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Latest Stories Dave Doyle: Cancelled UFC 151 not without its winners and losersupdated: Wed Aug 29 2012 17:10:00

In the sports world at large, the first event cancellation in the modern era of the Ultimate Fighting Championship was a curiosity: A one-day headline on the home page of major websites and the subject of a quick mention on national sports broadcasts. Jeff Wagenheim: No winners in UFC 151 cancellationupdated: Fri Aug 24 2012 14:37:00

"This is one of those selfish, disgusting decisions that doesn't just affect you," Dana White spat out Thursday afternoon. "You just affected 16 other people's lives." Jeff Wagenheim: UFC 147 Viewers Guideupdated: Thu Jun 21 2012 11:39:00

Three summers ago, when Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin met in the main event of UFC 99, the fight was promoted under the title "Comeback." Jeff Wagenheim: Training-camp injury epidemic in MMA remains bad for businessupdated: Thu Jun 14 2012 17:48:00

Mixed martial arts is a dangerous game. You punch and you kick, you twist limbs and you choke off airways. And that's just what you do in training camp while preparing for an actual fight. Jeff Wagenheim: Win over Lesnar offers proof of Overeem's skillsupdated: Fri Jan 06 2012 12:46:00

Alistair Overeem had fought 47 times as a mixed martial artist before he stepped into the octagon last Friday night. He had not lost since 2007, and all but two of his 11 bouts over that stretch had stretched no farther than the first round. But the main event of UFC 141 was the Dutchman's debut in the eight-sided cage that's home to the sport's crème de la crème. So there were questions. Jeff Wagenheim: Dos Santos assumes heavyweight perch in's MMA rankingsupdated: Mon Dec 05 2011 14:13:00

"The Baddest Man on the Planet." Steven Marrocco: Winners, losers from UFC 133updated: Mon Aug 08 2011 13:33:00

UFC 133 is over, and we're out of the injury woods for now. Wagenheim: Quicker, stronger Evans shows no signs of rustupdated: Sun Aug 07 2011 01:34:00

PHILADELPHIA -- Four hundred thirty-four days is a long time to be out of work. In today's ghastly economy, a lot of people can attest to the horrors. For Rashad Evans, though, any trepidation was not over landing a job but rather landing punches, kicks and takedowns and performing all job functions at the requisite high level. In his business, rustiness can be dangerous. Tim Marchman: Overeem's glowing reputation far outreaches his achievementsupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 18:05:00

Alistair Overeem, who owns about as many heavyweight titles he never defends as he does wins over impressive opponents, is a fraud. At those moments when you are tempted to think that fighting is, for all its bright promise, about the most thoroughly debased sport one can follow, think of this thick rope of Dutch muscle and despair. Tim Marchman: Silva, Emelianenko make compelling cases for P4P supremacyupdated: Thu Feb 10 2011 14:45:00

When Anderson Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort with a front kick to the jaw while not even deigning to look at him this past weekend, you had to just throw your hands up and admit that this is the best fighter we've yet seen.

In UFC fight, mixed martial arts and brain science collideupdated: Thu Feb 10 2011 08:37:00

So, the Packers won the Super Bowl, but fans of mixed martial arts can't stop talking about how Anderson Silva took down Vitor Belfort in an Ultimate Fighting Championship title match with a single kick. Steven Marrocco: Winners, losers from UFC 126updated: Mon Feb 07 2011 18:33:00

It's not rocket science to figure out the big winners from Saturday's UFC 126 in Las Vegas. Jon Jones emerged as a light heavyweight title contender with a victory against Ryan Bader. Anderson Silva, on the strength of a stunning front kick, was devastating in a first-round knockout of Vitor Belfort. A rusty Forrest Griffin won a unanimous decision over Rich Franklin after a long layoff, and the former light heavyweight champion should continue to progress when he hits the road to work with new trainers, as he says he'll do for his next fight. Jeff Wagenheim: Silva, Jones prevail in stunning fashion at UFC 126updated: Sun Feb 06 2011 02:35:00

