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Obama administration gives 8 states waivers on No Child Left Behind updated: Tue May 29 2012 19:01:00

The U.S. Department of Education granted eight additional states waivers Tuesday from strict requirements of the No Child Left Behind law.

Obama should push bankruptcy relief for student loansupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 19:42:00

This week President Obama did a swing through some college campuses talking about student loan debt. The immediate issue is the 3.4% interest rate on federal student loans. It's set to double July 1 unless Congress acts. Keeping the rate low in this still weak economy is, as the president said, a no-brainer. Even his opponent Mitt Romney has endorsed it. But the larger problem -- mounting college costs and a cumulative $1 trillion in student loan debt ? remains untouched.

Obama pushes for the youth voteupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 19:42:00

CNN's Jessica Yellin reports on President Obama's efforts to secure the youth vote in November.

Judge overturns fine against Virginia Tech over 2007 shootingupdated: Fri Mar 30 2012 17:27:00

A judge has sided with Virginia Tech and overturned a $55,000 fine, ruling that the school did not violate a law requiring it to notify students in a "timely manner" about threats during a 2007 campus rampage.

Jury: VA Tech negligent in '07 shootingsupdated: Thu Mar 15 2012 02:12:00

A jury decided in favor of two families of victims in the Virginia Tech shooting who accused the school of negligence.

End statute of limitations on child sex crimesupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 09:35:00

The Penn State scandal was just starting to reach a rolling boil last month when the Department of Education announced that it would be investigating the school for a possible violation of the Clery Act. A quarter century ago, Jeanne Clery was asleep in her Lehigh University dorm room when she was raped and killed by an intruder.

Federal officials seeking involvement in Penn State probeupdated: Tue Nov 15 2011 19:05:00

Federal officials appear ready to be part of the headline-grabbing, state-controlled investigation into the disturbing sexual-abuse allegations at Penn State University.

CNNMoney: See how much debt college will really put you inupdated: Wed Oct 26 2011 06:59:00

Figuring out how much college is going to cost you is about to get much easier.

CNNMoney: Obama to offer help for students buried in debtupdated: Tue Oct 25 2011 18:32:00

The White House announced on Tuesday two new measures the Department of Education will start offering in January to help college graduates climb out of their student loan debt hole.

Quiz: Test your U.S. history knowledgeupdated: Tue Jul 26 2011 17:34:00

Test results released in June showed that fewer than one-quarter of all students are proficient in American history. The results, released in "The Nation's Report Card: U.S. History 2010," by the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics, reflected test responses of 7,000 fourth-graders, 11,000 eighth-graders and 12,000 12th-graders.

Preschoolers get the good word on reading from officials, celebritiesupdated: Wed Jul 06 2011 18:25:00

"Bang ups and hang ups can happen to you," Attorney General Eric Holder read to a group of preschoolers from Dr. Seuss' book "Oh, The Places You'll Go" at the Department of Education's kickoff to its summer reading program on Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Uncle Sam calls out steepest college tuition hikesupdated: Thu Jun 30 2011 10:20:00

Roughly 530 colleges across the country will soon have to submit special reports to Uncle Sam, explaining why their tuition and student fees have recently surged.

CNNMoney: For-profit colleges face tougher funding standardsupdated: Thu Jun 02 2011 08:10:00

In order to receive federal funding for education programs, for-profit colleges now need to prove that their graduates are actually getting jobs.

Virginia Tech appeals fines from 2007 shooting rampageupdated: Wed Apr 27 2011 18:04:00

Virginia Tech is appealing the $55,000 it was fined by the federal government for failing to provide a timely warning about a shooter on the loose in 2007, the Virginia attorney general said Wednesday.

CNNMoney: For-profit colleges fighting back hardupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 17:52:00

It's no secret that prominent short-seller Steve Eisman has been outspoken against the for-profit education sector, and he has the ear of lawmakers and the Department of Education.

Is your college major marketable?updated: Wed Apr 13 2011 09:45:00

College majors are a funny thing. Some students know exactly what they want to major in before they even start the school year. Others don't declare until a year or so down the road.

Why is sexual assault on campus tolerated?updated: Fri Apr 08 2011 13:43:00

Universities in the United States rarely expel students for sexual assault, according to an investigation by the federal government. And in the 42 years since it began admitting women, Yale University has not been an exception.

Yale to set up sexual misconduct committee following complaintupdated: Fri Apr 08 2011 11:20:00

Yale University will launch a new committee on sexual misconduct following the initiation of a federal investigation prompted by a complaint over a series of sexually based allegations on the prestigious New Haven, Connecticut, campus.

