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Experts: Empire State Building shooting won't keep tourists awayupdated: Fri Aug 24 2012 18:54:00

Within hours of Friday's wild gun battle near the Empire State Building, New York City's top leaders sought to reassure legions of tourists and the city's 8.3 million residents.

N.Y. police identify man fatally wounded by officers near Times Squareupdated: Sun Aug 12 2012 18:02:00

New York police on Sunday identified the man fatally wounded the day earlier by officers a short walk from Manhattan's Times Square as a 51-year-old from nearby Long Island.

Police shoot knife-wielding man near Times Squareupdated: Sun Aug 12 2012 17:49:00

A man who allegedly threatened police officers with a knife was shot and fatally wounded Saturday afternoon near Times Square in Manhattan, authorities said.

Pakistan acquits 4 men in Times Square bomb plotupdated: Sun Jun 03 2012 06:46:00

A Pakistani court has acquitted four men accused of taking part in a botched 2010 plot to detonate a bomb in New York's Times Square.

Six new spots for architecture loversupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 09:38:00

The Eiffel Tower. The Colosseum. The Taj Majal. The Pyramids.

2010: Salute to Times Square heroesupdated: Wed Feb 08 2012 17:48:00

CNN's special salute to two New York City vendors who alerted police and helped avert the Times Square bombing.

Vendor who alerted police to Times Square car bomb to run for Congressupdated: Wed Feb 08 2012 17:48:00

One of the street vendors who alerted police to a smoking vehicle in Times Square that was later found to be carrying explosives says he's planning to run for Congress.

New Year's Eve security main focus for NYPDupdated: Fri Dec 30 2011 05:31:00

Security in Times Square will be the priority for New York Police Department this weekend as crowds pack the streets to herald the New Year.

Monthlong protests show no sign of abating as rally enters Times Squareupdated: Sat Oct 15 2011 21:22:00

Protesters upset about corporate greed rallied in New York's Times Square Saturday night, marking the 29th day of a movement that is tapping into popular frustrations about income disparities and an ailing U.S. economy.

Suspicious package shuts down Times Squareupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 10:19:00

Police briefly shut down a portion of New York City's Times Square to traffic Tuesday as they investigated a suspicious package left aboard an MTA bus, authorities said.

How your online dating photo should lookupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 07:15:00

Obvious observation number one: Judging by the high response rate of our last two columns on online dating, it sure seems like a lot of you out there are looking for love.

Celebration at Times Squareupdated: Tue May 03 2011 06:54:00

Upon the news of Osama bin Laden's death, crowds gather at Times Square in New York to cheer and celebrate.

NYC welcomes 2011 with traditional ball-drop, revelersupdated: Sat Jan 01 2011 09:04:00

An estimated 1 million people marked the passing of one year and the beginning of another in New York's Times Square with the descent of an iconic ball.

Times Square counts down to 2011updated: Sat Jan 01 2011 09:04:00

Hundreds of thousands of revelers pack Times Square for the annual New Year's ball drop.

New York to welcome 2011 with traditional ball-drop, big crowdsupdated: Fri Dec 31 2010 15:43:00

Just as it has happened for more than a century as the old year ticks toward history, a large crowd will gather Friday night in New York's Times Square to mark the old and the new with the descent of an iconic ball.

NYPD gearing up for Times Square crowdsupdated: Fri Dec 31 2010 15:43:00

From radiation detectors to backpack bans, the NYPD gears up for New Year's Eve at Times Square. Mary Snow has more. Snooki's New Year's Eve Ball to Drop in New Jerseyupdated: Thu Dec 30 2010 18:29:00

Without permission to do the stunt in Times Square, the Jersey Shore star will ring in 2011 in Seaside Heights, N.J.

AT&T to expand Times Square Wi-Fi by New Year's Eveupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 12:39:00

Ahead of the annual New Year's Eve celebration, wireless provider AT&T says it will expand a Wi-Fi hotspot in New York City's Times Square.

Times Square plotter gets lifeupdated: Tue Oct 05 2010 16:41:00

Faisal Shahzad is sentenced to life after trying to blow up a car in New York's Times Square.

