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Study: Sex assault complaints in military have leveled off in past three yearsupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 20:29:00

Reports of violent sexual crimes against U.S. troops have leveled off in the military since 2009, according to a new study released by the Pentagon on Friday.

Documents outline debate over disposal of material with possible 9/11 remainsupdated: Fri Mar 30 2012 17:58:00

U.S. Defense Department officials debated how to dispose of more than 1,000 fragments that could have included human remains from the September 11 attack on the Pentagon before they ended up in a Delaware landfill, according to newly released internal documents.

Defense cuts could be only the beginningupdated: Mon Jan 09 2012 12:08:00

President Obama unveiled the Pentagon's new defense strategy last week, calling it a moment to "turn the page" on the past decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The new strategy places a greater emphasis on Asia and reduces ground forces in favor of air and sea forces. It accepts greater risks in some areas -- most notably in abandoning the policy that the United States must be able to fight two major, protracted ground wars at once. The Pentagon argues that a two-war construct does not do justice to the complexity of the current threat environment. It has to be able to adapt to a wide, complex array of global threats rather than prepare for an arbitrary number of simultaneous wars.

Dire warnings from Pentagon over potential defense cutsupdated: Mon Nov 14 2011 19:21:00

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta turned up the heat on Congress Monday, warning that looming automatic budget cuts would undermine national security and set off a financial chain reaction from the hallways of the Pentagon, to the battlefields of Afghanistan, to civilian assembly lines.

CNNMoney: Pentagon's nightmare: $1 trillion in cutsupdated: Thu Oct 20 2011 06:32:00

What's the easiest way to scare the biggest, baddest fighting force on the planet? Budget cuts.

Remembering September 11, and a reminder of unfinished businessupdated: Fri Sep 09 2011 20:02:00

Every few moments another plane seemed to be bearing down on the Pentagon on Friday, but they were only on their final approach to nearby Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Top Democrat: Security concerns in Libyaupdated: Tue Aug 23 2011 05:39:00

Rep. C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, discusses security concerns in Libya.

Defense officials: Fewer SEALs died in crash than originally believedupdated: Wed Aug 10 2011 16:22:00

The Pentagon will put the death toll of Navy SEALs in last weekend's downing of a helicopter in Afghanistan at 17, according to two Defense Department officials.

CNNMoney: Pentagon facing one-two budget punchupdated: Mon Aug 01 2011 14:55:00

The Pentagon budget is about to get whacked.

CNNMoney: Pentagon budget 'loaded with fat'updated: Fri Jul 01 2011 05:30:00

For lawmakers on the hunt for budget savings, the Pentagon's $500 billion budget is a great place to start.

Man arrested in Pentagon scare linked to 2010 shootings, official saysupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 19:58:00

A Marine reservist arrested after a bomb scare near the Pentagon last week has been linked to a series of 2010 shootings at the Pentagon and military facilities in northern Virginia, a law enforcement official said Wednesday.

The Pentagon's cyber attack policyupdated: Wed Jun 01 2011 10:14:00

The Pentagon has a new strategy for handling cyber attacks: treat them as acts of war. But is this the best approach?

10 interesting numbers in U.S.updated: Tue May 31 2011 16:42:00

1. 2.3 milligrams of B1: The recommendation that won a war

CNNMoney: Pentagon budget: Time to cutupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 11:50:00

In the final days of the 2011 budget debate, lawmakers gave the Pentagon a small boost, while they slashed funding for almost every other government agency.

Military won't lose pay if a shutdown is resolved quicklyupdated: Fri Apr 08 2011 17:32:00

If Congress and the White House reach an agreement relatively quickly, troops will not see a hit to their paycheck, a senior defense official said Friday.

CNNMoney: Military health costs up 300%updated: Mon Feb 28 2011 11:26:00

The cost of military health care, up 300% in the past decade, is eating a giant hole in the Pentagon's budget, according to a report released Monday by a group of defense experts.

CNNMoney: Obama's Pentagon cuts not what they seemupdated: Fri Feb 11 2011 07:42:00

Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, served as assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration. Conley is a research assistant at the center.

CNNMoney: How to cut $1 trillion from the Pentagonupdated: Wed Jan 05 2011 08:35:00

Lawrence Korb is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. He served as assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration.

Military bans disks, threatens courts-martial to stop new leaksupdated: Fri Dec 10 2010 07:33:00

It's too late to stop WikiLeaks from publishing thousands more classified documents, nabbed from the Pentagon's secret network.

CNNMoney: Health care is eating a hole in the Pentagon budgetupdated: Tue Dec 07 2010 13:08:00

The cost of health care is blowing the top off the Pentagon's budget.

