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Bumper pads should never be used in infants' cribs, according to new guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Search suspended for Illinois woman missing after crashupdated: Wed Dec 08 2010 16:59:00

The search for an Illinois woman who vanished early Sunday, leaving only tracks in the snow leading to a road after a car crash that killed her husband, has been suspended until weather conditions in the area improve, authorities said Wednesday.

Woman vanishes after deadly wreckupdated: Wed Dec 08 2010 16:59:00

An Illinois mother has gone missing. Police think she walked away from a crash that killed her husband and disappeared.

Illinois man dies in crash; wife leaves car, vanishesupdated: Wed Dec 08 2010 09:21:00

An Illinois woman walked away from a car crash that killed her husband, authorities believe, but they have found no trace of her other than footprints in the snow leading to a road.

CNNMoney: Tribune files reorganization planupdated: Sat Oct 23 2010 17:59:00

Tribune Co. has filed a reorganization plan in a bankruptcy court that would turn control over to its principle creditors and aims to keep the media conglomerate intact.

Tribune media conglomerate files reorganization planupdated: Sat Oct 23 2010 17:17:00

Tribune Co. has filed a reorganization plan in a bankruptcy court that would turn control over to its principle creditors and aims to keep the media conglomerate intact. Steve Rushin: The Golden Age of Sportsupdated: Wed Oct 13 2010 09:34:00

Even before I knew there were 34 different beers on offer at Minnesota Twins games, or watched live soccer from Europe in high-def while still in my pajamas, or paused Roy Halladay's no-hitter in mid-motion as if I were Samantha freezing Darren on Bewitched, I knew we were living -- at this very moment -- in a miraculous Golden Age of Sports.

Fortune: Sam Zell's dodgy sale of the Chicago Cubsupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 09:36:00

The Chicago Cubs aren't going to win anything this year despite having one of baseball's largest payrolls. But their bankrupt owner, Sam Zell's Tribune Co., may be about to hit a home run -- at your expense.

Lawsuit: Cops robbing non-whitesupdated: Wed Mar 11 2009 22:20:00

A federal lawsuit alleges police are seizing money and property of non-whites by threatening them with criminal prosecution.

Fortune: The case for and against Sam Zellupdated: Mon Dec 15 2008 05:33:00

How did you go bankrupt?" Bill asked.

Commentary: What went right in Illinois scandalupdated: Fri Dec 12 2008 08:12:00

Federal prosecutors say they've uncovered a "political corruption crime spree" involving Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who allegedly hatched a variety of bribery schemes to enrich himself and his family while silencing critics.

CNNMoney: Tribune Co. files for bankruptcyupdated: Mon Dec 08 2008 15:44:00

Media conglomerate Tribune Co., publisher of the Chicago Tribune, announced Monday it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Fortune: For Zell, more Tribune hellupdated: Mon Sep 22 2008 08:44:00

Real estate tycoon Sam Zell is renowned for putting together deals with head-scratching financial structures that result in him getting his way, getting his pay and giving as little as possible to the government.

Fortune: Take him out to the tax gameupdated: Wed Jul 30 2008 14:05:00

The Chicago Cubs may not make it to the World Series this season, yet may still end up as players in a classic event: the World Series of tax dodging. That's because I think the team owner, Sam Zell's Tribune Co., is trying to unload the Cubs in a way likely to draw heat from tax authorities.

Fortune: The Newsday chaseupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 14:05:00

Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News, isn't going to let his archrival, News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch snatch away Newsday without a fight. He's matched News Corp.'s offer to pay $580 million for Tribune Co.'s Long Island paper. The Zuckerman camp is also warning that Murdoch's pending deal with Tribune may not withstand regulatory scrutiny.

Fortune: Sam Zell's new mantra: Sell low!updated: Wed Apr 23 2008 15:50:00

Nobody's timing was better at the top of the last boom than Sam Zell. Just before the credit markets collapsed, he sold his real estate empire for $36 billion. Now Zell is trying to sell newspapers, and his timing couldn't be worse.

Fortune: What will Zell sell?updated: Fri Mar 28 2008 10:02:00

While speculation continues to swirl about the possible sale of Newsday to the likes of Rupert Murdoch or Mort Zuckerman, the Long Island newspaper's owner, real estate magnate Sam Zell, won't confirm whether the estimated $600 million asset is actually for sale. Some analysts, in fact, believe it doesn't make sense for Zell to sell. Should Newspapers Still Be Taking Sides?updated: Wed Feb 20 2008 23:00:00

Journalists are supposed to inform readers about the issues, not sway their votes. So why do newspapers still endorse candidates? 5 Dead, Including Gunman at N. Illinoisupdated: Thu Feb 14 2008 17:00:00

Authorities say a man dressed in black opened fire from a stage of a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University, killing four people and himself LA Times Editor Fired Over Budgetupdated: Mon Jan 21 2008 08:00:00