Times Square plotter planned to attack again, prosecutors sayupdated: Thu Sep 30 2010 04:18:00

Prosecutors say Faisal Shahzad, the 30-year-old Pakistani-American suspect in the failed Times Square bombing case, carefully selected his location as a highly populated target and intended to strike again if he wasn't caught the first time.

Detonated bomb mimics NY bombing attemptupdated: Thu Sep 30 2010 04:18:00

The FBI recreated and detonated the bomb Faisal Shahzad attempted to use for the August Times Square incident.

Pakistani police arrest three linked to Times Square bomb attemptupdated: Wed Sep 08 2010 22:40:00

Three Pakistani men linked to Faisal Shahzad, the 30-year-old Pakistani-American who has pleaded guilty to the botched Times Square terror attack, were arrested and have confessed before a judge, authorities said Wednesday.

Bedbugs found at Times Square movie theaterupdated: Wed Aug 18 2010 20:23:00

A 25-screen movie theater in New York's bustling Times Square is the latest city business to shut down temporarily as it battles a bedbug infestation.

Alleged al Qaeda message mourns comrade, mentions flotilla raidupdated: Tue Jul 27 2010 13:24:00

A man identified as al Qaeda's No. 2 official issued a eulogy for a slain comrade and made reference to a few hot-button events in recent months: the botched Times Square car bombing, the Israeli commando flotilla strike and the proposed burqa ban in France.

Al Arabiya network airs tape of confessed Times Square bomberupdated: Wed Jul 14 2010 15:33:00

The man who pleaded guilty in the failed Times Square car bombing said before the incident that the strike would be a "revenge attack," according to an airing Wednesday on an Arabic-language TV network.

State Dept. moving to designate Pakistani Taliban as terrorist groupupdated: Tue Jun 22 2010 15:46:00

The State Department intends to designate the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) as a "foreign terrorist organization" after the suspect charged in the failed Times Square bombing admitted to being trained by the group, two senior officials tell CNN.

Shahzad pleads guilty to Times Square bombing chargesupdated: Mon Jun 21 2010 20:05:00

Faisal Shahzad, the 30-year-old Pakistani-American suspect in the failed Times Square bombing case, entered pleas of guilty Monday in federal court to all 10 counts he was facing.

Times Square car bomb suspect indicted on 10 countsupdated: Thu Jun 17 2010 18:59:00

A federal grand jury in New York on Thursday indicted a suspect in the Times Square bombing attempt on 10 counts, some of which carry a mandatory life sentence.

Times Square suspect to appear in courtupdated: Tue Jun 01 2010 09:51:00

The man accused of trying to set off a bomb in New York's Times Square is scheduled to appear in federal court Tuesday.

'It could blow up at any second'updated: Mon May 31 2010 13:14:00

CNN's Susan Candiotti talks with members of New York's elite bomb squad called in during the Times Square bomb scare.

Another detained in Times Square probeupdated: Thu May 27 2010 14:32:00

Another person has been taken into custody in Pakistan in connection with the failed bombing attempt in New York's Times Square, a senior intelligence official said Thursday.

Pakistan makes another Times Square-linked arrestupdated: Wed May 26 2010 08:33:00

Pakistani officials have detained an 11th person in connection with the investigation into the failed May car bombing of New York's Times Square, a Pakistani intelligence source told CNN Wednesday.

Times Square suspect's father denies son had roleupdated: Sat May 22 2010 10:35:00

The father of a man arrested in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square bombing attempt case vehemently denied that his son had anything to do with the plot.

Pakistanis arrest man in connection with Times Square caseupdated: Fri May 21 2010 14:52:00

Pakistani authorities have arrested the son of a prominent catering company owner in connection with the attempted Times Square bombing case, U.S. and Pakistani officials said Friday.

U.S. pressures Pakistan on Times Square bomb-attempt caseupdated: Wed May 19 2010 13:49:00

Top U.S. security officials met their Pakistani counterparts Wednesday to discuss the attempted Times Square bombing and the prevention of future terrorist attacks.

Times Square plot suspect appears in courtupdated: Tue May 18 2010 20:33:00

Faisal Shahzad makes his first court appearance to face a handful of charges. CNN's Susan Candiotti reports.

