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Type 2 Diabetes

Chef Charles Mattocks stops by to talk with Suzanne Malveaux about the diabetes crisis in India.

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Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. teens facing diabetesupdated: Mon May 21 2012 12:42:00

The proportion of U.S. adolescents with diabetes or borderline diabetes has jumped dramatically since the late 1990s, raising the possibility that this generation of young people may face high rates of heart disease and other complications as adults.

Is drinking soda really that bad for you?updated: Fri May 18 2012 10:33:00

Q: I've heard so much about the dangers of drinking soda. Is it really all that bad for you? Or is it just empty calories?

Obesity epidemic strikes U.S. petsupdated: Sat Feb 04 2012 14:04:00

A new study shows the majority of adult dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. CNN's Josh Levs reports.

Paula Deen, change your dietupdated: Fri Jan 20 2012 21:18:00

"I'm just gonna put a little more butter in there, y'all," she said as she plopped a large chunk into the skillet. "Oh my," she added, "I've gone and put a whole stick in by now."

Dr. Drew: 'Don't make Paula Deen go away'updated: Fri Jan 20 2012 21:18:00

Television personality Paula Deen has disclosed she has type 2 diabetes. Hear HLN's Dr. Drew's unique take.

Sweet drinks expand waistlinesupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 05:33:00

A new study finds that sweet drinks expand women's waistlines, causing heart disease and diabetes.

Night shift work may raise diabetes riskupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 05:33:00

Women whose jobs require them to rotate through day and night shifts may be increasing their diabetes risk, especially if they maintain that schedule over a long period of time, a new study of nurses suggests.

Why am I taking metformin?updated: Wed Nov 16 2011 10:07:00

I was controlling my blood sugar with regular insulin injections, so why did my doctor add metformin during my last visit?

What's healthy eating for a diabetic?updated: Fri Oct 14 2011 20:42:00

Being a type 2 diabetic, I have too many different ideas coming at me. Do you have any advice on what diet to follow?

What's the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?updated: Mon Oct 03 2011 11:17:00

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Is it safe to reuse an insulin syringe?updated: Wed Sep 28 2011 12:29:00

My husband is a Type 2 diabetic who takes insulin three times a day. He often reuses the same syringe day after day or multiple times in one day. I am very concerned about this habit. It is unhealthy or dangerous?

Diabetes doubles Alzheimer's riskupdated: Mon Sep 19 2011 16:55:00

People with diabetes are at increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke at an early age, but that's not the only worry. Diabetes appears to dramatically increase a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia later in life, according to a new study conducted in Japan.

Does your child have a school nurse?updated: Wed Sep 14 2011 10:36:00

As a school nurse in Rochester, Michigan, Ronda Harrison has more than 15,000 students in 23 buildings under her care. She works out of the district's administrative offices and spends her days giving PowerPoint presentations to educators and communicating with parents over the phone.

Top chefs talk obesity epidemicupdated: Tue Aug 16 2011 06:26:00

From the Food and Wine Classic, chef Daniel Boulud and Top Chef's Gail Simmons weigh in on the obesity epidemic.

How does a baby get to be obese?updated: Mon Jun 27 2011 09:55:00

A 4-year-old lumbered into a Boston pediatric clinic. He walked with a limp.

Are you making your kid fat?updated: Mon Jun 27 2011 09:55:00

Chef Domenica Catelli explains how you may be serving your family foods that pack on the pounds without knowing it.

Drugs for psoriasis, arthritis may lower diabetes riskupdated: Tue Jun 21 2011 17:42:00

Drugs that treat psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, by suppressing the immune system may also reduce the risk of developing diabetes, at least in people who already have one of these conditions, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Where can I find information about pre-diabetes?updated: Wed Jun 15 2011 14:50:00

I just heard I am glucose intolerant (or pre-diabetic) and diabetes runs in my family. However, whenever I try to find information about pre-diabetes, I only get diabetes type 2 information. Are there any helpful websites with good information?

