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A basic premise of work in America is that your paycheck will inch up over time to reflect hard work, experience and rising living costs. But a lot of people aren't making any more this year than they did last year -- in fact, they're making less.

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Sen. Harkin concerned new rules not tough enough on for-profit schoolsupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 17:39:00

Sen. Tom Harkin criticized the business goals of for-profit schools at a hearing on the student loan industry Tuesday.

GAO report revisions lead to lawsuit by for-profit college groupupdated: Tue Feb 08 2011 18:00:00

In Washington, a place known for spin by both Democrats and Republicans, reports by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office are regularly and confidently quoted as fact by both sides. This is a story about one of those reports that went awry, leading to charges of partisanship and a lawsuit filed against the GAO.

Political Circus: Harkin's gaga for Lady Gagaupdated: Thu Jan 20 2011 13:20:00

Politics is serious business -- but not all of the time. From the halls of Congress to the campaign trail to the international stage, there's always something that gets a laugh or a second glance.

CNNMoney: Congress OKs federal spending billupdated: Tue Dec 21 2010 19:39:00

With a government shutdown looming, Congress approved a temporary spending bill late Tuesday that will fund the government for another 10 weeks.

Dashed dreams and a mound of debtupdated: Wed Aug 04 2010 20:01:00

A government investigation finds some colleges deceive students with dishonest recruiting. CNN's Lisa Sylvester reports.

Probe finds questionable marketing practices at for-profit collegesupdated: Wed Aug 04 2010 20:01:00

Mike DiGiacomo graduated with a graphics design degree from Gibbs College, owing more than $30,000 in federal student loans and tens of thousands of dollars in private student loans -- a sum he's finding almost impossible to pay off with his $31,000-a-year job at a FedEx Office store in a Boston, Massachusetts, suburb.

Disabilities debate rages 20 years laterupdated: Mon Jul 26 2010 11:43:00

When President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act on July 26, 1990, he addressed concerns the sweeping civil rights law would be ''too vague or costly, or may lead endlessly to litigation.''

Experts: Oil spill poses health threats, but seafood on market is safeupdated: Tue Jun 15 2010 16:36:00

Health threats from the Gulf oil disaster could last for years, and officials lack knowledge on how long chemicals in the spilled oil and dispersants will remain toxic, health experts told a Senate committee Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Congress: Cap ATM fees at 50 centsupdated: Sat May 15 2010 08:31:00

As Congress debates the new rules of the road for the U.S. banking industry, some lawmakers have an ambitious proposal: They want to cut ATM fees.

Pork highlights -- with beef and potatoesupdated: Wed Apr 14 2010 13:41:00

Here are so-called "Oinkers" of the year, listed in the "2010 Congressional Pig Book Summary," which was released on Wednesday by the nonpartisan group Citizens Against Government Waste.

Growing opposition puts Bernanke approval in questionupdated: Fri Jan 22 2010 17:44:00

A second term for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke became more uncertain Friday as two leading liberal senators announced that they will vote no, and many other Senate Democrats said they are undecided.

Senate Democrats eye alternatives to public optionupdated: Mon Dec 07 2009 22:20:00

Liberal and moderate Senate Democrats said Monday they may be nearing agreement on a package of alternatives to a government-run public health insurance option in the chamber's sweeping health care bill.

Senate approves resolution apologizing for slaveryupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 13:07:00

The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed a resolution apologizing to African-Americans for the wrongs of slavery.

Harkin: Some in Senate may pursue funding to close Gitmoupdated: Tue May 05 2009 19:15:00

A day after House Democrats rejected the president's funding request to close down the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a senior Senate Democrat said he and other key senators may support the request.

Senators test-drive green cars on Capitol Hillupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 17:57:00

It was an odd collection of vehicles on display on Capitol Hill, ranging from a bucket truck used for repairing power lines to something resembling an enclosed golf cart to a pair of hot-looking, two-seater sports cars.

