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Police in Zimbabwe on Tuesday confirmed that one person was killed and 15 injured in an accident involving President Robert Mugabe's motorcade on Sunday.

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UN's controversial pick: Robert Mugabeupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 15:01:00

Who did the United Nations pick to aid its World Tourism Organization? No, it's not Bono.

Miners trapped in Zimbabwean platinum mine, officials sayupdated: Tue May 22 2012 12:11:00

Workers trapped by a fire overnight in a platinum mine in southern Zimbabwe are being brought to the surface Tuesday, a statement from the mine's owners said.

Inside Zimbabwe's diamond industryupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 08:12:00

Marketplace Africa gets exclusive access to the controversial Marange diamond fields in eastern Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe activists fined for watching Arab Spring videosupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 15:53:00

A judge fined six Zimbabwean human rights activists $500 each on Wednesday for watching footage of the Arab Spring protests and threatened to send them to prison for 10 months if they fail to pay up by Monday.

Zimbabwean PM responds to verdictupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 15:53:00

CNN's Zain Verjee talks to Zimbabwe's PM about the conviction of six people allegedly plotting to unseat Mugabe.

Sentencing delayed for 6 Zimbabweans convicted of watching Arab Spring videos updated: Tue Mar 20 2012 13:19:00

Sentencing has been delayed for six Zimbabweans convicted of conspiracy to commit public violence after they were caught watching footage of Arab Spring protests.

Zimbabweans guilty in Arab Spring caseupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 13:19:00

Two Zimbabweans describe the treatment they received after watching Arab Spring protest videos.

Zimbabweans found guilty of watching Arab Spring videosupdated: Mon Mar 19 2012 19:00:00

Six Zimbabweans arrested last year for watching footage of the Arab Spring protests were found guilty Monday of conspiracy to commit public violence.

Inside the Marange diamond fieldupdated: Fri Mar 16 2012 11:46:00

CNN's Robyn Curnow gets a rare look inside the controversial Marange diamond fields of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe public unions plan walkout over wagesupdated: Wed Jan 18 2012 18:41:00

Civil servants in Zimbabwe plan a one-day strike Thursday to protest low wages even as the government says the public payroll is too high.

Tourist survives bungee cord breakupdated: Mon Jan 16 2012 07:22:00

A tourist survives a fall after her bungee cord broke during a jump.

Victoria Falls ... without the bungee jumpingupdated: Mon Jan 16 2012 07:22:00

Video of a tourist plunging into the Zambezi River after her bungee cord snapped on New Year's Eve is enough to make anyone think twice before leaping from the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Discovering the real Zambiaupdated: Fri Jan 13 2012 08:43:00

Venturing out on my first assignment for "Inside Africa" in Zambia was an absolute privilege. My goal is to discover unexpected stories, meet the most interesting people and reveal something special about where I am. In Livingstone, Zambia -- heat aside -- this was easy.

Zimbabwe police retrieve 11 people drowned on Christmas dayupdated: Mon Dec 26 2011 06:13:00

Police in Zimbabwe said Monday 11 people -- including five children -- drowned when their boat capsized in strong winds on Christmas day evening.

Deep divisions in Zimbabweupdated: Sat Dec 10 2011 21:14:00

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is set to call for early elections. CNN's Nkepile Mabuse reports.

3 women in Zimbabwe charged in series of sex attacks on menupdated: Sat Oct 15 2011 05:28:00

Police in Zimbabwe on Friday charged three women found in possession of 33 condoms containing semen with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault in a case that may be a break in a string of sex attacks over the past two years by women targeting male hitchhikers.

Zimbabwean Anglicans dividedupdated: Mon Oct 10 2011 15:52:00

The archbishop of Canterbury tries to heal rifts in the Anglican church of Zimbabwe, Nkepile Mabuse reports

700 companies face probe over Zimbabwe equity lawupdated: Tue Sep 27 2011 11:33:00

The Zimbabwe government will probe about 700 foreign-owned companies that have missed a deadline to tell the government how they will transfer their majority equity to indigenous people, risking "serious consequences," that include cancellation or suspension of their operating licenses, a government body official said Tuesday.

Zimbabwe to enforce equity deadline on foreign firmsupdated: Mon Sep 26 2011 21:09:00

Zimbabwe will decide Tuesday what action to take against foreign-owned companies that have missed a deadline to tell the government how they will transfer their majority equity to indigenous Zimbabweans, a senior government official has said.

What's next for Libya?updated: Tue Aug 30 2011 17:05:00

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen speaks with Mustafa Abdul Jalil about the Libyan conflict.