Who does Anderson Silva think he is, Jon "Bones" Jones? Steven Marrocco: Silva vs. Belfort no 'normal' fightupdated: Fri Feb 04 2011 12:26:00

There are two types of fuel that fire fights -- competitive or personal. The competitive juice is the stuff that makes fighters want be the best. The personal type attaches memory and feeling to that goal. That fuel can sustain fighters at the point of burnout, and it can also rob them of energy when they most need it. Ben Fowlkes: Confidence is key for Belfortupdated: Fri Feb 04 2011 12:24:00

For the first three or four minutes of any fight, there aren't a whole lot of guys scarier than Vitor Belfort. Fists a-blazing, the Brazilian comes charging out of the gates like an angry bull with dinner reservations. Tim Marchman: Griffin trying to get back on winning track against Franklinupdated: Thu Feb 03 2011 18:15:00

On the back cover of Gang of Four's first single, there is a reproduction of a picture and a letter. The picture is of a bull charging a matador. In the letter, the group spells out a dialogue they would like to accompany it. Jeff Wagenheim: St-Pierre, Silva headline Feburary MMA rankingsupdated: Tue Feb 01 2011 20:21:00

Power rankings on the sports pages have always seemed a little silly to me. Yet I eagerly pore over them with the colossal seriousness that someone more educated than I might devote to a Kierkegaard treatise. When the experts rank my favorite NFL team at No. 21, say, I scan the list and invariably find a team ranked above us that we beat. (Us? We? No, I don't play pro football, but my unbridled, even unbalanced passion for the game has bred in me the righteousness to invoke such we're-all-in-this-together language.) Seemingly glaring indignities like my Giants being underrated by as little as one or two spots never fail to get me riled up, though not so much when we're ranked above a team we lost to. Josh Gross: Five observations from UFC 122updated: Sun Nov 14 2010 04:01:00

Five observations from UFC 122, where Yushin Okami beat Nate Marquardt to become the No. 1 contender in the middleweight division: Josh Gross: Why UFC needs a Grand Prix, Belfort may face Silva, more UFC 103 notesupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 11:36:00

On Saturday in Dallas, Texas, UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre hoped to learn the name of his next challenger. Ben Fowlkes: Five things we learned from UFC 103updated: Sun Sep 20 2009 02:19:00

UFC 103 may not have been the type of blockbuster show that could overshadow a Floyd Mayweather fight, but there are still plenty of lessons we can take away from the UFC's venture into Dallas, Texas ,on Saturday night. Josh Gross: UFC 103 gives boxing a run for its moneyupdated: Fri Sep 18 2009 12:56:00

For the first time in a while, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has recaptured a bit of that underdog feel it once wore so well. Ben Fowlkes: Barnett's positive test teaches Affliction tough lesson in promotingupdated: Fri Jul 24 2009 10:58:00

It's times like these that you can't help but wonder if upstart MMA organization Affliction is truly cursed. Josh Gross: Rogers appears best fit to battle Russian champ Emelianenkoupdated: Fri Jul 24 2009 10:56:00

With everyone playing matchmaker the past two days, I figure why not chime in before the udder runs dry and Affliction's mess is resolved. Josh Gross: Barnett tests positive, faces possible end to career in U.S.updated: Wed Jul 22 2009 18:07:00

Just 11 days prior to the biggest fight of his life against Fedor Emelianenko, Josh Barnett, who at 24 became the youngest heavyweight champion in UFC history, was denied a license by the California State Athletic Commission for the Aug. 1 clash following a positive pre-fight drug test for a banned substance, the commission confirmed Wednesday. Josh Gross: Who's No. 1, who's closing in? Here are your updated rankingsupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 14:40:00

One month down, 11 more to go. If they're all as busy as January, we're in trouble. Of course, an active schedule means plenty of fights between ranked competitors, and as we pause to see how the world's best mixed martial artists stack up, a sense of stability seems to be setting in. Josh Gross: Weigh-in complete; Fedor vs. Sylvia officialupdated: Sat Jul 19 2008 00:04:00

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The first sanctioned world title fight in mixed martial arts history became official Friday afternoon when Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia made weight at the Honda Center.

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