Senator 'outraged' by food-borne illness casesupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 16:19:00

The chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee is "outraged" at the growing number of food-borne illnesses nationwide, he said Thursday.

Harkin: Smoking and stimulusupdated: Thu Jan 29 2009 21:44:00

CNN's Drew Griffin interviews Sen. Tom Harkin on the Senate stimulus bill that would fund stop-smoking programs.

Senate stimulus bill would fund stop-smoking programsupdated: Thu Jan 29 2009 21:44:00

Smoking cessation programs make up $75 million of the economic stimulus bill making its way through the Senate, according to Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, who sponsored the funding.

Fortune: Taming derivativesupdated: Thu Oct 30 2008 10:05:00

It's conventional wisdom that credit default swaps - the $55 trillion in derivatives contracts widely blamed for bringing down AIG - need oversight. But as Washington debates how to regulate what Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) calls "casino capitalism," exchanges like the CME and NYSE are proposing their own free-market solution. FTC: $1.6B in Food Ads Target Kidsupdated: Tue Jul 29 2008 12:00:00

The nation's largest food and beverage companies spent about $1.6 billion in 2006 marketing their products -- especially carbonated drinks -- to children, according to a Federal Trade Commission report

Senate OKs Petraeus as head of Mideast forcesupdated: Thu Jul 10 2008 18:02:00

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Gen. David Petraeus as the new chief of U.S. Central Command, placing him in charge of American forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Flooding worries spread to other towns along the Mississippiupdated: Mon Jun 16 2008 23:04:00

Iowa officials are concerned about towns along the Mississippi River as floodwaters in the state's eastern counties began to drain toward the river.

FSB: Would you eat 2,900-calorie cheese fries?updated: Tue Apr 29 2008 12:39:00

Driven by curiosity and customer demand, Marc Geman, CEO of the Spicy Pickle restaurant chain, sent 30 of his top-selling dishes to a testing lab for nutritional analysis. It cost him about $2,500, but he learned everything about each dish, from calories to sodium content, which he then posted on the Spicy Pickle website. Top VA Mental Health Official Under Fireupdated: Wed Apr 23 2008 16:40:00

Two Democratic senators on Tuesday called for the chief mental health official of the Veterans Affairs Department to resign, saying he tried to cover up the rising number of veteran suicides

Al Qaeda still in Pakistan tribal areas, report saysupdated: Thu Apr 17 2008 22:29:00

Al Qaeda is still operating within Pakistan's mountainous tribal region bordering Afghanistan, and the United States lacks a "comprehensive" plan for meeting its national security goals there, said a U.S. government study released Thursday.

On the trail: Recycled steaks and recycled speechesupdated: Thu Sep 27 2007 12:25:00

Think picnic, political fundraiser, circus, and rally and it pretty much gives you a visual of The Harkin Steak Fry on a hot-air balloon field in Indianola, Iowa.

Fortune: hed tkupdated: Mon Jun 04 2007 09:24:00

It's baaaack!! Yes, "comparable worth," which faded out around the same time the Bay City Rollers were disbanding, is making a comeback, under the euphemism "pay equity".To wit: the Fair Pay Act of 2007. Introduced by Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) in April (Obama is one of 15 co-sponsors) the Act notes the existence of wage differentials between men and women.

CNNMoney: The war on oilupdated: Wed Apr 18 2007 09:04:00

Coming soon to a test tube near you: America's new war.

Senate passes stem-cell funding billupdated: Wed Apr 11 2007 19:47:00

The Senate approved a measure that would roll back President Bush's 2001 limits on embryonic stem-cell research Wednesday afternoon, but the margin was short of the two-thirds needed to override a promised veto.

Stem-cell veto override not a sure thingupdated: Tue Apr 10 2007 20:50:00

The Senate turned its attention to plans to loosen President Bush's 2001 limits on embryonic stem-cell research Tuesday, but sponsors conceded their chances of overriding a threatened veto are uncertain.

