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Dozens of soldiers loyal to Yemen's former president face charges of trying to take over the Ministry of Defense in an attack that left five people dead and 16 wounded, a military official said Thursday.

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Italian security officer released in Yemenupdated: Thu Aug 02 2012 20:10:00

A security officer kidnapped while working at the Italian Embassy in Sanaa was released Friday morning, Yemen's state-run SABA news agency reported, quoting an official at Yemen's Interior Ministry.

Embassy security officer kidnapped in Yemen, Italy saysupdated: Sun Jul 29 2012 13:57:00

A security officer at the Italian Embassy in Yemen was kidnapped in Yemen on Sunday, Italy's Foreign Ministry reported.

French Red Cross official freed in Yemenupdated: Sat Jul 14 2012 10:34:00

A French Red Cross official abducted by militants in Yemen has been freed, according to a statement from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Yemen on brink of hunger catastropheupdated: Wed Jul 11 2012 21:35:00

Aid groups says millions are in need of emergency aid in Yemen. Schams Elwazer reports.

Blast kills at least 10 at police academy in Yemen's capital cityupdated: Wed Jul 11 2012 21:35:00

A suicide bomber attacked police officers and cadets outside an academy in Yemen's capital on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people, according to a statement from the Yemeni Embassy in Washington.

Yemen on high alert after al Qaeda threatens prison break updated: Sat Jul 07 2012 15:34:00

More than 40 al Qaeda militants infiltrated Yemen's port city of Aden seeking to free imprisoned fighters, the defense ministry said Saturday.

Air strikes kill 17 militants in Yemen, officials sayupdated: Wed Jun 20 2012 19:03:00

Yemeni Air Force fighter jets killed 17 militants in an air strike on an al-Qaeda hideout in Mahfed, Abyan province on Wednesday, Yemeni security officials told CNN.

Top Yemen commander killed; al Qaeda claims responsibilityupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 17:08:00

One of Yemen's top military leaders died Monday in the southern port city of Aden in a suicide attack for which al Qaeda claimed responsibility.

Officials: U.S. drone strikes kill suspected militants in Yemenupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 16:31:00

U.S. drone strikes targeted al Qaeda hideouts in southern Yemen on Wednesday, killing 27 suspected militants, local government officials said.

Obama ramps up covert war in Yemenupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 08:39:00

President Obama is celebrated and criticized for greatly accelerating the number of CIA drone attacks in Pakistan, but the similar covert war that he has launched in Yemen has received considerably less attention.

Suicide blast kills 100+ troops in Yemenupdated: Tue Jun 12 2012 08:39:00

An attack aimed at the heart of Yemeni military causes casualties in Yemen's capital. CNN's Fionnuala Sweeney reports.

Huge suicide blast kills more than 100 troops in Yemenupdated: Mon May 21 2012 15:21:00

A suicide bomber dressed in a military uniform set off a blast that killed more than 100 soldiers Monday, authorities said, in what appears to be the deadliest attack ever on troops in Yemen.

Two suspected U.S. drone strikes reported in Yemenupdated: Tue May 15 2012 18:35:00

Two suspected U.S. drone strikes killed seven al Qaeda militants and eight civilians in the southern part of Yemen on Tuesday, three Yemeni security officials said.

Yemeni military kills 24 suspected al Qaeda militantsupdated: Sun May 13 2012 19:12:00

Government troops in southern Yemen on Sunday attacked al Qaeda hideouts, killing two dozen suspected militants in the latest push to clear the area of the terror organization, local security officials said.

Drone strikes kill suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemenupdated: Sun May 13 2012 06:35:00

A pair of U.S. drone strikes killed 11 suspected al Qaeda militants Saturday in Yemen's Mareb province, part of a continuing air campaign targeting the terror organization, security officials said.

Drone strike kills 8 militants in south Yemenupdated: Thu May 10 2012 09:00:00

A U.S. drone strike killed eight militants in southern Yemen on Thursday morning, the latest hit in an intensified U.S. air camaign against al Qaeda and its affiliates in the area, security officials said.

Senior al Qaeda operative killed by airstrike in Yemenupdated: Mon May 07 2012 16:11:00

A senior operative of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula wanted for his role in the USS Cole bombing was killed by an airstrike in Yemen on Sunday, Yemeni officials said.

Gunmen attack Yemen's main airportupdated: Sat May 05 2012 21:54:00

Yemen's airport is attacked after the former president's half-brother refuses to leave his post as air force commander.

