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Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Three months before he was killed by a U.S. drone strike, Fahd al Quso, one of al Qaeda's top operatives in Yemen, spoke at length to a local journalist. He was asked why al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula had stopped plotting against the United States. Was it because all efforts were devoted to an internal project?

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'Underwear bomber' gets life in prisonupdated: Fri Feb 17 2012 07:47:00

CNN's Deborah Feyerick reports Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab gets life in prison for attempting to blow up a plane in 2009.

21,000 people now on U.S. no fly list, official saysupdated: Thu Feb 02 2012 15:46:00

The U.S. government's list of suspected terrorists who are banned from flying to the United States or within its borders has more than doubled over the past year, a counterterrorism official told CNN Thursday.

New York man sues airlines over underwear bomber incidentupdated: Fri Dec 23 2011 14:54:00

A New York man is suing two airlines for $10 million, saying he was injured when he tackled the "underwear bomber" during a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day in 2009.

Failed underwear bomber wants a new legal adviser updated: Tue Dec 20 2011 12:39:00

The man who pleaded guilty to a failed attempt to blow up a commercial airplane on Christmas Day says he wants a different legal adviser, ideally a Muslim male attorney.

Prosecution portrays AbdulMutallab as grimly determinedupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 17:51:00

To those who knew him before he became known as the "underwear bomber," Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab was a quiet, religious man. So how did the son of a prominent Nigerian banker with a graduate degree in engineering allegedly decide to wage holy war?

Accused Christmas Day bomber pleads guilty to all countsupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 16:05:00

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the Nigerian man accused of trying to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a flight to Detroit, surprised courtroom officials and spectators on the second day of his trial Wednesday by pleading guilty to all the counts against him.

'Underwear bomber' pleads guiltyupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 16:05:00

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab pleads guilty to trying to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a 2009 flight.

'Underwear bomber' trial continuesupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 04:06:00

The federal trial continues Wednesday for Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the Nigerian man accused of trying to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a Christmas 2009 flight to Detroit.

'Underwear bomber' trial to beginupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 04:06:00

Opening statements will begin in the trial of a Nigerian man accused of trying to detonate a bomb aboard a 2009 flight.

'Underwear bomber' judge won't block genital photo or the word 'bomb'updated: Tue Oct 11 2011 15:10:00

The judge in the federal trial of alleged "underwear bomber" Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab refused Tuesday to prevent the prosecution from calling the device he allegedly carried a "bomb."

Jury picked in 'underwear bomb' caseupdated: Thu Oct 06 2011 16:16:00

A jury has been selected in the trial of accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab.

'Underwear bomb' suspect launches into anti-U.S. rant in courtupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 11:55:00

The man accused of trying to blow up a commercial flight with a bomb hidden in his underwear entered court Tuesday shouting anti-American statements and claiming that Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen and accused terrorist who was killed in a drone attack in Yemen, is still alive.

Judge rules prosecutors can use AbdulMutallab's statements against himupdated: Thu Sep 15 2011 16:00:00

The federal judge presiding over the trial of terror suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab is allowing prosecutors to use incriminating statements made by him while he was being interrogated by federal agents, a court official said.

'Osama's alive,' alleged 'underwear bomber reportedly says in courtupdated: Wed Sep 14 2011 20:31:00

A Nigerian man accused of trying to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a Christmas 2009 flight to Detroit said, "Osama's alive," according to a court official who was in the courtroom.

Our safety and America's courageupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 10:03:00

Ten years after the 9/11 tragedy, the world is a much different place.

People with suspected terror ties on stricter no-fly list since 2010updated: Mon Apr 11 2011 16:40:00

U.S. authorities have kept about 350 people with "suspected ties to terrorism" off U.S.-bound planes since January 2010, officials said Monday.

Trial date set for suspected underwear bomberupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 15:36:00

A Nigerian man accused of attempting to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a Christmas 2009 flight to Detroit will head to trial on October 4, a federal judge said Tuesday.

2010: AbdulMutallab 'not guilty' pleaupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 15:36:00

In January 2010, the man charged with trying to blow up a commercial plane pleaded not guilty to federal charges.

