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Ferrari's Fernando Alonso will start Sunday's German Grand Prix from pole position after a classy drive in wet conditions in Saturday's qualifying session at Hockenheim.

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What's wrong with India's airline industry?updated: Tue Nov 29 2011 23:51:00

When India's aviation sector began liberalizing in 2003, a regional powerhouse was unleashed.

Air India agrees debt-restructuring planupdated: Tue Nov 29 2011 21:33:00

Air India has reached broad agreement with a consortium of 26 banks to restructure Rs180bn ($3.45bn) in debt and keep the loss-making state-owned carrier airborne, an Indian official said on Tuesday.

Can colorful tycoon's Kingfisher survive?updated: Tue Nov 15 2011 07:27:00

From his neatly-trimmed goatee to his love of fast cars and flight, it's not hard to see why Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya is often referred to as his country's Richard Branson.

Force India to auction F1 'Art Car'updated: Fri Oct 21 2011 13:20:00

Formula One outfit Force India will auction a specially customized car next week in order to raise money for charity and the team's driver academy.

FIA tests cockpit canopyupdated: Fri Oct 21 2011 13:20:00

A high-power cannon is used to fire tires at a cockpit canopy during an FIA test.

Force India announce Sahara partnershipupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 14:09:00

Sports promoter Sahara India Pariwar have purchased a 42.5 per cent stake in Formula One team Force India, it was announced Wednesday.

Force India retain Sutil and Liuzziupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 12:22:00

Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi have been retained by Force India for the 2010 Formula One season.

Liuzzi confident on F1 returnupdated: Sun Sep 13 2009 08:38:00

Force India's stunning showing at the Belgium Grand Prix two weekends ago has made Vijay Mallya's team the talk of the pit lane.

Fisichella joins Ferrari from Force Indiaupdated: Thu Sep 03 2009 12:07:00

Giancarlo Fisichella has signed for Ferrari for the remainder of the Formula One season after being released from his current contract with the Force India team.

F1 turns to India as a force for the futureupdated: Tue Jan 06 2009 10:11:00

Formula One calls itself as a world championship. Yet going into 2009, it does not have races in North America, Africa or India.

Force India terminate deal with Ferrariupdated: Fri Nov 07 2008 13:12:00

Force India, who used Ferrari engines for their first season in Formula One, have agreed a termination of their 2009 contract with the Italian constructor.

Sky-high costs keep F1 exclusiveupdated: Wed Jul 16 2008 09:32:00

Sat atop the motor sport tree, Formula One prides itself on exclusivity.

Force India owner angry with Raikkonenupdated: Wed May 28 2008 11:48:00

Force India owner Vijay Mallya has expressed his dismay after world champion Kimi Raikkonen rear-ended Adrian Sutil out of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Mallya dismisses criticism of Force Indiaupdated: Fri May 02 2008 05:24:00

Force India owner Vijay Mallya has moved quickly to dismiss criticism of his team by A1GP chairman Tony Teixeira, who claimed they were sending the wrong message to Indian fans.

Brake threat for F1's big spendersupdated: Fri Mar 14 2008 08:13:00

Money is the oil that keeps Formula One's engine purring. Having plenty is normally a good portent. Having little is a quick way to the back of the grid.

Vijay Mallyaupdated: Wed Feb 20 2008 00:35:00

CNN's Anjali Rao meets Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya about new investment, Kingfisher Airlines.

Interview with Vijay Mallyaupdated: Wed Feb 20 2008 00:35:00

Anjali Rao: He's dubbed the "King of Good Times." The billionaire tycoon casts a long shadow in India with high-profile launches and lavish parties. Vijay Mallya inherited an empire of different businesses at the tender age of 27, streamlining the operation and founding the Kingfisher brand. Today, his holding company United Breweries is worth $5 billion.

Fisichella given Force India driveupdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 15:20:00

Giancarlo Fisichella will partner Adrian Sutil when Force India make their Formula One debut this season.

Continental shift, F1's race into emerging marketsupdated: Mon Oct 29 2007 13:07:00

Not long after Lewis Hamilton enjoyed his second grand prix victory, at Indianapolis, it was announced that Formula One was ending its relationship with the circuit. There will be no United States grand prix in the 2008 season.

Tycoon owner targets India F1 raceupdated: Mon Sep 03 2007 06:55:00

Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya said on Monday he was determined to bring a Formula One race to his country after confirming he had bought a 50 percent stake in the Spyker team.

Fortune: A clash of aviation titans at India's Air Deccanupdated: Wed Jun 20 2007 06:27:00

Turbulence lies ahead at Air Deccan, India's largest discount airline. Vijay Mallya, the egocentric and charismatic owner of Kingfisher Airlines, who has paid $137 million for a 26 percent stake, thinks he will be in the pilot's seat. But so does G.R. Gopinath, Deccan's founder, who introduced air travel to tens of thousands of new passengers.

Fortune: India's No-Frills, No-Profit Airlinesupdated: Wed Mar 29 2006 11:01:00

The explosive growth of no-frills, low-fare airlines has turned India into one of the world's hottest travel markets. It is also playing havoc with the country's overburdened and under-equipped air...

Fortune: India's Bumpy Rideupdated: Mon Oct 31 2005 00:01:00

India's king of beer hunkers over the bar in the leather-trimmed lounge of his Boeing 727. Vijay Mallya's tie is askew, his eyes are rimmed with red, but he declares the past 23 hours "a great, great day." The 49-year-old liquor baron has been up since 3 A.M., flying from Mumbai to Calcutta to talk with investors and employees of Shaw Wallace, a rival acquired in March by his United Breweries Group. The $370 million purchase, ending a 20-year takeover struggle, has made UB second only to Diageo as the world's largest liquor company by volume. Earlier in the day Mallya had toured Shaw Wallace's headquarters like a conquering general, addressing shareholders and holding forth in a whirl of interviews with the local press. Now, jetting back to Mumbai at 2 A.M., it's Mallya time. The secret of his success, he muses, swirling a goblet of red wine, is that he understands the aspirations of the modern Indian consumer. "The old 'Be Indian, buy Indian' nonsense doesn't cut it these days," he scoffs. "Indians are o

Battle brews over India's skies updated: Fri May 13 2005 08:38:00

The skies above India are becoming increasingly crowded with the launch of another airline.

UK brewer buys into India's UBupdated: Sun Dec 19 2004 20:40:00

The UK's biggest brewer, Scottish & Newcastle, is joining forces with India's United Breweries to form a group that will have more than 50 percent of the Indian beer market.

Competition takes to the skyupdated: Thu Sep 02 2004 01:02:00

Four years ago, an air ticket for the two-hour flight between New Delhi and the commercial capital of Mumbai cost 5110 rupees (then about $150) on Indian Airlines and Jet Airways.

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