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A California slaughterhouse is closed by the USDA after video shows animal cruelty. CNN's Sandra Endo reports.

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Slaughterhouse accused of inhumane treatment of cattle reopens updated: Mon Aug 27 2012 16:51:00

A California slaughterhouse closed after an animal rights group released a video of workers there apparently mistreating animals has been allowed to reopen, U.S. regulators said on Monday.

Congressmen call on USDA to reopen slaughterhouse updated: Fri Aug 24 2012 22:35:00

Three U.S. congressmen from California are calling for the Department of Agriculture to immediately reopen a slaughterhouse closed this week after videos showed what the agency called "disturbing evidence of inhumane treatment of cattle."

Advocacy group: Cattle tortured in videoupdated: Wed Aug 22 2012 12:20:00

The USDA suspends a slaughterhouse after video appears to show animal cruelty.

USDA suspends slaughterhouse after video appears to show animal crueltyupdated: Wed Aug 22 2012 12:20:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating "disturbing evidence of inhumane treatment of cattle" at a California meat supplier, the agency said.

'Meatless Monday' too hot a potato for USDAupdated: Thu Aug 02 2012 07:50:00

For the sorcerers who practice the dark arts of politics, the hot summer months are generally known for their focus on triviality, hyperbole and petty posturing. This "silly season" is marked mostly by frivolous debates over manufactured controversies as voters tune out and cook out in parks and backyards across the country.

New measures crafted to reduce food stamp fraudupdated: Thu May 24 2012 16:18:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday new proposals targeting individuals who sell SNAP cards, commonly known as food stamps, for cash.

USDA lifts quarantines on two farms in mad cow investigation updated: Fri May 18 2012 20:20:00

A quarantine placed on two California farms under investigation for mad cow disease has been lifted, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Friday.

USDA quarantines 2 farms in mad cow investigationupdated: Thu May 03 2012 05:43:00

Two farms have been quarantined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the agency continues to investigate last month's discovery of mad cow disease at a California dairy farm.

Mad cow: Adequate testing?updated: Thu May 03 2012 05:43:00

Is the testing process for mad cow disease adequate? CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Feds hope to speed tracking of tainted meat, poultryupdated: Wed May 02 2012 19:54:00

Hoping to eliminate a problem before it spreads rather than fighting an outbreak once it's discovered, the USDA announced Wednesday a new tracing method it hopes will protect consumers from eating contaminated meat and poultry.

2011: Sugar a toxin, doctor saysupdated: Fri Apr 27 2012 06:49:00

Dr. Robert Lustig tells CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta that processed sugar is so unhealthy that it's toxic.

Soft drinks: Public enemy No.1 in obesity fight?updated: Fri Apr 27 2012 06:49:00

Pushing her meal cart into the hospital room, a research assistant hands out tall glasses of reddish-pink liquid, along with a gentle warning: "Remember, you guys have to finish all your Kool-Aid."

S. Korea grocery chain curbs U.S. beef sales amid mad cow scareupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 14:24:00

The first U.S. case of mad cow disease in six years sparked fears of illness that prompted two South Korean retailers to suspend the sale of American beef.

S. Korea curbs U.S. beef sales after confirmation of mad cow diseaseupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 21:52:00

The first U.S. case of mad cow disease in six years sparked fears of illness that prompted at least one major South Korean retailer to suspend the sale of American beef.

'Mad cow' case confirmed by USDAupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 14:11:00

Elizabeth Cohen reports on the confirmed case of "mad cow" disease in California.

Mad cow case confirmed in Californiaupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 14:11:00

The nation's fourth case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), sometimes referred to as "mad cow disease," has been confirmed in a dairy cow in central California, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday.

USDA warns of fraudulent fax schemeupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 21:15:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued a warning to be on the lookout for unsolicited fraudulent faxes made to look like they're coming from a USDA official.

Why blogger ate student lunchesupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 13:51:00

Sarah Wu blogged anonymously for years showing what students are served for lunch.

USDA issues new rules for school mealsupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 13:51:00

School meals will have to offer fruits and vegetables to students every day under standards issued by the United States Department of Agriculture on Wednesday.

