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Lawmakers to investigate disabled veterans charityupdated: Wed May 23 2012 19:10:00

The Senate Finance Committee is launching an investigation to determine whether a charity intended to help disabled veterans deserves its tax-exempt status after doling out millions of dollars to a direct-mail company.

IRS forms show charity's money isn't going to disabled vetsupdated: Tue May 08 2012 08:32:00

A national charity that vows to help disabled veterans and their families has spent tens of millions on marketing services, all the while doling out massive amounts of candy, hand sanitizer bottles and many other unnecessary items to veteran aid groups, according to a CNN investigation.

The time to honor Iraq vets is nowupdated: Thu Feb 09 2012 16:36:00

The Iraq War ended in December, and veterans and other citizens throughout the country have begun clamoring for local parades to celebrate the return of our Iraq veterans -- yet only one city in the nation, St. Louis, has held one.

Obama unveils jobs plan for veteransupdated: Fri Feb 03 2012 13:00:00

At a fire station in Virginia, President Obama introduces his jobs plan for veterans.

Veterans transition from war zone to classroomupdated: Mon Dec 19 2011 11:26:00

"When I got out of the Army, I did not want to talk about my war experience," said Angela Kozak, currently a speech pathology student at San Diego State University.

LA vets demand housing at giant VA campusupdated: Mon Oct 24 2011 01:33:00

The connection seems obvious: nearly 400 acres of land set aside to house veterans and thousands of veterans who need a place to call home.

A veteran's descent into homelessnessupdated: Mon Oct 24 2011 01:33:00

An Iraq vet tells CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta how post-traumatic stress disorder led to homelessness.

CNNMoney: Veteran-owned businesses get deals. Finally!updated: Wed Aug 10 2011 13:31:00

Soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can look forward to a different kind of action when they reach U.S. soil: help for their businesses.

Veterans groups summoned to White House on debt ceiling impactupdated: Tue Jul 26 2011 11:17:00

Veterans advocacy groups have been called to the White House for a late afternoon meeting Tuesday to be briefed by Obama administration officials on the impact to veterans if Congress does not pass legislation raising the debt ceiling.

Audit: Sexual assault incidents within VA system underreportedupdated: Wed Jun 08 2011 01:48:00

Sexual assault incidents within the Veterans Affairs system are not being reported up the chain, a new government audit released Tuesday found.

Veterans Affairs faces daunting job of reducing medical claims backlogupdated: Mon Dec 20 2010 15:15:00

Veteran claims for medical benefits are still piled high at the Veterans Affairs Department, despite a major push from the secretary of the department for quicker claims processing.

Support memorial for disabled vetsupdated: Mon Nov 15 2010 13:54:00

As we prepare to pay tribute this Veterans Day to the courageous men and women who have selflessly served our country, the image of American soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is in our minds. But we also must recognize that many thousands have returned from these wars with severe injuries and permanent disabilities.

Biden salutes troops at Arlingtonupdated: Thu Nov 11 2010 18:07:00

Vice President Joe Biden marks Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery.

Five ways to help a veteran todayupdated: Wed Nov 10 2010 18:09:00

Veterans Day is a day to honor and celebrate the military veterans who have served our country, but if you don't have a veteran in your family or even know one, the meaning of the day may be lost.

More Vietnam War vets eligible for Agent Orange benefitsupdated: Mon Nov 01 2010 19:57:00

The government has started distributing additional benefits for Agent Orange exposure to Vietnam War veterans who qualify under liberalized rules, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday.

Veterans Affairs Department rolls out ad campaignupdated: Tue Oct 12 2010 13:02:00

In an effort to reach out to more veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Department of Veterans Affairs is launching its first ever television ad campaign to alert servicemembers to the benefits for which they're eligible.

Veterans Affairs makes changes to clarify insurance programupdated: Tue Sep 14 2010 14:40:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Tuesday it will continue to use a controversial life insurance program, but will make sure beneficiaries better understand the accounts.

Prudential under pressure to explain payments to military familiesupdated: Fri Aug 13 2010 18:32:00

After initial outrage over how Prudential handles life insurance policies of deceased soldiers and veterans, the insurance company is working hard to change the perception it has misled military families.