FitNation Challenge winner gives students a workoutupdated: Mon Nov 20 2006 10:14:00

More than 17 percent of American children are overweight, and with dwindling resources for after-school programs, less recess time and high-fat foods on the lunch line, those numbers are not showing signs of dropping anytime soon.

The politics of fatupdated: Mon Mar 20 2006 15:51:00

These are fat times in politics. Literally. Nearly 400 obesity-related bills were introduced in state legislatures across the country last year--more than double the number in 2003. A quarter of them were passed into law, up from only 12 percent two years before. In Washington the word obesity appears in 56 bills introduced during the current Congress; this, the Wall Street Journal points out, is fast catching up with the number containing the word gun. Surgeon General Richard Carmona says obesity is a greater threat than terrorism. Some public-health advocates have begun urging the government to put a warning label on soft drinks; others are calling for a "fat tax" on fast food.

CNNMoney: OT pay: Winners and losersupdated: Thu Aug 05 2004 09:07:00

Don't know if you're owed overtime pay? You're not alone.

CNNMoney: 6 million may still lose OT pay: studyupdated: Wed Jul 14 2004 10:24:00

Revised changes to overtime rules proposed by the Bush administration will still fail to protect overtime pay for 6 million workers, according to a new study.

American Forces Radio: Objective view of the home front?updated: Wed Jun 02 2004 16:54:00

Over the thunder of the tanks Rush Limbaugh's voice is heard for an hour Monday through Friday in Baghdad.

Abortion politics take center stageupdated: Fri Apr 23 2004 07:39:00

Abortion rights, and the perceived threat to their survival, will dominate the weekend in politics -- and in Washington -- starting Friday when Sen. John Kerry attends a downtown rally and continuing through Sunday when the March for Women's Lives will likely draw untold thousands to the Mall.

CNNMoney: Bush revising overtime pay rulesupdated: Tue Apr 20 2004 10:25:00

Under fire for its plan to overhaul rules for overtime pay, the Bush administration has revised its proposal to protect overtime for police, firefighters and some white-collar employees earning up to $100,000 a year.

White House takes aim at obesityupdated: Fri Mar 12 2004 15:34:00

The Bush administration Friday announced a campaign to combat the epidemic of obesity in the United States through improved product labels, health education, and a partnership with restaurants to help steer people toward healthier menu choices.

Report finds kids' menus heavy on fatupdated: Tue Feb 24 2004 11:51:00

What's on the menu for kids at chain restaurants? Fat, grease and hidden calories, according to one nutrition advocacy group.

Dean, Gephardt spar on Iraqupdated: Tue Jan 13 2004 07:43:00

With less than a week until the Iowa caucuses, the two Democratic candidates running neck-and-neck for first place in the state -- Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt -- continued to spar over the issue of the Iraq war.

Iowa a crucial test for Gephardtupdated: Mon Jan 12 2004 08:21:00

Facing a tight race with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt sees next week's Iowa caucuses as a critical test of his campaign.

Iowa Sen. Harkin endorses Deanupdated: Fri Jan 09 2004 14:53:00

Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa's senior and most popular Democrat, endorsed Howard Dean for president Friday.

WWTD (What will Tom do?)updated: Wed Jan 07 2004 05:16:00

John Kerry is in New Hampshire today talking about workers rights. Joe Lieberman is down the road trying to position himself squarely between two "extremists," President Bush and Howard Dean. Hadassah's in the Granite State, too, as are Dennis Kucinich, Wesley Clark and Carol Moseley Braun.

Fortune: THE CONDITIONS THAT PREVAILupdated: Mon Dec 09 1996 00:01:00

Weltanschauung confirmation. Yes, friends, that's what it's all about. What any columnizer remembers and cherishes, and keeps going to bat for, is the stuff that confirms and sustains his own world...

Money Magazine: BALANCED-BUDGET BLATHER SIGNALS A 10% TO 15% BOOM FOR INCOME INVESTORSupdated: Sat Apr 01 1995 00:01:00

TALK ABOUT BEDLAM INSIDE THE BELTWAY: After Senate majority leader Bob Dole (R-Kans.) spent three days struggling in vain to ram through the balanced-budget amendment, he ended up voting against it...