Yemen takes a step toward democracyupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 08:07:00

Abdurabu Mansur Hadi becomes Yemen's new president, but the problem of poverty remains. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Embassy: Top Yemeni militant killed in weekend airstrikeupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 09:04:00

A top commander of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was killed last weekend in Yemen, the Yemeni Embassy in Washington announced Tuesday.

French ICRC official kidnapped in Yemenupdated: Sun Apr 22 2012 05:24:00

A French official of the International Committee of the Red Cross was kidnapped Saturday in western Yemen, an ICRC spokeswoman said.

U.S. strikes kill 6 in Yemen, say officialsupdated: Tue Apr 17 2012 06:12:00

Five U.S. drone strikes killed six suspected al Qaeda militants in the southeastern Yemeni province of Shabwa on Monday, two security officials and one defense ministry official told CNN.

28 al Qaeda killed, Yemen saysupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 22:29:00

Twenty-eight suspected members of al-Qaeda were killed Friday in the city of Lord, in Yemen's Abyan province, in military operations, state media reported.

Let's learn to go without qat, say Yemenisupdated: Thu Apr 12 2012 07:03:00

When I was a small child, I spent many afternoons on my father's lap seeing qat being chewed in front of my eyes.

Militants, troops die in al Qaeda attack in Yemenupdated: Mon Apr 09 2012 11:30:00

Al Qaeda militants seized control of a military base and two checkpoints during raids in southern Yemen on Monday in which at least 30 people died, security officials and residents said.

Yemen pours troops into battle with al Qaedaupdated: Fri Apr 06 2012 01:29:00

Yemen has poured thousands of troops into a battle with al Qaeda fighters in two southern provinces amid new airstrikes that killed a dozen of the militants Thursday, security officials said.

Yemen airstrikes kill dozens of al Qaeda fighters, officials sayupdated: Tue Apr 03 2012 18:29:00

Yemen's air force has killed dozens of al Qaeda fighters in a series of U.S.-supported airstrikes in the country's south, Yemeni officials said Tuesday.

Saudi diplomat kidnapped in Yemenupdated: Wed Mar 28 2012 10:52:00

Saudi Arabia's deputy consul was kidnapped in Yemen's southern port city of Aden Wednesday, two security officials there told CNN.

Swiss teacher kidnapped in Yemenupdated: Fri Mar 16 2012 08:59:00

Tribesmen demanding the release of prisoners kidnapped a female Swiss teacher in Yemen, two Yemeni Interior Ministry officials told CNN on Friday.

Former president demands foes leave Yemenupdated: Thu Mar 15 2012 14:33:00

Yemen's former president says he will not leave his country unless his political, tribal, and military foes leave as well, a senior aide to the ex-president told CNN Thursday.

Yemeni officials: U.S. airstrikes target militant hideouts, kill 64updated: Mon Mar 12 2012 05:28:00

U.S. airstrikes targeted militant hideouts and arms caches in separate attacks over three days in Yemen, killing at least 64 suspected al Qaeda insurgents before the strikes ended Sunday, senior Yemeni officials told CNN.

Huge death toll doubles in Yemen 'slaughter'updated: Tue Mar 06 2012 17:32:00

The death toll from a sophisticated attack by Islamic extremists against soldiers in Yemen jumped to 184 Tuesday, three Yemeni officials told CNN.

Islamic militants show strength with 'slaughter' of Yemen troops updated: Mon Mar 05 2012 16:37:00

Yemen's army has suffered its most humiliating defeat yet at the hands of Islamic extremists who launched a sophisticated attack on an army base in the south on Sunday, resulting in the deaths of 90 soldiers.

Clashes follow suicide bomb attacks in Yemen; dozens killedupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 06:08:00

Fierce clashes followed suicide bombings and checkpoint attacks Sunday in Yemen, leaving dozens dead as the government fought back in a province largely controlled by terrorist groups, officials said.

Treating Yemen's malnourished kidsupdated: Mon Mar 05 2012 06:08:00

Yemen has the second largest population of malnourished children in the world. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Yemen swears in new president after Saleh's longtime ruleupdated: Sat Feb 25 2012 20:02:00

Yemen's new president on Saturday promised to continue the fight against al Qaeda, calling it "a religious and national duty" for citizens of his restive nation.

Explosions reported in Aden ahead of Yemen presidential voteupdated: Mon Feb 20 2012 17:43:00

A series of explosions rocked the Yemeni port city of Aden ahead of a presidential election Tuesday, but no injuries were reported, security officials said.