Zimbabwe boots Libyan ambassador who now backs rebelsupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 17:05:00

President Robert Mugabe's government on Tuesday said the Libyan ambassador to Zimbabwe must leave the country because he has switched his allegiance to the Libyan rebels' National Transitional Council.

Hackers target Zimbabwe stock exchange siteupdated: Fri Aug 05 2011 07:20:00

Computer hackers targeted the Zimbabwean stock exchange for the second time this week and used it as a phishing site, an official said Friday.

Zimbabwean woman wins top writing prize for tale of starving childrenupdated: Tue Jul 26 2011 11:50:00

Zimbabwean NoViolet Bulawayo has won the Caine Prize for African Writing for her short story "Hitting Budapest."

Zimbabwean prosecutors drop treason charges against six activistsupdated: Mon Jul 18 2011 21:41:00

Prosecutors in Zimbabwe dropped treason charges Monday against six activists accused of plotting an Egyptian-style uprising against President Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe police arrest journalists over 'false statements'updated: Wed Jun 29 2011 18:40:00

Zimbabwe police arrested Wednesday an editor, a reporter and executive of a weekly newspaper for writing "false statements" about an official's arrest, their lawyer has said.

Keeping it in the family: African migrants send home billionsupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 05:50:00

They might have left their countries to earn themselves a living abroad but for millions of Africans their paychecks also provide a lifeline for their families left behind.

Zimbabweans abroad provide earningsupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 05:50:00

While several million Zimbabweans live and work abroad, a good deal of their earnings are making their way back home.

Free speech on stage in Harareupdated: Thu Jun 09 2011 06:15:00

Robyn Curnow discovers one of Zimbabwe's last bastions of free speech on stage in Harare.

Protest theater puts free speech center stageupdated: Thu Jun 09 2011 06:15:00

In Zimbabwe, where speaking out on political issues can be risky, one theater troupe is refusing to tread the boards cautiously.

Zimbabwe's cassette cultureupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 06:24:00

CNN Marketplace Africa visits Harare, Zimbabwe where a dying cassette tape industry is receiving a new lease of life.

Pause and rewind: Zimbabwe's audio cassette boomupdated: Tue Jun 07 2011 06:24:00

They might strike a nostalgic chord for music lovers with an ear for retro value but humble old cassette tapes are facing extinction in many parts of the world, left to wither in dusty closets in the era of MP3 players and digital downloads.

Buying art at the robotsupdated: Thu Jun 02 2011 08:48:00

A group of Zimbabwe artists try and make a living at a busy intersection in Cape Town.

Zimbabwe's parliament approves $98 million loan from Chinaupdated: Wed Jun 01 2011 23:39:00

Zimbabwe's parliament has ratified a 20-year $98 million loan from China to build a defense college, despite objections from members of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's party that the poverty-stricken country should prioritize the spending in other ways.

Court orders release of alleged coup plotters in Zimbabweupdated: Tue May 24 2011 13:05:00

Zimbabwe's High Court ordered the immediate release Tuesday of six former army officers accused of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe.

Dispute settled, Zimbabwe returns to preparing constitutionupdated: Sat May 14 2011 15:14:00

Zimbabwe's efforts to write a new constitution resumed Saturday after the two parties now sharing power reached an agreement on how to weigh comments gathered from the public, officials said.

China's relationship with Zimbabweupdated: Tue Apr 26 2011 06:44:00

A new relationship with China is helping - if only a bit - to improve Zimbabwe's economy. CNN's Nkepile Mabuse explains.

Zimbabwe: China's friend in need?updated: Tue Apr 26 2011 06:44:00

Shunned by Western investors, economically ravaged Zimbabwe has turned its sights to the East to improve its finances.

Protesters clash with police in Zimbabweupdated: Sat Apr 09 2011 11:46:00

Thousands of protesters demonstrating against the escalating violence in Zimbabwe were met with tear gas and batons near the capital on Saturday, as the rift within the African nation's "unity government" continued to widen.

Steering to economic stabilityupdated: Thu Mar 31 2011 05:47:00

CNN's Robyn Curnow asks Zimbabwean Finance Minister Tendai Biti how he is steering the country onto a path of economic stability.

Zimbabwe open for business, says finance ministerupdated: Thu Mar 31 2011 05:47:00

International investors looking to tap into Zimbabwe's economy should not be deterred by its political problems, the country's finance minister has said.

Dilshan heroics help put Sri Lanka in World Cup quarterfinalsupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 14:19:00

Co-hosts Sri Lanka became the first team to book a quarterfinal place at the Cricket World Cup after demolishing Zimbabwe by 139 runs on Thursday thanks to a superb all-round performance from Tillakaratne Dilshan.

