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Perhaps right now in Morgantown, West Virginia, they are raising a glass, or rather a mug, to celebrate their No. 1 ranking from the Princeton Review.

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Are you too tired for sex?updated: Thu Aug 09 2012 07:15:00

According to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, about one in every four married or cohabitating Americans claim they're so sleep-deprived that they're often too tired to have sex.

Biologists, volunteers rush to save Florida butterfly speciesupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 22:38:00

In a region saturated with spectacular aquamarine waters and bright coral reefs, the colorful Schaus swallowtail butterfly once was a familiar sight as it flitted over Biscayne National Park in South Florida.

9 charged with hazing at University of Florida fraternityupdated: Fri May 04 2012 05:29:00

Nine men have been charged with hazing for their alleged part in an initiation rite into a University of Florida fraternity earlier this year.

Debating hazing at universitiesupdated: Fri May 04 2012 05:29:00

Roland Martin and Ricky Jones discuss opposing views on resolving hazing at colleges.

MYB: Facebook readies for IPOupdated: Sun Apr 29 2012 01:24:00

Christine Romans looks at how Facebook is gearing up for an IPO despite slowing growth.

University of Florida suspends fraternity for 'serious physical hazing incident'updated: Thu Feb 09 2012 05:29:00

The University of Florida has temporarily suspended its chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity after learning about a hazing incident involving fraternity members, a university spokeswoman said.

A look into how to stop hazingupdated: Thu Feb 09 2012 05:29:00

Walter Kimbrough, President of Philander Smith College, discusses the culture of hazing and how to stop it.

Investigation under way after helicopter crashupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 12:44:00

Federal investigators were in Florida on Tuesday examining the wreckage of a helicopter crash that killed three people on a medical flight, officials said.

3 dead in Mayo clinic copter crashupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 12:44:00

The NTSB reports on its probe into a fatal medical helicopter crash in Florida.

3 dead in Florida medical helicopter crashupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 06:23:00

Three people -- a surgeon, a medical technician and a pilot -- were killed Monday when a medical helicopter crashed in Florida, the Mayo Clinic said.

Three dead in medical helicopter crashupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 06:23:00

Three people -- a surgeon, a medical technician and a pilot -- were killed Monday when a helicopter crashed in Florida.

Do you obsessively check your smartphone?updated: Thu Jul 28 2011 21:44:00

There I was at a long-awaited dinner with friends Saturday night, when in the midst of our chatting, I watched my right hand sneaking away from my side to grab my phone sitting on the table to check my e-mail.

CNNMoney: Shoplifting on the rise: A sign of recovery?updated: Fri Jun 24 2011 15:47:00

That latest sign of an economic recovery: shoplifting is back.

Fortune: BAE's Linda Hudson: How to climb the corporate ladderupdated: Tue Mar 15 2011 10:45:00

Linda Hudson is used to being the only woman in the room. Growing up in central Florida during the heyday of the space program, Hudson, 60, was captivated by the burgeoning industry. With some prodding from teachers and a talent for science and math, she became the first woman in her high school to take its engineering drawing course. At the University of Florida, she says, she was one of two women in her engineering class. And in 2009 she became the first female to head a major U.S. defense company when she was named CEO of BAE Systems Inc., which operates independently in the U.S. from its British-based parent under a government security agreement.

Student cavers found deadupdated: Mon Feb 14 2011 13:56:00

Two University of Florida students exploring a Georgia cave are found dead.

2 University of Florida students die exploring Georgia caveupdated: Mon Feb 14 2011 13:56:00

A state medical examiner will try to determine the cause of death of two University of Florida students who died over the weekend while exploring a cave in northwest Georgia.

University report: Class of '11 will see slightly better jobs outlookupdated: Wed Nov 24 2010 16:49:00

College graduates next May will face better job prospects than students last year as large corporations end hiring freezes, small businesses reshape the economy and employers become more confident they can safely expand, according to a report on national hiring practices by researchers at Michigan State University.

2 dead, 5 injured in Florida shooting spreeupdated: Tue Oct 05 2010 07:39:00

Two people, including the suspected gunman, are dead and five injured after a series of shootings in and around Gainesville, Florida, police said.

City plans to bill pastor for security around planned Quran burningupdated: Fri Sep 17 2010 15:15:00

The city of Gainesville, Florida, plans to send a bill estimated at more than $180,000 to Pastor Terry Jones for security costs surrounding his controversial threat to burn Qurans on the anniversary of the September, 11, 2001, attacks, a police spokeswoman said Friday.

