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Bush immigration chief resignsupdated: Thu Nov 06 2008 03:26:00

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced the resignation of Julie Myers, assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, on Wednesday.

Former manager of largest U.S. kosher plant arrestedupdated: Thu Oct 30 2008 18:20:00

The former manager of the largest U.S. kosher meatpacking plant was arrested Thursday on federal conspiracy charges of harboring illegal immigrants and aiding and abetting aggravated identity theft, federal officials said.

Priest: 'Nobody can tell me to shut up'updated: Wed Oct 15 2008 09:32:00

The Rev. Lloyd Paul Ouderkirk sits beneath a cross of Jesus, the sun shining through the stained-glass windows that line his church.

Mayor: Feds turned my town 'topsy turvy'updated: Tue Oct 14 2008 12:30:00

About a dozen Somali Muslims stand outside their makeshift mosque on Lawler Street, its sheet-draped windows emblazoned with the words "Sunday Mattress." Women are covered head to toe in traditional Muslim robes.

After the raidupdated: Tue Oct 14 2008 12:30:00

Tiny Postville, Iowa, is still trying to recover from what was the largest immigration raid in U.S. history.

300 workers arrested in raid at poultry plantupdated: Wed Oct 08 2008 01:32:00

Federal immigration agents arrested about 300 workers Tuesday in a raid at a poultry processing plant in Greenville, South Carolina, the Department of Justice said. 1,300 Gang Members Arrested in Past 4 Monthsupdated: Wed Oct 01 2008 16:00:00

Federal officials arrested more than 300 members of a previously lesser known criminal gang during a summer crackdown, twice as many as last year, and arrested nearly 1,500 gang members nationwide, immigration authorities said Wednesday 600 Held in Miss. Immigration Raidupdated: Tue Aug 26 2008 18:00:00

Federal officials say nearly 600 suspected illegal immigrants were detained in a raid on a manufacturing plant in southern Mississippi, making it the largest such sweep in the country Self-Deportation Program Scrappedupdated: Fri Aug 22 2008 10:00:00

A pilot program allowing illegal immigrants to surrender to authorities and have more control over their deportation has been dubbed a failure

Millionaire gets 40 months for enslaving maidsupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 19:00:00

A Long Island millionaire was sentenced to 40 months in prison Friday for enslaving two house maids, U.S. Attorney Robert Nardoza said.

Cuba deports U.S. fugitive charged with sex crimesupdated: Fri Jun 13 2008 15:42:00

The Cuban government has handed over to U.S. authorities a California man facing federal child sex crime charges, Cuba's Foreign Ministry said Friday.

Senator tries to keep valedictorian from deportationupdated: Wed Jun 11 2008 16:55:00

Plans to deport an Armenian high school valedictorian in Fresno, California, were put on hold Tuesday after Sen. Dianne Feinstein took steps to make him and his family legal U.S. residents.

Valedictorian may stayupdated: Wed Jun 11 2008 16:55:00

A high school valedictorian faces deportation, but may get to stay in the U.S. CNN.s Dan Simon reports.

Valedictorian being deportedupdated: Thu Jun 05 2008 19:13:00

The valedictorian at a Fresno high school won't be attending a U.S. college because he's being deported. KGPE reports.

Valedictorian's academic plans threatened by deportationupdated: Thu Jun 05 2008 19:13:00

A high school valedictorian's plans to study medicine at a California state university have run headlong into the federal government's attempts to return him and his family to Armenia.

Everglades fire forces prison evacuationupdated: Mon May 19 2008 19:27:00

A fast-moving wildfire in South Florida forced the evacuation of more than 2,200 inmates and detainees on Monday, authorities said.

Photos show arrest in global pedophile huntupdated: Thu May 08 2008 16:21:00

A pedophile suspect who became the subject of an international manhunt this week after an appeal from Interpol has been detained in the United States.

A day for immigrantsupdated: Thu May 01 2008 22:16:00

Across the United States, immigrants hold rallies in support of those who come to America.

Protesters across America call for immigration reformupdated: Thu May 01 2008 22:16:00

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in U.S. cities Thursday to protest federal immigration raids and deportations and to call for comprehensive immigration reform.

Immigration agents detain hundreds at poultry plantsupdated: Thu Apr 17 2008 02:36:00

Federal immigration agents fanned out across five states Wednesday, detaining hundreds of employees of Pilgrim's Pride, one of the nation's largest poultry companies.