USDA fines Ringling Bros. Circus over treatment of animalsupdated: Wed Nov 30 2011 19:32:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has slapped the parent company of the "Greatest Show on Earth" with a record penalty for alleged animal welfare violations.

CNNMoney: Peanut butter prices skyrocketingupdated: Mon Oct 31 2011 19:02:00

Trick-or-treaters might want to hold on to those Reese's Cups this Halloween as sharp increases in peanut butter prices have begun going into effect following one of the worst peanut harvests in decades.

CNNMoney: Get your peanut butter -- before prices soarupdated: Fri Oct 14 2011 15:58:00

Brace yourselves, peanut butter lovers -- prices are set to spike following one of the worst peanut harvest seasons growers have seen in years.

USDA recalls beef headed for Georgia school lunchesupdated: Sat Sep 24 2011 20:45:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a Class I recall for 40,000 pounds of ground beef products intended for Georgia school lunches, due to possible E. coli contamination.

CNNMoney: U.S. places $40 million chicken orderupdated: Tue Aug 16 2011 16:39:00

The United States is stepping in to help bail out another American industry -- chicken farmers and meat processors.

CNNMoney: Food stamp use rises to record 45.8 millionupdated: Thu Aug 04 2011 17:03:00

Nearly 15% of the U.S. population relied on food stamps in May, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Put down the salt shaker, USDA saysupdated: Tue Jul 12 2011 06:23:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains the USDA's new dietary guidelines, which include limiting sodium intake.

USDA to replace food pyramid with plate icon, source saysupdated: Mon May 30 2011 09:58:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is planning to swap in a plate icon for the food pyramid this week, an individual familiar with the new guidelines told CNN Saturday.

For schoolchildren, where's the water?updated: Tue May 10 2011 14:58:00

When 12-year-old Mason went to lunch each day last year, he could choose between orange juice and milk, but he couldn't get a cup of water.

7 tons of ground beef recalled due to possible E. coliupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 18:05:00

A Kansas company has recalled more than 14,000 pounds of ground beef due to possible E. coli contamination, federal authorities have announced.

Wildfire flares up near homesupdated: Wed Mar 02 2011 09:48:00

Residents worry as a wildfire burns near their neighborhood. WFTV reports.

Florida crews trying to contain two major wildfiresupdated: Wed Mar 02 2011 09:48:00

Two major wildfires have burned more than 18,000 acres along Florida's eastern coast, state officials said Tuesday.

Company recalls ground beef due to possible E. coli contaminationupdated: Sun Feb 06 2011 09:32:00

A California company has recalled more than 3,000 pounds of fresh ground beef patties and other packages of ground beef products that may be contaminated with the E. coli bacteria, the U.S. Agriculture Department said Saturday.

South Korea tries to contain foot-and-mouth outbreakupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 07:19:00

South Korea confirmed two additional cases of foot-and-mouth disease Thursday, as it struggles to contain the disease that has already spread rapidly across the nation and cost the country millions of dollars in exports.

40 cuts of meat, poultry to offer nutritional informationupdated: Wed Dec 29 2010 13:34:00

Nutritional information will be featured on 40 of the most popular cuts of meat and poultry products by 2012, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said in a statement Wednesday.

Senate OKs settling claims feds discriminated against blacks, Indiansupdated: Fri Nov 19 2010 19:01:00

The U.S. Senate approved a $1.15 billion measure Friday to fund a settlement initially reached between the Agriculture Department and minority farmers more than a decade ago.

Federal report: U.S. hunger remains at highest levels in 15 yearsupdated: Tue Nov 16 2010 11:48:00

The number of Americans fighting off hunger stayed level last year, though food insecurity rates remain the highest they have been since the federal government began keeping track 15 years ago, a Department of Agriculture report released Monday found.

Government settles lawsuit with Native American farmersupdated: Wed Oct 20 2010 13:59:00

The government will provide $680 million in compensation to settle a class-action lawsuit by Native American farmers against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to a proposed agreement announced Tuesday.