Source: Most service members surveyed don't care about DADT repealupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 08:02:00

A majority of U.S. service members surveyed do not care if the law banning openly gay and lesbian troops from serving is repealed, according to a source knowledgeable with the results of the Pentagon study. Members of Congress are to get an advance look at the study Tuesday.

Military readying release of study on 'don't ask, don't tell' repealupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 05:30:00

The Pentagon report on gays and lesbians in the military has been simmering for weeks but hits the full boil Tuesday.

Recent shootings raise concerns about Marine Corps Marathonupdated: Wed Oct 27 2010 20:52:00

The Pentagon is increasing security for this weekend's Marine Corps Marathon and connected events after a recent spate of shootings at military-related buildings.

Shootings at military sites connected?updated: Wed Oct 27 2010 08:03:00

The FBI looks into a third shooting at a military site. CNN's Chris Lawrence reports.

Official: More bullets struck Pentagon than previously thoughtupdated: Wed Oct 20 2010 11:41:00

More bullets struck the Pentagon in a shooting Tuesday than initially thought, officials said.

Military recruiters told they can accept openly gay applicantsupdated: Wed Oct 20 2010 09:55:00

The Pentagon has advised recruiting commands that they can accept openly gay and lesbian recruit candidates, given the recent federal court decision that bars the military from expelling openly gay service members, according to a Pentagon spokeswoman.

Pentagon accepts openly gay recruitsupdated: Wed Oct 20 2010 09:55:00

The Pentagon will now process applications for recruits who openly admit they are gay. CNN's Chris Lawrence reports.

Pentagon claims new book reveals national security secretsupdated: Fri Sep 10 2010 18:34:00

A dispute over whether a new book reveals national security secrets about the war in Afghanistan has created a publicity bonanza for the book and opened a new chapter in the long-running Washington saga of what should be kept confidential.

'Don't ask don't tell' deal is good for the countryupdated: Fri May 28 2010 07:26:00

The word compromise is never music to the ears of passionate advocates for a cause. This is especially true for advocates of overturning the military's "don't ask, don't tell" law, a law that was supposed to be a suitable compromise itself in 1993.

What a bill to end military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy would doupdated: Tue May 25 2010 11:13:00

Congress could soon take up a bill to end the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" practice and allow openly gay and lesbian people to serve in the military. The Pentagon expects its review of the policy by the end of the year.

U.S. reveals it has 5,113 nuclear warheadsupdated: Mon May 03 2010 19:21:00

The United States has 5,113 nuclear warheads in its stockpile and many thousands more that have been retired and are awaiting dismantling, according to a senior defense official.

Pentagon extends tanker bid deadlineupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 02:57:00

The Pentagon is extending its deadline for bids on a projected $35 billion-plus contract to build the Air Force's new air refueling tanker to allow Europe's Airbus to submit a proposal.

Official: Gun in Pentagon shooting was once in police possessionupdated: Tue Mar 16 2010 09:28:00

A gun recovered from this month's shooting at the Pentagon was once in the possession of the Memphis Police Department, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Official: Gun in Pentagon shooting once in police possessionupdated: Mon Mar 15 2010 20:38:00

A gun recovered from this month's shooting at the Pentagon was once in the possession of the Memphis Police Department, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Pentagon's future fighter aircraft doubles in costupdated: Fri Mar 12 2010 12:32:00

The cost of the Pentagon's newest fighter jet will be more than double the original price, solidifying the F-35 joint strike fighter as the most expensive Pentagon weapons program ever.

Man shoots 2 officers outside Pentagonupdated: Thu Mar 04 2010 22:35:00

A man coolly and calmly approached the screening area outside the Pentagon Thursday evening and opened fire, grazing two Pentagon police officers before they returned fire, critically wounding him, officials said.

Shooting outside Pentagonupdated: Thu Mar 04 2010 22:35:00

The Pentagon police department tells CNN at least two officers are believed shot.

U.S. military OKs use of online social mediaupdated: Thu Mar 04 2010 19:03:00

U.S. military personnel are officially allowed to tweet.

Pentagon's Internet about-faceupdated: Thu Mar 04 2010 19:03:00

The Defense Department has given the OK for some service members to use social media. CNN's Alison Kosik reports.

Fact Check: Could -- and would -- the U.S. cut the Pentagon budget?updated: Wed Feb 24 2010 15:04:00

The Obama administration has called for a freeze on government programs other than defense and entitlements, but why should the Pentagon be excluded?

Freeing America from its addiction to oilupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 14:28:00

Oil is on its way out. That journey will take several decades, but it's begun. Mindful markets and civil society will complete it as inexorably as innovators and capitalists got America off whale-oil lamps in the 1850s.