Yale under federal investigation for alleged Title IX violationupdated: Fri Apr 01 2011 20:09:00

Yale University is under federal investigation after a complaint was filed that claims it's policies have allowed a "sexually hostile environment" to exist on campus, officials said.

Virginia Tech fined $55,000 in 2007 shooting rampageupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 03:54:00

Virginia Tech will be fined $55,000 for waiting too long to provide timely warnings about a shooter on the loose during a 2007 rampage in which 32 people died, the U.S. Department of Education said Tuesday.

Report: Fewer U.S. high schools are 'dropout factories'updated: Wed Mar 23 2011 09:49:00

Some of the worst high schools in the United States are getting better, according to a study released Tuesday.

White House conference tackles bullyingupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 12:32:00

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted the first-ever White House Conference on Bullying Prevention Thursday.

Father fights bullying at White Houseupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 12:32:00

Kirk Smalley is going to the White House to fight bullying on behalf of his son who committed suicide in 2010.

CNNMoney: How federal spending cuts trickle down to youupdated: Fri Feb 04 2011 11:11:00

In their push to downsize the federal bureaucracy, Republican lawmakers are flooding the field with proposals to lower federal spending. But, in a twist, their cuts could hit state and local budgets the hardest.

12th-graders' scores up in math and readingupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 12:59:00

Reading and math scores were up for 12th-graders in the U.S. in 2009 compared to four years earlier, according to "The Nation's Report Card," an assessment of educational progress done by the Department of Education.

Fortune: Short-sellers get snagged in education litigationupdated: Sat Oct 16 2010 07:17:00

In his bestseller The Big Short, Michael Lewis cast Steve Eisman as the eccentric contrarian star. Now a nasty libel lawsuit in Florida is trying to make Eisman a villain in the raging economic and political battle between the for-profit education industry and the nonprofit sector. Whether he's a villain, or a well-intentioned citizen being used as a straw man, depends on whom you believe. The stakes in the case, though, involve not only Eisman, as well as the named litigants, but also the rules of engagement for all sides in what has become a central policy debate in higher education.

CNNMoney: States playing fast and loose with teachers' jobs moneyupdated: Mon Sep 20 2010 10:07:00

What Congress giveth, governors taketh away.

Fortune: For-profit colleges get a bum dealupdated: Mon Sep 20 2010 05:03:00

In a city of ego, "deputy undersecretary at the Department of Education" hardly exudes power. When Bob Shireman, 49, came to Washington last year to work for the Obama administration, little did he know he'd be at the center of a regulatory maelstrom over for-profit colleges. His goals, which he met, were to switch the system of bank-based loans to direct government lending and to simplify student-lending forms. But he soon began a crusade to rein in what he and others saw as abuses in the industry. In May, when he announced that, as planned, he was resigning to return to Northern California with his school-age children for the coming school year, the industry rejoiced. The price of several publicly traded for-profit education companies, including Apollo Group (which owns the University of Phoenix), soared some 10%, and the sector overnight added nearly $2 billion in market cap. "It was pretty bizarre," Shireman says.

CNNMoney: Student loan default rate creeps higherupdated: Mon Sep 13 2010 11:47:00

College isn't paying off for everyone: An increasing number of graduates are defaulting on their student loans -- with the worst offenders coming out of for-profit schools.

Why school reform is urgentupdated: Mon Aug 30 2010 15:50:00

Across the country, parents have been busy preparing their children for the return to school. They have been buying new backpacks, new school supplies and new clothes.

Education Department to announce Race to the Top winnersupdated: Tue Aug 24 2010 03:40:00

The U.S. Education Department is set to announce the winners in the second round of its Race to the Top competition on Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Education stocks get an Fupdated: Mon Aug 16 2010 14:46:00

Education stocks took a hit Monday after the government revealed data on student loan repayment rates that could impose hefty penalties on for-profit colleges and universities or make them ineligible for federal student loans.

Federally subsidized student loans moving from private banks July 1updated: Thu Jun 24 2010 13:07:00

Big changes to how student loans will take place July 1, and while the students themselves aren't likely to notice much, taxpayers stand to save $68 billion over the next 11 years.

States change applications for Round Two of Race to the Topupdated: Mon May 31 2010 18:12:00

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again -- especially if the end result is a portion of $3.4 billion to be used for education in your state.

Virginia Tech disputes report criticizing response time in 2007 shootingsupdated: Tue May 18 2010 20:18:00

University officials from Virginia Tech on Tuesday disputed a U.S. Department of Education report that found the school in violation of a federal campus security law the day a student killed 32 people in an April 2007 shooting rampage.

