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Yosemite National Park

Four more cases of hantavirus have been reported among people who visited Yosemite National Park in California, bringing the total number of cases to six, the California Department of Public Health said Thursday. Two of the six people infected have died.

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Rare virus kills Yosemite camperupdated: Fri Aug 31 2012 10:56:00

Two Californians, one of whom died, may have been exposed to mice droppings that contained hantavirus. KGPE reports.

1 more dead after contracting hantavirus at Yosemite National Parkupdated: Mon Aug 27 2012 21:55:00

More than a week after announcing two vacationers had contracted hantavirus -- one of them fatally -- Yosemite National Park said Monday that authorities have determined another person died after contracting the disease while visiting the park.

Two may have contracted hantavirus while visiting Yosemiteupdated: Fri Aug 17 2012 08:55:00

Two Californians, one of whom died, may have been exposed to mice droppings or urine that contained hantavirus while vacationing at Yosemite National Park, health officials said Thursday.

Boy drowns, another missing in Yosemite National Park riverupdated: Fri Aug 17 2012 05:19:00

Half way to a popular waterfall at Yosemite National Park, the 15 members of a Southern California family decided to take a break from the trail at a footbridge that crosses the boulder-strewn Merced River.

Yosemite's Mist Trail experienceupdated: Fri Aug 17 2012 05:19:00

Hike up The Mist Trail and beyond to the top of Nevada Fall and experience the wonders of Yosemite National Park

Rock climber scales his way to the topupdated: Mon Jul 30 2012 11:37:00

Alex Honnold's fingertips and toe tips barely cling on to the side of a mountain in Yosemite, thousands of feet in the air. He is free solo climbing, which means he has no rope to support him, so one false move would mean a long fall to the rocky ground below.

Climbing mountains without a ropeupdated: Mon Jul 30 2012 11:37:00

Free solo climber Alex Honnold scales mountains with no rope, and no room for error.

3rd body found in Yosemite is identified as missing womanupdated: Tue Dec 06 2011 17:16:00

The third body recovered in Yosemite National Park near where three hikers were swept over a waterfall in July has been identified as missing 21-year-old Ramina Badal, park officials said Tuesday.

Bodies recovered in Yosemite months after hikers go over waterfallupdated: Mon Dec 05 2011 16:36:00

Two bodies have been found in Yosemite National Park in recent days near where three hikers were swept over a 317-foot waterfall last July, officials at the park in California said Monday.

Female cop: I was meant to do this jobupdated: Tue Sep 06 2011 14:32:00

Injured on 9/11, the NYPD's Terri Tobin reflects on that day and says she and other women were answering a call to duty.

Small choices, saved lives: Near misses of 9/11updated: Tue Sep 06 2011 14:32:00

Greer Epstein never took breaks.

California wildfire grows to 4,755 acresupdated: Mon Aug 29 2011 04:09:00

Teams in northern California called in air power Sunday as they try to rein in a wildfire in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Yosemite National Park, a fire official said.

California wildfire scorches 3,000 acresupdated: Sat Aug 27 2011 02:01:00

A wildfire triggered by an exploding propane tank has scorched 3,000 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and caused the evacuation of a resort, fire officials said Friday.

Wildfire blazes in California near Yosemite parkupdated: Fri Aug 26 2011 05:32:00

A wildfire triggered by an exploding propane tank has consumed 1,000 acres of forest land in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California near Yosemite National Park, authorities said.

Yosemite records 17th death in an unusually fatal yearupdated: Wed Aug 24 2011 16:37:00

A 17th person has died in Yosemite National Park, which has been experiencing a higher than usual number of fatalities this year, authorities said.

Three presumed dead after river fallupdated: Wed Aug 17 2011 10:57:00

July: Three Yosemite National Park tourists climbed over a guardrail into the Merced River and were swept. KGPE reports.

Yosemite's deadly year has some wondering whyupdated: Wed Aug 17 2011 10:57:00

Near Yosemite National Park's beautiful Mist Trail, a young man lost his footing, slipping close to the edge of a waterfall. A female companion frantically grabbed for him, but stumbled.

Spectacular space pictures of the yearupdated: Thu Aug 11 2011 09:50:00

From the weird to the wonderful, the cosmos offers photographers an infinite canvas at which to point their lenses and take amazing pictures.

A walk in the park: Hiking Yosemite's North Rimupdated: Mon Aug 08 2011 08:47:00

I'm somewhere between a car camper and an outdoor enthusiast. It did take me over 10 months of owning hiking boots to actually start breaking them in, but I know how to build a campfire and I'm not afraid of a few days without a shower.

