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How is new CEO Marissa Mayer going to revitalize Yahoo?

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How can Yahoo be saved?updated: Wed Jul 18 2012 16:09:00

In the wake of Google alum Marissa Mayer's surprise hiring as CEO, variations of the same question are popping up again and again:

Frustration, jokes over Yahoo password hackupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 13:27:00

When a website that claims more than a half-billion monthly visitors gets hacked, users pay attention.

Yahoo investigating CEO's recordupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 09:31:00

Christine Romans looks at a claim by a hedge fund that Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson lied on his resume.

Yahoo hacked, 450,000 passwords posted onlineupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 09:31:00

Hackers posted online what they say is login information for more than 450,000 Yahoo users.

CNNMoney: Yahoo: The hottest tech stock in the Valley?updated: Tue May 22 2012 07:39:00

When Yahoo decided to sue Facebook for patent infringement a few months ago, many tech watchers felt that this was a desperate act by a company whose best days were long behind it.

Alibaba buys stake backupdated: Mon May 21 2012 04:46:00

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba buys half its stake back from Yahoo. CNN's Eunice Yoon reports

Yahoo, Alibaba reach $7.1 billion dealupdated: Mon May 21 2012 04:46:00

Yahoo and China's Alibaba Group have agreed to a $7.1 billion deal in which the Hangzhou-based internet behemoth buys back half of Yahoo's 40% stake in the company.

What Yahoo CEO's false bio tell us about resume fraudupdated: Sat May 12 2012 10:45:00

The vetting process and the subsequent hiring of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson seemed like standard procedure. But in recent days he has come under fire for the controversy surrounding his academic credentials.

CNNMoney: Content takes center stage in Yahoo overhaulupdated: Tue Apr 10 2012 13:42:00

One week after cutting 2,000 employees -- about 14% of Yahoo's workforce -- CEO Scott Thompson unveiled an internal overhaul aimed at streamlining the sprawling Internet portal.

Report: Facebook bought 750 patents from IBMupdated: Fri Mar 23 2012 12:17:00

The patent war between Facebook and Yahoo may be only just starting.

Opinion: How Yahoo weaponized my work updated: Wed Mar 14 2012 15:11:00

While most of the tech world was partying at South by Southwest in Austin yesterday, Yahoo announced it was filing a lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly infringing on 10 patents from their 1,000+ patent warehouse.

CNNMoney: Yahoo, Facebook in a shoving matchupdated: Tue Feb 28 2012 10:20:00

Facebook shot back at Yahoo Tuesday in the wake of Yahoo's patent battle against the social media company.

CNNMoney: Activist shareholder Loeb launches Yahoo proxy fightupdated: Tue Feb 14 2012 18:52:00

As Yahoo struggles to turn itself around, a key stakeholder is waging war to take control of the process.

Jury strikes down patent troll's claim to own the Webupdated: Fri Feb 10 2012 07:56:00

After threatening web companies for more than a decade, Michael Doyle and his patent-holding company Eolas Technologies ? named after the Irish word for knowledge ? may be finished.

CNNMoney: Yahoo board shakeup: Four directors heading outupdated: Tue Feb 07 2012 16:57:00

Four longtime Yahoo board members, including the chairman, are leaving the company.

CNNMoney: Yahoo: New CEO. Same results.updated: Tue Jan 24 2012 18:45:00

Yahoo on Tuesday reported quarterly results in line with analysts' expectations, a somewhat quiet start for new CEO Scott Thompson.

CNNMoney: Stocks stumble on Greek debt fears, earningsupdated: Tue Jan 24 2012 17:00:00

U.S. stocks ended mostly in the red Tuesday as investors awaited progress on Greek debt talks and waded through another batch of corporate results.

CNNMoney: Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resignsupdated: Tue Jan 17 2012 17:39:00

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from the board of directors and all other positions at the company.

CNNMoney: Yahoo CEO scores $26 million pay packageupdated: Fri Jan 06 2012 19:12:00

Yahoo's new CEO is poised to score a rich payday for taking on the troubled company. He's eligible for up to $26 million this year in salary, stock and bonuses.

Fortune: Car shopping: A better way?updated: Thu Jan 05 2012 08:02:00

You can divide the automotive universe into two categories: those who paid too much for a new car and those who think they did. Such is the maddening process of visiting dealers, deciphering their "real" cost, and negotiating the labyrinth of fees. Revolutionizing the MO of car buying is the crusade of Scott Painter, the 43-year-old founder and CEO of Starting Jan. 1, his website will become Yahoo's exclusive partner for car shoppers.