Zimbabwe's planned 'wealth fund' to target mines, minister saysupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 08:03:00

Zimbabwean officials have said the government will create a fund that will take control of 51% of the country's mines to finance development.

6 activists to face treason charges in Zimbabweupdated: Mon Mar 07 2011 09:29:00

A court in Zimbabwe ruled Monday that six of 45 political and civil society activists arrested last month on charges of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe in a Tunisian-Egyptian style uprising face a trial on treason charges and could be executed if convicted.

Washington concerned over torture allegations in Zimbabweupdated: Fri Mar 04 2011 09:50:00

The United States expressed concern Thursday about recent arrests in Zimbabwe of political and civil society activists and allegations by their lawyer that some of them were tortured.

Silent streets after apparent protest plans in Zimbabweupdated: Tue Mar 01 2011 22:49:00

For the group calling itself FreeZimActivists it is back to the drawing board after its planned protest against President Robert Mugabe's rule in the style of Egypt and Tunisia flopped in Zimbabwe.

Defense attorney: Jailed Zimbabwe activists beaten by authoritiesupdated: Thu Feb 24 2011 15:13:00

Political activists and union members arrested in Zimbabwe last week and accused of plotting an Egyptian-style uprising against longtime President Robert Mugabe were beaten by state security agents, their attorney said Thursday.

Zimbabwe activists charged with treasonupdated: Wed Feb 23 2011 14:56:00

Dozens of political activists and union members rounded up in Zimbabwe last week faced a possible death sentence as prosecutors Wednesday accused them of plotting an Egyptian-style uprising against longtime President Robert Mugabe.

46 arrested for plotting Egyptian-style coup in Zimbabweupdated: Mon Feb 21 2011 17:21:00

Police in Zimbabwe have arrested dozens of political activists and trade union members for allegedly plotting an Egyptian-style uprising in the southern African country.

China: West has no right to punish Zimbabweupdated: Sat Feb 12 2011 06:52:00

China's foreign minister pushed Friday for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe, saying no country has a right to dictate the internal affairs of another nation, state-run media reported.

Zimbabweans scramble for South African visasupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 09:00:00

Zimbabwean immigrants living in South Africa have just a few days left to apply for visas that would allow them to stay in the country legally.

Deadline for Zimbabweans in South Africaupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 09:00:00

Zimbabweans living in South Africa have until the end of the year to get work and study permits, Nkepile Mabuse reports

Zimbabwe elections likely to be delayedupdated: Thu Dec 23 2010 14:29:00

The United States and other western powers appealed to Zimbabwe's tenuous power-sharing government to ensure a fair and free presidential vote, but officials said an election would not take place anytime soon.

Zimbabwe's president threatens 'revenge' against Western companiesupdated: Fri Dec 17 2010 16:32:00

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe threatened Friday to seize all Western-owned investments in the country unless their governments remove targeted sanctions imposed on him and his senior ZANU-PF party members.

Zimbabwe's first lady sues over WikiLeaks reportupdated: Fri Dec 17 2010 14:55:00

The wife of Zimbabwe's president has sued a Zimbabwean newspaper for $15 million following its publication of allegations that she was linked to and profited from illegal diamond sales in the southern African country.

Zimbabwe prime minister rejects president's appointeesupdated: Tue Oct 12 2010 15:42:00

Zimbabwe's prime minister said Thursday he will not recognize President Robert Mugabe's appointments for attorney general and other positions, setting off a potential constitutional crisis.

Tsvangirai: 'Zimbabwe's conflict will end with credible election'updated: Fri Sep 24 2010 07:02:00

Zimbabwe's long-standing political conflict will not be resolved unless a fair election takes place, says Morgan Tsvangirai, the country's prime minister.

Zimbabwe drops charges against members of medical teamupdated: Thu Sep 23 2010 05:34:00

Zimbabwe's government has dropped charges against six health workers accused of dispersing AIDS/HIV drugs without appropriate documentation.

Detained U.S. medical team released on bail by Zimbabwe judgeupdated: Mon Sep 13 2010 13:09:00

Six medical workers, including four Americans, appeared in court in Zimbabwe on Monday, accused of dispensing AIDS medication without a license, their lawyer told CNN.

Church: American medical team hopes to be released in Zimbabweupdated: Sun Sep 12 2010 22:43:00

Five Americans -- two of them doctors -- who treat AIDS patients are expected to appear Monday before a magistrate in Harare, Zimbabwe, on allegations of operating an unlicensed clinic and dispensing medicines without a pharmacist's supervision.