Company recalls ground beef after E. coli reportsupdated: Sat Aug 28 2010 21:46:00

Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. has recalled about 8,500 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated with E. coli, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Saturday.

Nationwide meat recall announcedupdated: Tue Aug 24 2010 14:06:00

Zemco Industries in Buffalo, New York, has recalled approximately 380,000 pounds of deli meat that may be contaminated with bacteria that can cause a potentially fatal disease, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Monday.

CNNMoney: Bacon prices sizzle. Consumers feel the heat.updated: Tue Aug 24 2010 09:22:00

Bringing home the bacon is getting more expensive.

Farmer on a missionupdated: Thu Jul 22 2010 17:04:00

CNN's Khalil Abdallah and Shawna Shepherd profile a man on a mission to get black farmers $1.25 billion owed to them.

Is 9 daily servings of veggies (not fruits) OK?updated: Fri Jul 16 2010 08:22:00

The USDA recommends nine servings of "fruit and vegetables" per day as part of a healthy diet. What am I missing if I get my nine servings by eating only vegetables and no fruits? Are there other things I can eat to specifically make up for the lack of fruits in my diet? I eat an otherwise healthy diet full of lean protein, veggies, legumes, and whole grains, but I am allergic to many fruits.

Native American farmers hopeful about suit involving USDA loansupdated: Fri Jul 09 2010 15:27:00

Porter Holder vividly remembers the day in 1998 when he left a U.S. Department of Agriculture loan office in Oklahoma empty-handed.

Where is the settlement money?updated: Fri Jul 09 2010 15:27:00

Black farmers are still waiting for a $1.25 billion settlement in a bias case. CNN's Ed Henry reports.

Lax standards on beefupdated: Wed Apr 14 2010 02:30:00

CNN's Brian Todd reports on the USDA inspector-general's finding on vulnerability of U.S. beef to chemical residues.

An easy fish recipe to help your heartupdated: Fri Jan 29 2010 16:39:00

You've probably heard eating more fish is good for you. But if selecting and preparing fish feels like entering uncharted waters, you're not alone: Most Americans eat very little fish compared to chicken and beef (just under 7 pounds a year vs. more than 100 pounds, according to the United States Department of Agriculture).

CNNMoney: 1 in 6 Americans goes hungryupdated: Mon Nov 16 2009 15:32:00

The number of Americans that have trouble putting food on the table shot up last year in an unprecedented spike to a record 17 million households, the government reported on Monday.

2 dead, 28 sick from E. coli outbreakupdated: Tue Nov 03 2009 14:37:00

Two people have died and 28 people have fallen ill with matching strains of E. coli after an outbreak in ground beef, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Food industry dictates nutrition policyupdated: Fri Oct 30 2009 10:11:00

Beyond the unhealthy influence that our demand for factory-farmed meat has in the area of food-borne illness and communicable diseases, we could cite many other influences on public health, most obviously the now-widely recognized relationship between the nation's major killers -- heart disease, No. 1; cancer, No. 2; and stroke, No. 3 -- and meat consumption.

H1N1 virus confirmed in Minnesota pigupdated: Mon Oct 19 2009 14:23:00

The H1N1 virus has been confirmed in a sample taken from a pig that was displayed at the Minnesota State Fair, the first time the virus has been found in a U.S. pig, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday.

Latino farmers vs. USDAupdated: Thu Oct 15 2009 10:05:00

CNN's Thelma Gutierrez reports on Latino farmers who've filed a lawsuit against the USDA alleging discrimination.

Latino farmers' discrimination suit back in courtupdated: Thu Oct 15 2009 10:05:00

A group of Latino farmers is scheduled to return to federal court Thursday to argue that the government has discriminated against them in providing loans, disaster relief and other financial aid.

The 10 most important nutrition stories of the last two decadesupdated: Tue Sep 08 2009 13:47:00

America's relationship to food and health has certainly changed in the 20 years since Cooking Light debuted. Some of those changes may seem discouraging: Rates of obesity and diabetes have risen, food-borne illnesses frequently make headlines, and more people eat meals -- often fast food -- away from home than ever before.