Vets' care hurt by bureaucratic games, memo saysupdated: Fri Jul 02 2010 19:09:00

Military veterans are being denied health care due to "inappropriate scheduling practices" at VA facilities, according to an internal memo from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Should there be an Iraq War Memorial?updated: Sat May 29 2010 15:24:00

Viewers tell us whether they think there should be an Iraq War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Some object to president's absence from Arlington this Memorial Dayupdated: Sat May 29 2010 15:24:00

Several veterans and conservative bloggers are taking issue with President Barack Obama choosing not to attend the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. Vice President Joe Biden is attending in his place.

Unemployment on the rise for veterans of current warsupdated: Sun Apr 04 2010 22:36:00

The unemployment rate for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars reached 14.7 percent in March, according to the latest government statistics.

Fortune: New legal trick: Fake hospital sites for finding clientsupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 11:04:00

Until about noon on Wednesday, dozens of websites were identifying themselves with a Red Cross-ish logo and names like "VA Medical Center Palo Alto," or "VA Hospital San Francisco," or "VA Medical Center Gainesville" though they had no affiliation with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They were actually operated by plaintiffs law firms that were searching for clients with asbestos-related diseases.

For veterans in crisis, a lifelineupdated: Fri Mar 26 2010 21:31:00

"Can you say that again? You put a bullet through the wall in your house?"

Suicide hotline for veteransupdated: Fri Mar 26 2010 21:31:00

Over 300 calls a day come into a national suicide hotline for veterans and troops. CNN's Lisa Sylvester reports.

Military: Burn pits could cause long-term damage to troopsupdated: Fri Dec 18 2009 08:36:00

The military is backing off its previous position and acknowledging that some troops exposed to the burning of refuse on military bases could be susceptible to long-term health effects.

VA assistant secretary: 'My crew thought I was dead'updated: Wed Nov 11 2009 06:50:00

In the Army you live by the Warrior Ethos, which states, "I will always place the mission first. I will never quit. I will never accept defeat. I will never leave a fallen comrade behind."

VA's bold goal: Eradicate homelessness among veterans in 5 yearsupdated: Tue Nov 03 2009 21:32:00

With a simple, declarative statement, the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs announced his ambitious goal to eradicate one of the country's most shameful problems.

Rieckhoff takes veterans' fight from 'sandbox' to White Houseupdated: Fri Oct 30 2009 14:34:00

Standing behind the president during a bill signing is a shining moment for any policy activist.

Iraq veteran a DC power playerupdated: Fri Oct 30 2009 14:34:00

Paul Rieckhoff knows something about soldiers' woes. He's bringing that experience to Washington to change minds.

Backlogs continue to frustrate progress at VAupdated: Wed Oct 14 2009 15:40:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs is still struggling with an enormous backlog in claims for medical and educational benefits that are piling up despite efforts to diminish the paperwork, the secretary of the department admitted Wednesday.

Former addict gives homeless veterans a second chanceupdated: Thu Oct 01 2009 22:29:00

Following a faint trail through a dense patch of woods in Florida's Palm Beach County, Roy Foster is a man on a mission.

Mentoring homeless vetsupdated: Mon Sep 28 2009 07:20:00

Vietnam War veterans mentor a new generation of homeless vets in Los Angeles. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

U.S. seeing more female homeless veteransupdated: Mon Sep 28 2009 07:20:00

When Iraq war veteran Angela Peacock is in the shower, she sometimes closes her eyes and can't help reliving the day in Baghdad in 2003 that pushed her closer to the edge.

Vets waiting for education benefits will get emergency fundsupdated: Sat Sep 26 2009 08:37:00

A backlog in processing education benefits has forced the Department of Veterans Affairs to authorize millions of dollars in emergency funds for veterans who need the cash to pay for school.

Scam targets veterans' credit card info, VA warnsupdated: Fri Sep 18 2009 03:03:00

Watch out for the latest scam targeting veterans and their credit card numbers, the Department of Veterans Affairs warns.

Interviews give veterans a voice, iReporters a causeupdated: Thu Sep 17 2009 11:40:00

Julie Ellerton met Iraq war veteran John Stubbs by chance. He dropped by her Malibu, California, home one afternoon to spray for termites.

