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Federal authorities say they are trying to find and arrest a woman who is posting videos of herself and a man having sexual contact with two children online.

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CNNMoney: Washington, D.C. leads U.S. in attracting new residentsupdated: Fri Jan 06 2012 19:07:00

Among those who moved last year, the nation's capital was once again the most popular destination.

Soccer team of Haitian amputees bring tour to U.S.updated: Mon Oct 17 2011 08:51:00

In the aftermath of Haiti's devastating earthquake in January 2010, a group of dedicated amputees who share a love of soccer emerged as a symbol of survival and rebuilding.

CNNMoney: Look out! Lots of Americans just can't driveupdated: Thu May 26 2011 16:04:00

More than one in five Americans -- some 36.9 million -- are not fit to drive and would fail a driving test if asked to take one today, according to a new survey of the nation's drivers.

Gay men fight on after court deems Skype marriage invalidupdated: Sat Dec 04 2010 18:16:00

Mark Reed and Dante Walkup wanted to marry in their home state of Texas, surrounded by family and friends. But there was a stumbling block: Same-sex marriage isn't legal in the Lone Star State.

Inside Washington D.C.'s 'Little Ethiopia'updated: Fri Oct 22 2010 13:32:00

A record shop blares the contagious thump-thump of Ethiopian music. The aroma of strong coffee fills the air. And thick spices tickle your nose virtually every half a block. This is 9th and U Street in Washington, D.C. -- the unofficially designated "Little Ethiopia". Africans have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and it's clear here in the 25 shops and restaurants huddled together in one city block.

CNNMoney: State unemployment picture improvesupdated: Fri Oct 22 2010 10:56:00

The state-by-state unemployment picture improved in September, with 23 states and the District of Columbia reporting lower unemployment rates, and Illinois and Mississippi slipping below the 10% point.

Education Department to announce Race to the Top winnersupdated: Tue Aug 24 2010 03:40:00

The U.S. Education Department is set to announce the winners in the second round of its Race to the Top competition on Tuesday. Pop Quiz! D.C. Housewives Answer Trivia (Sort of) About Their Cityupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 14:55:00

From the Obamas to the Lincoln Memorial, see how well the reality stars know the famous faces - and places - of Washington, D.C.

D.C. school system fires 241 teachersupdated: Fri Jul 23 2010 18:38:00

The District of Columbia public school system announced Friday that it is letting 226 employees go for poor performance under the education assessment system IMPACT.

Washington, D.C. temps near 100 degreesupdated: Tue Jul 06 2010 06:57:00

Washington, D.C. bakes in near triple digit heat, as WJLA reports.

Best places for entry-level jobsupdated: Wed Jun 30 2010 17:32:00

Entry-level jobs are most workers' first forays into the professional world. Few of us went from unemployed to high-ranking employee overnight. In fact, unless your family name is displayed on a skyscraper, an entry-level job is unavoidable. Joe Lemire: Strasburg exceeds the hype in Nationals debutupdated: Wed Jun 09 2010 14:55:00

For all the hype and expectations, projected debut dates guessed and re-guessed, every word and soundbite, millions though they were, one typically critical detail of a starting pitcher's pregame routine was absent Tuesday night. Jon Heyman: Guerrero and Glaus front group of winter bargains paying offupdated: Wed Jun 09 2010 13:38:00

None of the biggest of the free agents from last winter -- Matt Holliday, John Lackey and Jason Bay -- has quite lived up to the hype or his big contract yet. All three are terrific players with long track records of success who have performed reasonably well, and it's way too early to judge their deals. But a little over a quarter of a billion dollar ($268.5 million in all) was spent on that trio that comprised easily the top three free agents from last year, and while all of them are playing solid, sound baseball, it's hard to say any of them has produced beyond or even up to expectation (the fourth biggest, Chone Figgins, has struggled far worse.)

CNNMoney: Unemployment falls in 34 statesupdated: Fri May 21 2010 15:43:00

More than half of all U.S. states posted lower unemployment rates last month, the government said Friday.

CNNMoney: State jobless situation little changedupdated: Fri Mar 26 2010 11:28:00

A total of 27 states reported rising unemployment rates in February, while rates decreased in seven states and the District of Columbia, according to a government report released Friday.