FBI, Homeland Security issue holiday threat notice to law enforcementupdated: Fri Dec 17 2010 00:24:00

U.S. officials say they have no specific and credible information about planned terror attacks on the United States, but they have issued an intelligence bulletin to state and local law enforcement warning terrorists could target large crowds at holiday gatherings.

Alleged underwear bomber pleads not guilty to new chargesupdated: Thu Dec 16 2010 13:10:00

A Nigerian man accused of attempting to detonate an explosive device in his underwear aboard a flight to Detroit last Christmas pleaded not guilty Thursday to new charges, authorities said.

Obama stands by controversial air security screening methodsupdated: Sun Nov 21 2010 12:19:00

President Barack Obama stood by new controversial screening measures Saturday, calling methods such as pat-downs and body scans necessary to assure airline safety.

Judge grants access to documents in Christmas Day bomb caseupdated: Thu Oct 14 2010 15:29:00

The federal judge in the Christmas Day bombing attempt case has granted the defendant's backup attorney access to case documents.

UK university says it didn't radicalize alleged Christmas Day bomberupdated: Fri Oct 08 2010 09:58:00

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, who is accused of trying to detonate an explosive on an international flight into Michigan on Christmas Day last year, was not radicalized while he was a college student, according to a report released Friday.

Man accused of Christmas bombing attempt on plane to represent himselfupdated: Mon Sep 13 2010 21:08:00

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the man accused of trying to blow up a plane last Christmas, said in court Monday that he no longer wants to be represented by federal defenders and would act as his own attorney.

Man accused of Christmas Day bombing attempt on plane due in courtupdated: Mon Sep 13 2010 10:58:00

Attorneys for a man accused of trying to blow up a plane last Christmas have met with the prosecutors to discuss a possible deal in the case, federal court documents state.

Bombing suspect had 'promise'updated: Mon Sep 13 2010 10:58:00

Many thought Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab had promise, until he boarded a flight allegedly armed with explosives.

Worst-case thinking makes us nuts, not safeupdated: Wed May 12 2010 17:07:00

At a security conference recently, the moderator asked the panel of distinguished cybersecurity leaders what their nightmare scenario was. The answers were the predictable array of large-scale attacks: against our communications infrastructure, against the power grid, against the financial system, in combination with a physical attack.

U.S.-born terror suspect on videoupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 09:59:00

A U.S.-born Muslim cleric has appeared in a video released by al Qaeda. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

American-born cleric appears in al Qaeda videoupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 09:59:00

An American-born Muslim cleric has appeared in a video released by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Passengers who flew with accused Christmas Day bomber speak outupdated: Thu Feb 18 2010 09:49:00

The weeks have passed and, in most cases, their nerves have calmed. What began as shock, that they were almost victims of an in-flight terrorist attack, has morphed for many into contemplation. There are those who are still talking about what happened to them on Christmas Day, and there are others who are determined to put the incident behind them.

GOP senator: Counterterrorism adviser 'needs to go'updated: Wed Feb 10 2010 10:19:00

A leading Republican senator is calling for the ouster of President Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser, the latest salvo in a political fight over the handling of the failed Christmas Day bombing suspect.

Opinion: Intelligence community must be part of terror decisionsupdated: Thu Feb 04 2010 15:26:00

Sen. Susan Collins is not prone to hyperbole. She's a moderate Republican who survived the Obama sweep in the last election by winning handily in Maine as an independent thinker. She's not doctrinaire. In fact, she abandoned most of her GOP caucus to support the administration on the controversial stimulus package. And she's an important player, as the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee.

Holder: Handling of would-be bomber consistent with past policyupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 17:21:00

Attorney General Eric Holder challenged his leading Republican critics Wednesday over the handling of the failed Christmas Day bomber, defending his decision to provide the suspect with Miranda warnings and charge him in a civilian court.

Officials: Attack 'likely'updated: Wed Feb 03 2010 10:39:00

Officials unanimously agree there is a strong chance for another terror attack on US soil with in the next three to six months.

Intelligence chiefs say another terror attempt in U.S. is 'certain'updated: Wed Feb 03 2010 10:39:00

Another attempted terrorist attack on the United States in coming months is "certain," the heads of major U.S intelligence agencies told a Senate committee Tuesday.