Rangers recover body of man swept over waterfall in Yosemiteupdated: Sat Aug 06 2011 16:56:00

The body of 22-year-old Hormiz David from Modesto, California, was recovered by Yosemite National Park rangers Friday -- more than two weeks after he was swept over Vernal Fall.

Woman killed in fall from Yosemite's Half Domeupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 08:54:00

A California woman fell 600 feet to her death Sunday while trying to descend a landmark rock formation at Yosemite National Park, according to park officials.

Hikers presumed dead after falling over Yosemite waterfallupdated: Wed Jul 20 2011 21:14:00

Three Yosemite National Park tourists climbed over a guardrail into the Merced River and were swept away Tuesday. Where Prince William, Kate Will Stay If They Go to Yosemiteupdated: Fri Jun 03 2011 16:09:00

A haunted room at the Ahwahnee hotel was named for Queen Elizabeth II after she roomed there in 1983

Gas prices put crimp in travel planningupdated: Fri Mar 25 2011 11:51:00

Eye-popping gas prices on a weekend trip to Yosemite National Park in California have Damaris Santos-Palmer rethinking a family road trip.

National parks have room for all racesupdated: Fri Oct 29 2010 20:55:00

As the only African American permanent ranger in Yosemite National Park in California, I often lament that I'm more likely to meet visitors from Japan or France than I am to see an African-American family from nearby Sacramento or Oakland. So I couldn't be more appreciative of my recent opportunity to lead Oprah Winfrey through this national treasure for a two-part television special that airs Friday and Monday.

'Heart-pumping' trip to volcano's topupdated: Fri Oct 08 2010 07:45:00

"I commend you for wanting to try the Cinder Cone trail," the park ranger said ominously at the visitor center of Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California.

Best of the West: National park beachesupdated: Mon Aug 30 2010 07:58:00

Check out these 10 scenic spots to swim, float and soak in the sun at the West's amazing national parks.

CNNMoney: Can't find a job, college grad? National Park Service is hiringupdated: Mon Aug 16 2010 13:06:00

There is at least one bright spot amid this otherwise wretched job market: The National Park Service is hiring!

If not Ansel Adams, then who took garage-sale photos?updated: Fri Jul 30 2010 07:57:00

The mystery is deepening over who created 65 glass photographic plates bought at a California garage sale for $45 by a man who believes they were created by famed nature photographer Ansel Adams.

Pics by 'Uncle Earl,' not Ansel Adams?updated: Fri Jul 30 2010 07:57:00

A California woman tells affiliate KTVU that she thinks her uncle took pictures another man claims are from Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams's Family Questions Authenticity of Garage Sale Findupdated: Wed Jul 28 2010 20:08:00

They claim the glass negatives are worthless and the founder Rick Norsigian is a fraud

Experts: Ansel Adams photos found at garage sale worth $200 millionupdated: Tue Jul 27 2010 21:01:00

Rick Norsigian kept two boxes he bought at a garage sale under his pool table for four years before realizing they may be too valuable to store at home.

How the 'double rainbow' video blew upupdated: Fri Jul 16 2010 16:29:00

It is usually the simplest expressions that take off like wildfire. Everyone's been talking this week about "double rainbows," based on a goofy home video recorded more than six months ago.

Get out! National parks to hold fee-free weekupdated: Thu Apr 15 2010 11:43:00

It takes $25 per car before visitors driving into Grand Canyon National Park can enjoy its spectacular beauty, but the price of admission is going away -- for just a little while.

Storms spark floods, tornado warning in Californiaupdated: Tue Jan 19 2010 18:26:00

Torrential rainfall unleashed flooding and spawned a rare tornado warning in California on Tuesday as a series of storms moved through, with more expected Wednesday and Thursday.

Family adventures at Yosemiteupdated: Tue Nov 10 2009 08:44:00

Rivers Klopson, 5, turns cartwheels in the sunshine on the flat rocks next to Yosemite's famous Vernal Fall, oblivious to the strangers smiling at her.

Storm threatens California with flooding, mudslidesupdated: Tue Oct 13 2009 16:58:00

Heavy rain that began pounding California on Tuesday threatened to unleash dangerous floods and mudslides, especially in areas ravaged by wildfires.

Yosemite basket maker a living legendupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 11:17:00

Her hands are like the grand and timeless Yosemite Valley where she has lived the better part of 60 years. They are strong and steady, with the feel of permanence like the smooth granite faces of El Capitan and Half Dome.

