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How free are you to say what you think and what you believe? How free are you to hear the views of others, of those who challenge widely held beliefs or dare to criticize the powerful?

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Putin asks for court to show leniency in Pussy Riot trialupdated: Fri Aug 03 2012 08:40:00

Russian President Vladimir Putin is asking a court to show leniency for three members of the punk rock band Pussy Riot, who are on trial in Moscow on hooliganism charges.

Female punk band mocks Putin, is jailedupdated: Mon Jul 30 2012 20:37:00

CNN's Phil Black reports on Pussy Riot, the all-girl punk band that has challenged Vladimir Putin and divided Russia.

Why Putin can't be forced to dealupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 08:45:00

At the Group of 20 summit in Mexico, President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin had their first face-to-face meeting since Putin resumed the Russian presidency in May. The joint statement they issued afterward indicated several issues (including Iran and Syria) that the two sides would seek to cooperate on, but it did not announce any significant agreements to do so.

G-20 summit aims for economic recoveryupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 17:44:00

Brianna Keilar on President Obama's meeting with Russia's Putin on Iran and stimulating struggling global economies.

Obama and Putin discuss Syriaupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 17:44:00

President Barack Obama said Monday that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the conflict in Syria and "agreed that we need to see a cessation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war."

Russian protesters take aim at Putinupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 09:37:00

CNN's Zain Verjee spoke to former Russian prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov about Russia's opposition's anti-Putin rally.

Russia protesters demand Putin's resignationupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 09:37:00

Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters marched in Moscow on Tuesday, rejecting the legitimacy of President Vladimir Putin and demanding new elections, a prominent opposition leader said.

Jailed punk band Pussy Riot pushes free speech limits in Russiaupdated: Fri May 25 2012 09:51:00

Here's a quick way to get arrested in modern Russia: Walk into a cathedral wearing a neon mask and carrying a guitar, stand on the pulpit and scream punk songs with lyrics like "Virgin Mary drive Putin away!"

Security tight for Putin's inaugurationupdated: Mon May 07 2012 07:45:00

Russian police are cracking down on protesters ahead of Vladimir Putin's inauguration. CNN's Phil Black reports.

Putin returns as Russia's president amid protestsupdated: Mon May 07 2012 07:45:00

Vladimir Putin, who has dominated Russian politics for more than a decade, was sworn in Monday as the country's president two months after winning back the job in an election clouded by allegations of widespread fraud.

Kissing Vladimir Putin, on filmupdated: Thu Apr 05 2012 11:49:00

Opening in select U.S. theaters next week, the documentary "Putin's Kiss" tells the story of a Russian teenager who became famous in the mid-2000s when she was shown on TV giving President Vladimir Putin a kiss on the cheek.

Anti-Putin rally: 'Putin is a thief'updated: Thu Apr 05 2012 11:49:00

CNN's Phil Black's reports from a peaceful anti-Putin protest cleared by Moscow police.

Russian TV claims Putin assassination plot foiledupdated: Mon Mar 12 2012 13:31:00

A plot to assassinate Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been foiled, Russia's state-run Channel One TV reported Monday, less than a week before presidential elections that Putin is expected to win.

Alleged Putin assasination plot probedupdated: Mon Mar 12 2012 13:31:00

A Russian state media TV network claims an alleged plot to kill Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been foiled.

Despite protests, Russian spring still distant dreamupdated: Tue Mar 06 2012 07:50:00

The Russian spring may have been postponed this year, both on and offline.

Putin wins election amid fraud claimsupdated: Tue Mar 06 2012 07:50:00

Complaints of an unfair presidential election in Russia emerge as Vladimir Putin won by a wide margin.

What does Vladimir Putin's return mean for Russia?updated: Mon Mar 05 2012 21:27:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he has won Russia's presidential election, restoring the former KGB officer to the office he held for eight years before term limits forced him to step down in 2008.

Controversy surrounds Putin's electionupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 21:27:00

CNN's Jill Dougherty reports on the reaction to Vladimir Putin's election and the arrests of opposition protesters.

Observers slam Russian vote as Putin declares victoryupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 21:24:00

Thousands of people in Moscow rallied for and against Vladimir Putin in separate rallies Monday after official election results showed the Russian prime minister handily winning back the presidency.