FBI talking to accused bomberupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 08:13:00

White House officials say the accused Christmas day bomber has been cooperating with the FBI. CNN's Ed Henry reports.

White House reveals secret cooperation with AbdulMutallab familyupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 08:13:00

Senior Obama administration officials revealed late Tuesday they've secretly gained the cooperation of family members of Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab to help get the Christmas Day airline bomb suspect talking.

Al-Awlaki's father asks Obama to end manhuntupdated: Tue Feb 02 2010 18:35:00

The father of an al Qaeda suspect wrote to President Obama on Tuesday, urging him to reconsider an alleged order to capture or kill his son.

Analysis: Were mistakes made in AbdulMutallab interrogation?updated: Wed Jan 27 2010 01:45:00

Did the FBI make the right decision in reading the suspected underwear bomber his Miranda rights and placing him in the civilian court system only hours after he was detained for trying to blow up a Northwest flight on Christmas?

Authorities were watching different Nigerian on Christmas Day flightupdated: Fri Jan 22 2010 13:34:00

U.S. authorities had another Nigerian-born man with an engineering background on their radar when Northwest Airlines Flight 253 prepared to land in Detroit, Michigan, on Christmas Day.

Man questioned on bomb plotupdated: Fri Jan 22 2010 13:34:00

A Nigerian-American engineer was interrogated after an attempt to blow up a plane on Christmas. Abbie Boudreau reports.

Senators hear testimony on alleged Christmas Day bomb plotupdated: Wed Jan 20 2010 14:02:00

A Senate committee began its assessment of intelligence reforms put in place after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks by focusing Wednesday on the alleged Christmas Day attack aboard a plane landing in Detroit, Michigan.

Yemen university in focus after Christmas jet incidentupdated: Sat Jan 09 2010 03:50:00

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab disappeared in Yemen for more than two months before he allegedly tried to bring down a Northwest Airlines jet with explosives concealed in his underwear.

Yemen's other radical clericupdated: Sat Jan 09 2010 03:50:00

CNN's Paula Newton visits a school in Yemen that helped the country earn its reputation as an incubator of extremism.

Airplane bomb suspect pleads not guiltyupdated: Fri Jan 08 2010 17:09:00

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the man charged with trying to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane on December 25, pleaded not guilty Friday to six federal charges.

Report on failed Christmas terror attack releasedupdated: Fri Jan 08 2010 11:25:00

The government had sufficient information to have potentially disrupted an al Qaeda plot to bomb an airliner on Christmas Day, but failed to identify Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab as a potential bomber, a White House review of the incident shows.

Attack was a 'systemic failure'updated: Fri Jan 08 2010 11:25:00

President Obama cites problems that contributed to the botched Christmas terror attack.

Obama outlines anti-terrorism flaws, reformsupdated: Fri Jan 08 2010 11:14:00

President Obama outlined Thursday the intelligence and other government failures leading up to the botched December 25 terror bombing of a U.S.-bound jetliner.

Obama: 'Failed to connect dots'updated: Fri Jan 08 2010 11:14:00

President Obama says his administration is working to prevent terror attacks and discusses the Christmas plane attack.

State Department failed to confirm terror suspect's visaupdated: Fri Jan 08 2010 01:49:00

It is one of several unconnected dots -- the State Department failed to determine that Christmas bombing suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab had a U.S. visa until after he nearly set off explosives on a U.S.-bound airplane.

Transcript: Obama outlines steps to prevent terrorismupdated: Thu Jan 07 2010 18:10:00

President Obama on Thursday discussed the results of the reviews he requested after the botched Christmas terrorist attack. Here is a transcript of his speech.

Yemeni official: U.S. terror suspect recruited in Britainupdated: Thu Jan 07 2010 10:39:00

A terror suspect in the attempted bombing of a U.S. jetliner was radicalized in Britain, but did meet with a radical Muslim Cleric in Yemen, a top government official said Thursday.

Airplane bomb suspect indictedupdated: Wed Jan 06 2010 17:16:00

The suspect in the failed Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. airliner faces a six-count federal indictment issued Wednesday, including an attempt to murder the other 289 people aboard.