Pentagon names soldiers missing in Afghanistanupdated: Wed Nov 18 2009 15:16:00

The Pentagon on Wednesday identified two U.S. soldiers who disappeared in Afghanistan this month, announcing the death of one of the men and saying that the whereabouts of the other remain unknown.

Even in time of war, 'pork' still reignsupdated: Fri Oct 02 2009 10:20:00

President Obama campaigned on a vow to end wasteful spending, but even in a time of war and record deficits, pork still reigns on Capitol Hill.

War money for earmarksupdated: Fri Oct 02 2009 10:20:00

Senators are bringing home the bacon, but these pork projects are paid for with essential wartime money. Dana Bash reports.

Obama on 9/11: 'No words can ease the ache of your hearts'updated: Fri Sep 11 2009 17:48:00

President Obama spoke at the Pentagon on Friday to those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001, telling them no words would heal their pain yet calling for a renewed resolve against the ones who attacked the country eight years ago.

Is U.S. safe from al Qaeda?updated: Fri Sep 11 2009 17:48:00

Al Qaeda has adapted to recent defensive steps. CNN national security adviser Frances Townsend analyzes the situation.

Commentary: A gift to D.C. and champion for refugeesupdated: Tue Aug 18 2009 13:25:00

In Hollywood, when a star passes away, the obituary usually centers on film or television work. So-and-so was a star of golden age of Hollywood....or so-and-so had a TV series back in the 1970s that nobody remembers.

Army: 'Insufficient evidence' of crime in soldier's electrocutionupdated: Fri Aug 07 2009 18:06:00

There will be no criminal charges filed in the death of a Green Beret who was electrocuted in his quarters in Iraq last year, the Department of Defense said Friday.

Commentary: How many Gitmo prisoners return to fight?updated: Tue Jul 21 2009 09:40:00

As President Obama awaits formal recommendations this month on issues surrounding the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it is crucial that policymakers and the public have an accurate picture of the threat to the United States posed by those detainees already released.

Study recommends total ban on smoking for soldiersupdated: Sun Jul 12 2009 05:51:00

You've seen the iconic picture of a soldier with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, but that could soon be a thing of the past.

As U.S. troop withdrawal nears, 'uptick' in violence expectedupdated: Wed Jun 24 2009 21:38:00

The U.S. expects the level of violence in Iraq to rise as it goes ahead with its planned withdrawal of troops from Iraqi cities by June 30, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

Fake military veteran hid under 'ocean of lies'updated: Sat Jun 13 2009 17:52:00

Richard Strandlof said he survived the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon. He said he survived again when a roadside bomb went off in Iraq killing four fellow Marines. He'd point to his head and tell people he had a metal plate, collateral damage from the explosion.

14 percent of those freed from Gitmo reoffend, source saysupdated: Thu May 21 2009 23:39:00

Preliminary intelligence assessments show more than 14 percent of detainees released from Guantanamo Bay have returned or are suspected of having returned to terrorism activities, an administration official with knowledge of the Defense Department's information said.

Transcript of Dick Cheney's remarks on national securityupdated: Thu May 21 2009 16:58:00

Well, good morning, or perhaps good afternoon. It's pretty clear the president served in the Senate and not in the House of Representatives, because, of course, in the House, we have the five-minute rule.

Pentagon video: 'Chinese aggression ... details at 11'updated: Sat Mar 21 2009 00:33:00

Sailors aboard a U.S. ocean surveillance ship reacted with a mix of bemusement and profanity to what they said was harassment by Chinese ships earlier this month, according to video released Friday by the Pentagon.

Behind the Scenes: Trying to get 'the building that speaks' off muteupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 17:38:00

The Pentagon is sometimes known as "the building that speaks," because when officials here issue pronouncements, it's often reported that the Pentagon "said" something. The Latest Star Wars Woes: Launching Fake Targetsupdated: Mon Sep 29 2008 11:00:00

The ability of a U.S. missile shield to intercept an incoming missile has long been in question, but right now the Pentagon is struggling even to launch fake 'enemy' missiles to test the system

Creating 9/11 memorials a slow processupdated: Thu Sep 11 2008 22:50:00

Seven years after devastating terrorist attacks brought death to New York's World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field, the first permanent, on-site memorial is being dedicated Thursday at the Pentagon.

Pentagon remembers 9/11updated: Thu Sep 11 2008 22:50:00

This week, the Pentagon's September 11th memorial will be dedicated to those lost in the attack. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

Videos from 9/11 anniversaryupdated: Thu Sep 11 2008 14:19:00

Seven years after the terrorist attacks that brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center, left a large hole in the Pentagon and sent a jetliner plunging into a Pennsylvania field, the nation paused to remember on Thursday.