CNNMoney: Nothing but net: Basketball dollars by schoolupdated: Thu Mar 18 2010 08:04:00

Here's the breakdown on the revenue, expenses and profits of all the Division I college basketball programs.

CNNMoney: Trying to flunk banks out of collegeupdated: Fri Mar 12 2010 12:13:00

President Obama has been waging a war with banks over who gets to dole out cheap student loans backed by the federal government.

Put together your own stimulus planupdated: Fri Feb 19 2010 18:38:00

The stimulus package is one year old, and if you're still looking for work, you can look for jobs funded by stimulus spending. To find the jobs, you'll have to follow the money.

Math scores show improvement at schools in large U.S. citiesupdated: Tue Dec 08 2009 19:28:00

Public school students in major metropolitan areas are showing improvement on test scores in mathematics compared with scores from previous years, according to a report released Tuesday by the Department of Education.

College students encouraged to get H1N1 vaccineupdated: Fri Dec 04 2009 01:36:00

Chris Edwards' fever spiked at 104 degrees this fall before he was sent home from Frostburg State University in western Maryland to recuperate from the H1N1 flu.

Saving your child from H1N1updated: Fri Dec 04 2009 01:36:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has signs your child is dangerously ill from H1N1.

Are states following stimulus plan rules for schools?updated: Wed Oct 21 2009 09:44:00

Creating and saving jobs while boosting investment in the future are among the top goals of the Obama administration's $787 billion economic stimulus plan.

Report card shows U.S. students need to improve math skillsupdated: Wed Oct 14 2009 16:46:00

U.S. schoolchildren still have work to do when it comes to mathematics, the secretary of education said Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Facing debt head onupdated: Fri Aug 07 2009 11:12:00

Question 1. I owe about $16,000 in credit card debt I am unable to pay what can I do? I am 4 months behind. Is consolidation a good solution? -- Hassan, Conn.

CNNMoney: Modifying your student loanupdated: Fri Jul 17 2009 10:18:00

Question 1. I have a federal student loan that I've had for a while. It's in deferment right now because I'm currently unemployed. Are there any new programs available through the government that can help me? -- JHR

Study: Achievement gap narrows between black, white studentsupdated: Thu Jul 16 2009 01:50:00

Math and reading scores for fourth- and eighth-graders in public schools improved nationwide, but African-American students continued to lag behind their white classmates, a new federal study found.

CNNMoney: Help with student loans for many, but not allupdated: Tue Jul 14 2009 10:48:00

The government's new student loan reform plan gets good grades from graduates with low-paying jobs struggling under a lot of debt. But it's on probation from some borrowers, including married couples and those who will be subject to a new tax liability.

Rules to ease student loan repayments take effectupdated: Wed Jul 01 2009 23:14:00

Colleges aren't getting any cheaper, but federal student loans are.

Form for student loans will become shorterupdated: Wed Jun 24 2009 02:31:00

One of the great headaches of the American dream is about to get less painful.

New law to help in paying back college loansupdated: Wed Jun 24 2009 00:53:00

As a graduate from Syracuse University with a master's degree in international relations, Jana Morgan was hoping to help victims of human rights violations caused by resource wars.

Report reveals decades of child abuse in Irish institutionsupdated: Wed May 20 2009 16:16:00

Thousands of children suffered sexual abuse, beatings, malnutrition and emotional abuse for decades in the Irish institutions where they were raised, an Irish government commission said Wednesday.

More than 100 U.S. schools closed because of swine fluupdated: Thu Apr 30 2009 01:34:00

At least 74 schools have closed across the country because of confirmed or probable cases of swine flu and 30 more have closed as a precautionary measure, the Department of Education said Wednesday.

Schools in 3 states closer to getting stimulus moneyupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 05:29:00

Much-needed federal dollars will start flowing to schools in three states in the next few weeks as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Columbine massacre changed school securityupdated: Mon Apr 20 2009 09:30:00

In the wake of the tragic shootings at Columbine High School, some schools across the country turned themselves into near-fortresses.

CNNMoney: Get a job, ditch your student loansupdated: Wed Apr 15 2009 11:20:00

Many college graduates are struggling with heavy student loan debt and steep monthly payments that limit their professional options. But for some, choosing the career of their dreams could actually lift that burden.

CNNMoney: Defaulting on your student loan?updated: Fri Apr 03 2009 10:26:00

An increasing number of students aren't making their student loan payments according to the Department of Education.

Is your kid really gifted? Probably notupdated: Wed Aug 27 2008 16:58:00

Did your child walk and talk early? Does she have a brain like a sponge? Scribble magnificently? Love learning? Ask questions that leave you marveling (and scrambling to Google an answer)?