CNNMoney: State unemployment picture brightensupdated: Wed Mar 10 2010 13:39:00

A total of 30 states and Washington, D.C., reported rising unemployment rates in January, down from the number in the previous month, according to a government report released Wednesday.

D.C. same-sex marriage law takes effect this weekupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 17:46:00

The District of Columbia's same-sex marriage law will go into effect as scheduled this week, after the Supreme Court refused to stop its enforcement.

CNNMoney: State jobless picture brightens a littleupdated: Wed Oct 21 2009 14:33:00

Fewer states posted an increase in unemployment in September, even as the national rate recently hit a 26-year high of 9.8%.

CNNMoney: Extending jobless benefits: In Senate's handsupdated: Wed Sep 23 2009 13:28:00

More than a million people could receive an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits under a bill approved by the House on Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Jobless rate tops 12% in 5 statesupdated: Fri Sep 18 2009 15:29:00

Five states posted jobless rates above 12% in August, according to federal data released Friday.

CNNMoney: Jobless rate rises in nearly all statesupdated: Fri Jun 19 2009 12:17:00

Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia recorded unemployment rate increases in May, the government reported Friday. One state registered a rate decrease, and one state had no rate change.

CNNMoney: Big city taxes: Who pays whatupdated: Tue Apr 14 2009 16:14:00

A streetlight is the perfect example of public works: Everyone uses it, and no one expects to pay for it.

Same-sex marriage rights a step closer in District of Columbiaupdated: Thu Apr 09 2009 12:40:00

On the same day that Vermont's House and Senate voted to override GOP Gov. Jim Douglas' veto of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the state, the Washington City Council voted 12-0 Tuesday in favor of allowing same-sex marriages performed in other states to be recognized in the nation's capital.

CNNMoney: Jobless: 4 states above 10%updated: Wed Mar 11 2009 12:39:00

As unemployment soared in January, four states' jobless rates climbed higher than 10%, according to federal data released Wednesday.

CNNMoney: November jobless rates up in 37 statesupdated: Fri Dec 19 2008 16:51:00

Unemployment rates rose in 37 states and the District of Columbia in November as the recession hammered nearly every job sector, according to a government report released Friday.

CNNMoney: Gas above $2 a gallon in only 4 statesupdated: Sat Nov 29 2008 08:26:00

Remember $4 gasoline? Remember $3 gasoline? And now, most of the nation can be asked, remember $2 gasoline?

How to take a volunteer vacationupdated: Thu Nov 13 2008 10:43:00

"Voluntourism is not about martyrdom," says Christopher Hill, CEO of Hands Up Holidays, a London-based company that arranges high-end excursions that incorporate volunteering. "It's about making a difference, even if you're staying at a luxury hotel."

My Street: Crunch hits homeupdated: Fri Oct 31 2008 10:59:00

The credit crunch began small but its ripples sent shockwaves around the world.

'We respect' gun rulingupdated: Thu Jun 26 2008 19:24:00

Mayor Adrian Fenty says Washington D.C. is re-working its handgun policy.

CNNMoney: Reducing electricity billsupdated: Thu May 08 2008 17:06:00

Warning! Your electricity bill may shock you. Rising fuel costs are pumping up the cost of your electricity. Here's a look at what's in store and how to combat those higher prices.

Is gun ban unconstitutional?updated: Wed Mar 19 2008 11:24:00

Is a gun ban in D.C. unconstitutional? CNN's Lou Dobbs weighs in and what the Supreme Court's decision will be.

Supreme Court hears arguments on gun ownershipupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 11:24:00

The Supreme Court on Tuesday took up gun control, hearing arguments concerning a District of Columbia ban on handguns more than two centuries after the Second Amendment gave Americans the right to "keep and bear arms."

CNN Student News One-Sheet: Caucuses and Primaries updated: Mon Jan 07 2008 21:38:00

Use this explainer to help your students understand caucuses and primaries.

Court to decide gun ban caseupdated: Wed Nov 21 2007 11:55:00

The U.S. Supreme Court announces it will decide a case about gun rights. CNN's Brian Todd reports

Supreme Court to rule on gun ownership rightsupdated: Wed Nov 21 2007 11:55:00

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide whether the District of Columbia's sweeping ban on handgun ownership violates the Constitution's fundamental right to "keep and bear arms."

