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Report calls for sharply reducing juvenile incarcerationupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 01:19:00

Locking juvenile offenders behind bars is costly and largely ineffective, according to a report released Tuesday by an advocacy group that favors alternatives to youth detention.

Weiner says his wife wants him to stay in Congress, source saysupdated: Thu Jun 09 2011 15:11:00

Rep. Anthony Weiner has said he has no plans to resign and that his wife wants him to stay in Congress, a Democratic source told CNN Thursday.

Will Weiner survive 'sexting' scandal?updated: Wed Jun 08 2011 22:00:00

Robert Zimmerman and James Carville discuss how Rep. Anthony Weiner can come out strong after the "sexting" scandal.

Wasserman Schultz to chair Democratic National Committeeupdated: Wed Apr 06 2011 13:01:00

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida said Tuesday that she is President Barack Obama's choice to be the next chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Sources say Kaine plans to announce Senate bidupdated: Sun Apr 03 2011 15:49:00

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine is planning to announce he will run in 2012 for the Virginia U.S. Senate seat currently held by fellow Democrat Jim Webb, who is retiring, two senior Democratic sources told CNN on Sunday.

No surprise: Democrats and Republicans differ on election predictionsupdated: Sun Oct 24 2010 14:07:00

Will an anti-incumbent wave return Republicans to power in the House and Senate, or can Democrats engineer a late rush to hold on to their congressional majorities?

Democrats tout "major" announcement Wednesdayupdated: Wed Sep 15 2010 02:36:00

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine plans to make what's being billed as a major announcement for the party Wednesday.

Democrats defend state of economic recoveryupdated: Sun Sep 05 2010 15:05:00

As the summer begins to wind down, Republicans are criticizing Democrats over economic promises they made at the beginning of the season.

WH protects social secretaryupdated: Wed Dec 09 2009 15:39:00

The White House Social Secretary avoids testifying on state dinner security, citing separation of powers.

Dinner 'crashers' stood out years agoupdated: Wed Dec 09 2009 15:39:00

I confess, I've met Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

Report shows gap in timeline of Virginia Tech shootingsupdated: Fri Dec 04 2009 21:46:00

On the morning of the 2007 shooting massacre that rocked the country, Virginia Tech officials had begun to lock down administrative buildings and some staffers even warned their families nearly 90 minutes before the rest of campus was notified that a gunman was on the loose, according to a new report released by Virginia's governor Friday.

Witness to execution: 'It was surreal'updated: Thu Nov 12 2009 09:43:00

CNN's Larry King talks to Bob Meyers, whose brother was killed by the D.C. sniper.

Sniper's ex-wife speaks outupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 03:42:00

John Muhammad's ex-wife talks about the sniper shootings and her troubled husband. CNN's Jeanne Meserve reports.

Sniper John Allen Muhammad executedupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 03:42:00

Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad was executed Tuesday by lethal injection, a Virginia prisons spokesman said.

Lawyers ask U.S. Supreme Court to block execution of Beltway sniperupdated: Tue Nov 03 2009 20:46:00

Lawyers for convicted Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad have asked the Supreme Court to block next week's scheduled execution.

D.C. sniper scheduled to die next monthupdated: Tue Oct 27 2009 17:39:00

Convicted Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection November 10, a Virginia corrections official said Tuesday.

D.C. sniper's attorney seeks clemency from Virginia governorupdated: Tue Oct 13 2009 19:20:00

An attorney for convicted Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad, who is scheduled to be executed November 10, will seek clemency from Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine on October 22.

Governor to review Virginia Tech shooting reportupdated: Tue Jul 28 2009 16:18:00

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine agreed Tuesday to review the report examining the deadly 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech and to correct any errors based on what has been learned since its publication.

Strip clubs, marijuana eyed during budget crunchupdated: Tue Jul 28 2009 16:06:00

With their budgets teetering on bankruptcy, states are digging deep to find creative ways to ease their financial woes.