School swats and human rightsupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 13:14:00

CNN's Ed Lavandera takes a look at new criticism of an old practice -- paddling as a punishment in public schools.

More than 200,000 kids spanked at schoolupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 13:14:00

More than 200,000 children were spanked or paddled in U.S. schools during the past school year, human rights groups reported Wednesday.

Money Magazine: From six figures to student loansupdated: Thu Nov 15 2007 04:51:00

After nearly 20 years in the energy industry, Jay Mulki was earning a handsome six-figure salary and managing a department of 50 employees. But Mulki longed to work fewer hours and pursue another dream: to teach marketing at a university.

CNNMoney: Evaluating your school's safety planupdated: Thu Sep 28 2006 12:09:00

The hostage situation in Bailey Colorado is a stark reminder that you as a parent need to know that your child's school has a solid emergency plan.

CNNMoney: Honoring 401(k) bequestsupdated: Fri Sep 08 2006 14:41:00

I am planning on marrying for a second time. I want my children, not my new husband to inherit the money in my 401(k). How can I make sure this happens? - Linda, Baltimore

No child left out of the dodgeball game?updated: Sun Aug 20 2006 18:55:00

As more of America's school-age children are growing fatter, the physical education curriculum that might help them win the fight is gasping for air, says a recently released report.

At home and school, kids are sedentaryupdated: Tue Jun 20 2006 10:08:00

At home, the phrase "Go watch TV" to kids has replaced "Go outside and play" in many families. At school, the daily hour of recess is dwindling. The combination is contributing to many kids not getting enough exercise, according to some experts.

CNNMoney: Mothers could be drawn out of home by job marketupdated: Wed May 10 2006 12:07:00

A new analysis of labor statistics shows that stay-at-home moms may be getting more than just Mother's Day gifts this year. They may be getting new jobs.

CNNMoney: Professor paychecksupdated: Fri Jan 06 2006 16:03:00

NEW YORK ( - A study released by the U.S. Department of Education this week found that full professors at four-year public colleges and universities earned an average of $89,001 in the academic year 2004-05.

Katrina hits Louisiana schools hardupdated: Sat Sep 10 2005 10:13:00

Hurricane Katrina displaced one-quarter of the teachers in the New Orleans area and several districts will have to rebuild, Louisiana's education chief said.

Schools take in displaced studentsupdated: Wed Sep 07 2005 15:17:00

As education officials assess damage and begin rebuilding plans, schools across the country have opened their doors to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

CNNMoney: Should I consolidate my loans?updated: Tue Jun 14 2005 14:06:00

Dear Armchair Millionaire: I have a ton of student loans, and I've been hearing about the advantages of consolidating them. Is this something I should consider?

CNNMoney: Students face aid eligibility woesupdated: Mon Jun 06 2005 09:25:00

New federal guidelines that raise the bar for financial aid eligibility means some families will see their aid packages for this academic school year reduced.

Department of Education to tighten Pell Grant eligibilityupdated: Thu Dec 23 2004 04:47:00

A change in eligibility for Pell Grants to be announced Thursday by the Department of Education would cut some 90,000 students from the rolls of recipients and affect more than 1 million others, an education advocate says.

Money Magazine: Look For The Lowest Rates In Decadesupdated: Wed Aug 01 2001 00:01:00

Thanks to recent short-term interest-rate declines, many college grads will pay the lowest interest on federal student loans since the loan program began in 1965. On July 1, the rate for those curr...

Money Magazine: Is Relief From College Debt On The Way?updated: Tue May 01 2001 00:01:00

With college aid increasingly coming in the form of loans, not grants, student debt levels are higher than ever. The Department of Education's most recent survey found that students at private scho...

Money Magazine: Keep Your Child's College Aid On Trackupdated: Tue Feb 01 2000 00:01:00

Between now and March, parents of many current and future college students will fill out a critical financial aid form: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is required for a...

Money Magazine: Student-Loan Rates Fall To Six-Year Lowupdated: Thu Jul 01 1999 00:01:00

Uncle Sam has the perfect gift for college graduates: the lowest student-loan repayment rates in six years. Starting July 1, when the Department of Education and other lenders adjust the annual rat...

Money Magazine: New Ways To Finance Adult Classesupdated: Tue Jun 01 1999 00:01:00

Are you thinking of going back to school to refresh your computer know-how or enrolling in a financial planning course to acquire new skills? Does the idea of earning your M.B.A. online intrigue yo...