U.S. deports wife killer suspectupdated: Mon Mar 10 2008 08:20:00

A man accused of killing his wife in New Zealand and then abandoning the couple's 3-year-old daughter at an Australian train station has been deported to New Zealand to face murder charges, U.S. immigration officials announced Sunday.

'Pumpkin's' dad to be extraditedupdated: Fri Feb 29 2008 17:34:00

A man arrested in the U.S. after a months-long, intercontinental manhunt will be deported to New Zealand to face murder charges in the death of his wife, authorities told CNN Friday.

Chinese charged over fake handbagsupdated: Thu Jan 17 2008 21:35:00

Three Chinese nationals accused of importing thousands of counterfeit luxury handbags in the United States have been arrested in the past two days, federal authorities announced Thursday.

New Jersey schoolyard slaying suspect pleads not guiltyupdated: Wed Nov 07 2007 22:28:00

Rodolfo Godinez, one of six suspects charged in a triple slaying in a Newark, New Jersey, schoolyard, pleaded not guilty Wednesday at Essex County Veterans Courthouse, the county prosecutor's office said.

Commentary: Local police shouldn't enforce immigration lawupdated: Tue Oct 23 2007 12:52:00

The wacky world of immigration reform is full of half-baked ideas, but none has the taste of having spent less time in the oven than letting local cops enforce federal immigration law.

Airline workers among 18 people charged with drug trafficking at JFKupdated: Tue Oct 16 2007 20:09:00

Eighteen people, including 10 airline workers at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, appeared in federal court Tuesday on international drug smuggling and distribution charges.

Drug smuggling bustupdated: Tue Oct 16 2007 20:09:00

Federal agents bust an alleged cocaine and heroin smuggling ring centered on New York's JFK airport.

Feds target violent gangs, arrest 1,300updated: Tue Oct 09 2007 15:00:00

Federal agents have arrested more than 1,300 suspected gang members, including 343 with violent criminal histories, in the past three months, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said Tuesday.

Crackdown on gangsupdated: Tue Oct 09 2007 15:00:00

Federal agents participate in an operation that leads to the arrest of more than 1,300 suspected gang members.

FSB: Will the immigration crackdown work?updated: Mon Sep 17 2007 06:09:00

Bliss Nicholson flies to Mexico every year, not to soak up the sun in Cancún but to recruit legal migrant workers for his landscaping business in Middleton, Wis. With the local unemployment rate under 4%, few legal residents in his area care to work long hours in the hot sun planting trees or laying irrigation pipes for $10 an hour. Unlike many in his industry, Nicholson chooses not to hire illegal immigrants. So the annual road trip is his only recourse.

ICE: Tab to remove illegal residents would approach $100 billionupdated: Wed Sep 12 2007 21:34:00

It would cost at least $94 billion to find, detain and remove all 12 million people believed to be staying illegally in the United States, the federal government estimated Wednesday.

Tonight's factsupdated: Fri Aug 24 2007 04:45:00

Here are some facts from tonight's broadcast that you might find interesting. 287(g), the federal government's program to train local law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration laws: • As of August 21, 2007, 6 agencies in 12 states are participating • 457 Officers have been trained • 22,000 suspected criminal illegal aliens have been arrested Source: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) TOY RECALLS More than 80% of toys sold in this country are made in China. Source: Toy Industry Association Release: Wal-Mart Launches Toy Safety Net Program

Immigration activist arrested after year in churchupdated: Mon Aug 20 2007 07:26:00

An illegal immigrant who stayed in an Illinois church for a year to avoid separation from her 8-year-old son, a U.S. citizen, was arrested Sunday and was being processed for deportation. Report: Disputes Slow Terror Probesupdated: Tue Aug 14 2007 10:00:00

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents ignored or dropped leads and at times entire cases involving terrorist activities because of disputes with the FBI, says a report

Tonight's factsupdated: Tue Jul 31 2007 00:05:00

Here are some facts from tonight's broadcast that you might find interesting. In the first six months of this year the FDA rejected more than a thousand (1,077) shipments of food from China. Source: FDA Last month, the FDA banned 5 certain species of fish from China because of a persistent pattern of contamination. A recent study by U.S. consulting firm A.T. Kearney found: "China's food safety process is broken and fixing it will require a $100 billion investment in improved food safety standards, warehousing, transportation and training." Source: AT Kearney Consulting, June 26 presentation at CIES World Food Business Summit in Shanghai Mayor Donald Cresitello of Morristown, NJ has applied to enroll his police department into the 287(g) program which would deputize police officers to enforce immigration laws. Morristown would be the first New Jersey municipality in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) program if accepted.