Times Square bomb suspect eyed other targets, official saysupdated: Tue May 18 2010 20:33:00

The man accused of attempting to set off a car bomb in Times Square considered other targets in and around New York before the failed attack, an investigator said.

Cash couriers target of bomb probe raidupdated: Fri May 14 2010 14:17:00

CNN's Jim Acosta reports on an FBI raid carried out in connection with the alleged Time Square bomb plot.

Three held in Times Square probe face immigration chargesupdated: Fri May 14 2010 14:17:00

Three men picked up in New England in connection with the failed Times Square car bombing are being held on immigration charges and could appear in court early next week, a federal law enforcement source said.

Three arrested in Times Square probeupdated: Fri May 14 2010 07:35:00

Three people from Pakistan were taken into custody Thursday in raids in the Northeast by federal agents in connection with the failed Times Square car bombing, sources close to the investigation said.

Taliban link to Times Square suspect?updated: Thu May 13 2010 02:21:00

GOP Rep. Peter Hoekstra talks about the investigation into the failed Times Square bombing.

GOP senator: 'Not convinced' of Times Square suspect-Taliban linkupdated: Thu May 13 2010 02:21:00

The top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee says he doesn't yet see the evidence to support Obama administration claims that the Times Square bombing suspect was working on behalf of the Pakistani Taliban.

Taliban tied to Times Squareupdated: Mon May 10 2010 15:05:00

CNN's Nic Robertson traces Faisal Shahzad back to Karachi and explains why the city is such a hot place for the Taliban.

Holder: Pakistani Taliban helped direct Times Square plotupdated: Mon May 10 2010 07:39:00

The man charged in the failed Times Square bombing was working with the Taliban movement in Pakistan, the U.S. attorney general said Sunday.

PC on Islamic extremism puts us at riskupdated: Sat May 08 2010 08:06:00

In the hours following the Times Square car-bombing attempt, some in the media -- as well as some public officials -- insisted we shouldn't rush to judgment about the identity or motives of the person responsible for the failed attack. He could be, they insisted, just a homegrown nut job.

Police remove package from Times Squareupdated: Fri May 07 2010 21:17:00

NYPD remove a suspicious package from Times Square after the area was cleared following a partial evacuation.

Times Square package turns out to be false alarmupdated: Fri May 07 2010 21:17:00

A suspicious package in Times Square prompted an evacuation and raised alarms in a jittery city Friday afternoon until authorities determined it was a false alarm.

Times Square given all-clear after package prompted evacuationsupdated: Fri May 07 2010 16:11:00

A suspicious package in Times Square prompted an evacuation and raised alarms in a jittery city Friday afternoon until authorities determined it was a false alarm.

Times Square and the long war on terrorupdated: Wed May 05 2010 14:56:00

Americans are convulsed, for today, by the chilling story of a naturalized American who allegedly plotted the murder of innocents in Times Square. Similar stories last fall -- of an Afghan-American from Denver who conspired with colleagues in New York, of a Pakistani-American from Chicago who was affiliated with the Mumbai murderers -- also gripped this country.

CNNMoney: NYC economy unscathed by Times Square bombupdated: Tue May 04 2010 13:24:00

It's "business as usual" in New York City, despite the thwarted terrorist attack in the heart of Manhattan this weekend.

Times Square suspect has Pakistani residencyupdated: Tue May 04 2010 08:24:00

The Pakistani-American suspect in the Times Square bombing attempt has a Karachi identification card, a document that shows Pakistani residency, and the suspect's family is from northwestern Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik told CNN.

Source: Times Square bomb inquiry looks at Pakistani-Americanupdated: Mon May 03 2010 23:50:00

The buyer of the sport-utility vehicle used in a failed attempt to set off a car bomb in New York's Times Square is considered a potential suspect in the case, a law enforcement source said Monday.

Man in Times Square video soughtupdated: Mon May 03 2010 23:50:00

NYPD surveillance video from Times Square shows a man changing shirts before walking away.