Governor: Shooter's Virginia Tech mental health files foundupdated: Wed Jul 22 2009 14:30:00

The university mental health files of Seung-Hui Cho, the man who went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech in 2007, were recently discovered, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine said Wednesday.

New role for president: Fundraiser in chiefupdated: Mon Mar 30 2009 10:23:00

President Obama takes his first stab Wednesday night at the role of fundraiser in chief.

Limbaugh vs. Steele vs. Kaineupdated: Thu Mar 05 2009 08:10:00

Michael Steele apologizes to Rush Limbaugh; DNC chair calls Limbaugh the GOP's 'Wizard of Oz.' Paul Steinhauser reports.

Stimulus sales pitchupdated: Tue Feb 10 2009 10:24:00

Gov. Tim Kaine discusses the stimulus plan with CNN's Kiran Chetry.

Schneider: Governor races could gauge voter angerupdated: Fri Feb 06 2009 13:44:00

Could this year's elections for governor in New Jersey and Virginia be an omen of things to come in 2010? They sometimes have been in the past. But you have to know how to read the signs.

What will Obama do with his millions of online 'friends'?updated: Mon Jan 12 2009 18:07:00

Has President-elect Barack Obama found the person to entrust with his predominantly online network of millions of supporters?

U.S.S. Bush commissionedupdated: Sat Jan 10 2009 19:36:00

An aircraft carrier named after former U.S. President George H.W. Bush was commissioned Saturday in Virginia.

Sources: Virginia governor tapped for DNC chairupdated: Sun Jan 04 2009 22:13:00

President-elect Barack Obama has tapped Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to serve as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, replacing former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, two Democratic officials told CNN Sunday.

Why Obama loves Virginiaupdated: Sun Nov 02 2008 11:56:00

Barack Obama loves Virginia. Thursday's rally at Virginia Beach was his 10th visit to the state since he won the Democratic presidential nomination and his third in a little over a week.

Obama keeps pressure onupdated: Sun Nov 02 2008 11:56:00

CNN's Candy Crowley reports on Obama's strategy to blunt McCain's advantage in GOP strongholds.

Battle for Virginia shifts to getting voters to the pollsupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 21:24:00

In the final days before the election, the strategy in battleground Virginia has shifted from getting people registered to making sure they show up to vote.

Ground war in Virginiaupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 21:24:00

Virginia Republicans and Democrats amp up their get-out-the-vote efforts before Election Day. CNN's Kate Bolduan reports.

Obama accuses Republicans of 'swift boat politics'updated: Wed Sep 10 2008 13:37:00

Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday accused Sen. John McCain's campaign of engaging in "lies" and "swift boat politics" in regard to his comment about "lipstick on a pig." Sheryl Crow, Sugarland & Dave Matthews Rock the DNC updated: Mon Aug 25 2008 12:44:00

It was a very earthy opening: On the eve of the Democratic National Convention's kick-off, Sheryl Crow, Sugarland and the Dave Matthews Band drew some 8,000 fans and environmental activists to their "Green Sunday."

VP guessing gameupdated: Fri Aug 22 2008 23:17:00

CNN's Mary Snow looks at the buzz leading up to Barack Obama's announcement of a vice presidential running mate.

Campaign: Obama's VP choice to be announced Saturdayupdated: Fri Aug 22 2008 23:17:00

Sen. Barack Obama's choice for running mate will be announced to supporters in a text message Saturday morning, senior Obama campaign officials told CNN on Friday night, and a senior party official said it won't be Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Obama: I've decided on my running mateupdated: Fri Aug 22 2008 05:56:00

Sen. Barack Obama said he has decided on his running mate, but he's not saying who it is. Barack Obama Set to Announce Running Mateupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 19:04:00

John McCain, meanwhile, will name his v.p. choice on his Aug. 29 birthday

Who will Obama choose?updated: Wed Aug 20 2008 15:56:00

CNN Political Editor Mark Preston has the latest information on Barack Obama's potential VP pick.