Two killed amid gunfire at Yemen anti-election rallyupdated: Thu Feb 09 2012 09:13:00

Two people were killed Thursday as hundreds of demonstrators marched in Yemen's southern province of Dhale protesting the upcoming presidential election, eyewitnesses told CNN.

6 aid workers kidnapped in Yemenupdated: Tue Jan 31 2012 12:14:00

Six aid workers were kidnapped Tuesday in Yemen's Mahweet province, according to a senior Interior Ministry official.

Yemeni president arrives in the United Statesupdated: Sun Jan 29 2012 09:45:00

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh arrived in the United States on Saturday, marking the latest phase in a series of political moves surrounding his transition from power in violence-wracked Yemen.

Yemen marchers attacked in Sanaaupdated: Fri Jan 27 2012 12:49:00

Activists say Yemen protesters have been attacked. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports that 10 are believed killed.

U.N. official abducted in Yemen released unharmed, officials sayupdated: Fri Jan 27 2012 12:49:00

A Norwegian U.N. official snatched from the streets of Yemen's capital city of Sanaa by armed tribesmen nearly two weeks ago was released unharmed, officials said Friday.

U.N. urges Yemen to have peaceful electionsupdated: Thu Jan 26 2012 23:26:00

The U.N. Security Council urged Yemen to have "credible, non-violent and peaceful elections " but said it is "gravely concerned by the humanitarian situation" in the Middle East country.

Suspected al-Qaeda militants leave town in Yemen they had taken overupdated: Wed Jan 25 2012 06:27:00

A crew of suspected al Qaeda militants who had taken over a town in Yemen evacuated after tense negotiations, government officials said Wednesday.

Yemen's president heads to U.S. for treatmentupdated: Mon Jan 23 2012 09:14:00

Yemen's embattled president was on his way to the United States for medical treatment Monday, officials said.

Yemen's president heading to U.S. for treatmentupdated: Sun Jan 22 2012 17:47:00

Embattled Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was en route to the United States for medical treatment Sunday, officials said.

Norwegian U.N. official kidnapped in Yemenupdated: Sun Jan 15 2012 15:33:00

Armed tribesmen snatched a Norwegian U.N. official from the streets of Yemen's capital Sunday, demanding the release of a jailed tribal leader, Norwegian and Yemeni officials said.

Attack in Yemen kills security officer, wounds 7updated: Wed Jan 11 2012 07:25:00

A militant attack on a government vehicle in Yemen's business capital, Aden, Wednesday, killed a political security officer and injured seven others, three senior security officials said.

Soldiers and militants die in Yemen clashesupdated: Fri Jan 06 2012 07:23:00

At least 27 al Qaeda members and four soldiers were killed in the last two days of clashes in three different districts in Yemen's southern province of Abyan, officials said.

Clashes leave 10 dead in Yemenupdated: Sat Dec 17 2011 19:57:00

Clashes between government troops and suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen left at least 10 people dead Saturday, according to two senior security officials.

Yemen national unity government namedupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 13:02:00

Yemen formed a new unity government, the latest step in the implementing of the pact leading to the controversial president's departure from office, the state news agency said on Wednesday

Military council formed in Yemenupdated: Sun Dec 04 2011 18:00:00

Yemen's vice president announced Sunday the formation of a military council of 14 members whose duties will be to stabilize the country and reform the military, a senior official in the vice president's office told CNN.

Suspected al Qaeda militants killed in Yemen clashes, officials sayupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 05:22:00

At least 11 suspected al Qaeda militants were killed in Yemen's southern province of Abyan in clashes that erupted Tuesday night and continued for at least 14 hours, according to officials and local residents.

Medics: Militants raid Yemen town, killing dozensupdated: Sun Nov 27 2011 07:09:00

At least 24 people were killed early Sunday when militants raided a Sunni town in northern Yemen, medics and witnesses said.

Yemeni leader calls for elections to be held in Februaryupdated: Sat Nov 26 2011 19:04:00

Yemen's vice president called Saturday for presidential elections to be held in February, state media reported.

Yemen after Saleh: Still a treacherous road updated: Thu Nov 24 2011 06:13:00

After months of bloodshed, intrigue and revenge that made Yemen seem like an Arabian version of Hamlet, President Ali Abdullah Saleh has finally transferred his powers to his vice president, and elections are to be held in three months.

Yemen's president signs power transfer dealupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 17:57:00

Yemen's president became the fourth Arab leader forced from power this year when he signed a deal Wednesday aimed at ending his country's months-long political crisis.