Vladimir Putin: Popular but polarizing figure in Russiaupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 07:17:00

No politician in Russia can draw a crowd like Vladimir Putin.

Communists pose little threat for Putinupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 07:17:00

The Communist Party still has strong support, but CNN's Phil Black reports it's struggling to prevent another Putin term.

Putin poised to retake Russian presidencyupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 05:28:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called for unity as he appeared headed for a third term as president, declaring victory in an "open and honest fight" in Sunday's election.

When all else fails, blame the U.S.updated: Sat Mar 03 2012 13:34:00

The first refuge of tyrants and buffoons is to blame someone else for the messes they make. On the world stage, that usually means blaming America when things do not go their way.

Will Putin be able to make Russia great?updated: Sat Mar 03 2012 04:09:00

The foiled plot to assassinate Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin just days before the presidential election is certain to strengthen his margin of victory at the polls on Sunday.

Putin's memorable alpha male momentsupdated: Sat Mar 03 2012 04:09:00

CNN's Zain Verjee looks at Vladimir Putin's latest suggestive campaign ad that emphasizes his alpha male persona.

Russian billionaire to run against Putinupdated: Fri Mar 02 2012 06:53:00

Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the New Jersey Nets and one of the world's richest men, will run for president of Russia.

Putin vies for leadership of a changed Russiaupdated: Wed Feb 29 2012 08:57:00

On December 10 last year a huge crowd rallied in Moscow. The people were fired up about alleged election fraud and fed up with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. It was unprecedented in the country's post-Soviet history. Unthinkable in Putin's Russia.

Putin critics try to ring Moscow with human chainupdated: Sun Feb 26 2012 19:25:00

Critics of Russia's once and possibly future president, Vladimir Putin, attempted to encircle central Moscow with a human chain Sunday in a show of strength before next week's presidential election.

Dueling mass rallies held in Moscowupdated: Sun Feb 05 2012 07:38:00

Braving bitter cold, Muscovites in favor of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and those convinced parliamentary election results were rigged took to the streets Saturday.

Truscott: Putin still leading politicianupdated: Thu Dec 29 2011 12:39:00

CNN's Becky Anderson talks to "Russia First" author Peter Truscott about Vladimir Putin's growing political problems.

Putin discounts calls for election reviewupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 12:34:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday discounted calls for a review of the disputed December 4 parliamentary elections that have sparked widespread protests and calls for reform.

Life before and after USSRupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 12:34:00

20 years after the USSR, CNN's Phil Black meets two generations of one family and reports on their very different lives.

Putin calls for polling booth camerasupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 12:30:00

Following the outcry over Russian election results, PM Vladimir Putin calls for camera surveillance in polling booths.

Putin points to U.S. role in Gadhafi's killingupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 12:30:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused U.S. drones and special forces of involvement in the death of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in comments Thursday.

Putin must reform to stay in powerupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 11:12:00

The last few months have seen the ratings of Vladimir Putin and United Russia, Russia's ruling party, drop so sharply that the Kremlin's polling agency simply ceased publishing them.

Putin defends election resultsupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 09:01:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday brushed off widespread criticism that the December 4 parliamentary elections in Russia were falsified.

Putin ally to quit Russia parliament postupdated: Wed Dec 14 2011 09:56:00

A close ally of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is stepping down as the speaker of the lower house of Russia's parliament, their political party announced Wednesday.

How Russia's internet 'hamsters' outfoxed Putinupdated: Tue Dec 13 2011 05:46:00

Vladimir Putin is being outfoxed by the hamsters on the internet. His ruling United Russia party described opposition activists challenging the legitimacy of this month's elections as "hamsters from social networks." Yet the country's future may now be determined by these critics on popular digital networks like LiveJournal, Twitter, VKontakte and Facebook.

Protesters disappear in Moscowupdated: Thu Dec 08 2011 12:52:00

CNN's Phil Black reports on the large police presence on Moscow's streets and talks to protesters who are reorganizing.

Putin accuses U.S. of encouraging Russia election protestsupdated: Thu Dec 08 2011 12:52:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin blamed the United States Thursday for encouraging opposition protests that have broken out since parliamentary elections Sunday.

