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Cruise ship rescues 23 Cubans at seaupdated: Fri Apr 06 2012 18:26:00

Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas cruise ship has rescued 23 Cubans found floating in a boat, the cruise line said. The cruise ship was on a seven-night voyage from Port Everglades, Florida, to Cozumel, Mexico.

Make the most of the slopesupdated: Fri Feb 24 2012 17:10:00

Get the most out of your next ski vacation with these tips.

Four easy ways to save on ski tripsupdated: Wed Feb 08 2012 11:11:00

Skiing has a reputation as a pricey, perhaps even snobby sport. But even if some skiers seem to have their noses raised in the air, there's no reason to pay through the nose to ski.

After 42 years, Washington's Tourmobile company makes its final runupdated: Mon Oct 31 2011 22:47:00

Just moments after departing Washington's Union Station, as the tour bus drove past the U.S. Capitol, Mel Bruce made an announcement to a handful of tourists.

2 pre-teens injured by black bear in New Jersey forestupdated: Wed Aug 03 2011 15:33:00

Two young campers were injured early Wednesday when they were attacked by a black bear at Stokes State Forest in northwestern New Jersey.

Coast Guard searches for missing cruise ship passengerupdated: Wed May 04 2011 03:52:00

The U.S. Coast Guard said it was searching early Wednesday for a woman who was reported missing from a cruise ship as it sailed from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to San Diego.

13 weekend getaways from 13 U.S. citiesupdated: Mon May 02 2011 11:21:00

I got a job in a resort town, thinking I'd never again need weekend getaways. As it turns out, the inside of a cubicle looks pretty much the same no matter where you are. And as much as I love the town I live in, some weekends I'd rather be one of the smiling vacationers having tons of fun directly outside my office window.

Presidential vacationsupdated: Mon Aug 23 2010 09:43:00

CNN's Dan Lothian reports on the flack president's have faced for spending time outside of Washington on vacation.

Old-fashioned family fun in Lake Placidupdated: Thu Jun 24 2010 08:29:00

No one cares that the water is cold. The kids splash at the lake's edge, play on the small sand beach as older, daring ones splash in the water and peddle kayaks, rowboats and paddleboats. Our pup eyes them all curiously.

Woman accused of using cruise line job for burglariesupdated: Fri Jun 11 2010 17:36:00

A former Royal Caribbean Cruise Line employee has been arrested and charged with burglarizing the homes of 24 vacationers who were spending time at sea.

Aiming to add more diversity under America's blue skiesupdated: Wed Sep 02 2009 13:36:00

Audrey Peterman grew up surrounded by Jamaica's verdant mountains and lush mango orchards. She'd watch fish and an occasional shrimp dart in the stream that flowed near her house. When she settled in America, she yearned to relish the natural beauty of her new homeland.

Fortune: Spas take off in Asiaupdated: Fri Aug 21 2009 10:13:00

Yue-Sai Kan -- one of the most recognizable women in China with a cosmetics empire and her own TV show -- often needs to get away from the grueling pressures and polluted skies of Shanghai and Beijing, where she lives.

Making the most of hotel alternativesupdated: Mon Mar 02 2009 15:51:00

There's probably no better way of pinching your vacation pennies than sleeping on a friend's sofa or camping out. But you don't have to rough it to afford your next getaway.

Five great spas for post-holiday recoveryupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 14:50:00

Feeling sluggish after a few too many eggnogs and a halt to your fitness routine?

A Great British vacation? No thanksupdated: Fri Sep 05 2008 07:03:00

As the northern hemisphere slides inexorably towards autumn, Europeans, with their fading sun tans, are getting back to work or school suffering the "post holiday blues."

iReporters share worst vacation nightmaresupdated: Mon Aug 18 2008 11:14:00

Vacation season is nearly over, and kids are returning to school with the telltale tans and smiles that mean they had a wonderful and relaxing holiday.