CNNMoney: Thompson's challenge: What is Yahoo?updated: Thu Jan 05 2012 05:33:00

Carol Bartz had a rough two years as Yahoo's CEO. She promised a turnaround for the aging Internet portal, but wasn't able to pull it off -- and was unceremoniously sacked by phone.

CNNMoney: Yahoo names new CEO, picks PayPal president Scott Thompsonupdated: Wed Jan 04 2012 17:11:00

After four leaderless months, Yahoo named Scott Thompson as its new CEO on Wednesday -- choosing an outsider to take over the helm despite shareholders' calls to sell the company.

CNNMoney: Stock futures fall from highs on mixed economic newsupdated: Thu Dec 22 2011 08:47:00

U.S. stocks were set to open higher on Thursday, as investors weighed improving jobs data with a weaker final reading on economic growth. Dow Jones industrial average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures were all higher ahead of the opening bell, but the indicators came off their earlier highs. Stock futures indicate the possible direction of the markets when they open at 9:30 a.m. ET.

CNNMoney: Yahoo wins $610 million from lottery scammersupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 17:33:00

Congratulations, you've won millions in a lottery that you didn't enter! Just wire us some money first to cover fees, and we'll send you your winnings!

CNNMoney: Blue chips can't keep up the rallyupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 16:28:00

U.S. stocks ended mixed Thursday, after a big rally on Wednesday, as investors were reluctant to push prices higher amid ongoing worries about Europe.

Iconic Yahoo billboard coming down after 12 yearsupdated: Fri Nov 18 2011 13:36:00

Since 1999, it has greeted visitors to San Francisco while standing as a symbol of the Bay Area's status as a tech hub: A Yahoo billboard, retro-styled to look like a 1960s-era motel sign, with the tag line, "A nice place to stay on the Internet."

CNNMoney: Google and Microsoft play game of Yahoo chickenupdated: Mon Oct 24 2011 15:35:00

These are seriously ugly times for Yahoo, yet the struggling Internet company is getting courted like the prettiest girl in school.

CNNMoney: Microsoft CEO on not buying Yahoo: "Sometimes you're lucky"updated: Wed Oct 19 2011 11:10:00

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer famously doesn't hold back, and a tech conference on Tuesday proved to be no exception.

CNNMoney: Yahoo profit falls 26%, but tops estimatesupdated: Tue Oct 18 2011 18:28:00

Yahoo's sales and earnings in the third quarter fell compared to last year, but came in ahead of analyst forecasts.

CNNMoney: Yahoo's Levinsohn: Honestly, we're fineupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 22:30:00

Nothing to see here! That's the story from a top Yahoo executive, who faced tough questions about the troubled, CEO-less company at a tech conference on Monday.

CNNMoney: Should Disney just buy Yahoo?updated: Wed Oct 05 2011 10:19:00

Yahoo's big announcement on Monday was something of a snoozer: It's partnering with ABC News on newsgathering and content. But the deal highlights how nicely buyout-ripe Yahoo's assets fit with big media companies like ABC owner Disney.

CNNMoney: Yahoo and ABC partner for news 'alliance'updated: Mon Oct 03 2011 10:42:00

Yahoo and ABC News are teaming up to share news content, reporting resources and original videos.

China group's eye on Yahoo fuels privacy fearsupdated: Sun Oct 02 2011 21:22:00

The possibility of Yahoo falling under Chinese control raises significant privacy risks for its users elsewhere and could provoke a backlash in Washington, privacy campaigners and other China-watchers in the US have warned.

CNNMoney: Alibaba 'interested' in buying all of Yahooupdated: Sat Oct 01 2011 15:02:00

Jack Ma, the CEO of Chinese Internet conglomerate Alibaba Group, said late Friday that his company would be "interested" in buying all of struggling online media firm Yahoo.

Women, swearing and the workplaceupdated: Mon Sep 12 2011 14:29:00

It's not every day you read about one top-level executive asking another where his balls are. But in the end, former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz lived up to her reputation for "salty language" and candid management style.

CNNMoney: Yahoo's only hope is to sell itselfupdated: Thu Sep 08 2011 07:43:00

Here's some unsolicited advice for interim Yahoo CEO Tim Morse, and whoever is -- lucky? unlucky? -- enough to replace him permanently.

CNNMoney: Ex-Yahoo CEO will walk away with millionsupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 13:58:00

When Carol Bartz says she wishes Yahoo "only the best going forward," she means it -- her severance package leaves her with millions of dollars tied to the company's stock performance over the coming year.