Why we should care about Yemenupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 07:03:00

At first glance, it might seem that Yemen -- like Somalia -- is a place we should best forget about. It has few proven natural resources, its hinterland is largely barren and inaccessible, and it has a long history of being virtually impossible to govern. But first impressions can be misleading, and if Yemen were to sink into a state of anarchy, the implications for the Gulf region and beyond would be profound.

Oil refinery in Yemen stops operation; lack of raw materials citedupdated: Sun Nov 20 2011 17:18:00

An oil refinery in Yemen has stopped operation due to lack of raw materials, according to officials at the refinery.

Yemen is experiencing two revolutions, says female activistupdated: Thu Nov 17 2011 07:01:00

It's hard not to become distressed, when I'm carefully following the situation in Yemen since violence got worse. It's even more troublesome not to become distressed thinking that there is a bleak future waiting for Yemen.

Child dies in clashes in Yemenupdated: Thu Nov 10 2011 17:51:00

Clashes resumed in southwestern Yemen Thursday night after fierce government attacks against opposition posts that lasted more than seven hours in the earlier in the day.

Six militants killed in Yemen clashesupdated: Mon Nov 07 2011 13:54:00

Six suspected terror militants were killed Sunday night in clashes that continued with Yemeni troops for more than four hours, local security officials in Abyan, Yemen, told CNN.

Report: 10 killed in Yemen clashesupdated: Wed Nov 02 2011 12:11:00

Ten opposition members were killed and 38 others injured during clashes with government forces in the southern Yemeni province of Taiz Wednesday, medics said.

Rights group: Hundreds of protesters abducted, tortured in Yemenupdated: Tue Nov 01 2011 16:09:00

More than 200 youth protesters were abducted by the Yemeni government during a march two weeks ago, Yemen's most prominent human rights organization claims. The group also contends that hundreds of youths are being tortured in government custody.

Day after U.N. resolution, at least 9 killed in Yemen clashesupdated: Sat Oct 22 2011 18:07:00

At least nine people were killed and 23 wounded during clashes between Yemen security forces and rival fighters on Saturday, medical officials said.

U.N. Security Council unanimously condemns Yemenupdated: Fri Oct 21 2011 18:32:00

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Friday in favor of a resolution to condemn violence in Yemen, where demonstrators, government forces and rival factions have been embroiled in months of unrest.

Yemenis hope online video will keep spotlight on uprisingupdated: Wed Oct 19 2011 14:11:00

Young anti-government activists in Yemen have launched a new online video campaign to remind people that their months-long uprising is continuing, and that they have no intention of backing down.

Protests continue as Yemen goes to Security Councilupdated: Wed Oct 12 2011 18:11:00

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Sanaa on Wednesday, marching, chanting and calling for the United Nations to come out with a firm resolution in support for change in the country.

Women inspired to protest in Yemenupdated: Mon Oct 10 2011 17:06:00

Nobel Peace laureate Tawakkul Karman inspires women to protest in Yemen. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Yemeni protesters seek world backingupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 18:12:00

Anti-government demonstrators took to the streets in the Yemeni capital in two massive protests Tuesday, and the throngs chanted for international support, witnesses said.

Report: Plane shot down in Yemenupdated: Wed Sep 28 2011 12:08:00

A government warplane crashed north of the capital city of Yemen on Wednesday morning, state television reported.

Yemeni president returnsupdated: Wed Sep 28 2011 12:08:00

CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports on the return of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to Yemen.

Yemenis rally for leader's ousterupdated: Tue Sep 27 2011 21:49:00

Yemen protesters want President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down.

Yemen defense minister survives assassination attemptupdated: Tue Sep 27 2011 21:49:00

Yemen's defense minister escaped an assassination attempt Tuesday when a suicide bomber attacked his convoy, the Yemeni government said.

Dozens dead as clashes, protests simmer in Yemen updated: Sun Sep 25 2011 11:21:00

Nearly 40 people were killed in Yemen's capital on Saturday as protesters took to the streets and government Republican Guards clashed with Yemeni soldiers who support the opposition.

Report: Yemen VP calls for cease-fireupdated: Fri Sep 23 2011 02:09:00

CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports on the latest violence in Yemen while Yemen's VP calls for a cease-fire.

Yemen sees fresh clashes as mediation failsupdated: Thu Sep 22 2011 14:10:00

Government security forces fired on protesters in Yemen's capital Thursday, killing at least four people and injuring dozens, medical sources at a hospital near the city's Change Square said.

Violence escalates again in Yemenupdated: Tue Sep 20 2011 16:13:00

Violence claims dozens of lives in Yemen. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Deadly clashes in Yemenupdated: Mon Sep 19 2011 17:38:00

Laura Kasinof reports on security forces in Yemen opening fire on anti-government protesters in Yemen's capital, Sanaa.