The Los Angeles Times fired its top editor after he rejected a management order to cut $4 million from the newsroom budget, 14 months after his predecessor was also ousted

Fortune: Why companies need ownersupdated: Fri Dec 28 2007 03:38:00

"What this company needs is an owner," declared Sam Zell, after completing the $8.2 billion deal that put him in charge of the Tribune Co., which owns newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and Newsday. "It needs someone who accepts the responsibility for what this company does." Tribune Sale Done, Shakeup Startsupdated: Thu Dec 20 2007 15:00:00

Real estate magnate Sam Zell took control of newly private Tribune Co. on Thursday and began shaking up the newspaper and TV company the moment the $8.2 billion buyout he led closed

CNNMoney: Tribune holders approve $8.2B plan to go privateupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 05:55:00

Tribune Co. shareholders have approved an $8.2 billion plan to take the company private with 100 percent ownership by the company's employee stock ownership plan and with real estate mogul Sam Zell as an investor.

CNNMoney: Tribune investors approve $8B Zell buyoutupdated: Mon Aug 20 2007 23:39:00

Tribune Co. shareholders approved a proposed $8.2 billion buyout by real estate tycoon Sam Zell on Tuesday in a boost to investors who feared a deteriorating credit market would hamper the deal.

CNNMoney: Tribune profit slides 58 percentupdated: Wed Jul 25 2007 08:24:00

Newspaper publisher and broadcaster Tribune Co. said on Wednesday that quarterly profit and revenue fell as newspaper advertising sales suffered.

Fortune: CHASING THE CUBSupdated: Mon Jul 09 2007 00:00:00

BACK IN 1981 the Tribune Co. bought the hapless Chicago Cubs for a bargain price of $21 million, prompting the Chicago Tribune's own sports columnist, Bob Verdi, to quip, "I don't know why we bought the Cubs. We already had a perfectly good company softball team."

Fortune: Chasing the Cubsupdated: Wed Jun 27 2007 00:54:00

Back in 1981 the Tribune Co. bought the hapless Chicago Cubs for a bargain price of $21 million, prompting the Chicago Tribune's own sports columnist, Bob Verdi, to quip, "I don't know why we bought the Cubs. We already had a perfectly good company softball team."

CNNMoney: Geffen said in talks for L.A. Timesupdated: Thu Apr 05 2007 06:42:00

Chicago real estate mogul Sam Zell, tapped Monday as the buyer of media conglomerate Tribune Co., has already talked to entertainment mogul David Geffen about a possible deal for the Los Angeles Times, according to a published report.

CNNMoney: Zell buys Tribune Co., Cubs to be soldupdated: Mon Apr 02 2007 07:26:00

Real estate mogul Sam Zell has succeeded in his bid to take control of newspaper publisher Tribune Co.

CNNMoney: Stocks on the move Fridayupdated: Fri Mar 16 2007 10:25:00

The following shares were among the most actively traded Friday:

CNNMoney: Zell reported closer to deal for Tribune Co.updated: Wed Mar 07 2007 07:46:00

Chicago real estate mogul Sam Zell has reportedly become a front runner to buy the Tribune Co. media conglomerate, which has struggled to find a buyer whose offer was acceptable to the company.

CNNMoney: Zell reportedly eyes Tribune Co.updated: Wed Feb 07 2007 08:12:00

Sam Zell, whose Equity Office Properties is about to be sold for $23 billion after a hot bidding war for the firm, is reported to be the latest billionaire interested buying control of Tribune Co., which has not attracted the offers that company had hoped for when it was put up for sale.

CNNMoney: Murdoch may join bid battle for Tribuneupdated: Tue Jan 23 2007 18:15:00

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has joined the Chandler family in its bid for Tribune Company, according to a report Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Why Tribune won't sell the Cubsupdated: Fri Dec 08 2006 07:55:00

The Chicago Cubs are acting very un-Cub like this winter. That may be good news for the team's long-suffering fans but not for shareholders of newspaper publisher Tribune Co.

Fortune: Leading indicatorsupdated: Tue Nov 21 2006 12:47:00


CNNMoney: Calm before the stormupdated: Mon Nov 13 2006 06:43:00

Stocks appear to be looking for direction early Monday ahead of a busy week full of economic and earnings reports.

CNNMoney: Tribune called on to sell L.A. Timesupdated: Mon Sep 18 2006 07:55:00

Tribune Co. is under increasing pressure to sell its largest paper, the Los Angeles Times, according to published reports, just as the company is close to working out a truce with the Chandler family, the former owner of the paper and one of the company's largest shareholder.

CNNMoney: Extra! Extra! Tribune's a buy!updated: Wed Aug 30 2006 11:55:00

Ever watch Sesame Street and see the game they play where they show three things that are similar and one thing that is different from the group?