CNNMoney: Yahoo stock jumps, Urban Outfitters slumpsupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 13:38:00

Just when investors' sentiment turned utterly negative and seemingly could not get worse, the stock market rebounded on Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Yahoo's Carol Bartz out as CEOupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 08:17:00

The ax has swung. Carol Bartz is out as Yahoo CEO, ending a fraught tenure that culminated in months of speculation about when she would be ousted. Stewart Mandel: Miami allegations will test NCAA enforcement processupdated: Wed Aug 17 2011 09:07:00

Reading through Yahoo! Sports' bombshell expose about former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, my blood boiled thicker with every paragraph. But who exactly was I angry at?

CNNMoney: Yahoo and Alibaba reach deal over Alipayupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 11:23:00

Yahoo has finally come to an agreement with Chinese Internet giant Alibaba in a months-long battle over the ownership of payment site Alipay.

CNNMoney: Yahoo stock falls 8% on display ad worriesupdated: Wed Jul 20 2011 17:08:00

Yahoo shares slumped almost 8% Wednesday, one day after the company reported earnings and said changes to its sales organization weakened the display ad sector.

CNNMoney: Yahoo shares slip on weak search, outlookupdated: Tue Jul 19 2011 17:57:00

Yahoo reported second-quarter earnings that met Wall Street estimates, but weakness in display and search revenue sent shares lower in after-hours trading.

CNNMoney: A Yahoo shareholder's failed human rights proposalupdated: Wed Jul 06 2011 17:05:00

Even the smallest shareholders get their day once a year, when public companies are required to throw open their doors and let stockholders bend the ear of corporate bigwigs.

CNNMoney: Cranky shareholders blast Yahoo and Carol Bartzupdated: Thu Jun 23 2011 14:22:00

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz tried valiantly to put a good spin on things at the company's annual shareholder meeting on Thursday, but the shareholders weren't having any of it.

CNNMoney: Hulu considering buyout bidupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 14:52:00

Hulu is considering an unsolicited takeover offer, according to several news reports making the rounds on Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Alibaba splits Taobao into three partsupdated: Fri Jun 17 2011 16:17:00

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma said this month one of his key stakeholders, Yahoo, should split itself up. Now he's taken his own advice and reorganized Alibaba's Taobao retail unit into three parts.

CNNMoney: Alibaba CEO: Yahoo should break itself upupdated: Wed Jun 01 2011 21:57:00

Alibaba's "peace talks" with major stakeholder Yahoo have been slow going, CEO Jack Ma said Wednesday -- and he had plenty to say about how the big purple giant could fix its problems.

Yahoo rolls out e-mail upgradesupdated: Tue May 24 2011 12:40:00

Yahoo is rolling out an upgraded version of its e-mail service to its 284 million users.

CNNMoney: Yahoo vs. Autodeskupdated: Fri May 20 2011 14:24:00

Do you think Carol Bartz regrets moving to the Purple Profit Eater?

CNNMoney: Forget Barney: Yahoo is tech's purple dinosaurupdated: Wed May 18 2011 08:08:00

Move over Barney. There's a new purple dinosaur in town that adults love to hate. Its name is Yahoo.

CNNMoney: Stocks end choppy week little changedupdated: Fri May 13 2011 17:03:00

Stocks fell Friday as the dollar gained ground and commodity prices pulled back, but managed to end the roller coaster week little changed.

CNNMoney: Yahoo stock hit hard on China worriesupdated: Fri May 13 2011 16:55:00

Yahoo shares plunged another 6% Friday after the company struggled to explain its deteriorating relationship with Chinese Internet company Alibaba.

CNNMoney: Stocks are in 'no man's land'updated: Fri May 13 2011 08:46:00

U.S. stocks were poised to open slightly higher Friday, as commodities continue to gain ground.

CNNMoney: Google's stealth multi-billion-dollar businessupdated: Tue May 10 2011 10:04:00

Google became a $30 billion company on the back of search advertising -- but the company thinks its other multi-billion-dollar advertising business will be its growth engine of the future.

CNNMoney: The next hot China stock ... Yahoo?updated: Mon May 09 2011 02:00:00

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has a well-known proclivity for salty language. She'd fit in swimmingly at a stevedore convention. Or in a Martin Scorsese movie.

CNNMoney: Shareholder proposals companies don't want you to seeupdated: Mon Apr 25 2011 05:10:00

Once a year, public companies have to throw open their boardroom doors and meet with their investors. Those annual meetings give small stockholders a chance to bend the ear of corporate bigwigs, and put their own proposals up for a shareholder vote.