Speculation, anticipation as Obama's VP announcement nearsupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 15:56:00

The question is starting to feel a little old: Whom will Barack Obama pick as his vice president?

Obama ties McCain to Bush's economic policiesupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 15:34:00

Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday lambasted his Republican rival's economic plan, arguing that Sen. John McCain would continue President Bush's policies and "we can't keep on going in the same direction."

McCain's weakness?updated: Wed Aug 20 2008 15:34:00

Barack Obama says John McCain's economic policy is much of the same.

Analysis: Countdown is on for Obama's VP announcementupdated: Mon Aug 18 2008 15:40:00

With the Democratic convention just a week away, the countdown is on for Sen. Barack Obama to make his VP announcement.

Who will be VP?updated: Thu Aug 07 2008 12:52:00

CNN Political Editor Mark Preston talks about potential top picks for John McCain and Barack Obama running mates.

Kaine: Virginia could go blue for Obamaupdated: Thu Aug 07 2008 12:52:00

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, a top supporter of Sen. Barack Obama, said Wednesday that while he's not running for Obama's vice president, he will do everything he can to help the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate win in Virginia.

Appear with a candidate: The VP buzz beginsupdated: Thu Aug 07 2008 12:40:00

It is vice presidential season, where every picture looks like a campaign brochure and introductions sound like tryouts.

CNN analysis: Who'll win the Obama veepstakes?updated: Wed Jul 30 2008 19:11:00

Sen. Barack Obama's two unannounced and very secretive meetings with his vice presidential team have Washington insiders buzzing about a potential announcement.

VP guessing gameupdated: Tue Jul 29 2008 12:38:00

New rumors abound about potential running mates for John McCain and Barack Obama.

Virginia governor not saying if he's Obama's top VP choiceupdated: Tue Jul 29 2008 12:38:00

The vice presidential buzz is circling around Gov. Tim Kaine, but the Virginia Democrat refused to address the speculation Tuesday.

President, Congress offer no immediate help on gas pricesupdated: Mon Jun 09 2008 17:52:00

Before departing the White House early Monday for a farewell tour of Europe, President Bush stole a page from his predecessor and suggested he feels American consumers' pain.

Any relief from gas prices?updated: Mon Jun 09 2008 17:52:00

Can the president or Congress do anything about rising gas prices? Ed Henry reports.

Obama a symbol of progressupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 10:55:00

CNN special correspondent Frank Sesno says Sen. Barack Obama is a symbol of progress and change.

Obama sees opportunities in 'pivotal' Virginiaupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 10:55:00

Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, kicked off his general election campaign Thursday with stops in Virginia, signaling that he thinks he can turn the once solidly red state into a Democratic pickup come November.

At least 140 homes hit by Virginia tornadoesupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 21:04:00

Virginians faced a massive cleanup project Tuesday after at least three tornadoes damaged dozens of homes and injured more than 200 people.

Virginia city 'pulls together'updated: Tue Apr 29 2008 21:04:00

Suffolk, Virginia officials share the latest on the tornadoes that ripped through the city. Va. Rescuers: 6 Twisters, No Deathsupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 20:00:00

It was a scene of haphazard destruction that stretched for 25 miles: Row upon row of homes reduced to sprays of splintered lumber, shopping centers stripped to bare metal, parking lots turned into junk yards

Storms leave 200 injured in Virginia, officials sayupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 04:53:00

At least three tornadoes caused massive damage in Virginia and injured more than 200 people on Monday, officials said.

Virginia Tech remembersupdated: Wed Apr 16 2008 22:11:00

Virginia Tech President Charles Steger remembers the victims of the shooting there one year ago. Ignoring Virginia Techupdated: Tue Apr 15 2008 18:00:00

A year after the massacre, there has been much talk but little real action to prevent such a tragedy from recurring

Governor sees 'productive' talks on Virginia Tech settlementupdated: Tue Mar 25 2008 15:00:00

Virginia officials are working to compensate victims' families for last year's Virginia Tech shooting spree, which left almost 50 students and staff members dead or wounded, Gov. Tim Kaine told a radio station Tuesday.