CNNMoney: Falling land prices hurt farmer's dellupdated: Wed Aug 05 2009 16:03:00

Farmer Brown finally got hit by the real estate recession last year, well after its impact had been absorbed by his urban countrymen.

Colorado beef company expands recall due to possible E. coliupdated: Tue Jun 30 2009 08:13:00

A Colorado company's recall last week of beef products possibly contaminated with E. coli has been expanded, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said this week.

CNNMoney: Recall of beef from Colorado company expandedupdated: Mon Jun 29 2009 07:01:00

A recall of beef by a Colorado company that was announced last week because of possible E. coli contamination was expanded Sunday to include an additional 380,000 pounds of the company's beef products, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

How to buy the best organic foodsupdated: Tue Jun 16 2009 07:15:00

Americans spent close to $28 billion in 2008 on organic edibles, up from $1 billion in 1990, according to The Organic Trade Association. And organic foods remain an area of growth even with the rising cost of grocery items and tougher economic times.

FSB: Biotech for beesupdated: Fri Mar 06 2009 06:55:00

Bee colonies might not seem like the most lucrative market for designer drugs. But the need is urgent: CCD, or colony collapse disorder, a strange syndrome that kills adult worker bees outside the hive, has been reported across the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) says American beekeepers lost 37% of their hives to CCD last year, after losing 31% the year before.

Fad-Free exclusive: Eat smart with peanut butter alternativesupdated: Mon Feb 09 2009 08:45:00

The recent recall of industrial peanut butter and products that contain it sparked nationwide concern about the safety of eating many popular snack products. That's understandable, considering the average American consumes 3.3 pounds of peanut butter each year, according to USDA data.

Do normal nutrition guidelines apply to smaller people?updated: Fri Feb 06 2009 11:34:00

My co-workers and I are small women (5 feet and under) in our 40s and want to make sure we get the correct nutrition. If we followed the guidelines about how many servings of each food group, we'd be well on our way to gaining weight, since they're based on "normal" sized people. Are our nutritional needs different from those who require 2,000 calories a day? Do we cut how many servings or do we cut the size of each serving?

Weak economy puts more kids in line for free meals, report saysupdated: Thu Dec 11 2008 13:21:00

The sagging economy is taking a bite out of federal school-meal subsidies as more students take advantage of free or low-price breakfasts and lunches, nutritionists say in a report released Thursday.

Irish dioxin scare spreads to beefupdated: Tue Dec 09 2008 13:34:00

The Republic of Ireland has put 45 cattle farms under restrictions amid concerns that dangerous chemicals could have contaminated beef in addition to pork.

Irish pork pulled from shelvesupdated: Tue Dec 09 2008 13:34:00

Ireland recalls all it's pork products after a contamination scare. CNN's Ralitsa Vassileva reports Salmonella Outbreak Spreads to 12 Statesupdated: Sun Oct 05 2008 03:00:00

The government is urging consumers to thoroughly cook frozen chicken dinners after 32 people in 12 states were sickened with salmonella poisoning

CNNMoney: Food price spike: Is ethanol to blame?updated: Fri Jun 27 2008 07:46:00

It's hard to miss: Americans are paying more at the supermarket checkout these days.

Lawmaker: Nation's food system is collapsingupdated: Mon May 19 2008 22:16:00

On a ranch nestled in the high plains of northeastern Colorado, thousands of cattle are being fattened up and prepared for slaughter. Govt Wants Less Mad Cow Testingupdated: Fri May 09 2008 16:20:00

The Bush administration on Friday urged a federal appeals court to stop meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease, but a skeptical judge questioned whether the government has that authority

Contaminated meat recalledupdated: Mon May 05 2008 12:14:00

A company is recalling nearly 300,000 pounds of meat because of contamination fears. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

CNNMoney: Forget gas: Get ready for $4 a gallon milkupdated: Fri May 02 2008 11:49:00

Dairy farmer Rich Byma pushes a huge bin packed with a feed mix of corn, soybeans, vitamins and minerals through his barn, delivering a morning meal for his 300 cows. As his milk-producers munch, it's like seeing them eat dollar bills for the veteran farmer because the cost of feed is at an all-time high. Farmers Expected to Plant Less Cornupdated: Mon Mar 31 2008 14:35:00