Tonight's factsupdated: Thu Jul 19 2007 06:55:00

Here are some facts from tonight's broadcast that you might find interesting. Wildfires • Nearly 1,500 new U.S. wildfires since Monday • Wildfires in 17 states this month Source: National Interagency Fire Center 60% of continental US in drought Source: U.S. Drought Monitor Employee Verification Defense Department non-work Social Security numbers (pdf file) Immigration Congress granted local police immigration authority under section 287(g) of the immigration law of 1996 Florida was the first to take advantage of the program in 2001 Now 24 law enforcement agencies in 11 states with 416 officers are trained in 287(g) There are at least 75 law enforcement agencies with requests pending with Immigration and Customs Enforcement which runs the program Source: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Representative David Price of North Carolina is proposing a bill that would mandate 287(g) use in all local and state prisons Report: Deportation Killing Familiesupdated: Wed Jul 18 2007 14:25:00

An estimated 1.6 million children and spouses have been separated from family members forced to leave the country under toughened 1996 immigration laws

CNNMoney: 26 indicted on mortgage schemeupdated: Tue Jul 10 2007 07:13:00

The federal government announced Tuesday a bust in a multi-million dollar subprime mortgage lending scheme and indicted more than two dozen alleged co-conspirators.

Report blasts U.S. for failures in fighting terrorismupdated: Mon Jun 25 2007 18:28:00

A just-released report slams the federal government for failing to coordinate the work of U.S. law enforcement agencies overseas to fight terrorism.

Presidential campaign puts strain on Secret Serviceupdated: Sat Jun 23 2007 07:22:00

Don Coyer is trained to take a bullet and quick to make a joke. Internet Child Porn Ring Bustedupdated: Mon Jun 18 2007 13:45:00

British police have shattered a global Internet pedophile ring, rescuing 31 children and rounding up more than 700 suspects worldwide, authorities said

Dobbs: Give it a rest, Mr. Presidentupdated: Tue Jun 12 2007 17:03:00

President Bush is building his legacy, adding another unfortunate line of hollow bravado to his rhetorical repertoire. To "Mission accomplished," "Bring it on," "Wanted: Dead or alive," and of course, "I earned ... political capital, and now I intend to spend it," he has added "I'll see you at the bill signing," referring to his own ill-considered push for so-called comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Illegal alien gang membersupdated: Tue Jun 05 2007 20:33:00

These are some of the facts from tonight's broadcast that you might find interesting. ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) conducted a threat assessment survey of all field offices: "The results of the assessment showed that most major metropolitan areas were experiencing a surge in gang activity. Additionally, the survey showed that membership of these violent transnational gangs was comprised largely of foreign-born nationals." Source: ICE "Operation Community Shield" Fact Sheet June 6, 2007 • Gang members in the United States: 800,000 • State and local police in the United States: 708,000 Source: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California); hearing testimony June 5, 2007

Tonight's facts: Seafood importsupdated: Thu May 31 2007 17:56:00

The following information is also available on the website of the Food and Water Watch. • 81% of seafood is imported (90% of shrimp is imported). • 55% of seafood is from Asia. • Less than 2% of all seafood imports are physically inspected. • Less than one percent (0.59%) is lab tested and that rate is declining despite increasing problems with veterinary drug residues and the use of banned drugs by foreign fish farm operations. • 60% of the seafood that was refused was seafood from China. • American consumers are eating more seafood (16.2 lbs per person in 2005). • One in four Americans (76,000,000) get food-borne illness. • Seafood is responsible for 18-20% of those cases (20%=15.2 million). Removal Stats The following numbers were derived between October 1, 2006 and April 16, 2007. This information on can be found on the website of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement • 2007 Fiscal Year to Date Tot

FSB: My competitors keep hiring illegals!updated: Thu May 10 2007 17:05:00

Dear FSB: I have the same problem you mentioned in "Blowing the Whistle on Illegals." I own a floor-covering store, and a competitor has taken a lot of business from me because he hires illegal immigrants and can do everything cheaper. What can I do to stop this? --Name withheld, Georgia

'Port of Miami is safe' officials say after scareupdated: Sun Jan 07 2007 13:25:00

The Port of Miami is safe said police after investigating three men who tried to enter a secure area in a truck without proper documentation.

Commentary: Putting a sinister spin on immigration crackdownupdated: Mon Dec 18 2006 09:34:00

The worry used to be that illegal immigrants were stealing welfare. Then it was jobs. Now, we're told, they're stealing people's identities.