FSB: Where to start, if you want to build your own insurance companyupdated: Wed Aug 22 2007 01:39:00

Twenty-seven states, plus the District of Columbia, have passed laws to permit "captive" insurance companies, which are owned by a single company or a group of companies. There are active markets for captive insurance in 18 U.S. jurisdictions so far, according to the Captive Insurance Company Association ( If you're interested in forming a captive group or joining one, start by contacting your industry trade association and local business groups. To find a full list of existing captives and the names of companies that will help you self-insure, this list of state agencies and captive-insurance associations can help you find resources in your state.

CNNMoney: Getting tax deductions from your job searchupdated: Fri Aug 03 2007 04:55:00

Question 1: I plan to travel to a professional job fair in Washington, DC next month and interview with potential employers. Can I deduct the travel and conference expenses? - Patrick

Taking the kids to Washington, D.C.updated: Tue Apr 17 2007 10:51:00

Make faces at the oh-so-cuddly panda cub or inspect a moon rock. Cheer on a big-league baseball team or practice spycraft.

Fortune: So you want to work for a nonprofit?updated: Thu Feb 08 2007 09:35:00

Dear Annie: After almost 30 years working in finance and administration (for three big companies and one startup), I'd like to make a radical career change. During my entire adult life so far, I've been active with a couple of volunteer organizations, and on the board of one of them, and I'm wondering how practical it might be to think about working full time for a nonprofit.

FSB: Who loves small business best? Bottom 5 statesupdated: Fri Oct 27 2006 12:12:00

In exclusive rankings for from the Small Business \& Entrepreneurship Council\*, we looked for places low on taxes and light on government regulations. These places aren\'t.

FSB: Who loves small biz? Top 10 for taxesupdated: Fri Oct 27 2006 12:12:00

Which places are low on taxes? Exclusive rankings for from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.*

Fortune: High hopes, low wagesupdated: Thu Apr 13 2006 12:52:00

AS DUBAI REACHES FOR THE SKY with a building that, when completed in 2008, will be the tallest in the world, it is facing a revolt from the workers who have made the emirate's audacious development...

CNNMoney: Big-city taxesupdated: Mon Apr 10 2006 10:54:00

Here's what a family of four with annual income of $100,000 would pay in major state and local taxes for each state's largest city and Washington, D.C. These estimates are based on 2004 data and were compiled by the government of the District of Columbia.

Civil Rights Timelineupdated: Tue Jan 31 2006 15:26:00

Use the following timeline to learn about some of the key events in civil rights history.

FSB: Sales From the Cryptupdated: Fri Jan 20 2006 10:16:00

You're standing in a tent. The phone rings: An archaeology professor needs you to explore a mysterious Egyptian tomb. A stone door rumbles open. For the next 45 minutes you will solve puzzles to de...

Emergency care report cardupdated: Tue Jan 10 2006 08:52:00

Here are overall grades for the 50 states and the District of Columbia from the American College of Emergency Physicians' annual report on the state of emergency medicine in the United States. The grades were produced after analysis in four areas: access to emergency care, quality and patient safety, public health and injury prevention, and medical liability environment.

CNNMoney: Stocks vs. funds?updated: Fri Jan 06 2006 10:14:00

When putting together a portfolio, how does one decide between individual stocks and bonds or mutual funds that invest in stocks or bonds?

CNNMoney: Real estate investors bailing out?updated: Wed Dec 07 2005 11:58:00

Recent economic data may point to a cooling housing market and some investors are already dashing for the exits, according to a news report published Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Study: Deadly states for teen driversupdated: Tue Jul 19 2005 17:08:00

Washington D.C. is considered deadlier for young motorists than any state, according to a recent survey.

CNNMoney: New $50 arrivesupdated: Tue Sep 28 2004 15:58:00

More redesigned American money went into circulation Tuesday, when government officials became the first to spend a new $50 bill during a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

CNNMoney: New $50 arrives Tuesdayupdated: Fri Sep 24 2004 15:52:00

More redesigned American money goes into circulation Tuesday, when government officials become the first to spend a new $50 bill during a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Money Magazine: Capital Choiceupdated: Tue Jul 01 2003 00:01:00

To woo summer tourists this year, the city of Washington, D.C. has roped local hotels and restaurants into extending deals for its FREEdom Savings season, which runs through August. Hotel offers st...


