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The most persistent holiday health myths are based on kernels of truth. Here are often-repeated adages and why they're off the mark.

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Is Black Friday the best day for deals?updated: Mon Nov 28 2011 08:59:00

HLN Money Expert Clark Howard and Jennifer Westhoven talk about Black Friday 2011.

Flood warnings, but few flight delays over busy travel weekendupdated: Sun Nov 27 2011 22:07:00

Millions of travelers headed home on one of the busiest days of the year Sunday, many of them fighting crowds but avoiding what had been feared could be even worse delays caused by treacherous weather.

Occupy protesters celebrate Thanksgivingupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 21:40:00

Occupy protesters across the country celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday, bringing all the trimmings of a traditional meal to the unlikely location of a demonstration.

6 killed when plane crashes into Arizona mountainupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 21:22:00

Six people, including three children, were killed when their plane crashed into rugged mountains east of Phoenix on a Thanksgiving eve trip, authorities said Thursday.

No sign of survivors in plane crashupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 21:22:00

A small plane crashed into a mountain east of Phoenix, Arizona.

Storms complicate Thanksgiving travelupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 06:18:00

It's not the kind of weather map or travel intelligence you want to see on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

The traditions of Thanksgivingupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 06:18:00

CNN's Carl Azuz considers how far our nation's Thanksgiving traditions have wandered. Steve Rushin: Plenty to be thankful forupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 09:24:00

Life is full of empty thank yous, as when a recorded voice from the cable company says, "Thank you for holding," or an airline cancels a flight and says, "Thank you for your understanding," or when that fascinating account of your gall bladder surgery is met with silence, followed by "Thanks for sharing."

How not to get fat at Thanksgivingupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 07:33:00

Chef Rocco DiSpirito offers HLN"s Joy Behar tips on how to survive Thanksgiving without overeating or gaining weight.

Keep holiday food away from your poochupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 07:33:00

I've watched my brother-in-law lavish ribs, potato salad and even nachos on his beloved pooch with reckless abandon. Give my dog Lulu a banana, and she returns it in a far less pleasant form. That's why I spend the holidays policing relatives as they walk their near-empty Thanksgiving plates to the kitchen.

The power of nostalgia at Thanksgivingupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 07:08:00

You've been thinking about it for weeks. Mounds of turkey piled high with buttery mashed potatoes, dripping with gravy.

Shop on Thanksgiving? No thanksupdated: Tue Nov 22 2011 12:10:00

Big-box stores are stealing Thanksgiving, and their workers aren't happy about it. After Target decreed that Black Friday would start at midnight Thanksgiving night and that employees must report to work at 11 p.m., an Omaha worker, Anthony Hardwick, posted a petition at asking the company to move the official start of Christmas shopping back to 5 a.m. Friday. Response from workers and others has been stellar: 192,000 signatures by Monday.

Etiquette 101: Talking politics over Thanksgiving dinnerupdated: Tue Nov 22 2011 10:19:00

To help keep the peace with her in-laws during holidays, Julia Smith adopted a rule several years ago about talking politics: Don't do it, and don't take the bait if anyone starts in.

CNNMoney: Black Friday shopping: Why it pays to stay homeupdated: Tue Nov 22 2011 10:18:00

Thanks to earlier-than-ever store openings, Black Friday has eaten into Thanksgiving Day, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice the holiday to get in on the best deals.

CNNMoney: Black Friday backlash: Early openings a blessing and a curseupdated: Fri Nov 18 2011 17:09:00

For Anthony Hardwick, Thanksgiving has special meaning. Last year, he proposed to his girlfriend, Denise, in front of her whole family during the holiday.

CNNMoney: Toys 'R' Us unveils Black Friday circular: See the dealsupdated: Fri Nov 18 2011 16:16:00

Toys "R" Us will kick off its Black Friday sales an hour earlier this year, opening its doors at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening.

CNNMoney: Crowded highways expected for Thanksgivingupdated: Thu Nov 17 2011 10:07:00

More Americans are hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday, despite higher gas prices, according to the motorist group AAA.