Vote may mark beginning of the end for Putinupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 05:58:00

Identifying the moment when a political regime begins to decompose is as difficult as dating the onset of a recession. But in histories of the decline of the order built by Vladimir Putin in Russia, last Sunday's parliamentary election is bound to feature prominently.

250 Putin protesters, Russian opposition leader arrested at ralliesupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 05:23:00

Police arrested at least 250 protesters and an opposition leader in Russia's capital Tuesday in a second day of demonstrations against parliamentary election results.

Russian vote is setback for Putinupdated: Tue Dec 06 2011 23:44:00

Putin's party suffers sharp losses. CNN's Ralitsa Vassileva reports it's not politics as usual for united Russia.

Putin's party set to lose seats in Russian electionsupdated: Mon Dec 05 2011 10:29:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin appears to have suffered a serious setback in parliamentary elections over the weekend, slimming his party's majority and political clout.

Opposition protesters arrested as Putin's party suffers lossesupdated: Sun Dec 04 2011 19:55:00

While Russian police arrested 170 opposition protesters in two cities, voters in the country's parliamentary election appeared to eat away at Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's support in Sunday's elections, slimming down his party's parliamentary majority.

Putin backed for 2012 presidencyupdated: Tue Nov 01 2011 07:33:00

Current Russian president Dmitry Medvedev calls on United Russia party to endorse Vladimir Putin as next president.

Putin says another presidential term lets him 'stabilize, diversify' Russian economyupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 18:02:00

In his first televised interview since he was launched toward the presidency again, Russia's powerful Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Monday that his goal of returning to the Kremlin was to "stabilize" and "diversify" the national economy as well as to "strengthen the fundamental basis of the political system and the democratic institutions" of the country.

Putin expects to ratify $1 trillion China gas dealupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 23:23:00

Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has confirmed Russia is close to sealing an energy supply agreement with China worth $1 trillion.

Medvedev said he cedes presidency bid to Putin because he is more popularupdated: Fri Sep 30 2011 13:25:00

President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday he had ceded his presidency bid to the country's powerful Prime Minister Vladimir Putin because the latter is a more popular politician in Russia, who has higher chances to be elected.

Putin names acting finance ministerupdated: Tue Sep 27 2011 22:26:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Tuesday named Anton Siluanov as acting finance minister after the influential Alexei Kudrin was forced out of the position he had held since 2000.

Can Putin tackle Russia's bloated state?updated: Tue Sep 27 2011 13:27:00

In the broader frame, Vladimir Putin's decision to stand again as Russian president is no big surprise. Batman returns, though the idea of Robin (Dmitri Medvedev) becoming prime minister may not work out for long.

Putin and Medvedev, trading placesupdated: Mon Sep 26 2011 10:55:00

The announcement that Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, will run for president in next March's election and will, if elected, appoint the current president, Dmitri Medvedev, as his prime minister brings to mind one of the most famous lines of Italian literature.

Women of 'Putin's Army' support Russia's PM with racy videoupdated: Tue Jul 19 2011 07:43:00

"Putin's Army," a new group of female fans loyal to Russia's prime minister, is calling upon all "young, smart and beautiful" women in the country who ardently support Vladimir Putin to produce amateur video clips that show how far they would go to express their affection for him.

Russia to lift grain export ban on July 1updated: Sat May 28 2011 21:24:00

Russia will lift its grain export ban on July 1 this year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced Saturday.

Putin and Medvedev spar over Libyaupdated: Wed Mar 23 2011 06:24:00

In a rare public spat, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev criticized his political mentor, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, for Putin's comments over the use of force against Libya.

Putin: We are thankful to Obamaupdated: Thu Dec 02 2010 05:17:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tells CNN's Larry King his thoughts on the arms race and President Obama.

Russia will build up forces without New START, Putin saysupdated: Thu Dec 02 2010 05:17:00

Russia will have to build up its nuclear forces if the United States fails to ratify the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty the two countries signed this year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warns in an upcoming CNN interview.

13 nations meet to try to save wild tigersupdated: Mon Nov 22 2010 05:38:00

In 2010, the Year of the Tiger, about 3,600 of the majestic predators remain in the wild, their existence threatened by habitat-loss and poaching.

Russia's Putin in the fast laneupdated: Mon Nov 15 2010 06:57:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tops 150 mph in a yellow Formula One race car near St. Petersburg.