Police examining video from Times Squareupdated: Mon May 03 2010 21:11:00

Law enforcement officials are examining surveillance video from the Times Square area showing a man changing his shirt around the time of the bomb scare Saturday night, New York's police commissioner said Sunday.

Billboard featuring Obama coming downupdated: Fri Jan 08 2010 21:19:00

A billboard featuring President Obama that was erected three days ago will be coming down, according to a spokesman for the company that paid for the outdoor ad in Times Square.

A global New Year's Eveupdated: Fri Jan 01 2010 03:01:00

Ringing in 2010 from Australia to London: New Year's celebrations around the world.

World gives hearty welcome to 2010updated: Fri Jan 01 2010 03:01:00

At least 1 million people marked the passing of another year at the iconic ball drop in New York's Times Square, despite an early morning dusting of snow and late-night freezing rain.

New Year's revelers have a blastupdated: Fri Jan 01 2010 02:07:00

At least 1 million people marked the passing of another year at the iconic ball drop in New York's Times Square, despite an early morning dusting of snow and late-night freezing rain.

Times Square gets all-clear after van investigationupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 16:57:00

Police concluded that a suspicious white van parked on Times Square posed no threat and reopened the flow of traffic that had temporarily been interrupted Wednesday.

Suspect dies in Times Square shooting; holiday crowds unharmedupdated: Fri Dec 11 2009 06:17:00

A shootout Thursday between a police officer and a street peddler in Times Square -- crowded with holiday shoppers and tourists -- left the suspect dead but no one else harmed, New York police said.

The lowdown on the Big Appleupdated: Wed Jun 03 2009 12:59:00

They say that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, so here are some tips to help you make the most of New York.

Ball drop NYCupdated: Thu Jan 01 2009 10:07:00

The time honored tradition of the ball drop in Times Square, NY.

1 million celebrate New Year in New Yorkupdated: Thu Jan 01 2009 10:07:00

Strong winds, frigid temperatures and blowing snow froze celebrators from around the world as they ushered in 2009 in New York's Times Square on Wednesday night. Jonas Brothers to Rock Times Squareupdated: Mon Dec 08 2008 13:12:00

Taylor Swift, Ne-Yo and Kellie Pickler will also join hosts Ryan Seacrest and Fergie for New Year's Eve

New details in NYC bombingupdated: Sat Mar 08 2008 14:46:00

CNN's Kate Bolduan looks at new information into the bombing at Times Square.

Photo of Times Square bombing suspect releasedupdated: Sat Mar 08 2008 14:46:00

The New York Police Department has released photos of a bicycle and a suspect in Thursday's Times Square recruitment center bombing.

Leads in Times Square bombing fizzleupdated: Fri Mar 07 2008 10:36:00

Investigators trying to track down the person who set off a small bomb in front of a military recruitment center in Times Square have dismissed one lead and are casting doubt on another.

Time Square blast updateupdated: Fri Mar 07 2008 10:36:00

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly talks to CNN about the lastest developments in the Time Square probe.

Letters after Times Square bombing claim: 'We did it'updated: Thu Mar 06 2008 21:54:00

Letters claiming responsibility for the bombing of a military recruiting station in New York's Times Square arrived in the Washington offices of several members of Congress on Thursday, just hours after the blast, authorities said. Does New York Have a Serial Bomber?updated: Thu Mar 06 2008 15:00:00

A small but potentially fatal blast in Times Square snarls traffic and has eerie similarities to two previous unsolved attacks

Psst! ... Broadway tickets for cheapupdated: Wed Feb 20 2008 09:40:00

Avoid the mile-long lines at the Times Square TKTS booth by buying discounted Broadway tickets using one of these eight approaches.

New Year 2008updated: Tue Jan 01 2008 08:55:00

CNN's Anderson Cooper and comedian Kathy Griffin bring in the New Year with the traditional ball drop in New York.

NYC ball drop goes 'green' on 100th anniversaryupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 16:50:00

New York celebrates the centennial of its most famous New Year's tradition Monday, as organizers of the Times Square ball drop have given the crystal globe an environmental makeover.

New York preps for New Year'supdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 16:50:00

CNN's Alan Chernoff goes behind the scenes as Times Square gets ready for a huge crowd and a high-tech show.