Blood, sweat and treasonupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 05:21:00

Cricketer Henry Olonga tells CNN's Kate Giles about his protests in Zimbabwe and how life was in Zimbabwe.

Henry Olonga, Zimbabwe's cricketing rebelupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 05:21:00

He's the youngest ever cricketer to represent Zimbabwe at international level. He's also the first black cricketer to play for his country. But Henry Olonga's place in history does not rest solely on the brilliance of his bowling.

Zimbabwe launches 'humane' diamonds saleupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 04:37:00

Zimbabwe launched its first multi-million dollar diamond sale this week since obtaining certification last month that the nation's precious stones are harvested humanely and are not "blood diamonds."

Zimbabwe won't prosecute those behind 2008 violenceupdated: Mon Aug 09 2010 11:41:00

Zimbabwe's president on Monday ruled out prosecuting those behind the 2008 violence and killings that engulfed the country and accounted for about 200 deaths.

Zimbabwe plane incident was drillupdated: Thu Aug 05 2010 08:27:00

An incident originally reported as a plane accident Thursday at the Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe was a drill, British and Zimbabwean officials said.

New Zimbabwe newspapersupdated: Sat May 29 2010 00:48:00

Zimbabwean journalist Trevor Ncube explains to CNN's Becky Anderson what new newspapers in Zimbabwe would mean.

New newspapers to launch in Zimbabweupdated: Sat May 29 2010 00:48:00

Free speech activists in Zimbabwe are celebrating a breakthrough for press freedom with the unity government's decision to award licenses to four new daily newspapers.

Mugabe urges peace as Zimbabwe turns 30updated: Mon Apr 19 2010 05:43:00

President Robert Mugabe denounced violence and urged Zimbabweans to focus on rebuilding the country in a speech that marked the nation's 30 years of independence from Britain.

Nestle reopens Zimbabwe factoryupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 14:31:00

Nestle, one of the world's largest food companies, has reopened its factory in Zimbabwe after receiving assurances from the government that its business will not be interfered with again, an official with the Swiss-based company said Tuesday.

22 dead from measles in Zimbabweupdated: Tue Dec 29 2009 10:51:00

Twenty-two people, mainly children below the age of 5, have died of measles in Zimbabwe, the country's state media reported.

Nestle shuts Zimbabwe factory, citing intimidationupdated: Wed Dec 23 2009 21:17:00

Nestle, one of the world's largest food companies, has shut down a factory in Zimbabwe after a dispute with the government, it announced Wednesday.

The Positive Ladies Soccer Clubupdated: Thu Nov 19 2009 12:40:00

New film, "The Positive Ladies Soccer Club" is about a group of HIV+ women in one of Zimbabwe's poorest township

HIV+ soccer team scores against stigmaupdated: Thu Nov 19 2009 12:40:00

Somebody told me about a group of HIV positive ladies in the Epworth Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) clinic in Zimbabwe who had formed a football team and every time they won a match, they would march through the clinic in their football jerseys singing uplifting songs in order to inspire other HIV-infected people like them.

Zimbabwe schools begin fightbackupdated: Fri Nov 06 2009 17:09:00

Zimbabwe's education system is beginning to battle back from years of neglect and an exodus of teachers.

Zimbabwe education crumblingupdated: Mon Sep 28 2009 14:14:00

CNN's Nkepile Mabuse reports from Zimbabwe where teachers and students struggle to overcome.

Mugabe denies blame for Zimbabwe woesupdated: Fri Sep 25 2009 11:01:00

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, in a rare interview Thursday, depicted himself as an African hero battling imperialism and foreign attempts to oust him rather than the widespread perception of a dictator clinging to power at the expense of the welfare of his people and country.

Zimbabwe: Long road to recoveryupdated: Thu Sep 24 2009 10:02:00

Zimbabwe appears to be showing signs of recovery, but it is starting back from a very low base.

Zimbabwe White Farmersupdated: Wed Sep 23 2009 15:09:00

President Robert Mugabe's controversial land reform program is widely blamed for destroying Zimbabwe's once-thriving agricultural sector.

Disunity in Zimbabweupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 15:31:00

Zimbabwe's unity government continues to be plagued by problems. CNN's Nkepile Mabuse reports.

U.N. official: Zimbabwe's woes 'pose signficant challenge'updated: Wed Aug 19 2009 16:02:00

The "humanitarian situation remains serious" in Zimbabwe amid cholera, starvation and a continuing economic crisis, a United Nations official said Wednesday at a World Humanitarian Day ceremony in Harare.