Americans get in holiday spirit with Thanksgiving paradeupdated: Sun Nov 13 2011 09:40:00

Hard times continue for many Americans, but they will get a respite from all the gloom, with a reminder that the holiday spirit is upon us with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade -- a tradition through good times and bad, celebrating its 85th anniversary.

CNNMoney: Pecan prices set to pop 22%updated: Wed Nov 09 2011 10:10:00

You might have to pay more for your pecan pie this Thanksgiving holiday. The tasty tree nuts are in tight supply in the U.S. thanks to a crop-damaging drought and a jump in demand from Chinese consumers.

Expect fewer fliers but crowded planes at Thanksgivingupdated: Thu Nov 03 2011 13:01:00

Thousands of people are opting out of flying for Thanksgiving this year, but passengers who do book plane tickets for the holiday will still see jam-packed flights, the trade group that represents major U.S. airlines said Thursday.

CNNMoney: Thanksgiving travel: Higher fares, fewer flyersupdated: Thu Nov 03 2011 10:52:00

Fewer people will fly this Thanksgiving, but they will be as cramped as ever.

5 tips for booking Thanksgiving flightsupdated: Tue Nov 01 2011 13:18:00

Feasting on turkey aside, brace yourself for that other Thanksgiving ritual: joining a nationwide mad dash to make it to a family gathering and back in a journey that can exasperate even the most seasoned traveler.

Finding low Thanksgiving faresupdated: Tue Nov 01 2011 13:18:00

CNN's Karin Caifa has some travel tips to help you navigate the Thanksgiving travel season.

CNNMoney: Macy's to open at midnight Thanksgivingupdated: Mon Oct 31 2011 10:09:00

Macy's will get a jumpstart on the Black Friday madness, opening its doors at midnight on Thanksgiving for the first time this year.

CNNMoney: Holiday travel outlook: Airfares up to 10% higherupdated: Tue Oct 18 2011 16:32:00

The Thanksgiving holiday is not only one of the busiest times to travel but it's also the most expensive. And this year it will only get worse.

Get your flu shotupdated: Mon Dec 20 2010 12:08:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about getting your flu shot.

Four ways to avoid getting sick during the holiday seasonupdated: Mon Dec 20 2010 12:08:00

The Badger family holidays are filled with medical catastrophes. Jessica Simpson Cooks Thanksgiving Dinner for Her Fiancéupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 09:09:00

The singer whips up a vegan-friendly feast in a New York City hotel for Eric Johnson and family

Sears opens Thanksgiving morningupdated: Mon Nov 29 2010 18:37:00

Customers await for a Sears store in Burbank, California, to open for some holiday shopping.

Black Friday shoppers see pleasure where others see painupdated: Mon Nov 29 2010 18:37:00

Like a football coach preparing for a rival, Nicki Shoulders has been seriously game-planning for Black Friday -- right down to the play sheet.

Shoppers hit the Web on Thanksgivingupdated: Mon Nov 29 2010 12:35:00

Online sales increased on "Black Friday" this year, but not nearly as much as they did on Thanksgiving. Lauren Conrad's Favorite Thing About Holidays: Eating!updated: Fri Nov 26 2010 14:29:00

Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Crystal Bowersox and Tommy Lee dish on what makes the season special to them

CNNMoney: Next up: Cyber Monday, e-tailers' big dayupdated: Fri Nov 26 2010 13:32:00

Online sellers kick off the coming week with one of their biggest sales days of the year - Cyber Monday.

Toys R Us stores open Thanksgiving nightupdated: Fri Nov 26 2010 09:03:00

Toys R Us CEO Gerald Storch describes the crowds and hot items at the toys-only retailer that opened Thanksgiving night.

Obama's Thanksgiving message cites need for bipartisan cooperationupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 15:21:00

President Obama wished the nation a happy Thanksgiving on Thursday and also used his weekly address to renew his call for bipartisan cooperation on addressing major issues facing the nation.

