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CNNMoney: First new nuclear reactors OK'd in over 30 yearsupdated: Thu Feb 09 2012 14:50:00

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved licenses to build two new nuclear reactors Thursday, the first authorized in over 30 years.

CNNMoney: New nuclear reactors set to be OK'd for Georgiaupdated: Thu Feb 09 2012 11:20:00

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is set to approve licenses to build two new nuclear reactors Thursday, the first approvals in over 30 years.

Fukushima plant wreckage post earthquakeupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 07:09:00

Aerial video shows wreckage after the March 9.0 magnitude earthquake damaged the Fukushima power plant in Japan.

Japan marks nuclear reactors milestoneupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 07:09:00

Japan's Prime Minister said Friday that a "cold shutdown" has been achieved at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, a symbolic milestone that means the plant's crippled reactors have stayed at temperatures below the boiling point for some time.

Experts: Long road ahead as crippled Japanese reactors mark milestoneupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 23:57:00

Japanese authorities are expected to announce Friday that a "cold shutdown" has been achieved at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Nuclear experts: Many challenges, few options for Japaneseupdated: Thu Apr 07 2011 19:32:00

Nuclear experts at the Union of Concerned Scientists said again Thursday there are many challenges ahead and few options left to Japanese workers trying to ease the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Is nuclear energy worth the risk?updated: Mon Apr 04 2011 10:57:00

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Radiation: Facts and falsehoodsupdated: Sun Mar 20 2011 11:07:00

CNN's Stan Grant dispels some of the misconceptions and half-truths about radiation and how it spreads.

Facts whisper, fears scream during crisisupdated: Sun Mar 20 2011 11:07:00

After the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, Soviet soldiers had to do the hard, potentially risky, cleanup job. Fears of radiation exposure, sickness and death were rampant. In the months after, however, it wasn't the rate of cancer that increased: it was the rate of suicide.

Nuclear power is on trialupdated: Sat Mar 19 2011 18:22:00

As frightening as Japan's unfolding nuclear crisis is, worrying about the possibility of an earthquake-related nuclear disaster in the United States should not be our only concern.

TEPCO hikes radiation limits as workers' exposure risesupdated: Fri Mar 18 2011 22:38:00

The owner of the stricken nuclear power complex in northeastern Japan said Saturday that it will hike the radiation exposure limit for its workers at the plant from 100 millisieverts per shift to 150 millisieverts, Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported.

Chu: Japan crisis could end up more serious than Three Mile Islandupdated: Thu Mar 17 2011 08:24:00

Energy Secretary Steven Chu told members of Congress Wednesday that the rapidly unfolding nuclear crisis in Japan may be more serious than the situation faced by U.S. officials during the Three Mile Island meltdown in 1979.

Will Japan face a mental health crisis?updated: Wed Mar 16 2011 12:57:00

The frightening disasters in Japan are mounting. Despite workers' Herculean efforts to prevent a complete meltdown at the country's earthquake-ravaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the situation appears to be growing more serious.

'They don't do that anymore'updated: Wed Mar 16 2011 11:38:00

CNN Contributor Jim Walsh explains that the design of the troubled Japanese reactors isn't used in more modern reactors.

How bad is it? Depends on which nuclear expert you askupdated: Wed Mar 16 2011 11:38:00

Experts disagreed Tuesday over just how bad things have gotten at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, but all of them agreed that things could get worse.

Q&A: What has quake done to Japanese nuclear reactors?updated: Sun Mar 13 2011 12:21:00

What kind of nuclear reactor is involved?

After the quakes: Are Japan's nuclear plants safe?updated: Fri Mar 11 2011 13:01:00

Four nuclear power plants appear to have survived the 8.9-magnitude earthquake which rocked Japan Friday triggering a massive tsunami, according to Japanese authorities.

Oil disaster commission faces unique challengesupdated: Tue Jul 13 2010 15:44:00

The National Oil Commission, just beginning its investigation into the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, faces a daunting task: Collect information, process it and within six-months make recommendations to President Obama.

Fortune: Overreaction: The real damage from the BP oil spillupdated: Tue Jun 22 2010 08:28:00

If you're searching for yet another reason to hate BP and distrust Washington, here it is. No, I'm not talking about the dead birds, befouled beaches, or zillions in damages inflicted on millions of Americans by the incompetents at BP (enabled by clueless federal regulators). Rather, I'm talking about the way our nation will overreact to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. That overreaction will cause us far greater damage than the disaster itself will, because we'll import more oil than we otherwise would and produce less of our own.

Senator: 'Outrageous' for BP to skip safety hearingupdated: Thu Jun 10 2010 14:25:00

Sen. Patty Murray blasted BP on Thursday for failing to attend her subcommittee's hearing on oil and gas worker safety.

Three Mile Island radiation leak investigatedupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 07:28:00

Authorities at Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear plant were investigating what caused a weekend radiation leak that resulted in 150 workers being sent home, officials said Sunday.

Fortune: The case for nukesupdated: Thu May 29 2008 13:47:00

When Goldman Sachs analysts suggested last week that oil could hit $200 a barrel, I expected someone somewhere to express horror at the possibility. But the reaction was a tiny, resignation-filled sigh. Relentless fuel-price increases have so exhausted consumers that we don't have the energy to be outraged anymore. So we feel helpless as we watch oil sprint past the $130 mark on its way to price-prohibitive territory and wonder whether it's too late to bring back the horse and buggy. Our sense of helplessness is an illusion: There are things we can do. We got ourselves into this mess, mostly through multiple administrations of politically comfortable but shortsighted decision-making. And inasmuch as we're willing to stand a little political discomfort, we can get ourselves out.