Zimbabwe's storytellersupdated: Sun Aug 16 2009 22:51:00

Authors Alexandra Fuller and Petina Gappah tell different stories of their home country of Zimbabwe.

Voices from afar: Zimbabwe's writers connected to their countryupdated: Sun Aug 16 2009 22:51:00

This week on African Voices, two Zimbabwean writers share their own very personal experiences and recollections of their homeland.

Zimbabwe military blamed for bloodshed in diamond miningupdated: Thu Jul 09 2009 08:16:00

Illegal diamond mining by Zimbabwean troops is leading to bloodshed and attacks against civilians, said a global watchdog group formed to cut the flow of so-called "blood diamonds."

Zimbabwe faces new cholera crisisupdated: Thu Jun 04 2009 08:58:00

The worst cholera outbreak in Africa in 15 years has killed more than 4,000 Zimbabweans, and the crisis threatens to worsen when the rainy season hits, the U.N. Children's Fund said Thursday.

Zimbabwe to get millions from World Bank, Germanyupdated: Mon May 18 2009 18:21:00

A senior World Bank official announced Monday that Zimbabwe will get a $22 million grant to help the country's battered economy.

Zimbabwe police free detained editorsupdated: Tue May 12 2009 14:29:00

Two Zimbabwe journalists charged with publishing articles that could hurt the credibility of law-enforcement agencies were free on bail Tuesday.

Zimbabwe 'surviving on beer and cigarettes'updated: Wed Mar 18 2009 15:33:00

Zimbabwe's new finance minister Wednesday complained that President Robert Mugabe's government is running on taxes and duties paid on beer and cigarettes.

Official: Tsvangirai believes fatal crash was deliberateupdated: Sat Mar 07 2009 23:43:00

Zimbabwe's prime minister believes the driver of the truck that struck his car, killing his wife, deliberately drove toward them, his party told CNN.

IMF sending team to examine Zimbabwe's economyupdated: Fri Mar 06 2009 12:36:00

The International Monetary Fund has announced it will send a fact-finding mission to poverty-stricken Zimbabwe next week to assess the nation's "economic situation and prospects."

Zimbabwe on the brinkupdated: Mon Mar 02 2009 17:12:00

Cholera, food shortages and reports of abductions and torture plague Zimbabwe. Nkepile Mabuse reports.

Mugabe hosts lavish party despite national crisisupdated: Sat Feb 28 2009 20:33:00

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was celebrating his 85th birthday with a lavish all-day party Saturday despite the fact that the country is gripped by an economic and health crisis.

Liyana band inspires hopeupdated: Wed Feb 25 2009 06:58:00

A band of disabled musicians from Zimbabwe hopes their message inspires hope. CNN's Isha Sesay reports.

Zimbabwe musicians inspire through songupdated: Wed Feb 25 2009 06:58:00

Her powerful voice resonates through the music hall, delivering an unlikely message of hope.

'Dire' economy shaking Zimbabweupdated: Sun Feb 22 2009 12:26:00

Zimbabwe's new prime minister on Sunday called the country's economic situation "dire and serious" and asked the international community for help.

Zimbabwe cholera epidemic worseningupdated: Tue Feb 17 2009 12:42:00

The political crisis that has gripped Zimbabwe for nearly a year may be drawing to an end, but a deadly cholera outbreak there is only getting worse.

U.N. team heads to Zimbabwe for humanitarian aidupdated: Sat Feb 07 2009 03:24:00

The United Nations said Saturday that it will conduct a humanitarian mission in Zimbabwe in the wake of a raging cholera outbreak.

Zimbabwe's parliament passes unity billupdated: Thu Feb 05 2009 19:32:00

In a move that many hope signals the beginning of the end of the political and economic crises that have gripped Zimbabwe for months, the parliament Thursday unanimously passed a resolution to form a unity government with President Robert Mugabe and the opposition.

Zimbabwe removes 12 zeros from currencyupdated: Mon Feb 02 2009 14:59:00

Zimbabwe slashed 12 zeros from its currency as hyperinflation continued to erode its value, the country's central bank announced Monday.

Zimbabwe cholera cases pass 60,000updated: Fri Jan 30 2009 13:40:00

More than 60,000 people have now been infected with cholera in Zimbabwe, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Zimbabwe opposition says it's ready for unity governmentupdated: Fri Jan 30 2009 10:00:00

Zimbabwe's main opposition party said Friday it will join a unity government next month if President Robert Mugabe's government meets its demands.

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