Violence stokes fears of civil war in Yemenupdated: Mon Sep 19 2011 17:38:00

A violent crackdown by Yemeni authorities has left dozens dead at protests, witnesses and medical officials said Monday.

Dozens killed as international pressure mounts on Yemenupdated: Mon Sep 19 2011 16:19:00

Officials from the United Nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council were in Sanaa, Yemen, on Monday, hoping to help organize a peaceful transfer of power as witnesses reported violence in the streets.

26 protesters killed, hundreds injured in Yemenupdated: Mon Sep 19 2011 01:31:00

At least 26 protesters were killed and more than 550 were injured, hundreds by gunshot, when security forces fired live bullets and tear gas at a massive demonstration in Yemen's capital Sanaa on Sunday, a medic said.

10 killed in government air attacks outside Sanaa, Yemenupdated: Tue Sep 13 2011 16:30:00

At least 10 people were killed Tuesday on the outskirts of Yemen's capital as government forces bombarded residential areas, witnesses said, in the latest example of what a U.N. report calls a "deteriorating humanitarian situation" in the country.

Warships free hostage taken from yacht off Yemenupdated: Sat Sep 10 2011 16:41:00

Warships stopped a suspected pirate skiff Saturday and rescued a crew member of a French yacht that sent a distress call this week off the coast of Yemen, officials said.

Fears mount for French yacht crew missing off Yemenupdated: Fri Sep 09 2011 11:56:00

The fate of the crew of a French yacht who went missing after sending a distress call off the coast of Yemen is in doubt, the French foreign ministry said Friday.

Tensions rising in Yemen; pro-government gunmen gather outside capitalupdated: Sun Sep 04 2011 13:01:00

Heavy explosions could be heard Sunday in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, and government forces were on high alert as tensions rose.

Six killed in car bomb explosion in Yemenupdated: Sun Sep 04 2011 07:18:00

Six troops were killed and at least eight others injured when an explosive-laden vehicle exploded in Yemen's southern Aden province on Saturday night, two security officials in Aden said.

Yemeni PM back home after treatment in Saudi Arabiaupdated: Tue Aug 23 2011 22:42:00

Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Mujawar was back in Sanaa Tuesday for the first time since he was seriously injured in the presidential palace bombing last June, according to sources at the airport in the capital.

Twin suicide attacks kill 12 tribesmen in Yemenupdated: Sun Aug 21 2011 09:18:00

Twin suicide attacks in southern Yemen killed 12 tribesmen early Sunday morning, authorities said.

Eyewitnesses: 26 killed in Yemen clashesupdated: Tue Aug 16 2011 13:17:00

Fighting between local tribes and government forces in Yemen left at least 26 people dead on Tuesday, eyewitnesses said, confrontations that killed mostly civilians.

Yemen's president confers with party officials amid pressure to departupdated: Fri Aug 12 2011 07:22:00

Yemen's embattled president has been huddling with members of his ruling party in neighboring Saudi Arabia as world and regional powers press for an end to the political crisis in his country and a smooth transition of political power.

Yemen opposition welcomes U.N. call for power transferupdated: Wed Aug 10 2011 08:21:00

Yemen's top opposition movement welcomed the U.N. Security Council's call for a transfer of power, an initiative that could end the political instability in the poverty-ridden Arab nation.

Official: Pro-government tribesmen killed in Yemen airstrikesupdated: Sun Jul 31 2011 12:53:00

Recent Yemeni airstrikes targeting Islamic militants in the south accidentally killed at least 11 pro-government tribesmen, a senior Yemeni military official told CNN Sunday.

Sources: 16 dead in Yemen violenceupdated: Sat Jul 30 2011 07:24:00

At least 16 people died when Yemeni government forces clashed with tribes outside the capital and militants in a restive southern province, sources said.

Medics: Child slain during Yemen protestupdated: Thu Jul 21 2011 07:58:00

A child was killed and six other people were wounded on Thursday when security forces shot at protesters in Yemeni city of Taiz, a medical team said.

Briton killed in Yemen car bombingupdated: Thu Jul 21 2011 00:21:00

A British citizen who worked for a Yemeni company has been killed by a car bomb in the volatile country, the British Foreign Office and a Yemeni senior security official said Wednesday.

Yemeni opposition party: assassination attempt on leaderupdated: Wed Jul 20 2011 23:50:00

The leader of Yemen's largest opposition party escaped an assassination attempt on Wednesday, the Islah party said.

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