Pentagon 9/11 memorial honors victims in symbols, concreteupdated: Thu Sep 11 2008 14:12:00

The grooved, gray concrete wall rising from a few inches to a few feet seems to be solely for blocking the noise from the nearby highway, but like many parts of the new Pentagon memorial, there is more to the wall than meets the eye.

First female four-star U.S. Army general nominatedupdated: Tue Jun 24 2008 14:59:00

America's first female four-star general has been nominated, the Pentagon announced Monday.

Nearly complete Pentagon memorial tells story of 9/11updated: Sat May 24 2008 13:57:00

As president of the Pentagon Memorial Fund, Jim Laychak has been involved in nearly aspect of the project's planning.

Pentagon 9/11 memorialupdated: Sat May 24 2008 13:57:00

Relatives of victims talk about the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. A War Machine for the Whole Familyupdated: Wed Apr 02 2008 21:00:00

As the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan drag on, the Pentagon initiates changes to make military life more family-friendly

Pentagon overspending, delays getting worse, auditors findupdated: Tue Apr 01 2008 14:56:00

The Pentagon is $295 billion over budget on dozens of key programs and taking more time to deliver the systems to the front lines, according to a report released by a government watchdog agency.

Tanzania bombing suspect charged with war crimesupdated: Mon Mar 31 2008 12:09:00

An al Qaeda suspect alleged to have been involved in the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania that killed 11 people faces war crimes charges, the Pentagon announced Monday.

Pentagon: Iraq's improvements threatened by corruptionupdated: Wed Mar 12 2008 13:27:00

Iraq has made "limited but important" political, diplomatic and economic gains in the past three months, but improvements in security remain "fragile," the Pentagon reported Tuesday. That Murky Threat from Chinaupdated: Tue Mar 04 2008 14:00:00

Congress screams, the Pentagon screams but it's all part of a strange Washington phenomenon. China may be dangerous but it's not clear how exactly Was a Satellite Shootdown Necessary? updated: Wed Feb 20 2008 12:00:00

The government says it has shot down a dead spy satellite to protect public safety. But there was little real risk Spinning the Defense Budgetupdated: Tue Feb 05 2008 12:00:00

Defense Secretary Gates says his budget asks for a lower percentage of GDP than the military spent during Vietnam. But his calculation rests on a dubious premise

Chinese probe gets lunar imageupdated: Fri Nov 30 2007 18:16:00

China published the first picture of the moon captured by its satellite, marking the success of its first lunar probe.

FSB: Pentagon R&D spending skyrocketsupdated: Fri Oct 26 2007 14:07:00

What does the "war on terror" mean for America's small businesses? A government report, released Wednesday, said that military operations related to the war could add as much as $1.7 trillion by the year 2017 to the hundreds of billions we already spend on defense. Families Settle in 9/11 Lawsuitupdated: Wed Oct 03 2007 09:00:00

Five families who lost relatives in the 2001 terrorist attacks have settled their negligence lawsuit against American Airlines, Boeing Co. and a passenger screening company

Cyber espionageupdated: Wed Sep 05 2007 04:53:00

Cyber espionage

China denies hacking into Pentagonupdated: Wed Sep 05 2007 04:53:00

The Chinese government called allegations that its military hacked the Pentagon's computer network over the summer "groundless", the state-run Xinhua news agency reported late Tuesday.

Pentagon closing database that had information on Iraq war protestersupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 08:12:00

The Pentagon's counterintelligence office is shutting down a database that contained information gathered within the United States, including intelligence about Iraq war protesters.

Pentagon steps up 'battle of ideas'updated: Tue Oct 31 2006 05:50:00

The Pentagon's latest recruits are not soldiers, spies or scientists but spin doctors, bloggers and YouTube DIY filmmakers as it prepares to launch a vigorous new media campaign in support of its ongoing military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pentagon boosts PR arsenalupdated: Tue Oct 31 2006 03:23:00

The Pentagon has begun a new "rapid response" operation to quickly respond to news media stories critical of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the war in Iraq, as well as other stories the Defense Department leadership doesn't like.

U.S. Navy test intercepts warheadupdated: Fri Jun 23 2006 07:08:00

A U.S. warship has successfully knocked down a short-range missile fired from Hawaii, the Pentagon has said, amid global concerns about a possible North Korea missile test.

First video of Pentagon 9/11 attack releasedupdated: Tue May 16 2006 11:43:00

Video showing a plane crashing into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, was released publicly for the first time Tuesday, a judicial watchdog group said.