Who's to blame for missteps?updated: Wed Jan 06 2010 17:06:00

CNN's Anderson Cooper examines who is most to blame for security failures surrounding the airliner bomb plot.

Initial report on failed plane attack coming out Thursdayupdated: Wed Jan 06 2010 17:06:00

The initial report ordered by President Obama on the failed Christmas Day terrorist attack will be released Thursday, Obama's spokesman said Wednesday.

U.S. lowers threshold for inclusion on no-fly listsupdated: Wed Jan 06 2010 12:18:00

The U.S. government has lowered the threshold for information deemed important enough to put suspicious individuals on a watch list or no-fly list, or have their visa revoked, senior State Department officials tell CNN.

London breeding Islamic terroristsupdated: Wed Jan 06 2010 09:00:00

In assessing blame for the Christmas Day terror scare, we point fingers at Yemen, at the Amsterdam airport, even at corruption in African airports. But no one mentions where the would-be suicide bomber was radicalized: London, the capital of the ally we take for granted.

U.K. beefs up airport securityupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 21:14:00

Britain's home secretary says the country is stepping up airport security in the wake of what happened on Christmas.

Bombing suspect provided 'actionable intelligence,' White House saysupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 21:14:00

The FBI attained "actionable intelligence" from bombing suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab in the first hours after his arrest on Christmas Day, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.

UK to tighten airport security after failed bombingupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 15:28:00

London's Heathrow Airport will introduce more body scanners within weeks, and all British airports must have equipment to detect explosives by the end of the year, British Home Secretary Alan Johnson said Tuesday.

Pilot furious at U.S. for silence on bombupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 09:44:00

Following the attempt to bomb a passenger jet on Christmas Day, President Obama said that "once the suspect attempted to take down Flight 253, it's clear Homeland Security and Aviation Security took all appropriate actions."

Muslim-American group criticizes TSA plan as profilingupdated: Mon Jan 04 2010 18:45:00

Enhanced screening procedures for U.S.-bound air passengers traveling through "state sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest" such as Pakistan, Yemen and Nigeria amount to religious profiling of Muslims, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Monday.

Source: U.S. embassy closure followed terror threatupdated: Mon Jan 04 2010 15:28:00

The United States' decision to close its embassy in Yemen came after intelligence suggested that four al Qaeda operatives may be planning an attack on the compound, a senior administration official said Monday.

Keeping America safeupdated: Mon Jan 04 2010 12:49:00

President Obama vows to do what he can to make sure that tools and resources are available to keep America safe.

Obama promises justice for Christmas terror plottersupdated: Mon Jan 04 2010 12:49:00

President Obama on Saturday linked the man accused in a botched Christmas Day airline bombing to an al Qaeda affiliate based in Yemen.

Official: Apparent contact between AbdulMutallab and radical clericupdated: Thu Dec 31 2009 22:16:00

Terror suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab appears to have had direct contacts with radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. counterterrorism official told CNN Thursday.

Tracking a terror suspectupdated: Thu Dec 31 2009 22:16:00

CNN's Rosemary Church shows the route the alleged Christmas terror suspect took to enter the U.S.

Friend: Terror suspect's religious zeal deepened in Londonupdated: Thu Dec 31 2009 18:45:00

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian national who allegedly attempted to bomb a U.S. airliner over Michigan on Christmas day, became more devout about his Muslim faith while attending university in London, according to a former friend.

Alleged bomber radicalized?updated: Thu Dec 31 2009 18:45:00

CNN's Nic Robertson investigates where alleged bomber AbdulMutallab was radicalized.

Body scanners not 'magic technology' against terrorupdated: Thu Dec 31 2009 14:28:00

The full-body scanning technology being adopted and discussed since the attempt to take down a passenger plane on Christmas Day isn't a "magic machine" that will solve aviation security issues, experts say.

New TSA technologyupdated: Thu Dec 31 2009 14:28:00

The TSA demonstrates its latest weapon to combat would-be terrorists. CNN's Sandra Endo reports.