Fueling the futureupdated: Fri Apr 25 2008 11:55:00

In the coming years we face an unprecedented challenge -- to provide the means for global prosperity, growth and stability from a radically different set of energy sources.

CNNMoney: NRG to seek license for nuclear reactorupdated: Mon Sep 24 2007 05:24:00

Power producer NRG Energy Inc. is expected on Tuesday to submit the first application for a new nuclear reactor in the United States in nearly 30 years.

Fortune: Going nuclearupdated: Tue Jul 31 2007 02:40:00

"We were at heightened security - we were at red," recalls Al Griffith, spokesman for the utility that owns the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire.

CNNMoney: Rethinking Three Mile Islandupdated: Tue Jul 31 2007 02:02:00

Ralph DeSantis was home in bed before dawn on March 28, 1979 when his phone rang. It was his shift supervisor at Three Mile Island (TMI), calling from the plant. "'We have an emergency at Unit II and it's serious,'" is the first thing DeSantis remembers hearing. Then he heard the alarms going off.

Rise and shine: Wake up to an enhanced lifeupdated: Thu Jan 25 2007 10:49:00

First published January 25, 2007

Fortune: Why the price of uranium has gone radioactiveupdated: Fri Nov 17 2006 11:57:00

Uranium has always been a hot commodity - literally. But in the past year the cost of the raw material inside nuclear reactors - and atomic bombs - has jumped nearly 100%.

Money Magazine: Why Would Anyone Own Florida Real Estate?updated: Mon Nov 01 2004 00:01:00

Hurricane Charley did a prime number on Florida's Sanibel Island, toppling phone poles, ripping roofs off beachfront homes and uprooting stately palms and Australian pines that canopied the resort'...

GAO: Regulators missed nuke corrosionupdated: Tue May 18 2004 20:37:00

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission failed to identify and prevent corrosion at an Ohio nuclear plant more than two years ago, an oversight that was the most serious safety incident since the 1979 Three Mile Island disaster, according to a report released Tuesday by the investigative arm of Congress.

Fortune: And The Winner Is ...updated: Mon Sep 15 2003 00:01:00

Want to change the world? Lead the assault on daunting frontiers? Goad your fellow man into achieving greatness? Improve the odds of finding a parking space? It's easy. Even better, it might make y...

Money Magazine: Energy Hits And Misses The quest for alternative energy sources has spanned the centuries--with mixed results.updated: Tue Jul 01 2003 00:01:00

--1859 Col. Edwin Drake drills the first oil well, in Pennsylvania.

Fortune: How Great Machines Are Born In the home or in industry, friendly machines based on "human factors" are a joy to use. They are moupdated: Mon Mar 01 1999 00:01:00

The pleasing, buttery feel of manual shifting that motor buffs crave in an agile car. The welcoming contours of a power-tool handle. The sensuous blend of fluidity and resistance in the focusing kn...

Fortune: Let the Tough Times Roll! Three ways to make hay from turmoil, plus how to fight the bad stuff that happens in updated: Mon Dec 21 1998 00:01:00

That which does not kill me makes me stronger" may have been the most fatheaded thing Nietzsche ever said--I guess he never flew from Bangkok to New York in a middle seat in economy--but in a gener...


America's best-known nuclear plant is on the block. A mere $600 million, and Three Mile Island can be yours. But you'd better hurry; a deal's in the works.

Money Magazine: THESE FOUR STOCKS WILL PAY DOUBLE THE YIELD OF THE DOW AND COULD RETURN 15% IN '96updated: Thu Feb 01 1996 00:01:00

THE DIVIDEND YIELD ON THE AVERAGE STOCK IS at the lowest level since the 1920s. As the chart shows, the Dow now pays 2.3%, a puny amount compared with its historical 4.4%.


Conservation is great, but you can no more get new energy from it than you can get new money by hiding what you have in the mattress. Most electricity comes from coal. Only 20% is nuclear. Windmill...

Fortune: JUST THINK . . .updated: Mon Feb 27 1989 00:01:00

Where were you in 1979? That was the year Iran seized 63 U.S. hostages and radiation seeped from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant. For the first time the price of gold eclipsed first $300 an oun...

Fortune: CLEANING UP THE KING OF KILOWATTSupdated: Mon Jun 06 1988 00:01:00

After those Seventies shocks, OPEC and Three Mile Island, abundant U.S. coal is the fuel of choice for the country's utilities. Some of the coal is low in sulfur, and some of the smoke gets scrubbe...

Fortune: Shining Your Light on a Bushel of Dividendsupdated: Mon Feb 02 1987 00:01:00

Are you having trouble finding value in the stock market? Then consider the companies in the following table. Gordon Croft, 54, manager of T. Rowe Price's no-load Growth & Income Fund, believes the...

Fortune: Panic in Pennsylvania, Hard-Core Job Corps Dubiety, The Case for Panty Raids, and Other Matters. Just Askingupdated: Mon Jun 09 1986 00:01:00

In which the present writer continues for some reason to propound long-winded interrogatories, the answers to which everybody knows, or if not we are in even bigger trouble than previously postulat...

Fortune: NUCLEAR POWER AFTER CHERNOBYL The nuclear industry, which thought it had touched bottom, now figures to take a further pounding updated: Mon May 26 1986 00:01:00

NUCLEAR POWER was not a wonderful business to be in even before the disaster at Chernobyl. It now figures to become a lot less wonderful for utilities. Several companies that build and service nucl...

Fortune: BAD NUKES MAY BE GOOD BETS Investors could score big gains by taking a chance on utilities that got lost building nuclear power updated: Mon Mar 17 1986 00:01:00

Investors looking for a double scoop of capital gains have been finding it in doubly troubled nuclear utilities -- companies that not only own nuclear power plants but also have had severe enough p...

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