Farmers are expected to plant less corn this year, which could mean higher continuing higher costs for consumers at the grocery store Million-Dollar Babiesupdated: Fri Mar 28 2008 19:00:00

A new government report says the cost of raising a child has soared to $204,000. But even scarier is what that figure leaves out

USDA could install cameras in slaughterhousesupdated: Thu Mar 06 2008 16:50:00

Cameras could be placed in about 800 U.S. slaughterhouses to watch for improper procedures and inhumane handling of cattle, a federal official said Thursday.

Humane Society blasted for late release of video in beef recallupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 22:10:00

The Humane Society of the United States is partly responsible for the magnitude of the largest beef recall in the nation's history, Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer said Thursday.

'Downer' cow abuse allegedupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 22:10:00

A company where rough treatment of cows was caught on video agrees to a record beef recall. CNN's Judy Echavez reports.

USDA on beef recallupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 22:05:00

CNN's Kiran Chetry talks with an assistant administrator for the USDA about the largest beef recall in U.S. history.

USDA: Most recalled beef has probably been eatenupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 22:05:00

Federal officials are trying to track down the 143 million pounds of beef recalled Sunday, but they say that most of it has probably been eaten.

USDA: Reinspection of downed cattle was key issue in beef recallupdated: Wed Feb 20 2008 18:52:00

Last weekend's 143 million-pound beef recall -- the largest in U.S. history -- was initiated not simply because cattle that couldn't walk made it into the U.S. food supply, but because they weren't reinspected after becoming immobile.

USDA orders recall of 143 million pounds of beef updated: Mon Feb 18 2008 06:17:00

A slaughterhouse that has been accused of mistreating cows agreed Sunday to recall 143 million pounds of beef in what federal officials called the largest beef recall in U.S. history.

Video of workers abusing cows raises food safety questionsupdated: Thu Jan 31 2008 09:55:00

The Humane Society of the United States released a video Wednesday it says shows mistreatment of "downed" cows at a California slaughterhouse -- and one lawmaker said it raises questions about the safety of the nation's food supply.

E.coli outbreakupdated: Fri Oct 12 2007 10:01:00

An Indiana community is searching for the source of an E.coli outbreak that has left 10 children sick.

21.7 million pounds of beef recalledupdated: Sun Sep 30 2007 19:28:00

Topps Meat Co. on Saturday expanded a recall of ground beef from about 300,000 pounds to 21.7 million pounds, one of the largest meat recalls in U.S. history.

CNNMoney: Bad tidings for ethanolupdated: Tue Aug 07 2007 03:30:00

Friday's closely watched U.S. Department of Agriculture crop report could serve as a gloomy bellwether for the nation's ethanol industry.

CNNMoney: Record corn crop expected on ethanol demandupdated: Fri Jun 29 2007 03:20:00

U.S. farmers are on track to grow their biggest corn crop ever, an astonishing 12.8 billion bushels, a government report said on Friday, enough for livestock feeders and the booming fuel ethanol industry. US on Mad Cow: Don't Test All Cattleupdated: Wed May 30 2007 08:15:00

The Bush administration said Tuesday it will fight to keep meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease

CNNMoney: USDA data breach: 150,000 at riskupdated: Fri Apr 20 2007 16:45:00

The Department of Agriculture said Friday it will offer a year of free credit monitoring to individuals whose personal information was publicly available on a government Web site.

Fortune: Leading indicatorsupdated: Mon Oct 02 2006 12:26:00

Enforcement deficit

CNNMoney: USDA reports possible mad cow caseupdated: Thu Nov 18 2004 10:15:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating an inconclusive test result for mad cow disease, the agency announced Thursday.

USDA retesting animal for mad cowupdated: Fri Jun 25 2004 21:41:00

Further testing is being conducted on the carcass of an animal that showed inconclusive results for mad cow disease in initial tests, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday.

USDA steps up efforts to track livestock updated: Mon May 24 2004 16:28:00

Every cow in the United States may someday have a unique ID number.


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