Veterans' facilities fall short in women's treatment standardsupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 09:32:00

Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities do not consistently offer the level of services and infrastructure necessary to properly treat the growing number of female veterans, a government investigation concludes.

Nature, veterans healupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 09:06:00

A jobs program helps military veterans to "heal" the environment and themselves. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

VA claims processing sees strides, setbacks, report saysupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 09:03:00

The Veterans Administration's handling of disability claims has seen improvements and setbacks, a congressional watchdog said Wednesday.

Inspections find many VA facilities lack colonoscopy safetyupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 08:56:00

Lawmakers reacted with anger and dismay Tuesday to the second report this year that Veterans Administration facilities had inadequate safety procedures in place to ensure that colonoscopy equipment is sterilized between patients.

VA to apologize for mistaken Lou Gehrig's disease noticesupdated: Wed Aug 26 2009 19:31:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Wednesday it will apologize to veterans who were mistakenly told they'd been diagnosed with a fatal neurological condition.

VA workers given millions in bonuses as vets await checksupdated: Sat Aug 22 2009 04:24:00

While hundreds of thousands of disability claims lay backlogged at the Department of Veterans Affairs, thousands of technology employees at the department received $24 million in bonuses, a new report says.

Once-suicidal man becomes veterans' lifelineupdated: Mon May 25 2009 09:18:00

Like for many Americans, Memorial Day for Lynn Hughes is about giving back to veterans. The 61-year-old will be placing flags on the graves of fallen soldiers at Rocky Mount Memorial Park gardens.

CNN Heroes: Lynn Hughesupdated: Mon May 25 2009 09:18:00

Lynn Hughes, who was named a CNN Hero in 2007, has helped 650 veterans receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Obama Vows to Help Veteransupdated: Sat May 23 2009 20:03:00

President Obama: America will not forget its military veterans. CNN's Elaine Quijano reports.

Advocates await specifics of Obama's plan for vets programupdated: Sat May 23 2009 20:03:00

As President Obama reminds Americans that Memorial Day is more than the casual start of summer, many veterans advocates are eagerly waiting for more details about his plans for a revamped veterans program.

Commentary: Thank our soldiers with a dollar and a Tweetupdated: Fri May 22 2009 12:24:00

If someone risked his or her life for you, would you give him or her a dollar?

Homeland security chief apologizes to veterans groupsupdated: Thu Apr 16 2009 11:39:00

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano apologized Thursday after some veterans groups were offended by a department report about right-wing extremism.

Obama announces new veterans' medical records systemupdated: Thu Apr 09 2009 14:43:00

The federal government is establishing a new system for updating medical records of servicemen and women during and after their military careers, President Obama announced Thursday.

HIV case in VA probeupdated: Tue Apr 07 2009 20:17:00

An investigation into dirty colonoscopy instruments turns up one HIV positive veteran. Judy Fortin reports.

VA looking into possible contamination at medical facilitiesupdated: Tue Apr 07 2009 20:17:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched an investigation into whether there is a connection between improperly sterilized endoscopy equipment and a veteran's positive HIV test.

Veterans at risk?updated: Wed Mar 25 2009 11:29:00

Thousands of vets may have been infected with life-threatening viruses after a hospital discovers unsterilized probes.

Possible contamination at VA facilities sparks call for inquiryupdated: Wed Mar 25 2009 11:29:00

Thousands of veterans in South Florida may have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV because of contaminated equipment after getting colonoscopies at the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, officials announced Monday.

Obama dropping vets insurance proposalupdated: Wed Mar 18 2009 22:32:00

The Obama administration is abandoning a controversial plan to charge private insurers for treatment of veterans' service-connected ailments.

VA to look into effects of 'burn pits' on veteransupdated: Wed Mar 18 2009 02:44:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs says it will study the effects of toxic emissions from burning trash at military installations in Iraq and Afghanistan on veterans, even after the Department of Defense has concluded no long-term effects exist.

Veterans groups irate at Obama's private insurance proposalupdated: Tue Mar 17 2009 19:31:00

Veterans groups are angry after President Obama told them Monday that he is still considering a proposal to have treatment for service-connected injuries charged to veterans' private insurance plans.