First family's feast for the needyupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 15:21:00

The Obama's kick off their Thanksgiving holiday by handing out food baskets at Washington food pantry Martha's Table.

Google wants you to eat Brussels sproutsupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 11:16:00

Looking for last-minute recipes? You won't have to search further than

Pass the turkey, and buried or cremated?updated: Thu Nov 25 2010 09:57:00

End of life conversations don't have to be horrible. "Ask the Doc" has suggestions on how to get started.

At Thanksgiving, the hardest conversationupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 09:57:00

Barack Levin recently showed his children where the kidneys are in a human anatomy book, trying to explain why their daddy has been taking so many pills and feeling so tired.

The bizarro Thanksgiving centerpieceupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 09:39:00

My mother was no domestic goddess. She was a golfing, blackjack-playing, martini-drinking sort who had little to do with cooking, sewing, or, God forbid, "crafts."

At Thanksgiving, some adopt a turkey instead of eating oneupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 09:04:00

Only two weeks into the adoption, Mordecai and Fiona are already exhibiting distinct personalities.

Forget Black Friday; deals are online nowupdated: Thu Nov 25 2010 08:21:00

Kenji Onozawa went to Best Buy at 4 a.m. on Black Friday last year searching for discounts on a Blu-ray player and a netbook.

Put down the smartphone and pass the turkey, site saysupdated: Wed Nov 24 2010 15:58:00

Was the turkey tasty? You don't have to tweet it.

Calm down, Thanksgiving is just a mealupdated: Wed Nov 24 2010 12:26:00

Eatocracy's Kat Kinsman has some tips on how to make Thanksgiving stress free and delicious.

8 tips for surviving Thanksgiving as a coupleupdated: Wed Nov 24 2010 12:26:00

Thanksgiving is one of those great holidays that are less about commercialism and more about togetherness (and food, of course).

Obama pardons two turkeys at White House ceremonyupdated: Wed Nov 24 2010 12:12:00

At 21 weeks of age and 45 pounds each, Apple and Cider would normally be prime candidates for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Obama saves turkeys from dinner deathupdated: Wed Nov 24 2010 12:12:00

President Obama pardonned two turkeys, Apple and Cider, from winding up as the feast at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

U.S. raises security concerns for air travelersupdated: Wed Nov 24 2010 08:52:00

As millions of Americans prepare to take to the skies for Thanksgiving travel, a U.S. official says security concerns have risen again because of an article published in an online magazine produced by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

CNNMoney: Hate the Black Friday lines? Score deals onlineupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 14:09:00

It has become as traditional as turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie: On the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers bundling up and heading out before dawn for retailer's eagerly awaited Black Friday doorbuster deals.

CNNMoney: No Thanksgiving holiday on work e-mailupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 10:47:00

Even on the cusp of a long weekend, there's no rest for the weary, according to a report Tuesday.

Black Friday 101: Ways to save when holiday shoppingupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 10:40:00

For serious shoppers, the Friday after Thanksgiving is game day: Kickoff is early (sometimes at midnight), and those on the front line can score the best deals. For retailers, it signals the start of the holiday shopping season.

Garrison Keillor on Thanksgiving prayerupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 09:03:00

At the risk of sounding like Pastor Bob of Pigeon Knob, I have to say the best thing about Thanksgiving is the thankfulness part. It certainly isn't your loud relatives and their embittered children, and it isn't the weather (overcast, with a 50 percent chance of snow.)

CNNMoney: Stocks: More speedbumps aheadupdated: Sun Nov 21 2010 16:27:00

After a wild ride last week, stocks could be in for a more volatility going into Thanksgiving.

Airport screening concernsupdated: Sat Nov 20 2010 15:45:00

CNN's Kate Bolduan looks at concerns over the more aggressive airport security measures.

Holiday travel: Airport survival guideupdated: Sat Nov 20 2010 15:45:00

The crowds. The lines. The security and scanning. The sprint to the gate. All of it can overwhelm air travelers -- especially during the holiday rush -- but it doesn't have to be that way.