Wander the Smithsonian complex in Washington, D.C. and you'll see the spirit of invention at its finest, from Stone Age tools to spaceships. But you don't need a museum to appreciate innovation. Cr...

Money Magazine: Your Ad Where?updated: Fri Jun 01 2001 00:01:00

Talk about kicking 'em when they're down. A German company is giving away software called Web Washer, which rids your browser of banner ads, one of the primary--albeit meager--sources of revenue fo...

Money Magazine: Where The Old Cell Phones Goupdated: Mon Nov 01 1999 00:01:00

Did you think that free cell phone you got with your service contract was new? Surprise! Most giveaway phones are rebuilt, and dealers will tell you so, if only when asked.

Money Magazine: Thanksgiving Dealsupdated: Sun Nov 01 1998 00:01:00

$408 Round trip between Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles on United is $598 if you travel Wednesday and Sunday. Fly Thursday and Monday and you'll save $190. If you're willing to take the risk, airl...

Fortune: Washington, D.C.: Home of Power Steak-Outsupdated: Mon Mar 30 1998 00:01:00

Sure, you could spend your few spare hours in Washington soaking up history at the Jefferson Memorial. But it's a lot more fun to soak up history in the making--along with some sustenance--at the r...

Fortune: WOOD-OVEN WARMTHupdated: Mon Nov 10 1997 00:01:00

If you happen to be a fan of the fireplace, you'll be pleased to learn that one of the latest restaurant trends is the wood-fired oven, in which log-fed flames flavor everything from pizzas to pan ...

Fortune: PIZZA PERFECTIONupdated: Mon Jul 21 1997 00:01:00

There's no such thing as a bad pizza. Nevertheless, only a few restaurants have reached the pinnacle of piemaking. The pizzerias below are all exemplary, and their products range widely, from the t...

Fortune: SOFT-SHELL CRABSupdated: Mon May 12 1997 00:01:00

For lazy crustacean lovers, now's the time to head to the local fishmonger. This month soft-shell crabs hit the shores for their annual four- to five-month run in restaurants like Zagat's picks bel...

Money Magazine: A BACKLASH BUILDS AGAINST BANKS' NEW ATM FEE-FOR-ALLupdated: Tue Apr 01 1997 00:01:00

In December, MONEY reported on an alarming trend: bankers charging so-called convenience fees of 50 to $2 to other banks' customers who withdraw money from their ATMs. Since our article, even more ...

Fortune: POWER BREAKFASTSupdated: Mon Feb 17 1997 00:01:00

Power these days is demonstrated best through restraint, so you can forget about inhaling the bacon and eggs at your breakfast of champions. Instead, order black coffee and a plain bagel, and see w...


December's special report, "The Lethal Dangers of the Billion-Dollar Vaccine Business," drew powerful response from readers. Most who sent mail were angry that, with government approval, drug compa...


Opportunities for great house deals will improve next year-but only for buyers who can easily qualify for costlier mortgages. Everyone else will have to work harder than they did in 1994 to achieve...

Fortune: NOW HEAR THIS updated: Mon Oct 31 1994 00:01:00

-- PATRICE TSAGUE, 21, president of Multi-Cultural Youth Education, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit designed to foster entrepreneurship in young African Americans: "If we're old enough to kill each o...

Money Magazine: Fliers Alert: Here are your rights when you're wronged by an airlineupdated: Sat Oct 01 1994 00:01:00

Forget about frequent-flier miles. U.S. airline passengers today ought to get ! frequent-crier miles -- anything that might compensate them for the pound-the- counter-and-weep disarray that so ofte...

Money Magazine: Bad advice -- but who does better? updated: Fri Jul 01 1994 00:01:00

THREE CHEERS FOR YOUR May Money Monitor article on poor investment advice from banks. It's about time you gave credit -- or should I say "no credit" -- where it is due. Let banks spend more time on...

Money Magazine: Don't get taken for a ride by a moverupdated: Sun May 01 1994 00:01:00

The peak months for household moves are approaching, driving up the blood pressure of Americans planning to relocate. Lousy movers are a perennial source of aggravation, of course. But there is one...