Destination weddings catering to kidsupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 11:37:00

Four-year-old Grace Layman, decked out in full frilly flower girl regalia, excitedly led her smiling surprise guest to the separate kids' party she was hosting at her dad's wedding reception. Mickey Mouse wowed everyone -- grown-ups too.

5 ways to stop working on your vacationupdated: Mon Jul 07 2008 09:54:00

Vacation is the oasis in the midst of your occupational desert, if you will.

Travel Troubleshooter: New name, no creditupdated: Thu Aug 30 2007 05:32:00

Gena Welsh and her husband each receive a $150 certificate when their flight is delayed. But now the company that gave them the voucher -- TransGlobal Vacations -- has become Funjet Vacations. And it's balking at giving them the credit. What should she do?

CNNMoney: Summer getaways latest casualty on Wall St.updated: Fri Aug 17 2007 02:18:00

July and August tend to be sleepy months on Wall Street as traders ditch their terminals and head for a beach house in the Hamptons or a summer resort on Nantucket.

How to quit working on vacationupdated: Tue Jul 31 2007 22:40:00

After months without a day off, it's official: You need a vacation.

Money Magazine: While you're away, the office will be okayupdated: Thu Jul 26 2007 23:40:00

So summer's here, and the thermometer has consistently hovered at 80°-plus. You've got one thing and one thing only on your mind, and it's not the Hickenlooper report, which was due last week: You want to get straight out of the office and take a vacation.

Passport delay frustratesupdated: Wed Jul 11 2007 02:39:00

Passport delay frustrates

Southern livingupdated: Wed Jul 11 2007 02:39:00

Southern living The World Seems the Same From Inside a Hotelupdated: Mon Jul 09 2007 10:25:00

Essay: When resorts are tailored to comfort tourists by offering familiar experiences, it can be hard to remember just where you are

Taking the kids -- and keeping them safeupdated: Sun Jul 01 2007 23:42:00

It's never going to happen to you, right?

Money Magazine: Boomers traveling in packsupdated: Sun Jul 01 2007 00:20:00

I've been on my share of vacations with friends and extended family and survived the most common pitfalls - like people running up the group tab at dinner with expensive wines, planned activities that I wanted no part of and living arrangements that afforded too little privacy.

Money Magazine: Sudden Riches, Sudden Doubtupdated: Sun Jul 01 2007 00:00:00

ANNE SCHUETTE, SADLY, WAS NOT SURPRISED WHEN HER mother Dorothy died in 2003 after years of battling cancer. But discovering that her mother had left her and her two siblings $400,000 each was a shock. "I had no idea she had that much money," says Anne, 48, who described the revelation as "bittersweet."

Money Magazine: Why Boomers Might Want to Travel in Packsupdated: Sun Jul 01 2007 00:00:00

I've been on my share of vacations with friends and extended family and survived the most common pitfalls—like people running up the group tab at dinner with expensive wines, planned activities that I wanted no part of and living arrangements that afforded too little privacy. The topper for me was the time a vacation mate I didn't know well but had invited as part of a large group got nailed cheating in a card game with my better friends. I was stuck between their cold shoulders and my misbegotten guest for the rest of week.

Travel Troubleshooter: One vacation for the price of twoupdated: Sat Jun 30 2007 05:52:00

When Delta Air Lines cancels the return portion of Sara Grimm's Puerto Rico getaway, Travelocity's fix is to refund her first vacation package and then ask her to book a completely new one. She does, but weeks later, there's no sign of the money she spent on the first trip. Should Grimm dispute the charges with her credit card -- or is there a better way?

Taking the kids: Family fun at national parksupdated: Sat Jun 30 2007 04:16:00

Boring ...

Taking the kids: Let's hear it for dads!updated: Fri Jun 15 2007 13:41:00

I don't think my dad ever changed a diaper. Not at home. Certainly not on vacation.