Money Magazine: Beat Two Student Aid Due Datesupdated: Mon Feb 01 1999 00:01:00

College-bound high school seniors and their parents may have months to file financial-aid forms, but you can boost your chances of getting the aid you want if you submit forms, including the Free A...

Money Magazine: Back To Schoolupdated: Tue Sep 01 1998 00:01:00

$1,399 A decent notebook computer sold for $3,000 just a few years ago. Today you can spend less than half that for a Toshiba Satellite 2505CDS, a first-rate combination of price and performance. O...

Money Magazine: New Rules Sweeten Student-Loan Ratesupdated: Sat Aug 01 1998 00:01:00

In May, we advised college kids and their parents to hold off applying for a student loan until the summer, when rates would drop. Following our advice would have paid off: In June, President Clint...

Money Magazine: Good News About Student Loansupdated: Sun Feb 01 1998 00:01:00

In the November issue we told you that the overloaded Department of Education had stopped accepting applications to consolidate government-backed student loans. Consolidation can help cash-strapped...

Money Magazine: GET STUDENT-LOAN RELIEF WITHOUT UNCLE SAM'S HELPupdated: Sat Nov 01 1997 00:01:00

Hear this: the Department of Education is turning away all new applications from college grads or their parents who want to consolidate multiple government-backed student loans into one megaloan at...


Q. My husband and I are in our mid-thirties, and I'm at home with our two children. Five years ago, we each bought a $100,000 universal life policy from the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Soci...


May's special report, "Today's Key to Success: Self-Reliance," stirred your pride and your compassion. Dozens of readers who wrote to Money praised the report for showing how self-reliance will be ...



Fortune: ECONOMIC INTELLIGENCE HOW JOHNNY CAN EARN MOREupdated: Mon Dec 26 1994 00:01:00

There is a growing income disparity in the work force between those with and without a college degree. How can high schools better prepare students headed straight for the job market? New research ...

Fortune: How employers discriminate, how to slash your wrists, how to get a pension, and other matters. NEWS NOBODY NOTICEDupdated: Mon Dec 12 1994 00:01:00

Your servant has now read scores of reviews of The Bell Curve, by Charles Murray and the late Richard J. Herrnstein. Most have fiercely criticized the book's thesis, which emphasizes the centrality...

Money Magazine: WILL INSURANCE FOR MY BABY PAY FOR HIS EDUCATION?updated: Tue Mar 01 1994 00:01:00

Q Is it practical to buy a life insurance policy for my newborn son -- either to guarantee that he will be insurable later in life or to save for his college education? B.L. Andaya Jr. Middletown, ...

Money Magazine: Making student loans easier NOW YOU CAN PICK EASIER TERMS TO REPAY FEDERAL COLLEGE LOANSupdated: Wed Dec 15 1993 00:01:00

A new federal financial aid law is beginning to make it easier for college students to manage their debt loads. "Now all students will have more reasonable payment schedules," says David Longanecke...

Money Magazine: Temporary jobs; on-line investing tips; the Bushes' new house; car alarms MONEY RATES THE GOVERNMENT'S TOP 800 NUMBERS updated: Wed Sep 01 1993 00:01:00

When we tested the 10 toll-free federal consumer phone lines, we found some far more helpful than others. For example, the tax man was home, but the teacher's aide was out to lunch. The IRS number ...

Money Magazine: PAYING BACK STUDENT LOANS updated: Sat Aug 01 1992 00:01:00

Your May article, ''Student Loan Mess,'' was informative. Since I was the subject of it, however, I want to clarify several points that did not appear in the article. The article mentioned that I r...

Fortune: How to attain a negative GNP, the judges hang tough, workers and their companions, and other matters. THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE MIupdated: Mon Jun 15 1992 00:01:00

How integrated are American schools? In particular, how many black children attend schools that might reasonably be viewed as integrated? These seem like sensible questions to ask, since the effort...

Money Magazine: GETTING THROUGH THE LOAN MAZEupdated: Fri May 01 1992 00:01:00

Here's what to do if you want to apply for a federally insured student loan, or if you already have such a loan and are either seriously behind in your payments or have defaulted: -- If you want a ...

Money Magazine: Where to Get Great Investment Advice for Free You can save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of information that is availupdated: Tue Sep 01 1987 00:01:00

Most avid investors believe that you have to spend money to make money. They frequently subscribe to newsletters costing as much as $150 a year and are willing to pay financial advisers up to $125 ...

Fortune: IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU CAN SET UP A LITERACY PROGRAM updated: Mon Sep 29 1986 00:01:00

Say you want to set up an on-the-job literacy program. Various experts, consultants, and vendors in every major city will be glad to help you out. For starters it is a good idea to retain a consult...

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