CNNMoney: Treasuries take a breatherupdated: Fri Nov 19 2010 12:03:00

Treasuries were little changed Friday, as investors scurried to the sidelines ahead of a quiet holiday week.

Should overweight people be on TV?updated: Fri Nov 19 2010 11:59:00

Magazine Marie Claire garners controversy over an article that mocks overweight actors and said they shouldn't be on TV.

CNNMoney: Flying for the holidays won't be cheapupdated: Fri Nov 19 2010 11:28:00

Air fares are up dramatically this holiday season -- so there's no point in waiting for last-minute deals because they're not going to happen, experts say.

CNNMoney: Black Friday deals to draw 138 million shoppersupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 10:12:00

Black Friday bargains are expected to attract 138 million shoppers to stores this year, up 3% from last year, an industry report said Thursday. Demi Lovato Will Spend Thanksgiving with Her Familyupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 08:48:00

The Disney star will remain at the treatment facility where she's making "tremendous progress"

CNNMoney: Thanksgiving travel: Brace for a big surgeupdated: Tue Nov 16 2010 10:00:00

An improving economy is behind an expected surge in Thanksgiving travel, according to a forecast released Tuesday.

CNNMoney: 40% of Americans cutting Thanksgiving fatupdated: Mon Nov 15 2010 10:03:00

Forget that second helping of pumpkin pie. With the economy still struggling American families are planning to scale back their Thanksgiving celebrations this year.

CNNMoney: Thanksgiving gift givingupdated: Fri Nov 12 2010 14:42:00

Although Thanksgiving is not a traditional gift giving holiday like Christmas, Hannukah or even Valentine's Day, if you are invited to someone's house for the holiday dinner, you won't want to show up empty handed.

Paper or plastic this holiday?updated: Tue Nov 09 2010 10:25:00

Don't be one of the millions still paying for Christmas next year. Christine Romans on how you should pay this holiday.

Time to book those holiday flightsupdated: Thu Nov 04 2010 08:00:00

Have you booked your holiday air travel? It's time to stop dragging your feet. Shop now, if you haven't already. George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis Ring in 2010 in Mexicoupdated: Mon Jan 04 2010 20:31:00

The couple soak up some sun during a seaside getaway 'No Truth' to Orlando Bloom-Miranda Kerr Engagement Rumorupdated: Mon Dec 14 2009 17:18:00

A rep for the Pirates of the Caribbean star denies he proposed to the Victoria's Secret model Chelsea Clinton Engaged to Longtime Beauupdated: Tue Dec 01 2009 08:48:00

The former first daughter accepts a Thanksgiving proposal from Marc Mezvinsky Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Spend Thanksgiving in Moroccoupdated: Sun Nov 29 2009 15:08:00

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jen Aniston and other A-listers also go to the North African nation for a gala How the Obama Family Spent Thanksgivingupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 19:52:00

The president makes calls to the troops then digs into a feast on the holiday Lindsay Lohan Comes Home for Thanksgivingupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 16:10:00

The star's mom, Dina, says she's excited to see her daughter - and expects her to help with the cooking

Troops abroad, at home celebrate Thanksgivingupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 12:38:00

Turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, along with a visit by the commanding general in Iraq and a phone call from President Obama, were some of the ways the White House and Pentagon helped U.S. troops overseas celebrate Thanksgiving.

General: Morale good in Iraqupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 12:38:00

The U.S. commander in Iraq says morale among troops in Iraq is good as they celebrate Thanksgiving. Celebs Dish (Really!): Favorite Thanksgiving Sideupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 12:30:00

Find out what Selena Gomez, Jennie Garth, Ian Somerhalder and more are serving alongside their turkey Obama Girls Spare Life of Thanksgiving Turkeyupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 11:51:00

"I was planning to eat this sucker," says the President, who issues a pardon at his daughters' request

Donny Osmond's turkey with a side of winupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 10:45:00

The dining table at the Osmond family Thanksgiving feast will have all the fixings - turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a mirrored disco ball trophy.