Can diabetes cause fatigue, body ache?updated: Wed May 18 2011 07:12:00

Can diabetes be a (possible) cause of fatigue, leg and lower back aches? I have had bursts of energy for 10 to 15 minutes, but then need to sit for about 10 minutes, and I'm ready to go full steam again. PLEASE, Thank You, Mike

Heavy teens at increased risk of heart disease years laterupdated: Wed Apr 06 2011 17:29:00

Teenage boys who are even slightly overweight face an increased risk of heart disease later in life, even if they slim down as adults, according to a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Reversing diabetes is possibleupdated: Wed Feb 02 2011 09:02:00

When Jonathan Legg of Bethesda, Maryland, got a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes at 39, he was shocked.

Diabetes type-2 can be reversedupdated: Wed Feb 02 2011 09:02:00

John Lisk reports on how some diabetics can turn their illness around.

2010: Obama signs child nutrition lawupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 13:42:00

In December, President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act into law.

Feds to tighten school nutrition standardsupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 13:42:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a new proposed rule Thursday designed to strengthen school breakfast and lunch nutrition standards -- part of the Obama administration's attempt to crack down on an epidemic of childhood obesity.

Do vitamins help against type 2 diabetes?updated: Wed Jan 12 2011 19:04:00

Are vitamin D, calcium and magnesium effective in preventing type 2 diabetes? If so, how much should one take?

What are the best supplements for a diabetic?updated: Fri Dec 03 2010 08:20:00

My husband has adult-onset diabetes. He is 43, but was diagnosed about five years ago. His mother is diabetic as well. Both are very small-framed people who are not overweight nor very muscular. There is no doubt the disease is genetic for them.

Weights plus walking equals more fit in less timeupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 17:02:00

Walkers who squeeze a bit of light weight training into their workout get more bang for their buck in terms of being fit and trim without increasing their total workout time, according to a new study of sedentary people with type 2 diabetes.

Four steps to reduce diabetes riskupdated: Tue Nov 23 2010 12:40:00

Half of all Americans may be diabetic or prediabetic by 2020, a report from an insurance company warned Tuesday. That's an even bleaker projection than the Centers for Disease Control's recent estimate that one in three Americans would have diabetes by 2050.

Depressed? It may boost your diabetes riskupdated: Mon Nov 22 2010 16:19:00

Diabetes and depression often occur together, but it's always been a chicken-or-egg scenario. Does diabetes make people depressed or are depressed people more likely to develop diabetes? Now a large new study suggests it's both.

Study: U.S. diabetes cases could triple by 2050updated: Fri Oct 22 2010 09:27:00

If current obesity trends don't change, one in three American adults will have diabetes by 2050, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday.

FDA restricts diabetes drugupdated: Fri Sep 24 2010 13:03:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains the controversy behind the diabetes drug Avandia.

Concerned about Avandia? Here are other optionsupdated: Fri Sep 24 2010 13:03:00

Edward Darden started taking the diabetes drug Avandia in 2006 to help control his blood sugar and was doing just fine, he said. But he became concerned when he saw warnings linking the drug to a 43 percent increased risk of heart attack, following the 2007 release of a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Diabetes-prone people at risk for Alzheimer's plaquesupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 20:50:00

People at risk for type 2 diabetes are also more likely to have brain abnormalities associated with Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study from Japan. The study is the latest evidence of a diabetes-dementia link.

4 surprising reasons women can't lose weightupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 08:14:00

Most of us already know that eating less and moving more are the keys to dropping extra pounds. But if you're already doing everything "right" and can't seem to lose weight -- or are even gaining it -- you may have a hidden health condition that's sabotaging your efforts. And the symptoms may be so subtle that even your doctor can miss them. Here, some possible weight-loss blockers -- and how to get the help you need.