Severe Russian drought forces grain export banupdated: Fri Aug 06 2010 07:04:00

As Russia reels from the worst drought in nearly 40 years, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced a temporary ban on grain exports.

Putin joins expelled Russian agents in songupdated: Sun Jul 25 2010 03:29:00

During a recent meeting, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin provided encouragement and sang patriotic songs with 10 agents who were expelled from the United States this month after they were accused of spying, state media reported.

Putin: Russia to develop offensive weapons to keep balance with U.S.updated: Tue Dec 29 2009 11:12:00

Russia needs to develop "offensive strike systems" to preserve strategic balance with the United States, without producing its own missile defense, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

Putin on retiring: 'Don't count on that'updated: Thu Dec 03 2009 21:39:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sent a strong signal Thursday that he has full hands-on control of his country.

Putin ponders his futureupdated: Thu Dec 03 2009 21:39:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin refuses to rule out becoming president again. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

Putin bares torso in Siberian vacation shotsupdated: Wed Aug 05 2009 20:29:00

He has been caught on camera firing a tranquilizer dart into a Siberian tiger and has co-piloted a fighter jet. Now Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has added to his action-man credentials with a series of photographs showing a recent adventure vacation to Siberia. Putin hopes KHL expands into Europeupdated: Mon Jul 20 2009 12:15:00

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he hopes the Kontinental Hockey League will expand to include clubs in central and western Europe.

Mamma Mia! Did Putin boogie to ABBA tribute band?updated: Fri Feb 06 2009 09:07:00

Vladimir Putin spent the Russian New Year boogying to the hits of ABBA after spending $30,000 to fly a tribute band to a lake town north of Moscow.

Putin: Financial crisis is 'perfect storm'updated: Wed Jan 28 2009 22:44:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao called Wednesday for the complete reform of the world's financial systems during keynote speeches at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Fortune: Putin-Dell slapdown at Davosupdated: Wed Jan 28 2009 14:34:00

Ever since Vladimir Putin rose to power in 2000, his political opponents and entire countries have learned to their cost that he has a tough, demeaning streak. Wednesday it was Michael Dell's turn.

Russian presidential term extended to 6 yearsupdated: Tue Dec 30 2008 10:56:00

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday signed a law extending the presidential term, the Kremlin said, in a move many observers believe is designed to bring former president Vladimir Putin back to the nation's top office.

Putin: 'Cheap gas era' endingupdated: Tue Dec 23 2008 11:16:00

The era of cheap natural gas is coming to an end, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday at a meeting in Moscow of the world's major gas-exporting countries.

Vote moves Russia closer to 6-year presidencyupdated: Mon Dec 22 2008 15:23:00

The upper house of Russia's parliament Monday approved an extension of the presidential term from four years to six, a move many Russia-watchers believe is designed to bring former President Vladimir Putin back to the nation's top office.

Putin holds forth in TV call-in showupdated: Thu Dec 04 2008 11:12:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held his annual live television call-in program Thursday -- an event analysts say shows he still runs Russia even though he stepped down as president earlier this year. Economic Darkness Descends on Putin's Russiaupdated: Mon Nov 03 2008 14:00:00

As the hydrocarbon bubble bursts, suddenly unemployment and poverty are rife, and "resurgent" Russia is stricken by a growing economic crisis Vladimir Putin Flips Outupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 11:10:00

Fortune: How the KGB (and friends) took over Russia's economyupdated: Wed Sep 10 2008 08:42:00

Long before the small group of men gained control of a $1.3 trillion economy, they could be found gathered at a lakeshore deep in the forest, trying to relax amid the upheaval of the new Russia. Lake Komsomolskoye, named after the youth wing of the Communist Party, lies about 60 miles north of St. Petersburg, just one of 700 lakes on the isthmus connecting Russia and Finland. There the group, many of whom helped run Russia's second-largest city, would retreat for weekends among the tall, lakeside cedars in a private compound of dachas, or country houses. Vladimir Putin, then head of external relations for the St. Petersburg mayor, was a member of the group. So was Vladimir Yakunin, who had revived a bank started by the Communist Party, and Igor Sechin, then Putin's chief of staff. The group called itself ozero, meaning "the lake," and one of its frequent guests was a bright young lawyer named Dmitry Medvedev who worked in the St. Petersburg government. One prime topic of their

Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian warupdated: Fri Aug 29 2008 16:54:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of orchestrating the conflict in Georgia to benefit one of its presidential election candidates. Samantha Power: A Question of Honorupdated: Fri Aug 15 2008 00:00:00

Russia's assault on Georgia was wrong -- but predictable. How humiliation can shape national interest Putin, Still Potent, Comes to Paris updated: Thu May 29 2008 13:00:00

Russia's former president still looks the part as he flies in to manage strategically important fence-mending

Putin, Medvedev at a paradeupdated: Sat May 10 2008 08:30:00

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and newly appointed prime minister Vladimir Putin attend a parade in Moscow.

Putin confirmed as Russia's new PMupdated: Thu May 08 2008 06:48:00

Russia's lower house of parliament confirmed former President Vladimir Putin as prime minister Thursday, beginning a new era in Russian politics a day after his chosen successor took over the top role.

A new Russian presidentupdated: Thu May 08 2008 06:48:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on Russia's inauguration of its new president.

Russia's new president names Putin as PMupdated: Thu May 08 2008 01:27:00

Russia's new president Dmitry Medvedev wasted no time in knuckling down to work -- naming his predecessor Vladimir Putin as his new prime minister two hours after he was sworn in.

Georgia: 'Time to act'updated: Fri Apr 25 2008 11:05:00

Georgian Deputy PM Giorgi Baramidze condemns Russia over the allegedly shooting down of a spy drone. Putin's New Role: Soviet Echoesupdated: Tue Apr 15 2008 13:00:00

Analysis: When Dmitri Medvedev became President, it did not bring an end to Vladimir Putin's dominance in Russia Sunset for the Bush-Putin Eraupdated: Mon Apr 07 2008 14:10:00

Analysis: Despite their fondness for each other, Bush and Putin have presided over a substantial cooling in U.S.-Russia ties

Bush, Putin disagree on missile defenseupdated: Sun Apr 06 2008 11:12:00

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President George W. Bush failed to resolve their differences over U.S. plans for a missile defense system based in eastern Europe but said they had agreed a "strategic framework" to guide future U.S.-Russian relations after bilateral talks Sunday.

Putin bristles at NATOupdated: Fri Apr 04 2008 22:09:00

Russian President Vladimir Putin grabs attention as he departs the NATO summit. CNN's Robin Oakley reports.

Official: Bush will visit Putin in Russiaupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 18:25:00

President Bush plans to visit Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Russian coastal town of Sochi next month at Putin's invitation, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley told reporters Wednesday.

Glenn Beck: Putin's moneyupdated: Mon Mar 03 2008 11:20:00

How is Putin paying for his new Russia? Russia's budget is heavily dependent on revenues from oil and gas exports.

The key tests for Russia's new presidentupdated: Mon Mar 03 2008 08:15:00

How far will Russia's new President Dimitry Medvedev emerge from the shadow of Vladimir Putin, the man who will be his Prime Minister and whose path he has vowed to continue? The world, and especially Russia's neighbors in Europe, will wait anxiously to see. Putin's Presidency Ends, Not His Rule updated: Wed Feb 27 2008 12:00:00

The incumbent's hand-picked successor will win Russia's presidential election on Sunday, and Putin has already made clear how he plans to hold on to power

Putin faces Russian pressupdated: Thu Feb 14 2008 18:32:00

Vladimir Putin says he is ready to be prime mininster in his last press conference as president.

Putin gets romantic makeoverupdated: Thu Feb 14 2008 03:36:00

A new movie portrays Russian President Vladimir Putin as a heartthrob. CNN's Matthew Chance reports A Movie Valentine for Putinupdated: Wed Feb 13 2008 10:00:00

The DVD release in Russia of A Kiss -- Off the Record purports to be based on the Russian President's own private life

Putin accepts PM offerupdated: Tue Feb 12 2008 16:37:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on the Russian president's acceptance of the PM job if his chosen successor is elected.

Putin: Russia will counter U.S. military movesupdated: Fri Feb 08 2008 10:03:00

Russian President Vladimir Putin complained Friday about "one-way" Western military demands and promised that Russia will respond to U.S. and NATO military expansion near its borders.

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