Fortune: Ask Bing: My boss doesn't listenupdated: Mon Jun 11 2007 14:44:00

Q: What can one do about a boss who is a chronically poor listener? I will mention an idea, boss will say nothing about it, then come up with it on his own or find it elsewhere later and tout it like the best thing ever. There will be no mention of me coming up with it first. Confidence in the Confidence Index?updated: Fri Jun 01 2007 18:10:00

Internet searches provide hints on how we really feel about the economy

Taking the kids -- and snaring a summer deal updated: Tue May 29 2007 09:42:00

Not again!

Travel Troubleshooter: Insurance claim deniedupdated: Wed May 16 2007 09:53:00

Since he's traveling during hurricane season, Al Cooper takes out an insurance policy for his Mexico vacation. It's a good call. A few days later, he's diagnosed with cancer and has to cancel his trip. But now his insurance company, Access America, refuses to honor his claim. What gives?

Travel Troubleshooter: Where's my vacation Mr. Bernanke?updated: Mon May 14 2007 09:48:00

Worries about inflation are tugging at the U.S. economy again, as consumers pay more for everything from gas to groceries. But that's not the only place where our purchasing power is declining.

Taking the kids: It's mom's vacation tooupdated: Mon May 07 2007 11:01:00

We made fun of my sister mercilessly -- behind her back, of course.

Money Magazine: Beach-rental bingoupdated: Wed May 02 2007 09:15:00

Unless you're looking to buy a new home right now, you may be having a hard time imagining the upside to the bursting of the real estate bubble. Well, here's one: There are a lot more places to rent at the beach.

More exploring far from the tourist-filled crowdsupdated: Thu Mar 29 2007 18:29:00

Chuck Carpenter's passport looks more like an exotic guidebook than an official document.

The downhill battle: Ski slopes in perilupdated: Mon Mar 19 2007 10:21:00

When the aspen Ski Company launched its environment division -- a kind of green management team, think tank and consultancy -- it was the first of its kind in the ski industry: an in-house watchdog to prevent the resort from gorging on energy and trampling its fragile ecosystem. Ten years later, the division's director, Auden Schendler, spends at least as much time thinking about saving Aspen as he does about saving its environment. Both, it turns out, are highly vulnerable to climate change.

CNNMoney: Long hours, no vacations - you're not aloneupdated: Mon Jan 08 2007 05:39:00

Many small business managers work during their time off and some even admit to reading work-related e-mails while in the bathroom, according to a survey released Monday.

CNNMoney: How I rent my summer vacation homeupdated: Thu Dec 21 2006 13:31:00

For vacationers, there's an affordable, comfortable and convenient alternative to booking a hotel room. It's renting a whole house.

Fortune: A first-class packageupdated: Tue Nov 28 2006 11:10:00

Most elite travelers would never dream of booking a prepackaged vacation. Maybe they should. By booking the hotel of your choice but reserving your flight and rental car through programs like Ameri...

CNNMoney: Wall St. gains from housing slumpupdated: Tue Sep 26 2006 13:38:00

While economists, investors and even Federal Reserve policymakers express concern that the slumping real estate market will hurt the economy, U.S. stocks may well be getting an unexpected lift from problems in the sector.

Hurricane season a safer bet for travelersupdated: Wed Sep 06 2006 09:07:00

When a major storm hits the Caribbean, most airlines and hotels eventually wind up waiving the usual restrictions so that customers can change or cancel their plans free of charge. But because policies have traditionally been announced on a case-by-case basis -- and at the last minute -- you had little choice but to wait and cross your fingers. Now, after two brutal hurricane seasons, a few airlines and tour operators have taken steps to ease travelers' concerns.

Money Magazine: Your Second Home Hereupdated: Fri Sep 01 2006 00:01:00

SUMMMER'S WINDING DOWN, AND YOU'VE STILL got vacation on the brain: the quiet of the country, the crisp mountain air, the lull of the ocean. In the hope of holding on to those images a bit longer, ...