Crews work to control wildfires in drought-ravaged Southupdated: Mon Feb 11 2008 10:30:00

Fire crews made progress Monday in Virginia against brush fires that had been fanned by gale-force winds, officials said.

Winds fuel Virginia firesupdated: Mon Feb 11 2008 10:30:00

Heavy winds are fueling wildfires in several areas across Virginia.

Report: Warning signs missedupdated: Thu Aug 30 2007 06:53:00

Report: Warning signs missed

Warnings could have saved lives at Virginia Tech, report saysupdated: Thu Aug 30 2007 06:53:00

Better information by officials might have saved lives in the Virginia Tech massacre, an investigation into the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history found.

Virginia Tech probe finds no fault in massacre responseupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 06:04:00

An internal review of the actions Virginia Tech took in the hours after student Seung-Hui Cho's April shooting spree makes suggestions to boost security but assigns no blame for the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.

Virginia Tech lessons learnedupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 06:04:00

Virginia Tech lessons learned

Virginia Tech rampage updateupdated: Fri Aug 10 2007 03:46:00

Virginia Tech rampage update

Virginia Tech report: Share mental health dataupdated: Wed Jun 13 2007 17:00:00

Cowed by confusing privacy laws, authorities sometimes fail to raise red flags about potentially dangerous students, and peers keep quiet out of a false sense of duty, a federal report on the Virginia Tech shootings concluded Wednesday.

Killer's images 'a second assault on us'updated: Thu Apr 19 2007 01:51:00

Angry students, faculty and loved ones urged the media to focus on the 32 victims of Monday's shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, not the twisted words and images of the man who gunned them down.

Two more shooting victims released from hospitalupdated: Wed Apr 18 2007 06:13:00

Twelve victims of Monday's shooting at Virginia Tech remained hospitalized Wednesday night.

Democrats respond: 'There is a better way' updated: Tue Jan 31 2006 17:49:00

Democrats accused President Bush of failing Americans by his "poor choices and bad management" -- related to such issues as health care, jobs, the economy and the Iraq war -- in their response to the president's State of the Union address.

Sources: Kaine to hammer GOP for 'culture of corruption'updated: Thu Jan 19 2006 09:58:00

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who successfully rode a message of traditional Democratic ideals and moral values to victory in November, will deliver his party's rebuttal to President Bush's State of the Union address later this month, Democratic sources said.

After Election Day: Pretense and portentsupdated: Thu Nov 10 2005 15:30:00

You know the classic definition of inflation? "Too much money chasing too few goods." Well, off-year elections provide fertile ground for a different kind of inflation: too many political pundits chasing too few items of significance.

The impact of Virginiaupdated: Wed Nov 09 2005 13:37:00

House Speaker Dennis Hastert and the House Republican campaign chairman, Rep. Tom Reynolds, were given a sobering warning last week by senior GOP political operatives. They were told that on Tuesday, November 8, the Democrats were sure to win the governorship of Virginia. After that, the warning continued, the watchword within the House majority would be: Every man for himself!

Why Virginia worries the GOPupdated: Mon Nov 07 2005 15:42:00

Jerry Kilgore, a Republican candidate for governor whose mountain twang kept him out of his own ads for much of the campaign, was looking starched and chipper Sunday as he shook hands outside the Falls Church, a 273-year-old Episcopal congregation near Washington that has a number of Bush Administration luminaries in its pews. Falls Church is a Democratic oasis, but these were his people. "In Falls Church, of all places, a landslide!" Kilgore said delightedly before heading inside. He is Baptist, but joined fellow parishioners in kneeling for prayers. The service ran long and so he sneaked out the side after receiving Communion and headed to McLean Bible Church, a non-denominational mega-church where he was greeted with applause at the Welcome Center.

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