Fortune: Pain and suffering on the march, fair wages for weak hitters, why Zoe got off easy, and other matters. ; THE CHURCH VS. CAPITALIupdated: Mon Feb 22 1993 00:01:00

The late news from Madrid is that the new Catholic catechism, a papal document of around 700 pages thus far available only in French and Spanish -- the English-language version is several months aw...

Fortune: The secret about beer, the importance of being miserable, the last word on pulchritude, and other matters. TWO DUMB LAWS: A NO-Pupdated: Mon Dec 14 1992 00:01:00

As adumbrated in the headline, the news is bad for partisans of rationality in public policy. Herewith glum tidings about the recent adventures of two laws notoriously lacking backing among economi...

Money Magazine: CAMPAIGN '92 Health careupdated: Wed Apr 01 1992 00:01:00

With more than 36 million Americans lacking health insurance and millions more struggling to pay medical bills that rose 45% on average over the past five years, health-care reform has become a maj...

Money Magazine: CAMPAIGN '92 Taxesupdated: Sun Mar 01 1992 00:01:00

As the race for the Presidency intensifies with as many as 14 primaries scheduled for Super Tuesday on March 10, MONEY offers the first of these monthly spotlights on the candidates' economic views...

Fortune: WHAT THE LEADING DEMOCRATS WANT On the No. 1 issue -- the U.S. economy -- the candidates' prescriptions differ in important waysupdated: Mon Jan 27 1992 00:01:00

IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, where the February 18 primary is fast approaching, there is only one political issue: the sputtering U.S. economy. Now that Mario Cuomo has made his to-be-or-not-to-be decision, D...

Fortune: The mentionables, pirates with cellular phones, the price of politicians, and other matters. THE DAVID DUKE SUPPORT FUNDupdated: Mon Jan 27 1992 00:01:00

The Keeping Up bookmaking department now makes it better than even money that the end of the Presidential Election Campaign Fund is nigh. As heavily hinted in the headline above, support for the ma...

Fortune: Democrats and their girlfriends, sore horses in Ohio, the trouble with Our View, and other matters. POLITICS 101updated: Mon Oct 21 1991 00:01:00

Who are those guys? We allude to the six (as of 5 P.M., September 24) shadowy characters competing for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, collectively the subject of the following pop ...

Fortune: The rise of the E word, why scalping is good for you, the truth about living standards, and other matters. LIVING WELLupdated: Mon Oct 07 1991 00:01:00

''Who did this to us? Who stole our standard of living?'' According to high-minded Bill Moyers of Public Television, these are the questions the next generation of Americans will ask. Bill fears th...

Fortune: Our government fails an acid test, how to buy politicians, California conspiracies, and other matters. HOW TO HEDGE AGAINST LIBEupdated: Mon Feb 11 1991 00:01:00

Your servant has not mentioned the Iowa Political Stock Market (IPSM) since November 1988, when he noted -- in a column that went to press just before election day -- that this remarkable instituti...

Fortune: A BREWING REVOLT AGAINST THE RICH Fewer Americans esteem them or think they pay their fair share. Conspicuous consumption is outupdated: Mon Dec 17 1990 00:01:00

PICTURE A DOZEN crystal champagne glasses, arranged atop one another in a precarious pyramid. A cascade of bubbly, poured by an unseen hand, fills them to the rim. Accompanied by lounge music and t...

Fortune: Ronald Reagan's great experiment, Barney Frank's other vices, Abraham Lincoln's mental health. THE PEEPING TOM PROTECTION ACTupdated: Mon Oct 23 1989 00:01:00

Wait. That title is slightly out of date. A last-minute amendment on the floor of the U.S. Senate eliminated the protection for voyeurs. Also eliminated by the amendment -- introduced by hard-line ...

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