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Obama's foreign policy in gridlock: former national security adviserupdated: Fri Feb 05 2010 22:15:00

President Obama's foreign policy agenda may have "run out of steam" and he must now take risks and provide effective leadership, former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said Friday.

Obama 'running out of steam'updated: Fri Feb 05 2010 22:15:00

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says President Obama's foreign policy has 'run out of steam.'

Analysis: Asia stacked with problems for Obamaupdated: Thu Nov 06 2008 08:53:00

Donald Rumsfeld was much pilloried for his musings on the "unknown unknowns" that bedevil defense planning. But an echo of that warning was floated Wednesday by another former Bush administration official as the election result became known.

Asia on Obama's winupdated: Thu Nov 06 2008 08:53:00

CNN's Emily Chang reports on reaction across Asia to Barack Obama's win in the U.S. election.

Zakaria: President-elect won't have much time to celebrateupdated: Fri Oct 31 2008 15:38:00

Trailing in the polls, Sen. John McCain will travel to seven states in one day as his presidential campaign enters its final hours, the Republican nominee's campaign manager announced Friday.

Republicans fire back at Sanchez for Iraq war criticismupdated: Sun Oct 14 2007 22:59:00

Republicans reacted with surprise and recrimination Sunday to blistering criticism of the Iraq war from former coalition commander retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez.

Republicans respond to Sanchezupdated: Sun Oct 14 2007 22:59:00

Republicans respond to blistering criticism on the Iraq war from retired Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. CNN's Ed Henry reports

Brzezinski: U.S. in danger of 'stampeding' to war with Iranupdated: Mon Sep 24 2007 07:17:00

Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski likened U.S. officials' saber rattling about Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions to similar statements made before the start of the Iraq war.

Brzezinski calls for direct talksupdated: Sun May 14 2006 15:14:00

The national security adviser under former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Sunday that the United States should open direct talks with Iran over its nuclear program, and dismissed the current negotiations as "absurd."

Clash of the titansupdated: Mon Jun 28 2004 16:26:00

With the transfer of power in Iraq now a done deal, the question arises: When should U.S. troops pull out? Two former presidential advisers strongly disagree on possible exit strategies, using comparisons to the Vietnam War as a reference point.

Fortune: Wall Street eyes China, the view from third base, an opening for epistemologists, and other matters. INVESTING IN HUMAN NATUREupdated: Mon Jun 28 1993 00:01:00

Many people study the world in an effort to forecast stock prices. Being committed to the efficient-market hypothesis -- which says just about everything knowable is already embedded in stock price...


I do not believe in the fashionable notion of American decline in that I do not see any other country rising to replace us. Europe, including Eastern Europe, is going to be a major power economical...

Fortune: Protecting the Democrats' honor, the latest media math, more men discover sex, and other matters. PICK A NUMBERupdated: Mon Jan 01 1990 00:01:00

We begin by fastening on three thoughts about the U.S. defense budget that have lately swum into focus. (1) Owing to an outbreak of sweetness and light in the world, the budget will be cut big. (2)...

Fortune: Protection for grunts, left on the prairie, a write-down in the Soviet Union, and other matters. STEALTHY STRATEGYupdated: Mon Aug 28 1989 00:01:00

Two years ago, your correspondent had a part-time tour of duty in the Pentagon, serving as editor for a high-level group called the Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy (CILS). The commissio...

Fortune: Equine Efficiency, Nudity Prevention, Virginal Space, and Other Matters. Baby Talk About Spaceupdated: Mon Feb 01 1988 00:01:00

Nexis, as ever our guide to the prevalence of loaded phrases, reports 210 sightings of ''militarization of space'' (hereafter MOS) since 1986. Having now sampled the sightings quite extensively, we...

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