Is it OK for diabetic to use corn remover on feet?updated: Wed Jul 14 2010 08:40:00

I am a type 2 diabetic with an average hemoglobin A1C of 6.1. Would it be safe to use an over-the-counter liquid corn remover on my foot?

Can neck measure indicate body fat better than BMI?updated: Tue Jul 06 2010 08:19:00

Flawed, limited and inaccurate. The complaints against the body mass index are many.

Is quick brown rice as healthy as regular?updated: Fri Jun 25 2010 13:36:00

Do quick-cooking brown rice and regular brown rice have the same health benefits? Or is the quick-cooking brown rice no better than white?

Brown rice instead of white may lower diabetes riskupdated: Mon Jun 14 2010 16:20:00

The next time you order Chinese food or need a side dish to serve with dinner, you're better off choosing brown rice instead of white. Eating more brown rice and cutting back on white rice may reduce your risk of diabetes, a new study reports.

Fast-food-loving Kuwaitis battle the bulgeupdated: Thu May 06 2010 12:12:00

In Kuwait, at family gatherings and social events, food is always at the top of the menu.

Is the hCG diet good to lose 20-30 pounds?updated: Fri Mar 12 2010 15:07:00

I have repeatedly heard about the hCG diet, with many claims about tremendous weight loss on a very restrictive diet and the hCG oral drops. I have been skeptical of the results, even though there are many avid fans. Is this a good diet for people needing to lose 20-30 pounds?

Is it harmful to estimate extra insulin before a meal?updated: Wed Mar 03 2010 17:33:00

Is it harmful to take extra Novolog [a form of injectable insulin] before eating a meal? There are times when I am not at a place where I can read the carb information on menus; therefore, I estimate the number of insulin units I take right before eating.

Can early diabetes be controlled or completely stopped?updated: Wed Feb 03 2010 14:37:00

Can early diabetes be controlled or completely stopped?

Study: Quitting smoking raises diabetes riskupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 12:45:00

People who quit smoking are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes after they kick the habit, most likely due to post-quitting weight gain, a new study has found.

Smoking and diabetesupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 12:45:00

New research suggests that quitting smoking increases the risk of diabetes. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

The truth about diabetic dietsupdated: Mon Dec 14 2009 14:39:00

Having diabetes doesn't mean having to eat a spartan diet of bland, tasteless foods. But it does mean you have to pay close attention to portion control. Learn why some of the common myths about diabetic diets are not exactly true and what steps you can take to control diabetes.

Can a diabetic safely eat carbs to prep for a marathon?updated: Fri Dec 11 2009 10:15:00

I am a type 2 diabetic. My glucose levels are tightly controlled with diet and exercise (no medication). Otherwise I am in good condition. I would like to run a marathon, but I have questions about appropriate nutritional options. The typical high-carb diet of many runners probably isn't a good option for me. I haven't been able to find any useful info on the Internet. Can you provide any advice or links to helpful sites?

Study: Cost of treating diabetes to triple by 2034updated: Fri Nov 27 2009 13:56:00

The number of Americans with diabetes will nearly double in the next 25 years, and the costs of treating them will triple, according to a new report.

Diabetes cases, costs to riseupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 13:56:00

A new study predicts American type 2 diabetes cases will jump from nearly 24 million to more than 44 million by 2034.

8 common diabetes questions answeredupdated: Mon Nov 09 2009 09:36:00

Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes; another 57 million have prediabetes, a precursor to the disease. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that if the diabetes epidemic continues, one in three Americans will develop it in his or her lifetime.

Diabetes drug Byetta tied to kidney problems, says FDAupdated: Wed Nov 04 2009 17:08:00

People with type 2 diabetes who are taking the blood-sugar-lowering drug Byetta may be at increased risk for kidney problems, including kidney failure, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported this week.

