign.

Mark Shields: Giving the 'devil' his dueupdated: Mon Jul 05 2004 11:55:00

He has been regularly described as "too partisan," "bombastic" and "abrasive." And that's just by the man's friends.

Campaigns tour battleground statesupdated: Sat Jul 03 2004 15:16:00

The Bush and Kerry campaigns staked out turf in key states Saturday that could help determine November's election.

Politics back on track after Reagan truceupdated: Tue Jun 15 2004 09:04:00

Just one week ago, the Bush and Kerry campaign trails fell silent to honor the memory of former President Reagan. Despite nonstop tributes to the "Great Communicator's" ability to bridge political divides, this week has evidently marked a quick return to politics as usual.

The vet voteupdated: Fri May 28 2004 07:25:00

We head into Memorial Day weekend today with thoughts of summer barbecues, swimming pools, global warming, gas prices, new Kerry ads in Virginia and the veterans who dominate this campaign. Not necessarily in that order.

CNNMoney: Dems blast Bush for high gas pricesupdated: Tue May 18 2004 18:38:00

With gas prices at a record high, Democrats Tuesday poured fuel on the debate over the soaring prices, accusing the Bush administration of failing to stabilize the market ahead of the summer vacation season.

Surrogates on the trail, on the attackupdated: Tue May 18 2004 07:09:00

Big-name surrogates run the show today.

Political week puts campaigns on offensiveupdated: Mon Apr 26 2004 16:49:00

As in football, the best defense is often the best offense in politics.

Democratic leader blasts Cheneyupdated: Mon Apr 26 2004 13:16:00

Vice President Dick Cheney, who often serves as the administration's point man in attacking White House hopeful John Kerry, was the subject of a blistering critique by a key Democratic leader on Monday.

Bush takes heat for WMD jokesupdated: Fri Mar 26 2004 12:48:00

What was meant by President Bush to be a joke about the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has brought little laughter to some Americans.

Democracy (Dean) for Americaupdated: Thu Mar 18 2004 00:28:00

Howard Dean returns to center stage on the Left Coast today. John Kerry goes dark, taking holiday in Idaho.

One race over, two others beginupdated: Wed Mar 03 2004 05:44:00

John Edwards ends his '04 Dem campaign today at his daughter's high school in Raleigh, North Carolina, according to campaign sources, some 14 months after he joined up to be a "champion for regular people." (Al Sharpton might quit, too -- more on that below.)

Candidate Kerry faces new challengesupdated: Tue Mar 02 2004 18:23:00

Sen. John Kerry faces three major challenges following anticipated victories on Super Tuesday, his top advisers told CNN.

Democrats slam Bush on same-sex marriage banupdated: Tue Feb 24 2004 12:20:00

Top Democrats excoriated President Bush on Tuesday for announcing support for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, accusing him of using the issue for political gain and trying to draw attention away from his record.

Nader announces presidential runupdated: Sun Feb 22 2004 11:40:00

Many political season observers will pay special attention Monday morning to Washington news conference planned by Ralph Nader to discuss his ideas for his 2004 presidential candidacy.

Democrats nervously await Nader's decisionupdated: Fri Feb 20 2004 18:43:00

With consumer advocate Ralph Nader expected to announce this weekend whether he will run for president as an independent, Democrats urged him Friday to not seek a third-party candidacy, fearing he could ruin their White House hopes.

The Spoiler: Democrats nervous over Naderupdated: Fri Feb 20 2004 16:21:00

From CNN's Wolf Blitzer in Washington:

Dems play the military cardupdated: Fri Feb 13 2004 16:38:00

"What did you do during the war, daddy?"

GOP, Democrats get down and dirtyupdated: Fri Feb 13 2004 07:35:00

Despite calls to move away from negative attacks in the 2004 presidential campaign season, Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie and campaign officials for Democratic hopeful John Kerry traded barbs, each accusing the other of dirty politics.

Bush defends Iraq war, economic recordupdated: Sun Feb 08 2004 06:41:00

Though conceding that Iraq apparently did not possess weapons of mass destruction, President Bush defended his decision to go to war in an interview that aired Sunday, saying, "Saddam Hussein was dangerous, and I'm not just going to leave him in power and trust a madman."

The gloves come offupdated: Fri Feb 06 2004 10:38:00

President Bush left the Democrats alone to slug it out for a while in the early Democratic primaries, but now that the field is narrowing the Bush-Cheney campaign has decided it's time to come out swinging.

White House, GOP defend Bush's military recordupdated: Tue Feb 03 2004 13:19:00

The White House and the head of the Republican Party denounced renewed questions about President Bush's military service record Tuesday, with GOP chief Ed Gillespie calling allegations that Bush skipped National Guard drills "flat wrong."

Poll: Iowa bounce fuels Kerry's ascentupdated: Fri Jan 23 2004 08:27:00

With Democratic hopefuls campaigning in the final weekend before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, a tracking poll released Friday shows Sen. John Kerry pulling away from former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean in the Granite State.

Dean, Gephardt spar on Iraqupdated: Tue Jan 13 2004 07:43:00

With less than a week until the Iowa caucuses, the two Democratic candidates running neck-and-neck for first place in the state -- Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt -- continued to spar over the issue of the Iraq war.

Bush pushes for immigrant worker planupdated: Sat Jan 10 2004 10:47:00

President Bush said Saturday his program to allow illegal immigrants to work in the United States legally for up to three years was designed to put "willing foreign workers" in jobs that Americans are "not willing" to do.

Katherine, George W., Madonna ... and Ellyn Bogdanoffupdated: Thu Jan 08 2004 04:01:00

Terry McAuliffe couldn't have written today's lede better himself: President Bush visits Palm Beach for the first time since '00 today, while Katherine Harris ponders an '04 Senate bid and Broward County grapples with yet another election debacle featuring hanging chads.

Dean's holiday gaffesupdated: Thu Jan 01 2004 11:54:00

Steve Murphy, Rep. Richard Gephardt's campaign manager, this week professed to being baffled. How is it possible, he wondered, that Howard Dean's bizarre comments about Osama bin Laden attracted so little news media attention?

Fortune: Helpful Henchmen for Fat Cats Who Want to Make a Differenceupdated: Mon Aug 02 1999 00:01:00

Hey, tycoon. Want to look like a hotshot raising money for your favorite political candidate, without all the mess and bother? Then hire your own political fundraiser. Movie moguls David Geffen, St...

Fortune: The Money Chase It's as venal as this: The presidential candidates who raise the most money get the nomination. So forget the poupdated: Mon Sep 07 1998 00:01:00

Any Democrat running for President needs to be Terry McAuliffe's best friend. Vice President Al Gore flew through a snowstorm last year to attend McAuliffe's 40th birthday party. On the grip-'n'-gr...

Fortune: PEOPLE TO WATCHupdated: Mon Apr 28 1986 00:01:00

Terence R. McAuliffe For the last six years McAuliffe, 29, has been persuading businessmen to come to the aid of his party. He is finance director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee...

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