CNNMoney: Yahoo earnings: Ad biz jumps, search dropsupdated: Tue Apr 19 2011 17:52:00

Yahoo reported first-quarter sales and earnings in line with Wall Street's expectations, though net income slid 6% compared to last year.

CNNMoney: Dow bolstered by J&J earningsupdated: Tue Apr 19 2011 17:17:00

Stocks posted modest gains on Tuesday, following Monday's sharp selloff, as investors' attention turned to corporate earnings and the latest housing reports.

Yahoo debuts 'future of search'updated: Thu Mar 24 2011 08:07:00

Yahoo is looking to one-up Google and its own search partner Bing, offering a new search experience it describes as the "fastest thing you have ever seen."

CNNMoney: Yahoo shares pop 3% on Japan stake rumorsupdated: Wed Mar 02 2011 16:35:00

Shares of Yahoo rose more than 3% Wednesday on rumors that the company is planning to unload its share of a Japanese joint venture in order to free up cash.

CNNMoney: Yahoo unveils personalized magazineupdated: Wed Feb 16 2011 08:26:00

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on Wednesday unveiled Livestand, a magazine platform for publishers to deliver personalized content on a wide array of platforms, including the iPad.

Yahoo shows magazine-style personalized app for tabletsupdated: Thu Feb 10 2011 16:49:00

Looking for new ways to package its growing crop of content, Yahoo is developing an application for the iPad and Android tablets called Livestand.

CNNMoney: Flickr accidentally nukes user's 4,000 photosupdated: Wed Feb 02 2011 15:15:00

It's every Flickr addict's worst nightmare: One day, the vast photo archive you've uploaded and annotated for years suddenly vanishes. It happened this week to Mirco Wilhelm, when a Flickr staff member accidentally deleted his five-year old account, wiping out 4,000 photos.

CNNMoney: Yahoo profit grows, but revenue dipsupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 18:15:00

Yahoo reported fourth-quarter sales and earnings that lived up to Wall Street's expectations, with net income rising 120% compared to last year.

Humans vs. automated search: Why people power is cool againupdated: Thu Jan 13 2011 09:26:00

What's the best way to find great links on the web? Is it algorithmic search engines like Google, people-powered decision-making, or a combination of both?

Booming app stores search for developers to fill themupdated: Wed Dec 22 2010 08:07:00

App stores are booming, but there may not be enough applications to fill them all.

5 Web titans that withered under Yahooupdated: Fri Dec 17 2010 19:52:00

For King Midas, as the Greek legend goes, everything he touches turns to gold. Yahoo's stroke is decidedly less effective.

CNNMoney: Yahoo targets Buzz, AltaVista, Delicious for deathupdated: Fri Dec 17 2010 16:01:00

Days after cutting its global workforce by 4%, Yahoo turned the axe on its product portfolio. Yahoo said Friday that it is killing Buzz, a two-year-old experiment in community news curation.

CNNMoney: Yahoo layoffs: 600 jobs cut in long-rumored moveupdated: Tue Dec 14 2010 18:29:00

Yahoo cut about 600 jobs Tuesday, the company confirmed, finally swinging the ax on layoffs that had been widely rumored for weeks.

CNNMoney: Precious metals outshine stocksupdated: Mon Dec 06 2010 16:30:00

Precious metals like gold and silver took center stage Monday as few investors showed a willingness to jump into the stock market fray on a day with no major economic news on tap.

Oil spill, World Cup among Yahoo's most searched termsupdated: Wed Dec 01 2010 07:26:00

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was the most searched term on Yahoo in 2010, the search engine said Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Yahoo's Bartz: "I love being a public company CEO"updated: Tue Nov 16 2010 18:56:00

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz took the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco to field two key questions: What is Yahoo, and will it soon be taken private?

CNNMoney: Facebook unveils new mail systemupdated: Mon Nov 15 2010 17:08:00

Facebook is launching a new product barrage aimed at capturing the heart of its 500 million users' digital lives: their inboxes.

Yahoo to expand its blog networkupdated: Mon Nov 15 2010 09:34:00

As countless print- or TV-based news organizations continue their descent, the future of the news business still seems curiously bright.

CNNMoney: Layoff rumors swirl around Yahooupdated: Thu Nov 11 2010 19:07:00

Yahoo is preparing to cull its workforce of around 14,000, according to reports from two tech blogs, but how deep the cuts will go is an open question.

CNNMoney: Don't believe the Yahoo takeover hypeupdated: Tue Nov 09 2010 13:24:00

Hooray for Yahoo! It's finally beating Google at something.