Yosemite's 'living legend'updated: Thu Oct 08 2009 11:17:00

Yosemite National Park's oldest employee is labeled a "national treasure." Photojournalist John Torigoe has the story.

Aiming to add more diversity under America's blue skiesupdated: Wed Sep 02 2009 13:36:00

Audrey Peterman grew up surrounded by Jamaica's verdant mountains and lush mango orchards. She'd watch fish and an occasional shrimp dart in the stream that flowed near her house. When she settled in America, she yearned to relish the natural beauty of her new homeland. Winter: Snow Slams Sierra Nevadaupdated: Tue Nov 04 2008 13:00:00

A storm dropped as much as 15 inches of snow in the Sierra Nevada, hastening the state of the ski season but bogging down traffic 2nd Rock Slide Reported in Yosemite National Parkupdated: Wed Oct 08 2008 13:00:00

A second rock slide in as many days is being reported in Yosemite National Park in California Feds Warn Warming Could Harm Giant Sequoiasupdated: Fri Sep 05 2008 14:00:00

Federal researchers are warning that warming temperatures could soon cause California's giant sequoia trees to die off more quickly unless forest managers plan with an eye toward climate change and the impact of a longer, harsher wildfire season

Wildfires send smoke, ash over Yosemiteupdated: Tue Jul 29 2008 14:29:00

Heavy smoke and ash were wafting over Yosemite Park from a fast-moving wildfire that has charred 46 square miles west of the popular tourist destination in California, a park ranger said Tuesday.

Smoke hides Yosemite's beautyupdated: Tue Jul 29 2008 14:29:00

Tourists have a hard time seeing the beauty of Yosemite after a thick cloud of smoke envelopes the park. Yosemite Park Fire Destroys Homesupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 12:00:00

Little relief from hot weather is expected this week as crews fight to contain a wildfire near an entrance to Yosemite National Park that has destroyed 12 homes and forced the evacuation of nearly 200 others

Yosemite fire threatens homesupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 11:50:00

KCRA's Rich Ibarra reports on a wildfire near Yosemite National Park threatening nearby homes.

Fire near Yosemite park destroys 12 homesupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 11:50:00

A fast-growing wildfire outside California's Yosemite National Park has destroyed a dozen homes and charred more than 26,000 acres of dry timber, the state's forestry department said Monday. Fires Near Homes Outside Yosemiteupdated: Sun Jul 27 2008 11:00:00

A fast-spreading fire burning near an entrance to Yosemite National Park forced the evacuations of 170 homes

2,000 homes threatened by 'erratic' wildfire near Yosemiteupdated: Sun Jul 27 2008 10:01:00

Fueled by dry timber that hasn't burned in a century, a wildfire in central California grew to more than 16,000 acres and is threatening more than 2,000 homes near Yosemite National Park, a fire official said Sunday. Chris Kattan Marries Modelupdated: Mon Jun 30 2008 08:24:00

The former SNL star ties the knot in Yosemite with model Sunshine Tutt

How close is too close to an ex?updated: Wed Apr 16 2008 09:17:00

Relationships are tricky enough with just two people involved so imagine how delicate the balancing act becomes when your ex is still in the mix.

Technology pulls curtain back to offer new world viewsupdated: Tue Mar 04 2008 01:00:00

We can see the world like never before. A confluence of ubiquitous cameras, the commercialization of satellite imaging and Web sites specializing in photos and videos has put the world at our fingertips. And more is being put there every day.

Yosemite in winter: The magic without the crowdsupdated: Thu Jan 24 2008 10:30:00

A cold, clear January morning. We have strapped on snowshoes and are tramping the trail that runs from Badger Pass to Dewey Point above Yosemite Valley. A dozen of us show up, snowshoe novices all.

Top 10 ice-skating rinks in the United Statesupdated: Wed Dec 19 2007 19:00:00

Where to twirl in the shadow of palm trees, city skyscrapers, or dramatic stone cliffs.

Taking the kids: Family fun at national parksupdated: Sat Jun 30 2007 04:16:00

Boring ...

Fortune: Patagonia: Blueprint for green businessupdated: Tue May 29 2007 10:31:00

"There is no business to be done on a dead planet." Ask Travelin' Joe: Kenya, Yosemite, and Baltimoreupdated: Thu May 03 2007 12:29:00

If you need travel advice, zip him an e-mail at

FSB: For-profit business, nonprofit valuesupdated: Thu Dec 21 2006 06:32:00

Growing up in a struggling family where he was shuttled among relatives for years, Ted Smith, now 24, says he spent much of his teens and early 20s abusing drugs and alcohol. Then, in December 2003...