Obama pledges more help for veteransupdated: Mon Mar 16 2009 16:04:00

President Obama pledged Monday to make good on his promise to transform the Department of Veterans Affairs and said he would "dramatically improve" mental health aid.

Senators slam plan for wounded vets to use private insuranceupdated: Tue Mar 10 2009 16:58:00

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

Vets object to billing private insurance for service injuriesupdated: Wed Mar 04 2009 08:17:00

Veterans groups are warning President Barack Obama against going ahead with a possible administration move to charge veterans' private health care for service-related injuries.

VA suspends contractor over patient data securityupdated: Fri Feb 13 2009 12:56:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs has suspended a contractor for failing to follow the department's policies for securing sensitive data about patients, the department said Thursday.

Judge won't intervene in veteran disability disputeupdated: Wed Dec 17 2008 21:19:00

A federal judge has refused to intervene in a dispute over delays in paying disability benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Vet battles diseaseupdated: Tue Dec 09 2008 21:58:00

Photojournalist Bethany Swain introduces us to a veteran suffering from ALS, a disease linked to military service.

A vet's battle with Lou Gehrig's diseaseupdated: Tue Dec 09 2008 21:58:00

Thomas Cuddy enlisted in the U.S. Army 28 years ago, but he's facing his greatest battle now that he's out.

Veterans' groups sue for faster disability rulingsupdated: Mon Nov 10 2008 20:12:00

Two veterans' organizations Monday filed a federal lawsuit seeking to accelerate decisions on disability claims for retired military personnel.

Army suicide rate could top nation's this yearupdated: Wed Sep 10 2008 07:43:00

The rate of suicides among-active duty soldiers is on pace to surpass both last year's numbers and the rate of suicide in the general U.S. population for the first time since the Vietnam war, according to U.S. Army officials. 22,000 Vets Call Suicide Hotlineupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 12:00:00

More than 22,000 veterans have sought help from a special suicide hot line in its first year, and 1,221 suicides have been averted, the government says Suicide Hot Line Used By Veterans updated: Mon Jul 28 2008 06:00:00

More than 22,000 veterans have sought help from a special suicide hot line in its first year

Homeless veterans face new battle for survivalupdated: Wed Jul 02 2008 12:44:00

(CNN) -- "I can't find the right words to describe when you are homeless," says Iraq war veteran Joseph Jacobo. "You see the end of your life right there. What am I going to do, what am I going to eat?" Vietnam Vets: Helping Iraq War Trauma updated: Wed Jun 11 2008 15:00:00

They've been through dark days to discover the psychic wounds of war. Now they are using that hard-won wisdom to help a new generation of veterans Top VA Mental Health Official Under Fireupdated: Wed Apr 23 2008 16:40:00

Two Democratic senators on Tuesday called for the chief mental health official of the Veterans Affairs Department to resign, saying he tried to cover up the rising number of veteran suicides Veterans Day in Courtupdated: Sat Jan 12 2008 11:00:00

After the Department of Veterans Affairs told them to wait their turn, veterans who bear the psychological scars of fighting the war on terror now have the chance to sue

Dad's plea for mental health care: 'Make VA go to the soldier'updated: Wed Dec 12 2007 18:41:00

At the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, there was an eruption of emotion on Capitol Hill for 23-year-old Army Specialist Tim Bowman -- an Illinois National Guardsman who completed a combat tour in Iraq, came home and killed himself.

Father of veteran speaks outupdated: Wed Dec 12 2007 18:41:00

Mike Bowman's son, Tim, completed a combat tour in Iraq and committed suicide after returning home.

Wounded warriors face home-front battle with VAupdated: Fri Nov 16 2007 09:56:00

Ty Ziegel peers from beneath his Marine Corps baseball cap, his once boyish face burned beyond recognition by a suicide bomber's attack in Iraq just three days before Christmas 2004.

Wounded Marine fights the V.A.updated: Fri Nov 16 2007 09:56:00

Ty Ziegel talks about wounds he suffered in the Iraq war and how the V.A. initially rejected his claim for brain injury.

White House blasts Democrats for delaying funding for veterans careupdated: Mon Nov 12 2007 16:39:00

The White House is blasting Congressional Democrats for not sending a bill that would fund veterans' care programs to the president's desk by Veterans Day.