Money Magazine: HOW TO FIND A FINANCIAL PLANNER YOU CAN TRUSTupdated: Sun Aug 01 1993 00:01:00

We wouldn't even try to estimate how many times we've been asked on our national radio show, "How can I find a financial planner I can trust?" There is no easy answer, and as documented in MONEY's ...

Fortune: LIFE IN ELDERVILLE updated: Mon Oct 26 1992 00:01:00

Most oldsters stay put until failing health forces them to forsake their residences. But some 250,000 relatively well-off Americans, worried that they won't find a decent nursing home when the need...

Money Magazine: Property tax tips; high-growth China; the new Sam Walton biography; the candidates on Social Security QUOTABLE updated: Wed Jul 01 1992 00:01:00

! ''We have the world's most idiotic tax code when it comes to investing.'' -- Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Richard Breeden, speaking at a Washington, D.C. mutual fund conference in ...

Fortune: NOW HEAR THIS updated: Mon Apr 06 1992 00:01:00

NORMAN J. ORNSTEIN, 43, of the American Enterprise Institute, a private Washington, D.C., research group: ''We have got a world that is clearly going to be dominated more by geoeconomics than by ge...

Money Magazine: GET A WRITE-OFF BY GIVING AWAY YOUR CLUNKERupdated: Wed Apr 01 1992 00:01:00

If the bottom line on your 1991 tax return makes you wince, here's an offbeat write-off to consider for '92 or beyond: the next time you're ready to sell your car, donate it to charity instead. As ...

Fortune: 'SEND ME YOUR RICH INVESTORS'updated: Mon Oct 07 1991 00:01:00

It's time for an addition to the welcome that the Statue of Liberty extends to the world's tired, poor, and huddled masses. The U.S. will now proffer an official special hand to foreign millionaire...

Money Magazine: S&L TOTEBOARD WHERE THE BAD LOAN CRISIS IS GROWING -- AND SHRINKINGupdated: Fri Mar 01 1991 00:01:00

One way to gauge what's ahead for your real estate market is to look up your local banks' problem property loans. If the number of bad loans is increasing, chances are local property prices will co...

Money Magazine: HOW TO DECK THE AX COLLECTOR FEDERAL STATE LOCALupdated: Tue Jan 01 1991 00:01:00

From sea to shining sea and from poll to irate poll, Americans are confronting that old tormentor, high taxes. What fans them to a white-hot fury this year is the growing recognition that their tax...

Money Magazine: CUT YOUR TAXES updated: Tue Jan 01 1991 00:01:00

-- Federal: Set up an account that earns up to $500 a year for each of your children under age 14. The earnings are tax-free because of the child's standard deduction. If you're in the 28% bracket,...

Money Magazine: LOOSE LIPS SINK CHIPS But those coming tax hikes may not be so bad after allupdated: Wed Aug 01 1990 00:01:00

Lip reading will never be the same again. Neither, for that matter, will your taxes. They're going up, all right, but unless you happen to be a hard- drinking, hard-smoking muscle-car owner who pul...

Money Magazine: What is SAFE? updated: Wed Aug 01 1990 00:01:00

It's the Savings Account for Future Education, MONEY's proposed tax break for parents saving for college (see page 9). Should the government offer such an incentive to savers? Your vote, please.

Fortune: SO LONG, OLD YELLER? updated: Mon Mar 12 1990 00:01:00

The yellow legal pad, a mainstay not only for lawyers but also for all other compulsive takers of notes, is doomed. Colored paper simply costs too much to recycle -- certainly more than the white v...

Money Magazine: EIGHT MYTHS OF RETIREMENT Don't believe everything you hear about the finances of old age. Here are some time-honored retirementupdated: Thu Feb 01 1990 00:01:00

Most conventional wisdom is harmless enough when it's wrong. So what if the early bird doesn't catch the worm? At least he'll catch the sunrise. But running your financial life on cliches can be ha...

Money Magazine: TAXES STATE BY STATEupdated: Mon Jan 01 1990 00:01:00

Here's how to read this table, which provides the latest available information on income taxes (1988) and sales and estate taxes (1989) in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The first two ...

Money Magazine: What to Do TIPS ON TITHING AND FIVINGupdated: Fri Dec 01 1989 00:01:00

For many people, the question is not whether to give to charities, but how much. Although the answer is personal, of course, a few guidelines may help. Some churches, notably the Mormons and fundam...