125 arrested in child porn roundupupdated: Wed Oct 18 2006 18:37:00

Federal officials arrested more than 125 people Wednesday on charges of subscribing to a Web site that depicted children as young as infants engaged in sexual activities with adults.

7 'undocumented immigrants' pulled out of storm drainupdated: Tue Oct 10 2006 13:56:00

Seven "undocumented immigrants" were pulled out of a storm drain Tuesday after border patrol officials saw them trying to use it to enter the United States, San Diego Police spokeswoman Monica Munoz said.

FSB: Your own border patrolupdated: Tue Sep 05 2006 11:25:00

Congress has yet to nail down any of the details on immigration reform, but federal officials are already stepping up their enforcement - with an eye on small employers.

Nine Egyptian students in U.S. custodyupdated: Sat Aug 12 2006 08:38:00

Nine Egyptian students out of 11 who went missing in the United States two weeks ago are in custody, a government statement said Saturday.

Six Egyptian students in custodyupdated: Thu Aug 10 2006 14:24:00

Six of 11 Egyptian students who failed to show up for classes after entering the United States are in federal custody, the FBI said Thursday.

Drug runners flew copters through canyons, officials sayupdated: Thu Jun 29 2006 13:03:00

U.S. and Canadian authorities said Thursday they had arrested more than 40 people and broken up six rings that smuggled drugs across the border using planes and helicopters.

Fortune: Immigration reform: Building costs could soarupdated: Wed May 31 2006 15:36:00

For the home building industry, the immigration debate raging in Washington is anything but abstract. It's the biggest issue nobody wants to talk about.

Dobbs to president: Do you take us for fools? updated: Wed May 10 2006 12:12:00

Reports this week that the Border Patrol is notifying the Mexican government of the locations of Minutemen volunteers are being denied by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. True or not, the Bush administration continues to follow absurd policies on both issues of border security and illegal immigration.

Companies using illegal workers to be targetedupdated: Thu Apr 20 2006 03:54:00

The Bush administration unveiled Thursday what it said is a new strategy aimed at companies employing illegal immigrants, illustrating it with a crackdown on the German-based firm IFCO Systems.

Hundreds seized in immigration raidsupdated: Wed Apr 19 2006 21:28:00

Federal immigration authorities rounded up more than 1,000 illegal immigrants at dozens of sites and charged nine individuals of the firm that employed them, federal law enforcement officials announced Wednesday.

Bust shows gaps in U.S.-Canada borderupdated: Wed Apr 12 2006 20:53:00

As debate rages over securing the U.S. border with Mexico, authorities announced Wednesday that they had dismantled a human-smuggling ring that was running illegal immigrants into the United States through Canada.

Your comments: Lost in translationupdated: Wed Apr 12 2006 14:49:00

This is a sampling of comments received during the past week.

U.S. charges pair as China spiesupdated: Thu Feb 09 2006 20:04:00

A Taiwanese citizen has been indicted as an agent of the People's Republic of China in a lengthy indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Florida, federal officials announced in Washington Friday.

Feds find weapons cache near Mexican borderupdated: Fri Feb 03 2006 14:05:00

A federal task force seized arsenals of illegal weapons and homemade bombs in Laredo, Texas, in connection with a Mexican drug trafficking battle, authorities said Friday.

Feds smoke out largest drug tunnel yetupdated: Thu Jan 26 2006 10:35:00

Authorities have found what they call the largest and most sophisticated tunnel running into the United States along the Mexican border.

U.S. finds California-Mexico tunnelupdated: Wed Jan 11 2006 13:50:00

U.S. border patrol agents investigating a caved-in road discovered a tunnel linking the United States and Mexico, the third such passage found in three years near the San Ysidro, California, crossing, authorities said Wednesday.

Jordanian admits human smuggling updated: Tue Dec 13 2005 12:32:00

A Jordanian citizen has pleaded guilty to helping operate a multimillion dollar human smuggling ring that brought hundreds of illegal immigrants from Iraq and other Middle East countries into the United States, authorities announced Tuesday.

Air marshals taught to be risk averseupdated: Wed Dec 07 2005 17:31:00

Federal air marshals train to shoot in extremely close quarters and tense situations, but until Wednesday no agent had used his weapon.

Officials: Dutch prisoner gave tunnel tipupdated: Wed Oct 19 2005 07:29:00

The informant who told U.S. authorities about the purported plan to set off explosives in a Baltimore Harbor tunnel is a prisoner in the Netherlands, two federal officials confirmed to CNN on Wednesday.