Fortune: Serwer: Betting on a 'hip' profitupdated: Thu Oct 26 2006 08:10:00

Gee, that was a big surprise that the Fed left interest rates alone. Why even have the meeting? Save some money. Not touching rates helps the incumbents. Conspiracy? Or not....

How adventurous should your family vacation be? updated: Fri Jun 23 2006 10:20:00

When Lauryn Axelrod plans a vacation with her teenage son Josh, she begins with one question: What new cultural and physical experiences do I want to give my child?

New designation of Hawaiian waters stirs controversyupdated: Fri Jun 16 2006 19:12:00

It is a monument like no other -- 1,400 miles long and 100 miles wide.

'Prosthetics helped me beat Kilimanjaro'updated: Tue Dec 13 2005 05:53:00

Warren Macdonald had both legs amputated above the knees after a climbing accident. But by modifying or trying out new types of prosthetics, he was soon back on top of the world. This is his story:

CNNMoney: The call of the wildupdated: Wed Jul 06 2005 13:45:00

Hotel rates are on the rise this summer according to a recent study by consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers. That's just another reason to skip the room service and polish up those tent poles.

Money Magazine: Swap home, see worldupdated: Thu Feb 17 2005 17:19:00

It's not unusual to find strangers lurking in Janet and Peter Lessem's Manhattan brownstone, fingering the cutlery, peeking in the medicine cabinet, sleeping Goldilocks-style in the beds.

Last stranded climbers in Yosemite rescuedupdated: Fri Oct 22 2004 21:17:00

Two climbers who were stranded and spent the night on Yosemite National Park's El Capitan following an early winter storm were rescued Friday, park officials said.

Two elderly hikers missing in Californiaupdated: Thu Oct 21 2004 19:12:00

Two elderly hikers with more than 30 years of hiking experience were missing in California's Sequoia National Park late Thursday, two days after they were to have returned from their outing.

Japanese climbers die in Yosemiteupdated: Wed Oct 20 2004 22:50:00

Two Japanese mountain climbers were discovered dead Wednesday in Yosemite National Park, a few hundred feet from the peak of the world's largest granite monolith, officials said.

CNNMoney: Your home: Preparing for the worstupdated: Fri Jul 23 2004 14:49:00

All evacuation orders have been lifted but firefighters are still battling a series of wildfires in California. Two out of three blazes burning north of Los Angeles are fully surrounded, and a 42-hundred acre fire in Yosemite National Park is mostly contained.

No letup for firefighters in Californiaupdated: Mon Jul 19 2004 12:24:00

Weather forecasters predicted little relief Monday for firefighters battling wildfires that have scorched thousands of acres and forced hundreds of people to leave their homes in California.

Money Magazine: Twelve romantic weekends in the Westupdated: Tue Feb 11 2003 00:27:00

The floors creak, the doors lock only from the inside, and the walls are paper thin -- so whispering is the norm. If this doesn't sound appealing, it's because the strange beauty of Big Sur California's Deetjen Inn so defies description.

Money Magazine: Romantic Weekendsupdated: Sat Feb 01 2003 00:01:00

Ah, romance. It means different things to different people. Some go for the traditional accoutrements: candlelit dinners, roaring fires, cozy inns and the like. For others, any time spent together ...

Money Magazine: Blue Skiesupdated: Tue Aug 01 2000 00:01:00

$99 A one-hour aerial tour of Yosemite National Park offers an unparalleled view of giant waterfalls and rock towers from a five-passenger plane. Call Courtney Aviation at 209-532-2345.

Money Magazine: Mayupdated: Sat May 01 1999 00:01:00

Europe's shoulder season--when the weather is good but the summer hordes haven't yet arrived--is upon us, so good deals are available through May and even into June. Until May 31, for example, Visa...

Money Magazine: TEN TERRIFIC NATIONAL PARKS YOU CAN VISIT FOR $35 A WEEKupdated: Tue Apr 01 1997 00:01:00


Money Magazine: DISPUTING OUR BEST PLACES updated: Mon Nov 01 1993 00:01:00

I have lived exactly half my life in Rochester, Minn., which your September report "The Best Places to Live Now" ranked No. 1 in the nation, and half in Modesto, Calif., No. 294. If you like to wea...

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