America's best cooking schoolsupdated: Wed Aug 30 2006 15:40:00

While serious foodies may think the Food Network's dueling Iron Chefs and Emeril's incessant exhortations ("Let's kick it up a notch!") will have a lot to answer for in that great six-burner kitchen in the sky, cooking school administrators acknowledge that these shows have sparked unprecedented interest in learning how to cook. If you add to that development a dollop of post-9/11 hankering to stay close to home and get back to old-fashioned nurturing, you've got a recipe for the latest hot travel trend: cooking school vacations.

Money Magazine: Before you buy that vacation homeupdated: Thu Aug 17 2006 14:29:00

Summmer's winding down, and you've still got vacation on the brain: the quiet of the country, the crisp mountain air, the lull of the ocean.

CNNMoney: Gas prices crimping summer travelupdated: Tue Aug 15 2006 13:52:00

Soaring gas prices are causing many Americans to change their summer travel plans, according to a study released Tuesday.

Business 2.0: There's more vacation time on tap for youupdated: Thu Aug 03 2006 12:31:00

We've reached the balmy days of August, but for a growing number of workers chained to their jobs, it might as well be January.

Fortune: Take a real vacationupdated: Wed Aug 02 2006 15:06:00

Last summer my family vacationed on a remote part of Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada. We stayed at a nice resort on a beach, with plenty of room for kids to roam and not a chance of c...

Money Magazine: Last-minute travel bargainsupdated: Thu Jul 27 2006 10:16:00

It's nearly August and if you haven't planned your summer vacation yet, you're not alone: 64% of leisure travelers plan at least one of their getaways within two weeks of taking the trip and 26% plan all their vacations at the last minute, according to a poll by the Travel Industry Association.

CNNMoney: Take control of your vacationupdated: Mon Jul 17 2006 10:52:00

It's getting even harder for Americans to take a vacation. Almost 30% of workers plan to work while on vacation this year, according to a recent survey by

Leave work behind while on vacationupdated: Tue Jul 04 2006 09:36:00

As summer heats up, more business travelers are veering off their regular schedules for some much-needed time off.

Choosing a good spaupdated: Mon Jul 03 2006 11:45:00

When that extra piece of chocolate or glass of wine is no longer helping you unwind, you may decide to hit the spa for some professional care and a little "R and R." But how do you choose the right spa, and what do you do once there?

Spas: Not just for the rich and famous anymoreupdated: Mon Jul 03 2006 11:45:00

Spa experiences for a wider range of tastes and budgets are springing up all over the world, and weary Americans are taking note.

How adventurous should your family vacation be? updated: Fri Jun 23 2006 10:20:00

When Lauryn Axelrod plans a vacation with her teenage son Josh, she begins with one question: What new cultural and physical experiences do I want to give my child?

Take a break, biz travelers toldupdated: Fri Jun 23 2006 10:00:00

Business travelers wishing their flight was headed to a vacation destination rather than a work assignment can point to the initial findings of a study which found that taking a break really does improve productivity.

Fortune: Help! I want more vacation this yearupdated: Mon Jun 12 2006 18:15:00

Dear Annie: I've just completed a promising round of interviews with a prospective employer, and I'm pretty sure I'll get an offer. This is great, as I am really excited about this job. There's just one problem: In my current job (after 10 years here), I get a month's vacation time per year, and I've heard my new company will only give me two weeks. I had planned a three-week trip with my family for this August and would hate to have to cut it short. Can I ask for more vacation time, or should I keep quiet? -Yosemite Sam

Money Magazine: 7 summer trips...that won't break the bankupdated: Mon May 29 2006 09:41:00

Summer time means vacation time for most people. But planning your getaway is anything but relaxing this year as the cost of vacationing skyrockets.