Cuban smuggler's boat flips, boy drownsupdated: Thu Oct 13 2005 13:22:00

A 6-year-old Cuban boy drowned Thursday after a smuggler's boat carrying him and 30 other people capsized as a U.S. Coast Guard vessel attempted to intercept it south of Florida, the Coast Guard said.

U.S. border protection chief resignsupdated: Wed Sep 28 2005 21:11:00

The commissioner for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Robert C. Bonner, said Wednesday that he will retire.

Officials: Stragglers' resistance waningupdated: Fri Sep 09 2005 03:29:00

It's dark. It's shirt-soaking hot. And the only word to describe the heavy odor is "indescribable." Still, they refuse to leave.

California Muslim cleric, son deportedupdated: Wed Aug 17 2005 16:27:00

A Muslim cleric and his son, both of whom agreed to deportation after their June arrest on visa violations during a federal terrorism investigation, have been returned to Pakistan, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Do cigarette taxes really work?updated: Tue Jul 12 2005 12:11:00

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Many states have been hiking cigarette taxes for years, claiming that they discourage smoking and contribute much-needed tax revenues to state coffers.

CNNMoney: Feds bite BitTorrentupdated: Wed May 25 2005 16:05:00

Federal agents launched a crackdown on users of a popular new technology used to steal the latest "Star Wars" movie and other large data files off the Internet, immigration officials announced Wednesday.

Woman faces deportation for selling technology to Chinaupdated: Fri May 06 2005 21:22:00

A former scholar who has admitted selling restricted technology to China is facing deportation proceedings, immigration officials confirmed Friday.

Nichols' brother: 'We're here for him'updated: Tue Mar 15 2005 22:41:00

The brother of Brian Nichols remembers his younger sibling as the stable one who excelled intellectually and athletically -- and the last person he'd have expected to soon face murder charges.

Atlanta shootings chronologyupdated: Sat Mar 12 2005 15:45:00

The following is a chronology of the events surrounding the shootings Friday morning at a courthouse in Atlanta -- and the subsequent manhunt for the suspect. All times are approximate.

Inspector: Stolen passports often workupdated: Thu Dec 23 2004 18:01:00

Non-residents applying for admission to the United States using stolen passports have little reason to fear being caught and are usually admitted, the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General said in a report issued Thursday.

American student charged with aiding terror groupupdated: Tue Nov 09 2004 18:09:00

An American college student has been arrested and charged with providing material support to a Somali group that has been designated a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Enforce the immigration laws we've gotupdated: Fri Jul 16 2004 12:55:00

The United States is facing an extraordinary immigration crisis, but our solutions have done nothing to alleviate the situation. The overburdened Border Patrol and local law enforcement, particularly in the Southwest, are apprehending thousands of illegal aliens on immigration violations every day. Yet surprisingly, many of those arrested are freed shortly after their detainment.

Sources: Plane passenger with suicide note arrestedupdated: Wed Jul 14 2004 13:34:00

Immigration officials are holding an airline passenger who was arrested in Minnesota carrying suspicious materials, government sources said Wednesday.

Arrests in alleged weapons sale plotupdated: Thu Jul 01 2004 16:00:00

Federal authorities in Camden, New Jersey, charged seven people Thursday with conspiring to sell military technology to China.

Name callingupdated: Mon Jun 21 2004 11:33:00

What's in a name? Quite a lot if you're the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the largest agency of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Spanky the clown arrested on porn chargesupdated: Tue May 25 2004 17:52:00

Spanky, a clown with the renowned Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, has been arrested on charges stemming from a child pornography investigation, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

U.S. arrests dozens over Internet child porn distributionupdated: Fri May 14 2004 14:15:00

Dozens of people have been arrested in connection with an ongoing federal crackdown on the distribution of child pornography sent over the Internet using peer-to-peer file sharing applications, federal law enforcement sources said Friday.

Smuggled artifacts worth $1M returned to Peruvian governmentupdated: Fri Apr 30 2004 15:03:00

Forty-one artifacts estimated to be between 2,000 and 3,000 years old and worth more than $1 million, were returned to the Peruvian government Friday by the U.S. government.

Homeland Security suspends some hiringupdated: Fri Mar 26 2004 13:42:00

The Department of Homeland Security has temporarily stopped hiring employees for two of its main divisions as it seeks to find out if it is facing a large budget shortfall or simply having problems reconciling the books after the largest government merger in history.

Saudi charged for firecrackers in luggageupdated: Mon Jan 05 2004 17:29:00

A Saudi man is facing federal felony charges after three small "firecracker-type" pyrotechnic devices were found during a search of his backpack after he arrived at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

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