Money Magazine: HOW YOU CAN AVOID RIP-OFFS AT PAY PHONESupdated: Tue Aug 01 1989 00:01:00

Why does a five-minute call from Washington, D.C. to Cleveland cost $1.40 from one pay phone and $5.65 from another? It's the latest entry in the annoying annals of telephone deregulation. A recent...

Fortune: Social responsibility in the retail furniture business, new hope for studious students, and other matters. ONLY IN AMERICA (Contupdated: Mon Jul 31 1989 00:01:00

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A legal group that filed 27 complaints against area drycleaners, alleging that they unlawfully charged women more than men to clean shirts, said . . . a settlement had been reac...

Money Magazine: ASK THE EXPERT: ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS Home-equity loans, shifting gain, eternal rollovers, state bondsupdated: Thu Jun 01 1989 00:01:00

These questions are answered in collaboration with James B. Conley, a tax partner with the accounting firm Arthur Young & Co. in Washington, D.C.

Money Magazine: FIVE SMART FINANCIAL MOVES TO MAKE NOW DISABILITY INSURANCE Check that you have the coverage you need mostupdated: Wed Feb 01 1989 00:01:00

Contrary to what life insurance agents may tell you, the coverage you need most isn't whole life, universal life, variable life or even universal variable life. It's disability income insurance. Th...

Money Magazine: SAGE YEAR-END STRATEGIES THAT WILL CUT YOUR 1988 BILLupdated: Tue Nov 01 1988 00:01:00

When down is up, simply stand on your head and all will be clear. This year, that somewhat dizzying prescription should be applied to your year-end tax planning. The reason: in 1988 that most famil...

Fortune: The conservative view of alcoholism, Freud meets Jesse Jackson, insanity on the ropes. TRUTH IN INSURANCEupdated: Mon Sep 26 1988 00:01:00

One of the strangest political movements of modern times seems to be running out of steam. The movement, which successfully defied the laws of logic until quite recently, was directed against insur...

Money Magazine: BORROWING: THE PUSH TO TELL YOU THE WORSTupdated: Tue Mar 01 1988 00:01:00

Now it's the revolving-credit-card users' turn to get some protection from Washington, D.C. Under consideration is a bill championed by a few Democrats that would require lenders to disclose at the...

Money Magazine: NEWS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MONEY Here come portable pensionsupdated: Wed Jul 01 1987 00:01:00

Lawmakers think Congress may soon make it easier to take your vested corporate pension benefits with you if you quit your job before retirement. Currently most companies hold on to your money until...

Fortune: YOUR COMING STATE TAX HIKE Reform will push state income taxes up and eat into savings from the federal cut. Some people's totalupdated: Mon Oct 13 1986 00:01:00

WITH THE much ballyhooed tax bill about to pass, many people are focusing on how much they will save on federal taxes. If you are one of them, watch out: You may be about to get blindsided. Tax ref...

Fortune: IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU CAN SET UP A LITERACY PROGRAM updated: Mon Sep 29 1986 00:01:00

Say you want to set up an on-the-job literacy program. Various experts, consultants, and vendors in every major city will be glad to help you out. For starters it is a good idea to retain a consult...

Money Magazine: SOME SHELTER INVESTORS MAY COME OUT SMILINGupdated: Mon Sep 01 1986 00:01:00

When it is enacted, the new tax law will clearly damage most existing tax shelters. But don't try to ditch your partnership before the reform storm hits. Public shelter investors, at least, may be ...

Fortune: Upcomingupdated: Mon Mar 31 1986 00:01:00

March 18: Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney meets with President Reagan in Washington, D.C. March 20: The European Community holds a summit meeting in The Hague.

Fortune: Inflation worriersupdated: Mon Dec 23 1985 00:01:00

The latest government statistics on the economy, generally indicating stronger activity than expected, have also roused the relatively quiescent inflation hawks. The government revised upward its p...

Fortune: Upcomingupdated: Mon Nov 25 1985 00:01:00

November 11-12: Many of the world's most prominent economic policymakers are expected to attend an international conference on monetary reform in Washington, D.C., sponsored by Senator Bill Bradley...

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