CNNMoney: A page from the burnout chroniclesupdated: Tue May 23 2006 14:34:00

When it comes to taking vacation days, a third of U.S. workers apparently aren't members of the clean-plate club.

Fortune: Styling at 40,000 feetupdated: Wed Apr 19 2006 14:31:00

No matter where you're headed this summer, getting there by plane will be far from a vacation. Thanks to cost-cutting efforts by struggling American carriers, the number of flights within the United States is down by some 5 percent this year.

CNNMoney: Second-home sales at all-time highupdated: Wed Apr 05 2006 07:56:00

Are homes still a good buy? Americans seem to think so -- they bought second homes, both as vacation properties but especially for investment purposes, in record numbers last year.

Fortune: Test drive your fantasy jobupdated: Wed Mar 22 2006 10:30:00

At some point most of us have daydreamed about quitting the climb up the corporate ladder. Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to earn a living as a wine maker, brewmaster, wilderness guide, or horse trainer?

CNNMoney: Second honeymoons: Vacations of a lifetimeupdated: Fri Mar 17 2006 08:52:00

Explore an ancient temple in Cambodia, ride an elephant in a ping-pong match in China. These days couples are taking trips that complement their style and they are sparing no expense.

CNNMoney: Booking vacation rentalsupdated: Fri Mar 03 2006 11:26:00

We may still be bundled under our winter coats in some parts of the country, but now is the time to start locking in your summer vacation rental. Early birds have already started to book the hottest summer rentals across the country.

CNNMoney: Summer vacation plansupdated: Fri Jan 20 2006 11:19:00

During the winter doldrums, we all tend to hibernate a little bit. But now is the ideal time to start thinking about your summer vacation.

CNNMoney: How much is too much in real estate?updated: Fri Nov 04 2005 12:03:00

I'm single and make about $80,000 a year. I own a home that's worth about $550,000, which is more than $100,000 than I paid for it, and I've just used $60,000 I previously had invested in a diversified portfolio of stock mutual funds in an IRA rollover to buy a $140,000 vacation home in Arizona that is now valued at $190,000. My question is, should I continue with this investment strategy for retirement or do something different?

CNNMoney: Extreme ski servicesupdated: Fri Nov 04 2005 07:11:00

You've heard of extreme skiing, but how about extreme ski resorts?

CNNMoney: Spending spinning out of control?updated: Tue Nov 01 2005 18:21:00

Most of us would like our paychecks to stretch just a little further every week.

Tied to the office on vacationupdated: Fri Aug 05 2005 05:52:00

Many executives insist that if they are taking a vacation they will not fall into the trap of worrying about work and contact the office, but some invariably do.

CNNMoney: Insuring your vacation funupdated: Fri Jul 15 2005 12:01:00

After watching the aftermath of the London terrorist bombing and the wind-torn shores of Florida, you may be considering getting travel insurance for that long-awaited vacation.

CNNMoney: Love the movie? Vacation in itupdated: Fri Jul 15 2005 10:17:00

Sooner or later, there comes a point when vacationers don't care to see another museum, castle, landscape, or historical site.

Study ranks July 4 vacation bottlenecksupdated: Wed Jun 29 2005 21:41:00

Americans taking to the roads during the July 4 holiday weekend are almost certain to encounter a traffic bottleneck somewhere, but the biggest is likely to be west of Portland, Oregon, the American Highway Users Alliance said Thursday.

CNNMoney: Plugged-in vacationupdated: Thu Jun 23 2005 13:22:00

Leisure travelers are finding it harder and harder to turn their backs on their personal tech devices while vacationing a survey conducted by web-based travel service Travelocity in connection with syndicated travel columnist Eileen Ogintz, revealed.

The problem with vacationsupdated: Wed Jun 15 2005 01:05:00

Does anyone actually take vacations anymore? Pack up the wife, Alice, and the kids, go to the Grand Canyon, get lost, meet an Indian boy named Jimmy?