Fortune: The return of the IPOupdated: Mon Aug 02 2010 05:11:00

The stock debut of Tesla Motors in late June sparked memories of the initial-public-offering mania of a decade ago. As the share sale for the electric-car maker (which is at least two years from profitability) approached, excitement mounted, and the underwriters raised the price to $17, from an expected range of $14 to $16. Demand was so intense that the stock opened at $19 and spiked as high as $30 within a day. The shares promptly tumbled below $15 before settling around $20 in late July.

Archaeologist finds old bones in Florida recreation areaupdated: Wed Jul 28 2010 10:17:00

A University of Florida archaeologist found centuries-old bones this week during a dig in northeastern Florida, authorities said.

College students change priorities in tough job marketupdated: Tue Jun 08 2010 13:58:00

Desmond Brooks had hoped to major in hospitality and considered attending an out-of-state college. Instead, he's living at home, enrolled at Georgia State University and working full-time for campus security.

Periods -- Who needs them anyway? Women have mixed feelingsupdated: Thu May 06 2010 10:35:00

Fifty years ago, women obtained a new level of control over their reproductive systems. The introduction of the birth control pill meant they could have sex without getting pregnant, decide how far apart to have their children and they could even decide when -- or whether -- to have a monthly period.

Inmates grow roots as jailhouse farmersupdated: Mon Apr 12 2010 12:29:00

For a crop of Florida inmates, green acres is the place to be.

FSB: Fighting the five-finger discountupdated: Thu Nov 05 2009 04:54:00

Inventory losses are on the rise, thanks mostly to cashiers giving themselves and friends five-finger discounts. Employees stole an estimated $15 billion from retailers last year, according to University of Florida criminologist Richard Hollinger, who conducts an annual survey of the country's top stores. That's 25% more than stores lost to shoplifters. Kristian Dyer: Corey Lemonier gains leverage on field and with top programsupdated: Thu Oct 01 2009 17:17:00

The reason so many programs are high on Hialeah (Fla.) defensive end Corey Lemonier is because of his ability to gain leverage against blockers. Florida cornerback arrested, shot with Taserupdated: Tue Jun 02 2009 02:05:00

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- An attorney for a University of Florida cornerback charged with punching another man in the head during a fight said his client acted in self-defense.

Polo horses fall deadupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 13:32:00

CNN's John Zarrella reports state veterinarians are looking for answers in the sudden deaths of 21 polo horses.

Florida pharmacy says it wrongly prepped horse meds before matchupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 13:32:00

A veterinary pharmacy in Florida acknowledged Thursday that it incorrectly prepared medication used to treat 21 horses who all died around the time of an international polo match last weekend.

Florida professor, wife accused of stealing money from NASAupdated: Thu Feb 26 2009 01:24:00

Federal authorities raided the office of a University of Florida professor on Wednesday who, along with his wife, is suspected of defrauding NASA.

College student went for a run, never came backupdated: Tue Feb 24 2009 11:51:00

Tiffany Sessions was a 20-year-old junior studying economics at the University of Florida in Gainesville when she decided to go out for a run. She never came back.

Economy puts bite on shark attacks, researcher saysupdated: Thu Feb 19 2009 13:22:00

Shark attacks on humans were at the lowest levels in half a decade last year, and a Florida researcher says hard economic times may be to blame.

Fortune: Advice from young investorsupdated: Fri Nov 07 2008 07:10:00

Ah, to be young and invested in a bear market. While older stockholders are panicking as their retirement savings recede faster than their hairlines, dedicated investors in their twenties and early thirties are surprisingly placid about their money, which they don't plan on extracting for years. Some are even bullish about the current buying situation. Young Voters Could Be the Deciding Factor in Floridaupdated: Wed Oct 08 2008 16:00:00

The conventional wisdom has been that as its seniors go, so goes the state. This year that may be changing Who Can You Sue? Click Hereupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 18:00:00

A new website aims to hook up people with lawyers who will take their grievances to court. Is this what America needs? Unknown Disease Killing Fla. Treesupdated: Wed Jul 23 2008 21:00:00

The sabal palm, Florida's state tree, is under attack by a microscopic killer that has scientists stumped Three Mexico Shark Attacks Stir Panicupdated: Wed May 28 2008 18:20:00

No one could even remember a shark attack along this resort-studded stretch of Mexican coast popular with surfers and Hollywood's elite. Many of the large predators had been pulled from the ocean by fishermen When Adventure Tourism Killsupdated: Mon Mar 03 2008 14:00:00

A shark-attack death in the Bahamas raises the issue of who is responsible when thrill vacations go awry: the tourist or the tour operator? Immigration: No Correlation With Crimeupdated: Wed Feb 27 2008 11:00:00

New research says immigrants, far from being responsible for rising crime rates, are less likely to get in trouble with the law

CNNMoney: FDA experts: Decongestants are effectiveupdated: Fri Dec 14 2007 15:54:00