College pal: What happened to the humble AbdulMutallab I knew?updated: Thu Dec 31 2009 12:29:00

Qasim Rafiq had trouble reconciling the shocking news surrounding Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab with the college friend he knew: a pious and genuine person who was the president of an organization that condemned terrorist attacks.

Don't let security scanners erase our privacyupdated: Thu Dec 31 2009 08:02:00

After a failed Christmas Day terrorist plot on a U.S.-bound international flight, the airline passenger screening process has received heavy scrutiny from the government, the media and the public.

Feinstein wants reversal of policy on no-fly listupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 23:43:00

Sen. Dianne Feinstein called Wednesday for President Obama to reverse a policy established last year that kept the suspect in the Christmas Day botched jetliner bombing from having been placed on a no-fly list.

Terror suspect attended 2008 Islamic 'knowledge fest' in Houstonupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 22:54:00

The man accused of trying to blow up a U.S.-bound airliner on Christmas Day attended an Islamic "Knowledge Fest" in Houston, Texas, in 2008, according to one of the organizers of the event.

No one connected the dots on terror plotupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 18:30:00

We are now five days away from the attempted terrorist attack to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to Detroit, Michigan. We are learning more each day about the multiple failures in our security and intelligence system that preceded that attack.

Dutch, Nigerians to use full body scans for air travelersupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 14:42:00

The Netherlands and Nigeria will begin using body scanners on airline passengers following the attempted terrorist attack on a U.S.-bound flight on Christmas Day, authorities in both nations said Wednesday.

Flight 253 hero recounts thwarting Christmas bombing attemptupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 12:03:00

The seven-hour flight from the Netherlands to Michigan had been uneventful. Passengers bided time watching movies or trying to catch shut eye.

Hero of the flightupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 12:03:00

CNN's Candy Crowley talks with Jasper Schuringa who helped subdue the terror suspect on the Northwest flight that was attacked.

Online poster appears to be Christmas Day bomb suspectupdated: Wed Dec 30 2009 10:15:00

"Let me tell you a little about me."

Obama: Human, systemic failure to blame in terror attemptupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 22:57:00

Moments after President Obama said a "mix of human and systemic failures" allowed a man to try to bomb a passenger jet on Christmas Day, federal agencies said they had done all they could.

Obama: 'Human and systemic failure'updated: Tue Dec 29 2009 22:57:00

President Obama says a "mix of human and systemic failure" allowed an attempted attack on a U.S. airliner Christmas Day.

Source: CIA failed to circulate report about bombing suspectupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 22:44:00

The father of terrorism suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab talked about his son's extremist views with someone from the CIA and a report was prepared, but the report was not circulated outside the agency, a reliable source told CNN's Jeanne Meserve on Tuesday.

Suspect's father met with CIAupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 22:44:00

CNN's Jeanne Meserve reports that the CIA failed to circulate information regarding the plane bombing suspect.

Yemenis question terror suspect's classmates, mosque congregantsupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 21:23:00

Authorities in Yemen questioned people at a mosque and a school in the capital of Sanaa because the facilities were attended by attempted bombing suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the spokesman for Yemen's Embassy to the United States said Tuesday.

Yemeni spokesman talks to CNNupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 21:23:00

Yemeni spokesman Mohammed Albasha gives his first on-camera interview to CNN.

Key dates linked to Nigerian terror suspectupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 18:07:00

Below are key dates in the case of suspected terrorist Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, who is accused of trying to ignite bomb-making materials Friday aboard a Northwest Airlines flight on its descent into Detroit, Michigan.

Al Qaeda link investigated as clues emerge in foiled terror attackupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 17:01:00

Part of an explosive device that failed to take down a plane last week was sewn into the underwear of the Nigerian man accused of igniting it, a law enforcement official told CNN Monday.

Source: Terror suspect's father tried to warn authoritiesupdated: Mon Dec 28 2009 12:44:00

The father of a man suspected in a botched terror attack aboard a Northwest Airlines flight contacted the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria recently with concerns his son was planning something, a senior U.S. administration official said Saturday.

Police hunt London terror linkupdated: Mon Dec 28 2009 12:44:00

London police search apartment building in connection with suspected terror incident on U.S.-bound jet.

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