CNNMoney: Stocks set to slip at openupdated: Mon Nov 08 2010 09:11:00

U.S. stocks were poised to open slightly lower Monday as investors shift their focus to the global economic picture.

Yahoo speeds up mail, adds more Twitterupdated: Wed Oct 27 2010 11:07:00

Yahoo wants to make its Web e-mail service a place you never want to -- or more importantly -- have to leave to get your social fix.

Your top health searches, asked and answeredupdated: Thu Oct 21 2010 14:41:00

One day, Google's chief health strategist, Dr. Roni Zeiger, had an epiphany: On any given day, more people are posing health questions to Google than posing health questions to their doctors.

CNNMoney: CEO Bartz defensive as Yahoo sales fall shortupdated: Tue Oct 19 2010 18:34:00

Yahoo needed a blowout quarter to silence its critics, and this wasn't it.

CNNMoney: Yahoo needs to dazzle investorsupdated: Tue Oct 19 2010 12:25:00

With buyout rumors and CEO criticism swirling, Yahoo needs a stellar earnings report on Tuesday to silence its doubters.

CNNMoney: Yahoo surges on report AOL wants to buy itupdated: Thu Oct 14 2010 16:21:00

Yahoo's stock price surged in early trading Thursday on reports that rival Internet portal AOL is considering a takeover of the company, with some help by private equity firms.

Yahoo revamps its search engineupdated: Thu Oct 07 2010 07:23:00

Yahoo is rolling out a new search experience today, making its web search more streamlined and visual, improving its mobile search and adding a list of hot search topics to the Yahoo front page.

CNNMoney: Yahoo: Can this tech company be saved?updated: Thu Sep 09 2010 13:04:00

Does anyone care about Yahoo anymore?

CNNMoney: Yahoo profit growsupdated: Tue Jul 20 2010 18:43:00

Yahoo posted higher second-quarter earnings Tuesday that topped Wall Street expectations, but sales missed estimates.

CNNMoney: BP buys Google, Yahoo oil spill search termsupdated: Mon Jun 07 2010 18:37:00

As BP continues to try to stop the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, the energy giant is also dealing with a public relations nightmare.

Yahoo punches up pages with Facebookupdated: Mon Jun 07 2010 11:51:00

People who use both Facebook and Yahoo will be able to link those accounts and share updates and messages across platforms thanks to a major redesign rolled out by Yahoo on Monday.

FarmVille and Mafia Wars coming to Yahooupdated: Thu Jun 03 2010 18:35:00

Fresh off a deal that will keep 'FarmVille," "Mafia Wars" and other popular Zynga titles on Facebook for at least the next five years, the company has inked a partnership with Yahoo to bring its social games to the Internet giant's massive userbase.

CNNMoney: Yahoo makes 'Buzz'-like changes to e-mailupdated: Tue Jun 01 2010 14:51:00

Yahoo unveiled changes to its e-mail service on Tuesday that will make it easier for users to follow the social network activity of people in their address books.

CNNMoney: Microsoft, Google: buyers. Yahoo, Netflix: buyees?updated: Thu May 27 2010 08:37:00

High-profile tech mergers have been ramping up, with big names like IBM and Google getting deals done this year.

CNNMoney: Yahoo profit beats the street, but sales missupdated: Tue Apr 20 2010 20:31:00

Shares of Yahoo fell after the bell Tuesday when the world's second-largest search engine said its first-quarter profit beat Wall Street's expectations, but sales failed to measure up.

Yahoo! and Twitter strike content-sharing dealupdated: Wed Feb 24 2010 09:15:00

Yahoo! and the micro-blogging site Twitter have struck a content-sharing deal, they announced Wednesday -- a plan that will share real-time tweets with the 600 million users in Yahoo's global network.

CNNMoney: Xerox launches patent fight against Google, Yahooupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 19:01:00

Google and Yahoo plan to fight a lawsuit filed last week by Xerox, which claims that the two search-engine giants infringed on the copier and printing company's patents.

CNNMoney: Yahoo-Microsoft search gets final OKupdated: Thu Feb 18 2010 11:34:00

Microsoft and Yahoo said Thursday that their online search deal has received approval from U.S. and European Union regulators, paving the way for the two companies to combine much of their Internet search business.

Yahoo struggles to gain search respectupdated: Thu Feb 11 2010 14:57:00

The Rodney Dangerfield of search engines is starting to get a little annoyed about its plight.

CNNMoney: Yahoo shares rise on earnings surpriseupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 18:12:00

Shares of Yahoo rose after-hours Tuesday after the company posted a fourth-quarter profit that beat Wall Street expectations, driven by stabilization in advertising revenue.

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