Food and Drug Administration experts on Friday supported a certain type of over-the-counter cold medicine as effective, despite opposition from pharmacists who claim otherwise, agency officials said. Are Tasers Being Overused?updated: Wed Oct 31 2007 22:20:00

About 65% of U.S. law enforcement uses Tasers regularly, but no regulations govern the use of the controversial weapon 'Don't Tase Me, Bro': No Chargesupdated: Tue Oct 30 2007 15:00:00

A University of Florida student who was shocked with a Taser after persistently questioning Sen. John Kerry will avoid criminal charges

Fortune: How Florida cashed in on college footballupdated: Fri Oct 19 2007 08:36:00

Things are heating up at the Swamp. That's what they call their stadium down here in Gainesville, Fla. And the University of Florida Gators football team - defending national champs - hasn't lost a game on its home turf in more than two years.

CNNU's campus correspondents updated: Tue Oct 02 2007 15:56:00

CNNU is a feature that provides student perspectives on news and trends from colleges across the United States.

Your opinion: Reaction to police using Taser on studentupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 21:17:00

Two University of Florida police officers were placed on leave Tuesday after using an electronic stun gun to subdue a student at a campus forum. Read an account of the incident from a student who was there.

Student Taseredupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 21:17:00

CNN Student News' Carl Azuz explores the events leading up to the use of a stun gun on a Florida college student.

Tasered at Kerry eventupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 08:09:00

I-Reporter Clarissa Jessup shot University of Florida student Andrew Meyer being hit by a Taser during a John Kerry event.

Your e-mails: Reaction to police using Taser on studentupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 08:09:00

Two University of Florida police officers were placed on leave Tuesday after using an electronic stun gun to subdue a student questioning Sen. John Kerry at a campus forum.

CNNU Report: Student Taseredupdated: Wed Sep 19 2007 21:22:00

CNNU reporter Eunic Ortiz attended the event at the University of Florida where police Tasered a student.

Students stunned -- and tired -- about Taser incident updated: Wed Sep 19 2007 21:22:00

It has been 48 hours since college student Andrew Meyer was stunned with a Taser during a forum with Sen. John Kerry, and some students are still in shock over what happened.

Tasered studentupdated: Wed Sep 19 2007 12:51:00

The University of Florida responds to student tasered. CNN's John Zarrella reports.

Cops on leave after Taser incident, student's behavior under scrutinyupdated: Wed Sep 19 2007 12:51:00

Two University of Florida police officers were on leave with pay Wednesday as university officials tried to sort out what caused them to use an electronic stun gun to subdue a student, the school's president said. Revoking Licenses Deters Drunk Drivingupdated: Wed Jul 25 2007 13:00:00

A new study says a simple state law that revokes drunk drivers' licenses has a significant deterring effect -- and can save 800 lives a year WINN: Donovan, Magic close to voiding dealupdated: Tue Jun 05 2007 22:10:00

Billy Donovan and the Orlando Magic were on the verge of officially terminating the coach's five-year, $27.5 million contract Tuesday, a process that would allow Donovan to return to Florida and the Magic to move forward with hiring Stan Van Gundy, their preferred Plan B.

Science serves up super snacksupdated: Thu May 31 2007 13:36:00

Now you can one-hand that coffee-and-doughnut breakfast.

Fortune: Fortune 500 showcase: Pepsicoupdated: Tue Apr 17 2007 10:00:00

NO. 63

CNNMoney: Who gets hurt after the buyout boomupdated: Mon Feb 26 2007 08:59:00

Private equity buyouts keep breaking records, raising concerns that the buyout boom may be near a peak - and that investors will get hurt when the party comes to an end. The 10 Spot: Jan. 11, 2007updated: Thu Jan 11 2007 09:58:00

1. The New York Daily News is reporting that Barry Bonds failed an amphetamine -- "greenies" -- test last season and initially blamed it on a substance he took from the locker of a teammate. Bonds insists he thought they were skittles. Pure domination updated: Tue Jan 09 2007 02:44:00

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- When the doors swung open to Florida's locker room about 45 minutes after Monday night's BCS National Championship Game, several Gators were busy filming their own mini-cam documentaries of the scene. Safety Tony Joiner delivered a monologue in front of one of them.

Florida serial killer died singing a hymnupdated: Wed Oct 25 2006 19:38:00

Danny Harold Rolling, Florida's most notorious serial killer since Ted Bundy, died singing.

Fortune: Where YouTube's legal problems lieupdated: Tue Oct 24 2006 15:27:00

Up until very recently, John Hall was in his 18th year of teaching management at the University of Florida. Then he wound up on YouTube.

CNNMoney: IPOs: Don't fear 'The Flip'updated: Mon May 15 2006 17:31:00

Private equity-backed companies often come to the market with plenty of baggage, but that doesn't mean investors should always take flight.