Spend summer travel time, money wiselyupdated: Thu May 26 2005 12:16:00

With rising prices for many travel services, the majority of leisure travelers this summer will be looking for ways to economize, according to the Travel Industry Association of America.

CNNMoney: Vacation stooges: Working for freeupdated: Wed May 25 2005 12:16:00

Memorial Day usually makes for a nice long weekend, but when was the last time you took a real vacation?

CNNMoney: Summer travel: Fares, room rates spikeupdated: Mon May 02 2005 14:59:00

The message from the travel industry this spring: Americans are on the road again.

Money Magazine: Making Time for Time Offupdated: Fri Apr 01 2005 00:01:00

Which would you rather have: more time off or a $5,000 raise? When the folks at first posed this question in 2001, 33% of respondents said they'd want more time. The rest said, "Show me ...

CNNMoney: Making time for time offupdated: Wed Mar 16 2005 17:08:00

Which would you rather have: more time off or a $5,000 raise? When the folks at first posed this question in 2001, 33 percent of respondents said they'd want more time. The rest said, "Show me the money."

CNNMoney: Your best summer vacationupdated: Fri Mar 11 2005 14:18:00

Baby, it's cold outside. Just when we think it's going to warm up, Mother Nature sends us another Canadian Clipper or a Nor'easter.

CNNMoney: The ins and outs of villa vacationsupdated: Thu Mar 10 2005 15:52:00

When you arrive at La Selva, Riccardo will come down the road to greet you.

Golf vacationers seek more than 19th hole for off-course funupdated: Thu Mar 03 2005 08:49:00

Tour operators and travel agents are increasingly filling a demand for vacations that combine golf and activities off the course.

CNNMoney: Second homes now mainstreamupdated: Tue Mar 01 2005 09:54:00

Why have one house when you can have two?

FSB: Walking Tallupdated: Tue Mar 01 2005 00:01:00

There's something not quite right about the phrase "luxury hiking." Hoofing it through woods and up canyon trails is an unavoidably sweaty proposition, and the toilet "behind that big rock" is hard...

CNNMoney: No strings attachedupdated: Fri Feb 25 2005 12:13:00

The kids want a dog but you are afraid the family can't handle the responsibility. You've got a black-tie affair to attend, but no bling to match your dress. You're looking to buy a new pair of skis before your ski weekend getaway.

Book early for best summer rental selectionupdated: Fri Feb 25 2005 08:54:00

Cold, dreary winter days have many Americans dreaming of a sunny haven near the water this summer.

CNNMoney: End of the relaxing vacationupdated: Fri Feb 04 2005 08:49:00

There's a saying in Italian, dolce far niente, which means it is "sweet to do nothing."

CNNMoney: Valentine's vacationsupdated: Mon Jan 24 2005 14:43:00

Nothing says "I love you" like a $125,000 five-day getaway that starts in the Alaskan wilderness, stops on Rodeo Drive and comes to a finale on an historic Broadway stage.

CNNMoney: My three housesupdated: Wed Jan 12 2005 17:26:00

When Joe and Terie Wehage of Portland, Ore. bought a vacation house with another couple ten years ago, their goal was to find a retreat that could accommodate a growing family - they have five children between the ages of 8 and 18 - and bring in some rental income.

E-mail appeals: Thailandupdated: Tue Jan 04 2005 19:52:00

We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

E-mail appeals: Maldivesupdated: Tue Dec 28 2004 18:18:00

We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

E-mail appeals: Seychellesupdated: Tue Dec 28 2004 18:17:00

We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

Eyewitnesses recount tsunami terrorupdated: Sun Dec 26 2004 06:40:00

There have been many extraordinary eyewitness accounts of the disaster that unfolded as giant waves swept ashore after the earthquake. The following are a selection:

CNNMoney: Cheap travelupdated: Fri Nov 19 2004 11:45:00

Looking for great getaway travel deals now that winter is on its way? Well, they're not hard to find.

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