Democratic radio addressupdated: Sat Nov 10 2007 14:17:00

Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennyslvania wants us to remember our nation's treasure, our veterans, on Veterans' Day weekend.

Retired general tapped for top VA postupdated: Tue Oct 30 2007 15:59:00

President Bush on Tuesday announced the nomination of retired Army Lt. Gen. James Peake to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Report on veterans careupdated: Thu Jul 26 2007 08:26:00

Report on veterans care Behind the Veterans' Legal Battle updated: Tue Jul 24 2007 19:00:00

Can a landmark lawsuit filed by thousands of vets change the agency they claim has denied them care and compensation? Injured Iraq Vets Sue VA Headupdated: Tue Jul 24 2007 08:15:00

Frustrated by delays in health care, injured Iraq war veterans accused VA Secretary Jim Nicholson in a lawsuit of breaking the law by denying them disability pay and mental health treatment Who Will Run Veterans Affairs?updated: Thu Jul 19 2007 15:05:00

The outgoing Secretary will not be a tough act to follow. But many veterans feel they need a better advocate

Veterans Affairs secretary resignsupdated: Tue Jul 17 2007 03:01:00

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson announced Tuesday he would leave his post later this year to resume a career in the private sector, a statement from the department said. VA Hospital Conditions Criticizedupdated: Mon Jun 18 2007 12:00:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs knew for months that shower heads, handrails and other fixtures posed serious suicide risks to Seattle-area psychiatric patients, but refused to fix the problems

Panel leaders promise 'vigorous' review of veterans' careupdated: Wed Mar 07 2007 11:48:00

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and ex-Cabinet member Donna Shalala vowed Wednesday to carry out a "vigorous" review of health care for recovering war veterans, focusing primarily on Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

CNNMoney: Help for veterans starting a businessupdated: Thu Nov 09 2006 11:06:00

When David Demyan looked into starting a staffing business last year, he had no idea he might be eligible for a discount as a Vietnam veteran.

Reid: VA secretary should resignupdated: Tue Aug 08 2006 16:29:00

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday called on Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson to resign after another incident involving the loss of a computer containing personal data on tens of thousands of veterans.

Stolen laptop with military data foundupdated: Thu Jun 29 2006 17:12:00

A laptop computer and external drive containing personal data on more than 26 million veterans and active duty military personnel have been recovered, officials said Thursday.

Report: VA not doing enough to protect dataupdated: Wed Jun 14 2006 19:02:00

The Department of Veterans Affairs has not done enough to protect its data in the four years since it was first warned of problems, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.

Agency chief: Data on stolen VA laptop may have been erased updated: Thu Jun 08 2006 13:45:00

Thieves may have erased personal data on millions of veterans that was on a laptop they stole, the secretary of veterans affairs said Thursday.

Source: Theft of vets' data kept secret for 19 daysupdated: Tue May 23 2006 09:12:00

Authorities waited almost three weeks to alert the public that personal data on more than 26 million U.S. veterans had fallen into the hands of thieves, a government source said Tuesday.

Fortune: Technology has transformed the VAupdated: Thu May 11 2006 14:44:00

An avuncular man with a gravelly voice, Dr. Michael Simberkoff, 69, fires up his computer. With a keystroke, he's on a page that lists a patient's complete health record, including office visits, d...

Veterans programs to get more money for health careupdated: Wed Jun 29 2005 16:36:00

The Bush administration agreed Wednesday to ask Congress for more money to meet veterans' health care expenses after disclosing last week a politically embarrassing $1 billion shortfall in the program.

Democrats slam budget cuts for veterans' services updated: Sat Mar 19 2005 13:26:00

The governor of Pennsylvania on Saturday said the federal government must do a better job helping America's war veterans and criticized proposed budget cuts affecting them.

Fortune: PUTTING THE SQUEEZE ON THE MIDDLE CLASS How to Cut the Budget: Last of a Series Congress has to slow the growth of many popular updated: Mon Apr 15 1985 00:01:00

to trim without hurting the poor. WASHINGTON'S deficit fighters have directed most of their firepower this year at such politically palatable targets as defense. But if Congress is truly going to g...

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