Fortune: Showdown in Chicagoupdated: Thu Jul 06 2006 18:22:00

Did you ever get good advice from a sworn enemy from a sworn enemy? Did you grit your teeth and take it, or could you just not bear to give him the satisfaction?

Fortune: Showdown in Chicagoupdated: Mon Jun 26 2006 10:04:00

Did you ever get good advice from a sworn enemy? Did you grit your teeth and take it, or could you just not bear to give him the satisfaction?

CNNMoney: Big Mac, fries and an MP3?updated: Wed May 25 2005 07:43:00

'Would you like a ring tone with that?'

CNNMoney: Taser said to target home useupdated: Mon Feb 14 2005 07:41:00

Taser is planning to market its stun gun for home use -- an idea garnering criticism from human rights groups and others concerned about the product's safety, according to a report Monday in the Chicago Tribune.

Money Magazine: America's Best Stocks As a new bull market begins, investors should be laying the foundation for a low-risk updated: Mon Dec 01 2003 00:01:00

Stocks are sexy again. Investors may still be worried about scandals, lingering unemployment and the possibility that stock prices have sprinted ahead a little too fast. But the trend is clear. Gro...

Money Magazine: Read All About It Newspapers' growth has slowed, but it's still steady.updated: Thu Jun 01 2000 00:01:00

Newspapers seem forever on the ropes. First attacked by radio, then TV, the stodgy old industry has been fighting off death for decades. Now, thanks to the Internet, newspaper publishers are back o...

Fortune: Old Media, Big Money Tribune Co.--that stodgy old-media conglomerate--is making millions investing in tech companies.updated: Mon Feb 16 1998 00:01:00

Traditional news and entertainment companies like Time Warner (parent of FORTUNE's publisher), News Corp., and Disney have spent millions of dollars and made lots of noise about their involvement i...


Where is he now? I don't mean Robert R. McCormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune. He's dead--and likely worse. If Franklin Roosevelt (his nemesis) had any pull with God, McCormick is currently r...

Fortune: How to buy a politician, responsibilism on Wall Street, our sensitive government, and other matters. ONLY IN AMERICA (Cont'd)updated: Mon Oct 17 1994 00:01:00

-- It's new student week at Northwestern University. For the members of the class of 1998 . . . orientation means much more than learning where the library is or how to drop an unwanted course. The...

Money Magazine: MONEY's Sports Value Rankings 1995updated: Sat Oct 01 1994 00:01:00

A cheap ticket? A superstar? A good seat? To measure what fans want when they go to a game, MONEY commissioned a nationwide poll by ICR Survey Research Group of Media, Pa. Based on how teams met th...

Fortune: A free market in the forest, egalitarianism in the FORTUNE 500, women who worry about VMI. GREAT MOMENTS IN CIVIL RIGHTSupdated: Mon May 03 1993 00:01:00

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights says a theater chain is guilty of illegal age discrimination . . . The department announced . . . it was filing charges against Norwest Theater Co. of Southf...

Fortune: Castro and McEnroe hang tough, the ethics of pastrami, gerrymandering galore, and other matters. CANINE BITES PERSONupdated: Mon Aug 26 1991 00:01:00

Memorializing the dog days, we hereby inaugurate Keeping Up's first annual list of the ten least surprising recent headlines -- every one a guaranteed nonastonisher.

Fortune: The education dividend, Ed Asner misses a party, Mike Wallace proposes a deal, and other matters. THE WORLD'S WORST UNIONSupdated: Mon May 21 1990 00:01:00

The scene depicted in the drawing on this page refers to a wisecrack believed to have originated in embittered publishing circles. The scene is not reality- based. It is not really true that certai...

Fortune: ANXIETY FACTORupdated: Mon Aug 15 1988 00:01:00

Republicans may have the economy humming, but much of the electorate seems not to be listening. Despite low inflation and low unemployment, national polls reveal that voters are worried. In July th...

Money Magazine: ''Can I write off travel to Mexico to check out investment ideas?''updated: Thu Oct 01 1987 00:01:00

IRAS Q. My husband and I want to use our total IRA funds, $7,000, to make a down payment on a house. Is there a way to avoid a withdrawal penalty? LINDA NG Denver A. Not unless you are 59 1/2 or ol...

Fortune: PORTFOLIO TALK Mining Backyard Lodesupdated: Mon Dec 09 1985 00:01:00

The investment advisers at Harris Associates in Chicago are staunch believers that some of the best things in life can be found in one's own backyard. Among the firm's 50 largest holdings, eight ar...

Fortune: ARE MEDIA MERGERS SMART BUSINESS? Acquiring is suddenly the rage in the entertainment and information industries, with the hotteupdated: Mon Jun 24 1985 00:01:00

ONE OF THE WORST things that could have happened to the television industry finally has: the financial markets have fallen in love with it. Like an Edenic resort that loses its charm as it gains po...

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