Jury sees harrowing images of 9/11 terrorismupdated: Tue Apr 11 2006 07:20:00

Jurors saw more disturbing evidence of the effects of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks as the focus of an al Qaeda plotter's sentencing trial shifted Tuesday from the World Trade Center to the Pentagon.

Why Iraq was a mistakeupdated: Mon Apr 10 2006 15:32:00

Two senior military officers are known to have challenged Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the planning of the Iraq war. Army General Eric Shinseki publicly dissented and found himself marginalized. Marine Lieut. General Greg Newbold, the Pentagon's top operations officer, voiced his objections internally and then retired, in part out of opposition to the war. Here, for the first time, Newbold goes public with a full-throated critique:

Molly Ivins: Finding no faultupdated: Tue Mar 28 2006 15:33:00

The Pentagon has once again investigated itself! And -- have a seat, get the smelling salts, hold all hats -- the Pentagon has once again concluded the Pentagon did absolutely nothing wrong and will continue to do so.

Justices uphold military recruiting on campusesupdated: Mon Mar 06 2006 11:23:00

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that universities that accept federal money must allow military recruiters on campus, even if they oppose the Pentagon's policy barring people who are openly homosexual from serving.

U.S. security stepped up after terror bomb attemptsupdated: Thu Jul 21 2005 16:10:00

Security is stepped up at a September 11 terror target as well as New York City's massive transit system after four terror bomb attacks were attempted in London Thursday.

Pentagon tests emergency preparedness updated: Wed Jun 08 2005 15:38:00

Emergency crews responded to a simulated explosion Wednesday near the Pentagon as part of a drill to test their responses.

The age of grassroots dissentupdated: Fri Jun 03 2005 10:10:00

Looking ahead, I predict that water will be a massive issue as the impact of global warming increases in its severity.

Communities still feeling past closuresupdated: Fri May 13 2005 12:40:00

Military officials predict that the latest proposed base closings will make the armed forces more flexible and efficient, while shaving billions of dollars from the Pentagon's budget.

Lawmakers scramble to save basesupdated: Fri May 13 2005 00:34:00

The Pentagon on Friday recommended closing 33 major military installations and many smaller facilities across the United States, sparking fierce reactions from lawmakers who had hoped their states would be spared.

Playdate for the Pentagon updated: Mon May 02 2005 17:01:00

The small, unmanned vehicle barreled on minitank tracks across the tarmac, looking more like a playground toy than a sophisticated and lethal weapon of war.

Pentagon releases photos of fallen U.S. troopsupdated: Thu Apr 28 2005 17:44:00

Under pressure from advocates of open government and a former CNN journalist, the Pentagon has released nearly 300 photos of U.S. troops killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts.

CNNMoney: L-3 unit probe said to widenupdated: Tue Apr 26 2005 05:53:00

A criminal investigation of an L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. (LLL) unit that supplied defective parts for military radios has expanded to include at least several other programs involving the unit, government officials familiar with the case said.

Official: Tests for anthrax negativeupdated: Tue Mar 15 2005 17:04:00

Tests conducted at mail facilities outside the Pentagon and at other locations around Washington are negative for the presence of anthrax, a senior Pentagon official said Tuesday.

Bush: Iraq vote shouldn't be delayedupdated: Thu Dec 02 2004 05:25:00

President Bush said Thursday that elections in Iraq should go ahead as scheduled January 30.

Lawmakers hold closed talks about intelligence overhaulupdated: Thu Aug 26 2004 16:25:00

Key officials from the Pentagon, the FBI and the CIA met in closed session Thursday with a Senate panel charged with developing legislation to implement recommendations from the independent 9-11 commission.

Reporter: Iraq prison program got 'out of control'updated: Sun May 16 2004 13:54:00

The interrogation program at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison was so "out of control" that the CIA "pulled their people out," the author of a series of articles about abuse of prisoners at the facility said Sunday.

Author of prison abuse report to testifyupdated: Tue May 11 2004 03:29:00

The author of a 53-page Army report critical of the "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuse" of some Iraqi prisoners is scheduled to testify before a Senate committee Tuesday.

General to testify on abuse probeupdated: Tue May 11 2004 01:52:00

With the Army general who investigated abuse of prisoners in Iraq set to testify before a Senate committee Tuesday, Pentagon sources told CNN there are 200 to 300 more photographs of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison.

Senators say they were kept in dark about abuseupdated: Tue May 04 2004 14:15:00

Senators from both sides of the political aisle complained Tuesday that Defense Department officials did not inform them about investigations into abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

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