Business 2.0: Let the MBA Buyer Bewareupdated: Thu Sep 01 2005 00:01:00

So you're thinking about getting a master's of business administration, and you want to know which school is the best for you. With tuition at top-tier schools reportedly up 55 percent in the past ...

Scientists grow brain cells in a dishupdated: Thu Jun 16 2005 10:59:00

American scientists have discovered a way of creating new brain cells in a dish -- a breakthrough that could lead to treatments for conditions such as Parkinson's disease and epilepsy.

'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulatorupdated: Tue Nov 02 2004 10:14:00

A Florida scientist has developed a "brain" in a glass dish that is capable of flying a virtual fighter plane and could enhance medical understanding of neural disorders such as epilepsy.

Debating parties or partying the debateupdated: Thu Oct 07 2004 14:47:00

In the home of Gator football, University of Florida students took a traditionally serious affair -- a presidential debate -- and turned it into a sporting event.

CNNMoney: The way of the calm investorupdated: Tue Jul 27 2004 15:59:00

If getting rich is supposed to make you feel good, why are so many investors so agitated so much of the time -- even when the market goes up?

Bush, Kerry focus on Florida, studentsupdated: Thu Apr 29 2004 11:18:00

Opinion polls indicate more young voters plan to vote in the 2004 presidential election than did in the 2000 election, when only a half-million votes stood between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

Spring break during Florida primaryupdated: Fri Mar 05 2004 09:51:00

Editor's note: Campus Vibe is a feature that provides student perspectives on the 2004 election from selected colleges across the United States. This week's contributor is Dwayne Robinson, student writer at The Alligator, the University of Florida student newspaper. The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of CNN, its affiliates or the University of Florida.

Business 2.0: How to Clean Up CSFBupdated: Tue Jul 01 2003 00:01:00

Credit Suisse First Boston has more to worry about these days than the criminal indictment of Frank Quattrone, its former star analyst. CEO John Mack has been slashing head count and costs--some sa...

Fortune: Net IPOs Rise From the Deadupdated: Mon Jun 24 2002 00:01:00

Item No. 1: After an 11-month Internet IPO drought, PayPal, a Silicon Valley company that facilitates payments over the Web, goes public in February. Its stock subsequently surges 107%, making it 2...

FSB: Novemberupdated: Thu Nov 01 2001 00:01:00

Oct. 31-Nov. 2: Dias de los Muertos The Mexican Day of the Dead holiday, celebrating All Souls' Day, is anything but macabre--filled with flowers, singing, and graveyard celebrations. The festival ...


Whether your kid is interested in science or sociology, small school or large, he or she can find a great deal on the following pages. Our value rankings list more than 175 schools that offer a ter...


The students shown here are revving up their minds and muscles at Caltech, ranked by MONEY as America's best college buy for the second straight year. Like other schools that earned a place in our ...


EVERYONE KNOWS THAT FLORIDA CAN BE HOT. but not this hot! This year, in our ninth annual exclusive ranking of the 300 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, five Florida cities rank among the top 10 plac...

Money Magazine: MONEY's college value rankings THESE 100 PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS DELIVER THE BEST EDUCATION FOR THE BUCK.updated: Tue Sep 10 1991 00:01:00

The cost of college has long been a major concern of American parents, but never more so than today. The average bill for a year at a state school was $5,248 in the 1990-91 academic year; the priva...

Money Magazine: America's 10 Best College Buys Not all are public -- some aren't even cheap -- but they give good educational value.updated: Mon Sep 10 1990 00:01:00

The marketplace for higher education, like securities markets, has pockets of opportunity: schools that, like undervalued stocks, are worth more than you have to pay for them. This fact was verifie...

Fortune: Twenty days that shook the world, the southpaw sorrows, betting on criminals, and other matters. ONLY IN AMERICA (Cont'd)updated: Mon Jan 16 1989 00:01:00

GAINESVILLE, FLA. -- Joseph Sexton and Beth-Anne Thye got married in August 1987 . . . The University of Florida law students . . . are ((now)) making a legal challenge to the State Department of H...

Fortune: Betrayed by Fish, Up From Billygate, Greed at the Gas Station, and Other Matters. Great Moments in Heritage Preservationupdated: Mon May 26 1986 00:01:00

OCALA, FLA. -- Eighty wild descendants of monkeys imported for Tarzan films in the Thirties face deportation . . . Officials of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission say that it is illeg...

Fortune: HIGH TECH DOWN ON THE FARMupdated: Mon Sep 02 1985 00:01:00

For companies that develop new agricultural technologies, it's a season of drought: the doleful state of the farm economy worldwide has taken the near- term commercial luster off scores of promisin...

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