Has debt freeze exposed Dubai mirage?updated: Thu Nov 26 2009 14:34:00

Dubai sent investors reeling Thursday after asking creditors to freeze the debt repayments of one of its biggest holding companies, Dubai World.

Thanksgiving twists from coast to coastupdated: Thu Nov 26 2009 09:47:00

Lots of other ethnic groups have flocked to America's shores since the first Europeans arrived, and they've all created their own twists on turkey, pumpkin pie, and other Thanksgiving staples.

U.S. Muslims are Americans tooupdated: Thu Nov 26 2009 08:45:00

The serendipitous occurrence of this year's Thanksgiving holiday on the same evening as the Muslim Eid-ul-Adha is a festive occasion to reflect on the place of Islam in American collective consciousness and on Muslims as Americans.

Holiday travelers brave airports, roadsupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 15:33:00

Travelers across the United States arrived en masse at airports, hit the roads and boarded trains Wednesday, a day before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hard work keeps planes flyingupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 15:33:00

CNN's Rob Marciano goes behind the scenes of the largest carrier at the nation's busiest airport.

Obama pardons lucky turkeyupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 14:25:00

President Obama pardons a turkey, continuing a presidential Thanksgiving tradition.

With pardon, Obama delivers turkey from its fate as foodupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 14:25:00

A big bird from the East is heading west, thanks to a second chance at life given by President Obama in the nation's capital Wednesday, a day before Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.

In lieu of turkey, Thanksgiving sparks vegetable-inspired creativityupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 13:09:00

Going vegetarian on Thanksgiving doesn't mean forcing tofu into faux poultry or shaping legumes into meat-like blobs. 16 Sexy Chests to Be Thankful Forupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 12:50:00

Zac! Hugh! Taylor! See why you should always bring a six-pack to a Thanksgiving feast

Slight rise in Thanksgiving travelers likelyupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 11:02:00

A slightly higher number of Americans will travel Thanksgiving holiday weekend compared with last year, but those traveling by air is expected to decline, AAA said.

CNNMoney: Stocks set to enjoy jobs bounceupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 09:01:00

U.S. stocks were poised to open higher Wednesday as investors cheered a stronger-than-expected labor market reading ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Let battle for holiday gadget shoppers beginupdated: Tue Nov 24 2009 10:38:00

For the past few years, holiday cheer has been in short supply for electronics retail chains. Dan Shaughnessy: Lions on Thanksgiving as American as turkey and stuffingupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 13:08:00

You can make fun of the Lions if you want. Why not? Everybody does.

Tips for smart, healthy holiday travelupdated: Fri Nov 20 2009 15:06:00

As if traveling with the kids over the holidays weren't tough enough, this year we must contend with airline surcharges and swine flu, as well as all the usual annoyances and delays that go along with traveling -- especially with children -- during the busiest travel weeks of the year.

CNNMoney: Thanksgiving: Highways will be more crowdedupdated: Wed Nov 18 2009 12:27:00

After a sharp drop last year, more Americans are expected to travel for the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday, although travel by air will decline, according to a forecast from motorist group AAA issued Wednesday. Jon & Kate Plan for a Very Gosselin Christmasupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 19:08:00

The estranged couple will unite for a traditional holiday season with their brood

CNNMoney: Stuffing planes like Thanksgiving turkeysupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 13:05:00

Thanksgiving air travelers can expect crowded planes as a result of the most dramatic capacity cuts since World War II, according to the industry's trade group.

Escape your family for the holidaysupdated: Mon Nov 09 2009 10:34:00

When Lulis Leal's family gets together for Christmas, she is usually sunning herself on a beach surrounded by palm trees and turquoise waters, with not one extended relative in sight.

How to escape for the holidaysupdated: Mon Nov 09 2009 10:34:00

HLN money expert Clark Howard tells you where to find the best deals if you want to take a holiday vacation. Jon Gosselin to Spend Thanksgiving with Hailey Glassmanupdated: Fri Nov 06 2009 07:47:00

The reality TV dad and his on-again, off-again girlfriend argue over holiday plans

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