FSB: Marketers hit the picket linesupdated: Mon Dec 17 2007 08:44:00

As a snowstorm swept New York City last week, FSB joined members of the Writer's Guild of America East (WGAE) gathered to protest in Times Square, where savvy entrepreneurs took advantage of the striking writers' congregation to get exposure for products aimed at alleviating the miseries of extended stretches in the frozen outdoors.

Broadway stagehands on strikeupdated: Mon Nov 12 2007 10:12:00

Broadway stagehands hit the picket lines, closing all but eight Broadway shows. CNN's Jim Acosta reports

Countdown to Times Square party; 1 million expectedupdated: Sun Dec 31 2006 15:32:00

A record 1 million revelers are expected to pack Times Square to ring in 2007, the Times Square Alliance said Sunday.

Book excerpt: 'Dispatches from the Edge'updated: Mon May 22 2006 15:48:00

Small waves, one after the other, lap the shore. Two Sri Lankan villagers walk along the water's edge, searching for bodies washed up by the tide. They come every morning, leave without answers. Some days they find nothing. Today there's a torn shoe and a piece of broken fence.

Money Magazine: 05 Family Travelupdated: Mon Dec 12 2005 16:42:00

So obviously, an activity-packed destination is a must. But which destination? That depends on the kinds of activities most likely to engage your particular brood: the bright lights of the Big Apple, where we hear there's a lot to do, or the rugged charms of a Colorado dude ranch, where the nonstop diversions include fly fishing, white-water rafting and, of course, horseback riding. --D.R. AND K.A. ...

Money Magazine: 05 Family Travelupdated: Thu Sep 01 2005 00:01:00

No matter what age your kids are, the potential pitfall of any family vacation remains the same: boredom. Children need constant entertainment, especially when removed from their natural habitat. S...

Sensors, helicopters keep eye on Times Squareupdated: Fri Dec 31 2004 07:21:00

Law enforcement officials are using chemical sensors to test air quality at Times Square in advance of Friday night's New Year's Eve celebration.

Officials: Security tight for New Year's Day activitiesupdated: Thu Jan 01 2004 01:21:00

The focus of security concerns shifted coasts Thursday from Times Square's confetti-filled atmosphere at midnight to the chilly but flowery Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, where police officials said they expected no damper on the day's festivities, despite the nationwide orange terror alert.

FSB: IRS Bias?...George, Jeeves, And Simon...Race Matters... Patents...Corporate Refugeeupdated: Tue Feb 01 2000 00:01:00

Not everyone is buying the IRS' less oppressive image. Dozens of Asian-American entrepreneurs in Los Angeles say the IRS has unfairly targeted them for audits and has selectively charged an "ozone ...

Money Magazine: Holiday Cheerupdated: Wed Dec 01 1999 00:01:00

$98 Waterford's crystal Times Square Collection paperweight is a replica of the ball that will drop at midnight for the first time this New Year's Eve. Click on for dealers.

Fortune: HUMAN BILLBOARDSupdated: Mon Oct 14 1996 00:01:00

For a world filled with thumbs practiced at clicking TV remotes to avoid commercials, we certainly are a species willing to sell out and wear advertising. To capture the essence of Homo promotus, F...


Disney on 42nd Street? The mind boggles. In February 1994, when the Walt Disney Co. announced it would be staging theatrical productions on "the Deuce"--the porn-plagued, drug-infested, crime-ridde...

Fortune: VICTIMS OF THE REAL ESTATE CRASH The glut in offices and other commercial properties will keep piling big-dollar pain on financiupdated: Mon May 18 1992 00:01:00

NOT MANY PEOPLE realize just how stunningly big the commercial real estate debacle really is or how savagely it will continue to sweep through the U.S. economy. For a frame of reference, imagine th...

Fortune: In defense of poison ivy, sex differences at the office, New York's depravity fans, and other matters. GETTING SENTIMENTAL OVER updated: Mon Sep 24 1990 00:01:00

It has been nine years since the present writer vented his view of preservationism, and nothing much has changed in the interim, including his view. The last time we went around this track, the big...

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