Does roux-en-Y gastric bypass cure diabetes?updated: Fri Oct 30 2009 15:48:00

"60 Minutes" had a story several months ago about a type of weight-loss surgery that seemed to also cure type 2 diabetes in many people. Has more research been done on this? Do you need the full bypass of about one-third of the small intestine or just the duodenum and jejunum? My weight problem came about with/after diabetes, not before.

Mediterranean diet can stave off need for diabetes drugsupdated: Mon Aug 31 2009 17:18:00

Studies already suggest that the Mediterranean diet -- rich in fish, fruits, nuts, and olive oil -- can prevent second heart attacks, delay Alzheimer's disease, and maybe even lower your cancer risk.

Can BMI be adjusted for muscular builds?updated: Fri Aug 07 2009 09:26:00

I have a natural extensive amount of muscle mass on all parts of my body plus a broad build, but my height is just 5 feet 4. When I do a BMI calculation having to enter my weight and height, my suggested weight should be around 135 to get a decent reading. I weigh in around 165, and I do need to lose a bit, but not a lot in the belly area. I am 44 years old and was just wondering if the BMI can be adjusted for people with a muscular build with broad shoulders?

Weight-loss surgery safe, but sleep apnea increases riskupdated: Wed Jul 29 2009 17:25:00

Weight-loss surgery isn't risk-free, but a new study suggests that in the hands of a skilled surgeon, it may be safer than previously thought. However, some people -- including those with sleep apnea or a history of blood clots -- are more likely to have problems with surgery than others, according to a study published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine.

CNNMoney: Taxing the fat in your foodupdated: Tue Jul 28 2009 21:50:00

Health care costs keep growing fatter in part because Americans are, too.

Study: Weight-loss surgery cuts cancer risk in womenupdated: Wed Jun 24 2009 16:59:00

Weight-loss surgery can sometimes reverse type 2 diabetes and ease other obesity-related conditions. Now, new research suggests that obese women who undergo bariatric surgery experience a 42 percent drop in their cancer risk.

Diabetes: More than just sugar overload?updated: Fri May 08 2009 09:50:00

I walk every day, eat a healthful diet, and have no diabetes in my immediate family. I'm not model skinny (truth be told, I've been known to pack on a few extra pounds), but I'm certainly not a couch potato or junk food addict. So, imagine my surprise when a routine blood test showed that my blood sugar was elevated and I was officially prediabetic.

Can gastric bypass surgery reverse diabetes?updated: Wed Apr 29 2009 09:29:00

Is it true that obese people who have had gastric bypass surgery have experienced a reversal of diabetes condition?

Does exercise help prediabetes or control blood sugar?updated: Fri Feb 27 2009 09:28:00

Does exercise help prediabetes or control blood sugar? How much exercise (time) and what kind of exercise should be done for this purpose.

Commentary: Why we need an obesity taxupdated: Thu Dec 18 2008 17:09:00

Like many New Yorkers, I remember a time when nearly everyone smoked. In 1950, Collier's reported that more than three-quarters of adult men smoked. This epidemic had a devastating and long-lasting impact on public health. Diabetes Rate Doubles Over 10 Yearsupdated: Thu Oct 30 2008 14:00:00

The rate of new diabetes cases nearly doubled in the United States in the last 10 years, with the highest levels in the South Study Shows Hope for Diabeticsupdated: Wed Sep 10 2008 11:00:00

Diabetics who tightly control their blood sugar -- even if only for the first decade after they are diagnosed -- have lower risks of heart attack, death and other complications 10 or more years later Data: Arsenic, Water, Diabetes Linkedupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 11:00:00

A new analysis of government data is the first to link low-level arsenic exposure, possibly from drinking water, with Type 2 diabetes

Is water causing diabetes?updated: Wed Aug 20 2008 10:01:00

A new study linked higher levels of arsenic in urine with increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports. Are Fat Calories More Fattening Than Carbs?updated: Tue Jul 15 2008 01:05:00

Harvard professor and nutrition guru, Walter Willett, weighs the balance between high-fat and high-carb diets

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